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Special thanks go to Jonathan K. T. Smith for his work to preserve and share this information about black cemeteries in Madison County and for giving permission to convert this work to web pages.


            Located just north of Jackson, Tennessee, about four miles north of Highway 45 Bypass and Interstate 40 juncture; situated on a wooded hillside overlooking Moize Creek, about 290 feet west over a winding field road opening from a gravel lane that connects with Ashport Road at a point south about .1 mile. A turn is made to the west onto Ashport Road from Highway 45 Bypass the gravel lane is directly to the north after the turn is made from Highway 45 Bypass onto Ashport Road. Many unmarked graves here. Burials ceased being made here years ago.


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One large, ornate tombstone topped with an intact artistic urn: LIZZIE EXUM, Born March 1861, No death date (west side)\J. EXUM, no dates (south side)\E. EXUM, no dates (north side)

JOE EXUM, Born 1885, Died Feb. 1910 (stone off its base)

CLEVELAND FRAZIER, Born 1895, Died Feb. 5, 1916, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

MATTIE NORTON, 1906-1914, Our loss heavens gain

A. J. KING, 1918-1918, At Rest

MAMIE HORTON, (Sept.24) 1879-(July 31) 1917

Mrs. ____IE EXUM /Mrs. Sallie Exum/, Died July 20, ___(missing) /1958/, funeral home marker

MARY EXUM, Born 1833, Died July 1905, Asleep in Jesus (a fallen stone; footstone marked M. E.)

LARNELL, son of Clide & Nora HICKS, 1903-1922, Our loved one is gone

HIGH EXUM, 1880-1902, Gone but not forgotten

THOMAS EXUM, 1889-1903, At Rest

CLAUDIA FRAZIER, Born 1890, Died Jan. 10, 1913, Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore

GEO. EXUM, 1883-1904, Gone but not forgotten

MARY, wife of Ed. CROCKETT, Born 1873, Died Nov.27,1919

Mr. TOMMIE LEE HICKS, Died Aug. 23, 1957, Aged 44, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

            Years ago Mr. W. B. Elam copied the stones in this cemetery and reported a funeral home marker or as he called it "undertaker marker" for JOHN BELL HICKS who died June 16, 1946. ("Family Findings," Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, volume 10, number 2, April 1978, page 59).


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