Pleasant Hill Cemetery in early morning fog, August 2003


            Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located at the end of Red Hart Road near the Beech Bluff community. The cemetery is kept mown. Over 40 graves are marked with temporary marker plates with no information and perhaps that many more graves are unmarked. Six graves have footstones but no headstones.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery August 19, 2003. The cemetery was recorded in 1995 by Jonathan K. T. Smith and appeared in the supplement to his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee. This is referred to as Smith in the notes below. A couple of markers which Smith noted as fallen have been re-erected.


Ballard, Banks, Mar. 7, 1888-Mar. 16, 1950, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 810 Pioneer Inf. World War I" (fallen)

Ballard, Elijah, 1894-1922

Ballard, Elverda [see Corbitt, Elverda Ballard]

Ballard, Emma, 1894-1962

Ballard, Unner [see Davis, Unner Ballard]

Banks, Lula, Mrs., no dates, temporary marker, Stephenson Funeral Home [not found or not readable in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Brown, Martha, no dates

Brown, Nolia, 1911-1976, "Wife"

Burnes, Calip, Apr. 10, 1893-Nov. 27, 1956, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 8 Co Recruit Camp 5 World War I"

Clark, Callie, Oct. 17, 1869-Jan. 23, 1953

Clark, Daniel, Sept. 9, 1905-Feb. 18, 1968, "Father" (chipped)

Clark, Martha B., Apr. 12, 1905-Sept. 10, 1985 [adjacent to marker for Daniel Clark]

Clark, P. C., Rev., d. July 8, 1931, Age 65 Years

Clark, Pink, Jr., Aug. 12, 1927-Apr. 22, 1951

Cooper, John, Nov. 28, 1890-Nov. 2, 1946, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 802 Pioneer Inf World War I"

Corbitt, Elverda Ballard, 1903-1933, "Mother"

Currie, Louella G., 1874-1928, Age 54

Davis, Joe, Nov. 22, 1897-Jan. 14, 1974, "Father"

Davis, Unner Ballard, July 10, 1901-July 5, 1954 [adjacent to marker for Joe Davis]

Ferguson, ______, d. 1974, temporary marker [not found or not readable in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Forest, Marie, d. July 1, 2003, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers F.H., 2 feet north of marker for Rozell Williams

Greer, Emma McCollum, no dates

Hall, Freeman, Feb. 14, 1918-Oct. 5, 1977, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II"

Hayes, B. B., Mar. 27, 1900-Dec. 5, 1963

Hayes, Hessie B. [see Woods, Hessie B. Hayes]

Hendrix, Etter, Mar. 3, 1892-Sept. 2, 1955

Hendrix, Eula, Mrs, d. Sept. 6, 1974, Age 82, temporary marker, 4 feet north of marker for Mack C, Manning

Hobson, Callie M., 1911(?)-1941 (homemade) [like homemade Woods family markers; dates difficult to read; dates here are those reported by Smith]

Holiday, Beulah, no dates

Holiday, Clark, 1908-1989 (homemade); also temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, Clark Holliday, Aug. 15, 1908-May 21, 1989

Hooper, Paul, d. March 11, 1962, Age 21 Years, temporary marker, Ford Funeral Home, 4 yards south of marker for Nolia Brown

Hudson, Bonia, Nov. 18, 1855-Apr. 20, 1909, "Wife of J. H. Hudson" (lichen covered) [could only read birth year in poor lighting at time of 2003 visit; information from Smith]

Hurt, Earl, May 25, 1914-May 15, 1988, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home [not found or not readable in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Kendrick, Sinthie A., Mar. 8, 1851-Jul. 8, 1908, "Rest mother in quiet sleep . . ." (eroding concrete marker)

Lindsey, Birdie N., Apr. 6, 1884-Sept. 8, 1971

Manning, Columbus, 1894-1937 (homemade) [similar to homemade Woods family markers]

Manning, Mack C., Nov. 9, 1919-Jan. 21, 1988

McCallum, Cas, Oct. 6, 1840-May 13, 1905

McCollum, Albert S., Sept. 26, 1894-Apr. 5, 1987
McCollum, Eleanor S., Jan. 9, 1912-____.(homemade, disintegrating)

