Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume Two
Compiled by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

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            Located about 2.8 miles southeast of Upton's store in Medon, Tennessee via Highway 18 and Swink-King roads. Just barely in Hardeman County, south of that county and Madison County's boundary line. Situated on the south side of an old-abandoned road, several hundred feet east of King Road on a rise overlooking Clover Creek bottom. There are two adjoining burial sections in this cemetery, separate by fencing and each with its own gate. The black cemetery is on the south side and the white cemetery is on its north.


Black Section

ISOM SAVAGE, Sept.18, 1857-June 23, 1940

ELREE SAVAGE, Sept.1, 1904-Aug. 18, 1905

JASPER SAVAGE, Tennessee Corp.804 Pioneer Inf. , Died July 12, 1935 [Veterans records show that he was born Feb. 27, 1895]

Double tombstone: SARAH J. SAVAGE, Born 1827, Died 1911\HARK SAVAGE, Born 1813, Died 1883, At rest

There are many unmarked graves here, a few marked with rusted funeral home markers.


White Section

Double tombstone: REBECCA THOMAS, 1860-1931\JOHN J. THOMAS, 1846-1929

MATILDA A., Dau.of J. C.& L. SAVAGE, Aug.30, 1852-Nov. 6,1857

DAUGHTER (no name) of MRS. W. T. VILES, Borned July 26,1942

AMANDA A., Dau.of J. C.& L. SAVAGE, Mar. 30,1847-Nov. 2,1857

EVALINE M., Dau.of L. & R. SAVAGE, Mar.31, 1851-Apr. 22,1851

            There are many unmarked graves here; some graves marked with clay pipes. Also buried in Parlow Cem., according to their death certificates, twins: Unnamed male child of Roscoe Newsome and Nora Fuller, Jan.11-Jan.12, 1918. Unnamed female child of same couple, Jan.11-Jan.13, 1918.


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          The Person family was a well-to-do and respected family living along Cotton Grove Road a short distance east of the Cotton Grove Road and Leiper Lane juncture. Mr. J. B. Hurt, a black man, born in 1927, a life-long resident of this area, told Jonathan Smith, June 15,1998 that in the woods just north of Hurts Chapel Cemetery there is a now-lost Person slave graveyard.


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            Located in east Madison County, about a mile northwest of present city limits of Beech Bluff, Tennessee. Situated at the end of Red Hart Road .3 mile south of this road's juncture with the Beech Bluff Road. Numerous unmarked graves here.

WANDA KAYE TOMLINSON, Wife June 4,1955-July 31, 1978

MACK C. MANNING, Nov. 9, 1919-Jan. 21, 1988

B. B. HAYES, Mar. 27, 1900-Dec. 5, 1963, At Rest

ANORE STEGALL WILLIS, Wife, Sept. 8, 1908-Nov. 28, 1978

HERBERT WILLIS, Tennessee Cpl Co H 808 Pioneer Inf., World War I, January 9, 1896-August 13, 1961

SALLIE NUNN, no dates

DANIEL CLARK, Father, Sept. 9, 1905-Feb. 18, 1968


CLARK HOLIDAY, 1908-1989

JOE DAVIS, Father, Nov. 22, 1897-Jan. 14, 1974, In Loving Memory

PEARL WILLIAMS, Tennessee PVT Co B 4 Repl BN World War I, Jan. 25, 1890-Jan. 21, 1969

ANNETTE PHELPS, Sept 6, 1961-Jan. 11, 1975

Little ERIC LORENZO TOMLINSON, Died April 8, 1980, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

ETTER HENDRIX, Mar. 3, 1892-Sept. 2, 1955

Mrs. EULA HENDRIX, Died Sept. 6, 1974, Age 82, funeral home marker

J. F. McCOLLUM, Father, July 20, 1899-Dec. 31, 1964, Your memory is dear to us, Wife

OPAL UDELL PURDY, Oct. 31, 1926-Jan. 24, 1981, Rest in peace

MARCIA E. McCOLLUM, Our Darling, Dec .11, 1962-Dec. 25, 1963, Asleep in Jesus

Double tombstone: ALBERT McCOLLUM, 9-26-1894 - 4-5-1987\ELEANOR S .McCOLLUM, 1-9-1912 - ____

