From Family Findings
Lake County, Tennessee Centennial Edition
Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 137-138
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970
Appears on this web site by permission


This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. John Autry, Tiptonville, Tennessee, Route #1, who contributes the following records to FAMILY FINDINGS:


R. H. Burrus was borned March 5, 1855
Mary Frances Tolar Burrus was borned June 20, 1861
Lillian Burrus was born Sept. 6, 1884
Mary Burrus was born June 16, 1886
Mattie florence Burrus was born Jan. 9, 1888
Laura Belle Burrus was born Jan. 14, 1890
Hale Burrus was born Sept. 30, 1892
Hale Dial was born 19 of July 1906

Robert Hale Burrus son of Thomas Burrus was married to Mrs. Mary F. Tolar Sharp 21 day of Nov. 1883
Mary Burrus was married to Author Dial Sept. 20, 1905
Lillian Burrus married Jess Barker March 17, 1907
Laura Burrus married John Autry Sept. 11 1908
Mattie Burrus married Ed McBride Apr. 2, 1911
Hale Burrus married Mr. Charley Colton Apr. 30, 1914

R. H. Burrus died March 19, 1893
Mary Frances "Molly" Burrus died Sept. 27, 1951

Tiptonville burned March 19, 1900
Mr. Jas. Hunters house burned March 14, 1904
Annie Nobles and George Wynn married Feb. 4, 1906
Always remember Sept. 4, 1904. Anna, Marehall and Morris Nobles, George Emma and me went to Saint Louis to the Worlds fair We went on a boat up the Miss. River. (Note: The above notation was written by Lillian Burrus.)

Along the edge of one page is written the line:
"Your album is the golden spot in which I write forget me not"
                                         (Signed) Mat


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