Brown's Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery is located on west side of Cotton Grove Road just northeast of Kate Campbell Robertson Park in east Jackson. The cemetery had many large tall shade trees until May 2003. The tornado brought down all the trees and destroyed the church. Many markers were knocked over or broken either by trees falling in the storm or during removal of the down trees thereafter. Proportionately, this cemetery received greater damage than Riverside Cemetery. In February 2004, except for tree removal, little had been done to the cemetery since the storm. The cemetery was still littered with roofing from the destroyed church building, few if any markers downed by the storm had been righted, and some of the cemetery had not been mown since the storm.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery on February 3, 2004 based on earlier work by Jonathan K. T. Smith. Mr. Smith's 1995 record for this cemetery appears in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee and a 2000 update appears in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume 2. These works are referred to collectively as Smith in the notes below. Surprisingly, several markers which Smith noted to be fallen were found upright in 2004.


Askew, Flora L., Jan. 11, 1921-July 15, 1987 (homemade)

Askew, James, Aug. 25, 1919-Nov. 1, 1987 (homemade)

Barker, Cora Lee, Sept. 8, 1941-Sept. 6, 1948

Billups, John H., Oct. 15, 1904-July 20, 1975

Bond, Maggie Bell, 1909-1996

Bonds, Maud Ell_, Mar. 7, 1882-Feb. 2, 1918, "Wife of Bailey Bonds" (broken, out-of-place) [this marker probably was broken and moved out of place during tree removal]

Brown, Charles, Sept. 8, 1910-Apr. 23, 1959, military marker "Tennessee S1 USNR World War II"

Brown, Eadie, 1812-1899
Brown, George, 1829-1914

Brown, Ella, 1882-1960, Wife of J. E. Brown" (fallen) [knocked over in storm]

Brown, Elvira, Nov. 7, 1848-Dec. 5, 1914 (fallen) [knocked over in storm]

Brown, George H., Apr. 7, 1894-June 30, 1947, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 815 Pioneer Inf. World War II

Brown, Jack, Dec. 25, 1813-Oct. 28, 1876, "Born in Halifax Co. Va."

Brown, James, Mar. 12, 1925-Feb. 5, 1983, military marker "US Army"

Brown, Jennie, d. May 16, 1926, "Susie's Chamber-2823, Jackson, Tenn. (fallen) [knocked over in storm]

Brown, Jimmie, Jan. 25, 1907-Mar. 23, 1976

Brown, Joe Willie, Feb. 22, 1918-Jan. 12, 1945 [replacement]

Brown, Jordan, 1877-Jan. 3, 1922, "East Jackson Temple 1031-Jackson, Tenn."

Brown, Linnie A., Jan. 29, 1886-June 14, 1905, "Daughter of A. J. & Susie Brown" [not found in 2004; possibly lost during tree removal]

Brown, Mario L., d. May 23, 1999 [not found in 2004; reported by Smith in 2000, possibly read from a temporary marker

Brown, Mary, Dec. 1, 1873-Jan. 27, 1914 (broken) [listed as "a broken stone" in 1995]

Brown, Mary, Mrs., 1840-Nov. 18, 1930

Brown, Nolan, June 4, 1892-Dec. 15, 1955, military marker "Tennessee PFC Co A 813 Pioneer Inf World War I" [this is probably the military marker found face down in 2004; information reported by Smith in 1995]

Brown, Odell, Apr. L, 1905-Feb. 14, 1933

Brown, Phay O. M., July 5, 1877-Feb. 2, 1888, "Dau. of A. J. & Susie Brown"

Brown, Robert Roy, Sept. 8, 1909-Sept. 12, 1910, "Son of J. J. &Lillie Brown" (fallen, broken) [probably damaged during storm]

Brown, Thurmond, 1914-1961
Brown, Annie, 1918-____

Carter, Jake, 1843-1917 (fallen)

Curry, Dalton Wiley, Nov. 1, 1890-Sept. 16, 1956, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 522 Svc Bn Engr Corps World War I" (marker has severe lean)

Curry, Emma Warren, 1900-1951 (fallen) [knocked over by falling tree during storm]

Daniel, S., d. June 24, 1933, "A-C-Ford" (homemade)

Daniel, Tennie, Dec. 10, 1877-Dec. 30, 1947, Age 70 Yrs. (broken) [probably broken by falling trees during storm]

Donald, Tomie H., Oct. 18, 1898-Feb. 3, 1900

Estes, David Lee, d. Jan. 18, 1962, "Son of David & Helen Estes"

Givens, George, May 1887-Feb. 9, 1966, "In Memory of Father"

