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Located in south Madison County about 2 miles west of Medon, Tennessee on the west side of Bowman Road. It is situated near Church of God.


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Double tombstone: EVAGE MARCH, Jan. 27, 1910-____\LUE VERNIA MARCH, Mar. 27, 1912-July 29, 1980

BENJAMIN F. MARSHALL, Tennessee EC5 827 Engr. AVN BN World War II, June 6, 1916-September 15, 1965

MAMIE VIOLA SPENCER, Born July 23, 1937, Died April 27, 1959

Mrs. ANNA REAVES, Died August 4, 1967, funeral home marker

VENNIE MARSHALL, Sept. 1892-Feb. 1944 (picture of person at top of this stone)

JOHN SPENCER, Dec. 29, 1877-Jan. 25, 1957, Beloved how I miss you

ROSANNA MARSHALL, Mother, Oct. 18, 1904-May 20, 1937

Double tombstone: MAE FRANCES MARSHALL, Mother, May 23, 1912-April 12, 1994\ELMER GEORGE MARSHALL, Father, June 19, 1908-Aug. 10, 1992

ESTELLA BELL REAVES, Oct. 28, 1910-April 12, 1986, In Memory of Our Dearest Mother

ALBERT LEE HOYLE, PVT US Army Air Corps World War II, Aug. 29, 1918-Jul. 29, 1989

A. T. HARRISON, PEC US Army, World War II, July 31, 1915-March 21, 1965

Double tombstone: MARVIN HARRIS, Oct. 3, 1905-June 12, 1974\SADIE HARRIS, May 28, 1906-May 26, 1969, married Jan. 20, 1923, I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, Holy Acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Rev. J. L. MARSHALL, Age 69, Funeral home marker

HENRY L. REAVES, Tennessee PVT US Army World War II, September 9, 1920-May 29, 1957

ALBERT MARSHALL, JR., Tennessee PVT 9 Infantry, 2 Infantry Division, World War II Korea, November 27, 1928-Feb. 12, 1951, PH

EUNICE E. MARCH, Sept. 14, 1933-Oct. 15, 1993, Beloved Wife and Mother (a person's picture at top of this stone

ALVIE MARSHALL, Dec. 18, 1907-Dec. 19, 1981

Elder FLOYD J. MARSHALL, June 4, 1906-Aug. l, 1968

MOZIE MAE FULLER, June 12, 1911-Aug. 8, 1984, Beloved Mother and Grandmother (picture of person at top of this stone)

ANNIE M. HOYLE, Aug. 10, 1929-Mar. 29, 1992, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker has her middle name: Marie

CLARENCE A. HARRISON, US Navy, 1919-1992

IDA J. HARRISON, June 1890-Aug. 5, 1926


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