Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume Two
Compiled by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

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            Located on the north side of Highway 412-E, just west of Claybrook. Beyond the graves of the Keys and their kindred are buried (according to their death certificates):

JULIA B. BLAIR, April 9, 1916-Aug. 14, 1919. Parents: John Blair-Bessie Estus

NED BLAIR, died Nov. 28, 1921, aged about 64 years. Parents:Lawrence and Dina Blair

The 1910 U.S. Census for Civil District 12, Madison Co., reveals in residence there the Ned Blair family, living near the white Key families.


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            Located five miles northeast of Jackson public square; at junction of U.S. Highway 70 with Watson Road, turn on latter road and about .5 mile turn west onto field road and go about .6 mile to edge of a field. One tombstone only but some sunken places.

BISHOP LANE mother's grave. She died as she lived, trusting in God.


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            Located in northeast Madison County. At a point .8 of a mile north of the junction of Tige Hopper Road and Highway 152 turn off on the west side of the former road onto a gravel road which becomes a dirt field road a short distance from the highway. Follow this field road a mile northwest to a wooded area along an old roadbed where the old burial ground is located. The old Lanier's Chapel Methodist Church stood to the southeast of the burial area. This was a black church which was built on a portion of the old white Lanier plantation lands; the burial ground dates to slavery times. It is a large cemetery with but few tombstones marking graves.

FRANCIS HERRON wife of J. E. HERRON, Age 30 Years, Gone but not forgotten

ELIZABETH BOLTON, Age 64 yrs., Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

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BERTHEY BOLTON, May l, 1907-Sep. 28, 1910, Gone but not forgotten*

RUSSELL BOLTON, Feb. 27, 1905-Oct. 7, 1910, Weep not he is at rest.

CLARA BOLTON, Dec. 13, 1906-Sep. 29, 1910, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.

ANGELINE wife of Pomp LANIER, Died May 17, 1916, Age 54, A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here.

On the left side of Angeline Lanier's grave, looking from the foot of her grave to her tombstone, is a sunken grave. On the right side are three sunken graves.


            Death certificates indicate others buried here:

POMPEY LANIER, Jan. 2, 1840-May 21, 1928

U. D. LANIER, Son of Joe and Eula Woods Lanier, Apr. 25, 1908-July 14, 1928

MIDDY HERRON died March 10, 1920, aged about 30 years. Parents: Buck Herron-Fannie Rogers

DORITY SMITH, Aug. 26, 1914-Oct. 5, 1914. Parents: Joe and Hattie Smith

ELIZA LANIER, March 1901-May 14, 1926; dau of Pomp and Angelina Lanier


            *1910 U.S. Census, Civil District 12, sheet three, April 22, 1910; James Boldton, age 42, born Tenn.; Mattie Boldton, wife, age 36, born Tenn. (married 15 years; 10 children, 8 living); Howard Boldton, daughter, age 14, born Tenn.; Christine Boldton, daughter, age l2, born Tenn.; Lottie Boldton, daughter, age 10, born Tenn.; Emerson Boldton, son, age 8, born Tenn.; Berthey Boldton, daughter, age 6, born Tenn.; Roosevelt S. H. son, age born Tenn.; Clara Boldton, daughter, age 3, born Tenn.; James Boldton, son, age 1, born Tenn. James Boldton given as a farmer.

            1900 U.S. Census, Civil District 12, page 153, June 7-8, 1900; James Bolen, born March 1871, Tenn.; Mattie Bolen, wife, born Dec. 1973 (married 5 years, 4 children, 3 living); Howard Bolen, child, born Nov. 1896; Cris Bolen, Child, born Dec. 1998; Lottie Bolen, child, born March 1899; Lizzie Bolen, mother, born March 1835, Tenn. (her mother was born in Va., her father was born in Tenn.).

            Lizzie Bolton, born March 1835, is identified as Elizabeth Bolton with tombstone in this cemetery. Berthey Bolton's tombstone gives her birth year as 1907, although census indicates 1904; the 1910 census indicates name of son Roosevelt S. H. rather than Russell as given as born in 1905, as noted on his tombstone.


