From Family Findings
Lake County, Tennessee Centennial Edition
Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 136-137
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970
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By courtesy of his grand-daughter, Mrs. Joe Carter, Wynnburg, Tennessee.

William Auston to Catharine C. Bradford, Sept. 30, 1847
Married William Thomas Auston to Elizabeth S. Nobles, Sept. 17th 1873
William Thomas Auston to Tera Shelton, Dec. 17, 1884.

William Auston was born Jan. 16, 1820
Catharine Bradford was born July 17th 1818
William Thomas Auston was born Feb. 4, 1851
James C. Auston was born Mar. 16, 1854
John H. Auston was born Sept. 2nd of 1855
Elizabeth S. Nobles was born Nov. 19, 1854
William Taylor Auston Oct. 8th 1874
Infant Auston Aug. 23, 1876
Maud Auston Feb. 6 1879
Katie Auston March 19, 1881
Tera Shelton May 29, 1860

Infant Auston dide Oct. 7, 1876
Elizabeth S. Auston dide March 24, 1881
Maud Auston March 19, 1882

Written on loose sheet of paper:

Wynn Shelton and Julia Tiner was married Nov. 7th 1850
J. T. Harper and M. E. Shelton was married Dec. 10th 1868
L. A. Shelton and L. E. Nichols was married Jan. 26th 1887

Wynn Shelton born March the 7, 1808
Julia A. Shelton born February 17, 1830

Mary E. Shelton born March 16, 1852
James S. Shelton born September 19, 1853
Sarah L. F. Shelton born Fobruax7 12, 1856
Terah J. Shelton born Ma~ 29, 1860
Levi A. Shelton born January 2, 1858
Nancy D. Shelton born October 17, 1861
Eulalia Harper born Sept. 20th 1869
Levi C. Haskins born April 27th 1885

Sleep on rest on no storms disturb thee now
No disappointments chill thy silent breast
For high above yen Stars-paved dome thy soul
has found "beneath the tree of life" sweet rest

Wynn Shelton died July 15, 1871, Age 63 years, 4 mo. 8 days
Mary E. Harper died May 9, 1880, Aged 28 [years] 1mo. and 23 days
Nannie D. Haskins died Feb. 5, 1886, Aged 24 yrs 3 mo 19 days.


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