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            Located on a north boundary of city limits of Jackson, Tennessee on the west side of Old Humboldt Highway about .5 mile north of this road's juncture with Ashport Road. Several unmarked graves here.


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LUCY FRANCES CLARK, Feb. 17, 1933-Mar. 18, 1985, Our Loved One

LIZZIE LYONS, Born Sept. 4, 1898, Died March 31, 1957, At Rest

Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, Died April 5, 1950, Thomas Funeral Home Marker

ED GILL, Tennessee Cpl 6 Pioneer Inf., World War I, June 2, 1897-February 6, 1952

MARTHA LOU GILL, Died Jan. 19, 1953, Age 62 Yrs, funeral home marker

ROBERT LEE DUNUGAN, PVT US Army, World War II, December 26, 1922-December 3, 1971

JOHN BENARD JOHNSON, 1969-1993, "Show" Your presence will always be remembered

Little JOSHUA EPPERSON, Died Dec. 1953, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

TOM ANDERSON, Oct. 23, 1910-June 12, 1970

THELMA F. HURT, Aug. 14, 1908-June 24, 1963

LARRY NEAL FULLER, Mar. 27, 1944-Aug. 5, 1948

Double tombstone: J. D. FULLER, 1907-____\GLADYS FULLER, 1913-1992

Mr. GEORGE TILL, SR., 3-12-1910-3-20-1992, Rawls-Bakerville Fun. Home Marker

Ms. MARY E. JOHNSON, Died June 17, 1990, Age 51, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

CHARLES M. VANN, May 29, 1971-Sept. 1, 1985

Double tombstone: JAMES CROCKETT, 1905-1986\MARY G. CROCKETT, 1907-1987

Mrs. SYLVIA THOMPSON, Died July 20, 1950, Thomas Funeral Home Marker

BERTHA, dau. of T. & A.BURNS Oct. 9, 1907-Jan. 30, 1925, At Rest

ALICE BURNS, 1899-1950, Stephenson Funeral Home Marker

Mrs. LEANNA NORTON, 8-1-1884-11-21-1964, Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker
Mrs. LEANNA NORTON, Died Nov. 21, 1954, Age 70 Yrs. 3 mos., C. A. Rawls Funeral Home Marker /These two markers were at the same grave with conflicting death years./

JANNIE BELL THOMAS, Beloved Mother, Dec. 28, 1925-June 19, 1992, In God's Care

BABY EPPERSON, Apr. 25, 1992

Double tombstone: WALTER I. NORTON, July 31, 1901-July 12, 1989\ROSIE L. NORTON, April 15, 1906-____, married Dec. 17, 1927

WILLIE M. ANDERSON, Aug. 19, 1893-Mar. 5, 1946

ESSIE LEE ROGERS, Beloved Mother, May 14, 1920-Nov. 17, 1989

VERA M. PLEDGE, 1897-1978, Williams & Rawls Fun. Home Marker

ALBERTA F. MARTIN, 1939-1991

ESSIE MAE JOHNSON, Our Loving Mother, Dec. 5, 1916-Nov. 8, 1985

KANDY LEE YONG, Born-Died May 13,1983


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Mrs. CLARA MARTIN, Died Sept. 1, 1993, Aged 68 Yrs., funeral home marker

Mr. TOMMIE LEE HURD, JR., Died July 2?, 1988, Age 51, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

CHRISTOPHER D. LUMPKIN, July 29, 1967-Dec. 11, 1988

ALEX M. SPENCER, Beloved Husband, Apr. 10, 1911-Nov. 23, 1985

Mr. SAM THOMAS, Died 5-9-1973, Age 67 Yrs., Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker

Mr. JAMES HARRIS, Born 4-13-1932, Died 1-21-1995, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

LEONARD B. MARTIN, JR., Mar. 29, 1951-Mar. 19, 1985

CENNER MARTIN, June 1, 1905-Apr. 28, 1976

Mr. TOMMIE HURD, SR., Died Oct.12, 1975, Age 60 Yrs., funeral home marker

Mr. BEN MARBLE, 3-28-1912-5-14-1992, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

FELICIA Y. HARRELL, 8-8-1982-7-25-1983, Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker

PATRISEE M. SMITH, Born and Died 4-14-78, funeral home marker


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