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            Located on the right side (east) of Hurt's Chapel Road five tenths of a mile no. of its juncture with Beech Bluff Road. Situated on a slope, close to the end of a field road, south of a pond and near a large hardwood tree.

            Flowers used to mark this location but all signs of a burial ground have been obliterated and the site has been "in pasture" for many years. The CME Church organized here about 1870 was named for one of its early lay leaders, Louis Hurt (1800-1892), according to Mr. J. B. Hurt, one of the oldest members and lay leaders of the present Hurt's Chapel CME congregation. Later in the 19th century the church moved to the location of today's Hurt's Memorial Garden Cemetery about two tenths of a mile north of the old Louis Chapel site at which time some remains were exhumed and reburied at the new location. Among the remains not removed were members of the Hurt, Warlick and Smith families. Even as late as the early 1930s an infant daughter of John Edgar and Rose Ann Flournoy was buried in the old Louis Chapel cemetery. In 1958 the Hurt's CME congregation once again relocated, about a mile north on Hurt's Chapel Road but the cemetery was left intact and is a well-kept burial ground.


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            Located in north Madison County about 1.3 miles from U.S. Highway 70-E, via Key Senter and George Anderson Roads. Situated on the west side of George Anderson Road to the left (facing from road) of the present church building, two graves near the road but no longer discernible. Old Carmel C.M.E. Church disbanded at least three decades ago, whereupon whites later acquired the church site, established their interfaith Community Church and cemetery here. Mrs. Delia Rollins confirmed that the two black persons buried here are Mr. Tom Rollins, her father-in-law, who died about 1919 and his son, Damon Rollins, who died in the early 1930s. Old Carmel and New Carmel C.M.E. congregations existed at the same time for many years.


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            Located about one mile east of the present city limits of Jackson, Tennessee via Harts Bridge Road and Roberts Lane. Situated on east side of a farm lane, about 200 feet behind (south) of a metal shop on Mr. Glenn Cooper's homeplace on Roberts Lane. This was the former burial ground for members of Liberty Grove Baptist Church. Many unmarked graves here.

ANNIE, Daug.of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. COBB, Born Dec. 15, 1901, Died Jan. 4, 1902, Sleep on sweet babe & take thy rest. God calls when he thinks best.

Buried within a metal fence enclosure: south to north:
Come Ye Blessed, LUCINDIA HARRIS, Born Nov. 7, 1891, Died Feb. 3, 1908
Come Ye Blessed, JIM HARRIS, Died Jan.8, 1909, Aged About 80 Yrs.

MINNIE BROWN, Dau. of Emma Jinkins, Born 1895, Died 1922, Our loved one are /sic/ gone

Come Ye Blessed, FOREST MAISON, Son of C. W. & N. M. Maison, Born Aug. 4, 1904, Died July 26,1913, There is a vaken place in our home wich cannot be filled. /Spelling as on tombstone/

EARNEST, Son of James & Charity RICE, Born Sept. 24, 1897, Died Nov. 10, 1913, Our loved one hath gone to rest.

HENRY, husband of Kittie GRANT, Born 1831, Died June 24, 1918, At Rest [The death certificate of Henry Grant has dates: May 14, 1831-June 24,1918; son of Ben Grant.]

EMMA, wife of John HAMPTON, Born 1872, Died 1916, Gone but not forgotten (a broken stone) [The death certificate of Emma Hampton has dates: born in 1865; died June 5, 1916; dau. of Perry Thomas and Marrilda Dye Thomas.]

CARROLL HAYS, Co. I 54 Ill. Inf., (no dates) (This is a government marker)

MOLLIE, Dau. of Susan JENKINS, Born 1887, Died 1907, At Rest [1900 U.S. Census, Civil District 8, Madison County, shows that Susan Jenkins was the wife of Carroll Jenkins who was born in May 1844; she was the mother of 13 children, 7 of whom were still living.]

NORA, Grand Dau.of Susan JENKINS, Born 1897, Died 1920, At Rest

SAM. JONES, Born 1854, Died Aug. 19, 1906, A loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend lies buried here.

