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            Located in west-central Madison County. The church and adjoining cemetery are situated about .7 mile south of the juncture of Cotton Grove Road and Potts Chapel Road, being on the east side of the latter road. The extended portion of the cemetery is situated on the east side of Potts Chapel Road about .2 mile from the church. There are numerous unmarked graves at each section.


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Burials Around the Church

Double tombstone: WILLIAM (Wm. ) TOMLINSON, Jul. 10, 1925-Apr. 13, 1981\ALICE E. TOMLINSON, Dec. 22, 1923-June 27, 1984, In Loving Memory

KAY F. KIDD, July 14, 1986, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

MARTHA FENNER, Oct. 6, 1981, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

OLIVER MARTIN, Oct. 11, 1964-Aug. 8, 1981, His music is in heaven

LEDELL GARDNER, Sept. 14, 1987, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

Mrs. IRENE GRAVES CLARK, Died July 31, 1989, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

LIZZIE PERRY, Feb. 5, 1983, funeral home marker

SHERRY L. LUSTER, Cpl US Marine Corps, 1936-1987

WILLIE H. TAYLOR, Oct. 21, 83, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

DARIUS M. POWELL, Died June 22, 1990, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

HENRY HUGGENS, JR., Died May 10, 1991, Age 51, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Hoine Marker

Double tombstone: CLARENCE E. GIVENS, 1916-1988\ETTIE L. GIVENS, 1923-____, Masonic and Eastern Star Emblems


Extended Cemetery

L. C. WILLIAMS Aug. 17, 1937-Aug. 20, 1980

PATRICIA ANN JONES, Feb. 9, 1959-Mar. 24, 1971

Double tombstone: GUSSIE LEE. BURGESS, 3-26-1916-10-11-1954\RAYLEANE BURGESS, 1-16-1918-4-17-1956

JESSE HAIRSTON, 9-14-93, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

Mr. ARTIE PERSON, JR., Sept. 15, 1930-Apr. 28, 1983, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

JAMES B. WILLIAMS, May 7, 1894-June 22, 1956

E. D. WILLIAMS, Tennessee PFC US Army, Korea, February 27, 1927-July 6, 1961

LUCILLE GODWIN, June 29, 1983, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

Double tombstone: OPAL BURGESS, 8-17-1913-9-13-1987\BRODIE BURGESS, no dates

MARY D. HAIRSTON, f:uneral home marker

Mrs. ARDIE PERSON, Died May 4, 1982, Age 88, Ford Funeral Home Marker

1 stone: PERSON, ARIE, Died 1953\JAMES R., Died 1973\LORENA, no dates

ANNIE W. DONALDSON, Apr. 20, 1896-June 7, 1981


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MATTIE P. GARDNER, July 7, l906-Dec. 30, 1980

JOE SAVAGE, 7-3-94, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

MAZIE L. GRAY, Feb. 27, 1990, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

ZACK D. SPENCER, Sept. 27, 1962-June 12, 1975, Suffer little children to come unto me and I shall give them rest

HAZEL SAVAGE, 1974, funeral home marker

SHERMAN SAVAGE, January 5, 1987, funeral home marker

CLYDE ELIZABETH SAVAGE, Mother, Oct. 20, l9l9-June 5, 1969

MARY SAVAGE, May 27, 1872-June 29, 1951

ALFRED WILLIS, Tennessee PFC TRPC 10 Cavalry W.W.I.. July 12, 1895-June 8, 1956

CECIL THOMPSON. Jan. 26, 1897-Nov. 6, 1976

DIFFEE SAVAGE. Tennessee PFC US Army, World War II. Dec. 15, 1905-Jan. 28, 1968

JERRY MITCHELL PERSON. 5-25-1953-11-8-1993. Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

ODELL GARDNER. Nov. 15, 1935-Mar. 22, 1979

JAMES SAVAGE. 6-22-1991. Mercer Fun. Home Marker

LOUIS SAVAGE. PVT US Army World War I. Feb. 6, 1894-May 21, 1976

SYLVIA W. SMITH. Nov. 23, 1928-June 2, 1974

Double tombstone: MARY ANDERSON, July 5, 1904-Feb. 3, 1988\J. T. ANDERSON, Apr. 23, 1899-Apr. 10, 1969

Double tombstone: SHEAD ANDERSON, May 5, 1882-Nov. 11, 1951\ALICE ANDERSON, Aug. 29, 1906-Jan. 29, 1956, In Loving Memory

MATTIE M. WILLIS, 9-1-1898-9-10-1983

MAE T. HOLLIS, June 14, 1989, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

Mr. LEROY PERSON, Died Dec. 11, 1989, Age 55, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

Double tombstone: ED PERSON, Feb. 5, 1911-Oct. 21, 1976\PHYLLIS PERSON, June 29, 1913-Nov. 7, 1978


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