McCollum, Emma [see Greer, Emma McCollum]

McCollum, Georgia, 1890-1940 (homemade) [matches homemade Woods family markers; dates difficult to read; dates from Smith]

McCollum, J. F., July 20, 1899-Dec. 31, 1964, "Father"

McCollum, Marcia E., Dec .11, 1962-Dec. 25, 1963

McMeal, Mildred, Sept. 12, 1910-May 15, 1941

Mitchell, Brown, Died 1916, Age 85 [Masonic symbol]
Mitchell, Mandy, Died 1911, Age 60 (eroding concrete marker)

Neal, Sallie T., 1882-1929 (disintegrating concrete marker)

Nunn, Sallie, no dates

Phelps, Jeannette, Sept 6, 1961-Jan. 11, 1975

Phelps, Sam, Apr. 27, 1917-Aug. 19, 1976, military marker "Cpl US Armt World War II"

Poe, Juanita Marie, June 14, 1921-Oct. 30, 1993

Purdy, Opal Udell, Oct. 31, 1926-Jan. 24, 1981

Spencer, Oliver Stegall, 1883-1925, "Mother" [marker reads "Oliver"]

Stegall, Anore [see Willis, Anore Stegall]

Stegall, Oliver [see Spencer, Oliver Stegall]

Tomlinson, Eric Lorenzo, Mar. 28, 1974-Apr. 8, 1980

Tomlinson, Wanda Kaye, June 4,1955-July 31, 1978, "Wife"

Triplett, Lee Vernia, no dates [reported by Smith in 1995, missing in 2003]
Triplett, R. B. Triplett, Sep. 22, 1922-Feb. 26, 1984, mounted military marker "PFC US Army, World War II"; also temporary marker, Mercer Brothers, Robert B. "Triplett" (military marker mounted on disintegrating homemade double marker)

Udell, Opal [see Poe, Opal Udell]

Warlick, Jessie P., Feb. 2, 1928-Aug. 8, 1951, military marker, "Tennessee Pvt 24 Infantry 25 Infantry Div Korea"

Warlick, Jessie, Feb. 25, 1895-Jan. 28, 1955, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I"

Williams, Pearl, Tennessee Jan. 25, 1890-Jan. 21, 1969, military marker "Pvt Co B 4 Repl Bn World War I"

Williams, Rozell, June 2, 1983-Aug. 11, 2002, "TY=WY"

Willis, Anore Stegall, Sept. 8, 1908-Nov. 28, 1978, "Wife"

Willis, Herbert, Jan. 9, 1896-Aug. 13, 1961, military marker "Tennessee Cpl Co H 808 Pioneer Inf World War I"

Woods, Addie Faye, July 13, 1935-Nov. 11, 2000, "Children" [adjacent to marker for Dennis "W. C." Woods]

Woods, Almaree, Aug. 29, 1913-Sept. 11, 1983 [adjacent to marker for W. P. Woods]

Woods, Bertha, 1899-1912 (homemade)

Woods, Bobby Alvia, Mr., Feb. 14, 1935-Sept. 26, 1985, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home [not found or not readable in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Woods, Dennis "W. C.," Jan. 27, 1931-July 7, 1998

Woods, Hessie B. Hayes, Apr. 15, 1889-Apr. 24, 1969 [adjacent to marker for John W. Woods]

Woods, James Edward, d. Jan. 16, 1995, Age 62, temporary marker, Ford Funeral Home [not found or not readable in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Woods, John W., Feb. 9, 1886-Sept. 14, 1971

Woods, Mamie, 1885-1931 (homemade)

Woods, Morris J. Vann, May 31, 1937-Apr. 3, 2002, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home, 4 yards 4th grave north of marker for W. P. Woods

Woods, W. P., Mar. 1, 1907-Sept. 15, 1983



Baby, no dates (homemade) [amid cluster of Woods family markers]

B. J. N., Feb. 10, 1903-June 8, 1936 (homemade)

Master Est____, d. July 18, ____, temporary marker, approximately 4 yards east-northeast of marker for Oliver Stegall Spencer