Double tombstone: EARLINE McFADDEN, Age 8, 1917-1925\ELCA McFADDEN, Age 2, 1923-1925, At Rest

CHARITY, wife of J. R. RICE, Born 1861, Died Nov. 17, 1916, At Rest (a broken stone) [The death certificate of Charity Rice gives dates: 1863-November 17,1915; daughter of Willis and Harriet Hayes.]

RILDA, wife of Perry THOMAS, Born 1837, Died 1912, Asleep in Jesus (a fallen stone)


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EMMA TUNSTAL, 1865-1928, At Rest (a fallen stone)

FRANK WILLIAMS, Mar. 8, 1917-July 15, 1919, At Rest


            Other persons buried in this cemetery according to official death certificates, Madison County, Tennessee, 1914-1924:

JANE OUTLAW, died Dec. 26, 1914, aged about 65 years

LILLIAN CROOM, 1889-May 2, 1915. Dau.of Lum Ozier and Mary Collier; married

LILLIE JACKSON, 1885-Nov. 10, 1915. Dauof Jeff Jones and Elvira Jones

WILLIE WHITE, Sept. 27, 1888-Dec. 6, 1915. Dauof A. S.White and Ailsie Jackson

JOHN WHITE, July 20, 1891-June 5, 1916. Son of A. S. White and Ailsey Jackson

CATHERINE HALL, Feb. 5, 1915-June 25, 1916. Dau.of Martin Hall and Elnora Ward

Infant Daughter of Ruby WHITE, Sept. 15, 1916-Sept. 15, 1916; lived 12 hrs.

Infant Son of Frank and Mary WILSON, Sept. 8-Sept. 18, 1916

MARY McGEE, died March 23, 1917. Dau. of Andrew Boling; married

CAMILLE HERSEY, March 15, 1896-May 25, 1917

SAMUEL BURDAIN, 1907-Dec. 18, 1917. Son of Samuel and Mittie Burdain

FLEMILEE JENKINS, Dec. l, 1917-Jan. 11, 1915. Dau.of Charley Jenkins and Agnes Price

MARGARET JACKSON, 1915-Feb. 12, 1918. Dau.of Jesse Jackson and Marrie Smith

RUBE HALL, May 14, 1863-Feb. l3, 1919. Child of Rub_ Hall

SADDIE NORMAN, July 7, 1890-Dec. 31, 1919. Dau.of Oscar Norman and Elvira Martin

BESSIE COLLINS, Nov. 6, 1889-Feb.18, 1920; single

VIOLA PEARSON, Jan. 1, 1900-Feb. 2, 1920. Dau. of Tom Curry and Jane Kelley

ANNIE MAY PERSON, March 9, 1920-April 13, 1920. Dau. of Forest Night and Mardella Person

MACK PRICE, Aug. 7, 1905-Aug. 7, 1915. Born Whiteville, Tenn. Son of F. Price and Lizzie (Brown) Price

MARIA COBB, Nov. 27, 1865-Jan. 20, 1923. Dau. of Amos Long, born in N.C.

Mrs. MATTIE HAMLETT, died July 12, 1921, aged about 71 years. Dau. of J .J. Cox and S. Marchbanks Cox

ADDIE G. WILLIAMS, Aug. 21, 1916-Sept. 19, 1921. Dau. of Bob Williams and Martha Hall Williams


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            Situated about .2 mile southeast of the Richard Bailey residence at the "dead end" of Stanfill Road, .5 mile south of the juncture of this road and Waynick Road in northeast Madison County.

            This cemetery is located on the land in antebellum times known as the JOHN and NANCY MAY plantation. When Benjamin A. Hayes, executor of Nancy May's will, sold this place to John and William Blackmon, November 1868, he reserved in the acreage 1/2 acre for "colored" persons' burial ground. (Madison Co. Deed Book 29, page 499) When the Blackmons sold some of this real estate, including the black and white cemeteries on the old May homeplace, to M. H. Goodrich, Jan.1874, they reserved the 1/2 acre for the "colored" persons' burial ground.(Madison Co. Deed Book 41, page 300) Since then the property has descended from Goodrich to the Waynicks, Blankenships, Stanfills Norwoods and now the Baileys.

            The burial area is covered in the yucca plant. There are no tombstones in this cemetery; there are numerous sunken places suggesting graves. Except for a few piles of earth being raised in the area the cemetery has seemingly suffered no abuse in recent years.