MARTHA B.CLARK, Apr. 12, 1905-Sept. 10, 1985

UNNER BALLARD DAVIS, July 10, 1901-July 5, 1954

JUANITA MARIE POE, June 14, 1921-Oct. 30, 1993

FREEMAN HALL, Cpl US Army, World War II, Feb. 14, 1918-Oct. 5, 1977

Double tombstone: LEE VERNIA TRIPLETT, no dates\R. B. TRIPLETT, PFC US Army, World War II, Sep. 22, 1922-Feb. 26, 1984

Mr. BOBBY ALVIA WOODS, 2-14-1935-9-26-1985, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

EMMA BALLARD, 1894-1962


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Mrs. LULA BANKS, Stephenson Funeral Home Marker

LOUELLA G. CURRIE, 1874-1928, Age 54

DENNIS W. C. WOODS, Jan. 27, 1931-July 7, 1998

Mr. EARL HURT, 5-25-1914-5-15-1988, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

MAMIE WOODS, 1885-1931

CAS McCOLLUM, Born Oct. 6, 1840, Died May 13, 1905, Aged 65 Yrs.

MILDRED McMEAL, Sept. 12, 1910-May 15, 1941 (a fallen stone)

BONIA, wife of J. H. HUDSON, Nov. 18, 1855-Apr. 20, 1909, She died as she lived, trusting in God


Rev. P. C. CLARK. Died July 8, 1931, Age 65 Yrs.

B .J .N., Born February 10, 1903-Died June 8, 1936, (a fallen stone)

JESSIE P. WARLICK, Tennessee PVT 24 Infantry 25 Infantry Div. Korea, February 2, 1928-August 8, 1951

ELIJAH BALLARD, Born 1894, Died 1922, Gone but not forgotten (a fallen stone)

JOHN COOPER, Tennessee PVT 802 Pioneer Inf. World War I, November 28, 1890-November 2, 1946

(?) FERGUSON, Died 1974, funeral home marker

BANKS BALLARD, Tennessee PVT 810 Pioneer Inf. World War I, March 7, 1888-March 16, 1950

Double tombstone: BROWN MITCHELL, Died 1916, Age 85 (Masonic Emblem)\MANDY MITCHELL, Died 1911, Age 60

BERTHA WOODS, 1899-1912

CALLIE M. HOBSON, 1911(?)-1941


CALLIE CLARK, Born Oct. 17, 1869, Died Jan. 23, 1953, Age 83 Yrs. 3 mo. 6 dys.

SINTHIE A.KENDRICK, Born Mar. 8, 1851, Died Jul. 8, 1908, Age 58 Years, Rest Mother in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep


SALLIE T. NEAL, 1882-1929, Age 47, At Rest

BIRDIE N.LINDSEY, Apr. 6, 1884-Sept. 8, 1971

PINK CLARK, JR., Aug. 12, 1927-Apr. 22, 1951

JESSIE WARLICK, Tennessee PVT US Army, World War I, February 25, 1895-January 28, 1955

NOLIA BROWN, Wife, 1911-1976

PAUL HOOPER, Died March 11, 1962, Age 21 Yrs., funeral home marker

CALIP BURNES, Tennessee PVT 8 Co Recruit Camp 5 World War I, April 10, 1893-November 27, 1956

Mr. JAMES EDWARD WOODS, Died Jan. 16, 1995, Age 62, Ford Funeral Home Marker


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            Located on a north boundary of city limits of Jackson, Tennessee on the west side of Old Humboldt Highway about .5 mile north of this road's juncture with Ashport Road. Several unmarked graves here.

