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About 4.5 miles northeast of the present business district of Medina, Gibson Co., Tennessee via Highway 43 and Hope Hill Cemetery Road. Former location of Hope Hill C.M.E. Church. Situated about .1 mile north of Hope Hill Cemetery Road. Close to border between Gibson and Madison counties.


Supplement, Page 24-A

JULIA ANN FLY, Born Mar. 27, 1882, Died June 16, 1908, How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here

Double tombstone: MINNIE B.MOORE, May 11, 1928-August 18, 1991\JOHN F.MOORE, June 5, 1926-____, My Trust in God

DEXTER MASSEY, 1902-1929, Age 27, At Rest

Double tombstone: L. E. HAMILTON, Jan. 28, 1893-Jan. 19, 1900\W. E. HAMILTON, Jan. 15, 1898-Nov. 19, 1900

Double tombstone: MARY H. ATCHISON, 1866-1919\NED ATCHISON, 1857-1928, Age 71, At Rest

Miss DEBORAH ANN WEBB, Died Jan. 12, 1974, Age 1_, Funeral Home Marker

HALL WASBORN, Born June the 28, 1878, Died July the 9, 1908

One tombstone: LOUIS HAMILTON, 1855-1923\JOHN P. HAMILTON, 1896-1917\OZZIE HAMILTON, 1901-1924

MARY D.MASSEY, May 21, 1891-May 19, 1916

W. T. MASSEY, August 6, 1886-August 19, 1922, At Rest

BEN STURDIVANT, Tennessee PVT 350 Labor BN, March 18, 1888- August 15, 1945

Mrs. WALLACE STURDIVANT, Died Feb. 11, 1963, Aged 80 years, Rawis-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker

Double tombstone: R. L. HAMILTON, Mar. 1, 1884-Oct. 13, 1899\J. A. HAMILTON, Mar. 12, 1887-Jan. 29, 1895

Tombstone broken off close to base, with a footstone with initials P.W. The last line of inscription on broken tombstone, "put in this place"

IRENE G. ROGERS, Apr.24, 1899-Sept. 31, 1927

Double tombstone: B. A. RICHARDSON, Died, Age ?? Years, Asleep in Jesus\W. B. RICHARDSON, Born Nov. 1834, Died February 18, 1901


            There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery; numerous graves marked with funeral home markers, rusted and missing their information panels.


Death certificate indicates burial here:

Stillborn child of Sherman Perkins and wife, Pearline Strayhorn Perkins, May 15,1914


Supplement, Page 24

Death certificate data:

TOM MASSEY, died August 19, 1922, aged 34 years. Parents: Eli and Lula Massey

ELIZA COOK, May 20, 1864-April 19, 1923. Mother: Missouri Sturdivant


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