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            Located about 5 miles northwest from city limits of Jackson, Tennessee via the Old Bells Highway and Adair Road. Cemetery situated on southeast corner of Adair Road and Bascomb Road. Originally the burial ground of a white family of McClellans and several other white families. Black persons also buried here for many years. Those black persons with tombstones identified by Mrs. Iona Cole who was raised in that area. There are doubtless other black persons without tombstones buried here or not positively identified as black with tombstones.

Rev. JOHN McCLELLAN, husband of Caroline, Born 1849, Died Mar. 31, 1931

NELSON McCLELLAN, 1848-1931, At Rest

MARK, husband of CANDIS GLEEN, Born 1844, Died Jan. 30, 1908, Gone but not forgotten

NEELY, wife of Isam PATRICK, Born 1869, Died Aug. 8, 1909, Gone but not forgotten

SID McCLELLAN, Died Mar. 22, 1924, Red Elm Temple 786 Bells, Tenn. [His death certificate has McClellan born June 22, 1849 and died March 22, 1924. Son of Simon McClellan.]

MAMMY LETTICE (a small stone in extreme NE section of cemetery; no dates)


            Also buried here without tombstone, according to death certificate:

GREEN JOHNSON, died July 15, 1916, aged 38 years


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            Located in north Jackson, Tennessee, just east of the city limits, adjacent Mt. Pleasant CME Church. Situated on south side of Hopper-Barker Road about .7 mile east of this road's juncture with North Highland Avenue.


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THE LACEY FAMILY: JIMMIE LACEY, Sept. 14, 1902-June 21, 1972\EMMA LACEY, Aug. 27, 1908-____, At Rest

Double tombstone: MARIAH McNAIRY, Mar. 23, 1893-Aug. 18, 1977\NELSON McNAIRY, June 18, 1892-Dec. 9, 1979, Gone but not forgotten

In Loving Memory of Our Mother, LELAR MAY, May 14, 1896-Feb. 6, 1991

Husband, CLENTON T .MAY, Apr. 12, 1925-Apr. 19, 1971, In Loving Memory

Son, LEE DENNIS PERKINS, Jan. 29, 1925-Sept. 26, 1975, At Rest

CLARENCE BROWN, 1925-1978, In Loving Memory

FLOYD JONES, May 7, 1883-July 27, 1969, In Loving Memory

Memory of Mother, FANNIE V. ANDERSON, Apr. 23, 1903-Aug. 16, 1977

JAMES F. ANDERSON, Mar. 8, 1904-June 12, 1970

CLARENCE BROOKS HUNT, May 8, 1927-July 19, 1979, In Loving Memory


MARGARET A. CURRY, Nov. 12, 1904-Mar. 5, 1989

DIANE FLOURNOY, Mar .6, 1959-Oct. 28, 1989

WILLIE PRICE, PVT US Army, World War II, Jan. 30, 1919-Aug. 1, 1985

MILLARD PRICE, Apr. 20, 1892-Sept. 3, 1979, Loving Father

LORINE McLEAN, Feb. 17, 1926-Jan. 15, 1985

PEARLIE MAIE ARTIS, Died Apr. 7, 1977, In Loving Memory

FRANK LEDBETTER, PVT US Army, World War II, 1900-1979

Mother, B. LEDBETTER, May 11, 1882-July 4, 1968, At Rest

PE Lodge (Masonic emblem), WILLIE MEACHEM, Sept. 30, 1898-Dec. 30, 1974, In Loving Memory

MACIE ANDERSON, Oct.13, 1904-July 29, 1980, In Loving Memory

MARY E.BROWN, 1932-1987, In Loving Memory

SHERMAN E. BROWN, May 25, 1965-Oct. 25, 1968, Son of Delories Brown

GILBERT JONES, TN PVT US Army World War I, May 26, 1895-Feb. 12, 1973

VAN DELIA ANDERSON DONALD, Sept .11, 1898-Aug. 27, 1967, Mother, rest in peace

Double tombstone: LEANDREW ANDERSON (Masonic emb.), Sept. 2, 1914-June 26, 1969\LOU DELIA ANDERSON (Eastern Star emblem), Jan. 9, 1916-Nov. 12, 1973, Together Forever