LUCY FRANCES CLARK, Feb. 17, 1933-Mar. 18, 1985, Our Loved One

LIZZIE LYONS, Born Sept. 4, 1898, Died March 31, 1957, At Rest

Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, Died April 5, 1950, Thomas Funeral Home Marker

ED GILL, Tennessee Cpl 6 Pioneer Inf., World War I, June 2, 1897-February 6, 1952

MARTHA LOU GILL, Died Jan. 19, 1953, Age 62 Yrs, funeral home marker

ROBERT LEE DUNUGAN, PVT US Army, World War II, December 26, 1922-December 3, 1971

JOHN BENARD JOHNSON, 1969-1993, "Show" Your presence will always be remembered

Little JOSHUA EPPERSON, Died Dec. 1953, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

TOM ANDERSON, Oct. 23, 1910-June 12, 1970

THELMA F. HURT, Aug. 14, 1908-June 24, 1963

LARRY NEAL FULLER, Mar. 27, 1944-Aug. 5, 1948

Double tombstone: J. D. FULLER, 1907-____\GLADYS FULLER, 1913-1992

Mr. GEORGE TILL, SR., 3-12-1910-3-20-1992, Rawls-Bakerville Fun. Home Marker

Ms. MARY E. JOHNSON, Died June 17, 1990, Age 51, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

CHARLES M. VANN, May 29, 1971-Sept. 1, 1985

Double tombstone: JAMES CROCKETT, 1905-1986\MARY G. CROCKETT, 1907-1987

Mrs. SYLVIA THOMPSON, Died July 20, 1950, Thomas Funeral Home Marker

BERTHA, dau. of T. & A.BURNS Oct. 9, 1907-Jan. 30, 1925, At Rest

ALICE BURNS, 1899-1950, Stephenson Funeral Home Marker

Mrs. LEANNA NORTON, 8-1-1884 - 11-21-1964, Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker
Mrs. LEANNA NORTON, Died Nov. 21, 1954, Age 70 Yrs. 3 mos., C. A. Rawls Funeral Home Marker /These two markers were at the same grave with conflicting death years./

JANNIE BELL THOMAS, Beloved Mother, Dec. 28, 1925-June 19, 1992, In God's Care

BABY EPPERSON, Apr. 25, 1992

Double tombstone: WALTER I. NORTON, July 31, 1901-July 12, 1989\ROSIE L. NORTON, April 15, 1906-____, married Dec. 17, 1927

WILLIE M. ANDERSON, Aug. 19, 1893-Mar. 5, 1946

ESSIE LEE ROGERS, Beloved Mother, May 14, 1920-Nov. 17, 1989

VERA M. PLEDGE, 1897-1978, Williams & Rawls Fun. Home Marker

ALBERTA F. MARTIN, 1939-1991

ESSIE MAE JOHNSON, Our Loving Mother, Dec. 5, 1916-Nov. 8, 1985

KANDY LEE YONG, Born-Died May 13,1983


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Mrs. CLARA MARTIN, Died Sept. 1, 1993, Aged 68 Yrs., funeral home marker

Mr. TOMMIE LEE HURD, JR., Died July 2?, 1988, Age 51, Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

CHRISTOPHER D. LUMPKIN, July 29, 1967-Dec. 11, 1988

ALEX M. SPENCER, Beloved Husband, Apr. 10, 1911-Nov. 23, 1985

Mr. SAM THOMAS, Died 5-9-1973, Age 67 Yrs., Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker

Mr. JAMES HARRIS, Born 4-13-1932, Died 1-21-1995, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

LOU H. WATSON, 1912-1995, In Loving Memory, Children, Grandchildren , Great-Grandchildren, Great-Great-Grandchildren; Funeral Home Marker dates: June 30, 1912-May 21, 1995

BERTHA, dau of T. and A. BURNS, Oct. 9, 1907- Jan. 30, 1925

ROBERT LEE DUNIGAN, PVT US Army, World War II, Dec. 26, 1922- Dec. 3, 1971

ELIZABETH WILEY MARTIN, Mar. 28, 1927- May 25, 2000

FANNIE B. UTLEY HOLT, Nov. 5, 1916-____, Have faith in God

CHARLES "Kilo" THOMAS, Feb. 13, 1968- July 30, 1995

LEONARD B. MARTIN, JR., Mar. 29, 1951-Mar. 19, 1985

CENNER MARTIN, June 1, 1905-Apr. 28, 1976

Mr. TOMMIE HURD, SR., Died Oct.12, 1975, Age 60 Yrs., funeral home marker

Mr. BEN MARBLE, 3-28-1912-5-14-1992, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

