Johnson Grove Cemetery is located on Wellwood Road at the former location of Johnson Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The church relocated in 1995. The cemetery is generally is well maintained, but in 2003 kudzu had crossed the eastern fence and was approaching a cluster of markers on that side of the cemetery. Probably only a third or fewer of burials here are marked.

            David Donahue recorded this update on July 27, 2003 based on an earlier work by Jonathan K. T. Smith. Mr. Smith's record of the cemetery appears in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee. This work is referred to as Smith in the notes below.


Baker, Willie Clara Cole, 1944-1995

Beard, Jessie, Sept. 30, 1922-June 9, 1998

Bell, Winnie Carter Ingram, June 30, 1886-June 12, 1976

Bond, Clara Lena, Feb. 19, 1929-July 19, 1997, "Best friend Bert Tyson"

Bond, Clement, d. July 7, 2003, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers F.H., 3 feet north of marker for Clara Lena Bond

Bond, Joann, Mrs., d. Jan. 9, 1994, Aged 88 Yrs., temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Bond, Lydia B. Ingram, July 26, 1896-Feb. 25, 1978

Branch, Frank, Sr., Mar. 31, 1877-Apr. 18, 1975, "Father" [Masonic symbol]
Branch, Lee Anna, June 30, 1881-June 25, 1961, "Mother" [Eastern Star symbol]

Branch, Lessie Mae [see Sykes, Lessie M.]

Branch, Robert L., Mar. 11, 1923-Apr. 2, 1988

Brown, Margaret Cole, no dates [this is the northern of two wooden crosses by the tree nearest the gate; both have corroded metal name plates attached; this name is best guess; southern marker seems to be for a Cole but name is too corroded to guess]

Burnett, Arlanda T., Jr., Apr. 2, 1955-Jan. 5, 1978, "Beloved father of Desean Maurice Burnett" "Fraternity Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha, Beta Pi Chapter; Kappa Kappa Psi, Band; Phi Beta Lambda, Business"

Carter, Winnie [see Bell, Winnie Carter Ingram]

Caruthers, Cornelia Ingram Shaw, July 2, 1924-Feb. 6, 1993

Cole, Charlie R., May 9, 1952-June 23, 1977

Cole, Jack C. Cole, Jun. 23, 1894-Oct. S, 1974, military marker "Pvt US Army"

Cole, Leroy, Sr., Dec. 6, 1885-Sept. 12, 1941

Cole, Lessie T., Mrs., d. Dec. 28, 1994, Age 105 Years, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Cole, Lionell, Sept. 27, 1961-Jan. 9, 1988 (homemade), 3 feet south of marker for Charlie R. Cole

Cole, Margaret [see Brown, Margaret Cole

Cole, Willie Clara [see Baker, Willie Clara Cole]

Cole, Willie Theodore, Mr., Sept. 13, 1907-Dec. 8, 1995, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home, 4 yards south of marker for Willie Clara Cole Baker

Gooch, Jesse L., d. July 24, 1934, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 423 Res Labor Bn"

Graves, Ola D., no dates
Graves, James W., 1914-1982 (homemade, disintegrating)

Graves, Roger Lee, Feb. 19, 1944-Mar. 6, 1974, "Husband of Emma Lou Graves" "Their children Michael, Vernedelle, Willie, Roger Jr., Brenda, Leisa and Garrett"

Henning, Leonard H., 1851-1936
Henning, Mary E., 1858-1935 [replacement]

Henning, Mattie Lee [see Newbern, Mattie Lee Henning]

Ingram, Alfred S., Apr. 30, 1946

Ingram, Alice B., 1910-1942 [replacement]

Ingram, Anderson, 1874-1947

Ingram, Ben Field, July 22, 1908-May 24, 1978

Ingram, Cleophia, Mar. 27, 1919-Sept. 11, 1970, Wife Hattie, Children Lionell, Lois, Curtis, Savannah, Barbara, Carolyn, Velma

Ingram, Cornelia [see Caruthers, Cornelia Ingram Shaw]

Ingram, Ethel E. [see Jones, Ethel E. Ingram]

Ingram, Frank J., Oct. 13, 1890-Dec. 14, 1938

Ingram, James D., Sept. 3, 1930, Age 8 Mo. [replacement]

Ingram, Jennie B., Jan. 16, 1914-____
Ingram, Sudie M., July 18, 1920-Mar. 1, 1990

Ingram, Jerry B., Dec. 19, 1850-1943 [replacement]

Ingram, Lydia B. [see Bond, Lydia B. Ingram]

Ingram, Malcolm A., May 10, 1969-May 27, 1988

Ingram, Mary B., 1888-1973
Ingram, Joe Henry, 1882-1963

Ingram, Nannie M., Apr. 10, 1930-Nov. 1936 [replacement]

Ingram, Rubie W., 6-6-1918-22-1984, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Ingram, Stephen W., Jan. 23, 1894-Jan. 25, 1954, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 43 Co 11 Tng Bn World War I"

Ingram, Thomas J., d. Nov. 13, 1974, Aged 73 Yrs., temporary marker [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Ingram, Velma Lee [see Simpson, Velma Lee Ingram]

Ingram, Virgie, Jan. 7, 1907-Sept. 21, 1951

Imgram, William "Fat," Feb. 26, 1935-Sept. 12, 1997, "We love you dad"

Ingram, Winnie [see Bell, Winnie Carter Ingram]

Jones, Ethel E. Ingram, Aug. 13, 1932-____ [Eastern Star symbol]

Newbern, Mattie Lee Henning, July 30, 1898-July 1, 1991, "Mother"

Norman, Keymonte D., Jr., Dec. 3, 1996-Jan. 23, 1997, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 8 feet eats of the homemade double marker for Ola D. and James W. Graves [difficult to read; name is best guess]

Reaves, Sylvester, Apr. 25, 1932-____
Reaves, Cleveland, June 10, 1910-Sept. 27, 2000 {Masonic symbol"
"In loving memory, from your children"

Ross, Michael L., Apr. 14, 1958-June 12, 1992, military marker "SP4 US Army"

Russell, Mary, Oct. 12, 1872-July 7, 1964

Shaw, Cornelia [see Caruthers, Cornelia Ingram Shaw]

Simpson, Velma Lee Ingram, Jan. 12, 1953-Nov. 25, 1989

Sykes, Samuel (S C), Dec. 5, 1903-Sept. 16, 1996
Sykes, Lessie M., Apr. 18, 1914-Sept. 6, 1991; as recorded by Smith in 1995 from a temporary marker, Lessie Mae Branch Sykes, d. Sept. 5, 1991

Taylor, Phillip Taylor, Aug. 28, 1903-Nov. 5, 1959

Trotter, Jerry B. Ingram, 1852-1937 [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Watkins, Alice B., Feb. 11, 1904-Feb. 29, 1984
Watkins, Willie B., Jan. 28, 1901-Nov. 27, 1977 (homemade, disintegrating)

Watkins, Ernest Lee, Apr. 23, 1925-Mar. 21, 1976, military marker "US Navy World War II"

Watkins, Mattie M., Dec. 24, 1924-____
Watkins, Willie F., Oct. 22, 1923-May 27, 2000, military marker as footstone "Willie Frank Watkins" "US Army World War II"

Wilson, John Lee, Dec. 26, 1896-Apr. 12, 1977, military marker "US Army World War I"

Woods, Josie, June 10, 1898-Dec. 11, 1977

Woods, Lee, Jan. 30, 1894-Oct. 29, 1943 [replacement]