J. D. HUNT, PVT US Army World War II, 1922-1988

GUY BROOKS, 1903-1985

FRED HART, June 6, 1908-Dec. 13, 1976, In Loving Memory

Rev. JAMES L. PRICE, Sept. 22, 1921-Jan. 16, 1983

Double tombstone: ALBERTA MASK, Feb. 22, 1914-____\ROBERT MASK, May 20, 1918-Nov. 29, 1983


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Double tombstone: CLYDE S.PEARSON, Sept. 8, 1901-July 21, 1994\PAOLA B. PEARSON, Nov. 9, 1907-Nov. 13, 1994, Together Forever

REGINALD EUGENE YARBROUGH, Sept. 14, 1983-July 20, 1998

Mrs. EMMA R. LACY, Aug. 24, 1902-March 5, 2000, Funeral Home Marker

MARY BURNS CURRY, Feb 22, 1917-March 1, 1997

PHILLIP O. MEACHAM III, Dec. 9, 1995-Jan. 14, 1996

Mrs. LIZZIE S.CHATMAN, Died Feb. 26, 1995, Age 85, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

HAROLD THOMAS McLEAN, Cpl US Army World War II, 1923-1987

MINNIE MEACHAM GILMORE COBB, April 6, 1920-September 17, 1999

MARY LEE CURRY, Mar. 18, 1944-Feb. 22, 1999, Gone but not forgotten

MARGARET ELIZABETH THOMAS, July 10, 1930-July 28, 1995, Beloved wife, mother, grandmother

Mrs. FREELY DAVIS, Feb. 12, 1902-Feb. 15, 1997


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            Located in west-central Madison County. Situated about 90 feet south, in a field, at the end of Freeman Road, .6 mile west of its juncture with the Huntersville-Denmark Road about 1.2 miles south of Huntersville, Tennessee. Sometimes called the Crittenden Cemetery (for a later family) but it is more aptly called by the name of the owners of the old plantation in this locale, once the property of the family of James Meriwether (1788-1852), a native Georgian who with his family settled in old Civil District Five of Madison County.

            On the south side of this cemetery, just south of the grave of Henrietta Meriwether (1807-1834) is the tombstone bearing an inscription:

In Memory of
Died March 1842
Aged 75 Years

A footstone is in place bearing the initials "S. C."

            Presumably her given name was that usually spelled Sukey or Sookey; besides being a name in its own right it was also an old-time nickname for Susanna. She may have been a fond servant, a member of the James Meriwether household or of a related family. If so, she probably came with them to Tennessee from Georgia.

            None of the Meriwether men have a female in their own households or among their slaves, of Suckey Chard's age in the U.S.Census of 1840, Madison County. None of the estate settlements or land transactions recorded in Madison County seem to cast any light on the identity of this lady.

            Photograph of tombstone taken by Jonathan Smith, July 9, 1995


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            Located at the end of Mt. Zion Road, .6 mile east of its juncture with Antioch Road and about 3 miles north of this road's juncture with U.S. Highway 45-East. There are many unmarked graves here. Numerous black folk, residents of Old Civil District 16, Madison County, buried their dead here, just north of the Madison-Gibson counties line.

            Death certificates (Madison County) indicate burials here:

JOHN WHITLEY,1841-Jan. 5, 1922

JOHN LEE, 1881-November 17, 1916

HENRY SIMPSON, died Feb. 9, 1919, aged about 56 years

F .T. TOMLIN, male, died Aug. 13, 1919; born Aug. 6, 1919

RENA SMALL, Dec.30, 1840-Dec.30, 1920; father, John Blair

KATE BUTLER, July 17, 1878-Jan. 26, 1924; married


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            At a point south .4 mile east of junction of Beech Bluff Road and Luray Road turn on to dirt field road and go 1.2 mile south to this cemetery. It was an area burial yard for several white families. A few black individuals were buried here also.

            Death certificates:

Stillborn child of JOHN WOOD, December 14,1915

SYLVESTER MANNING, died Oct. 2, 1915, aged 2 years, 6 mos.; son of Lum Manning and Eula McCallum


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