FELICIA Y. HARRELL, 8-8-1982-7-25-1983, Rawls-Baskerville Fun. Home Marker

PATRISEE M. SMITH, Born and Died 4-14-78, funeral home marker

FRANCES OLIVIA DONALDSON, April 7, 1952-Oct. 17, 1996

JAMES LEE HARRIS, SR., April 13, 1932-Jan. 21, 1995

ED GILL, Cpl 6 Pioneer Inf., June 2, 1897- Feb. 6, 1952

BRODIE, son of Monroe and Daisy VANTRECE, Oct. 15, 1915- May 11, 1924

ISAAC W. HOLT, US Army, August 1, 1918-May 11, 1996

LOUIS ALEXANDER BRAWNER, Aug. 1, 1964-August 4, 1995


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            This cemetery, noted on the 1938 General Highway Map of Madison County, has "returned to nature," having completely been obliterated with no tombstones to be found. It is likely that this cemetery began as a slave graveyard on the Hicks farm and later served members of the black Pleasant Plains congregation; the white congregation of this name, a Baptist church, rests on the east side of Deloach Creek directly northeast of the black cemetery on the west side of this creek.

            The black Pleasant Plains cemetery was later established on the old Humboldt highway. Mrs. Eunice White Pafford, born in 1912, knew of this cemetery adjoining her own property on which she had lived most of her life and told Jonathan Smith, January 18, 1999, that she recalled the nicknames of two black men, laborers, who had worked on neighborhood farms and when they died were buried in this cemetery, the men called "Pinchback" and "Thing." Burials have not been made in this cemetery for some eighty years.


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            Death certificate data indicate other burials here:

STILLBORN DAUGHTER of Hattie GILL, June 6, 1914

DOLLIE DUNIGAN, June 24, 1860-February 1, 1923

DICK HICKS, born and died July 18, 1919; son of Mary Hicks

JAMES MIDGETT, JR., Oct.13, 1915-May 21, 1971; son of J. A. and Ruth Batchelor Midgett


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             Near Spring Creek, Tennessee and about one mile from the junction of Key Senter and George Anderson Roads, off the south side of the former road, is located the burial ground of the former Madison County "Poor House" abandoned many years ago. It was the misfortune of many persons, black and white, when they were very young or aged, mentally limited or reduced in financial circumstances to a point of dependency, to be housed in a county operated "poor house." The old black burial ground at this location is virtually lost being "over in the woods" several hundred feet from Key Senter Road. Indigents in Jackson were generally buried in the "potter's field" of the city cemeteries.

            Death certificates of Madison County residents reveal buried at the old "Poor House" Cemetery:

PLEAS DRAKE, died Feb. 10, 1924, aged about 80 years

BEN LANCASTER, 1853-March 4,1924

ALEX HORTON, 1848-Septernber 8,1924

Infant Son of Elie THOMAS and Maudie Johnston Thomas, Jan. 28, 1924-Feb.5, 1924

Infant Daughter of Julia PERKINS, July 30,1913-Jan. 21, 1914

BERTIE BOND, Jan. 4, 1890-Jan. 1, 1914. Parents:Dave Bond-A. Elliott Bond

Male Black, aged about 30 years, name unknown; murdered July 29, 1914

ANNA BELL JONES, died Dec. 7, 1914, aged about 25 years. Parents: John and Isibel Post

JULIA HURT, 1880-Nov. 5, 1915, single. Parents: Wilson Hurt-Tunnie Smith Hurt

FRANK AGAN, 1896-August 23,1916

Stillborn Infant Son of Mary MAHON, October 25, 1916

JOHN WARE, died October 18, 1918, aged about 65 years

FANNIE RAINS, died November 19, 1920, aged about 65 years

Infant of Louise ROSS, died February 4, 1919, aged 4 hours

SENDIA HERRON, died Sept. 17, 1921, aged about 80 years

Stillborn Son of Everett COLLIER and Lou Alice BANKS Collier, Jan. 25, 1923

Stillborn Daughter of Will and Albert McNULTY, December 2, 1916

PYAS CARTER, died Feb. 20, 1926; elderly

SYE NORRIS, died Jan. 28, 1928

LUM HARDY, died March 23, 1928

ELI COLE, died April 10, 1928


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