Givens, James, Mar. 27, 1906-Sept. 7, 1983, "Deacon" (fallen) [probably knocked over by falling trees during storm]

Givens, Lula March, June 1885-June 1955, "In Memory of Mother"

Graham, Lucille [see Smith, Lucille Graham McClendon]

Hall, Eula V., August 29, 1922-____, "Mother" footstone
Hall, J. C., April 15, 1914-Nov. 1, 1998 [share triple marker with Burvey Savage]

Horsey, Ozie B., Feb. 17, 1911-Sept. 13, 1922

Hutcherson, Rosetta, July 4, 1857-Jan. 30, 1904

Johnson, Jonathan Allen, July 19, 1990-July 19, 1990, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home, 2 feet south of marker for David Lee Estes

Jones, Millie, May 13, 1845-Apr. 21, 1877, "Wife of Aaron Jones" (broken) [listed by Smith in 1995 as "a broken stone"; name Jones is unreadable in 2004]

Jones, Rosa, Nov. 27, 1872-June 16, 1873

Laneer, Sie, Sep. 1, 1861-Dec. 1875
Laneer, Hines, Dec. 27, 1863-Nov. 11, 1875

Laneer, Susan, July 4, 1859-May 17, 1877 (fallen) [listed by Smith in 1995 as a "fallen stone"]

Lewis, Samuel W., d. Apr. 12, 1987, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers Funeral Home, 4 feet south of fallen marker for James Givens

Lusby, Adline, 1833-Dec. 27, ____ (broken) [in 1995 Smith noted "year chipped off"]

March, Albirdie, Nov. 8, 1913-Nov. 23, 1913
March, Thelmer, July 25, 1912-Aug. 30, 1912, "Children of Porter & Millie March" (fallen) [probably knocked over by falling tree or during tree removal]

March, Clayborn, Died Aug. 3, 1929, "Susie's Chamber-2823, Jackson, Tenn."

March, Hattie, Mrs., d. Mar. 17, 1938

March, Lizzie, Jan. 7, 1880-Sept. 20, 1899

March, Loretta [see Williams, Loretta March]

March, Lucinda, Dec. 17, 1876-May 29, 1895

March, Lula [see Givens, Lula March]

March, Mille B., July 19, 1885-June 12, 1966

March, Porter, dates unreadable, "Father" (fallen) [face down in 2004; probably knocked over by falling tree in storm; not listed by Smith]

Mason, Connor, July 4, 1892-May 5, 1943, military marker "Alabama, Pvt 336 Infantry 84 Div World War I"

Mason, Etta, d. Jan. 16, 1947, "Loving mother"

Mason, Goodman, Sr., June 15, 1902-Mar. 13, 1954

Mason, James, Dec. 6, 1910-1910, "Son of Luler & L. Mason"

Mason, Willie Chester, June 1, 1936-June 8, 1978, "Husband" footstone

Maxwell, Dorothy E., Jan. 30, 1932-Nov. 25, 1987, "Mother" (homemade)

May, Beatrice, Nov. 25, 1918-Sept. 27, 1977

McClendon, George, Sept. 18, 1877-Mar. 4, 1937, "Father"

McClendon, Lucille [see Smith, Lucille Graham McClendon]

Patterson, Milton Franklin, Mar. 8, 1916-Mar. 30, 1992, military marker "US Navy World War II"

Person, Julie, 1866-1920, Age 54 (eroded concrete marker)

Peters, Ella, Apr. 14, 1869-Nov. 22, 1922, "Susie's Chamber-2823, Jackson, Tenn." (fallen)

Porter, Mark, Oct. 1886-July 7, 1925, "East Jackson Temple . . ." (remainder buried; possibly broken off nearby base)

Roberson, Dallas, no dates

Roberson, Dock, no dates

Roberson, Walter, no dates

Ross, Loretta V., Mother, Jan. 31, 1949-Oct. 19, 1995

Russell, Easter, 1832-1912 (broken) [broken during storn or tree removal; dates are those reported by Smith in 1995]

Rutherford, Elizabeth, Oct. 4, 1912-Dec. 20, 1989, "Mother" footstone
Rutherford, June, Dec. 14, 1905-Jan. 23, 1957, "Husband" footstone

Savage, Burney, April 5, 1917-May 24, 1982, "Rev."; military marker as footstone "US Navy World War II" [shares triple marker with Eula V. Hall and J. C. Hall]

Scales, George W., 1890-1975, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Scales, Lorena M., May 1, 1906-September 12, 1998*

Smith, Lucille Graham McClendon, Feb. 7, 1882-Feb. 23, 1976, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for George McClendon]

Turner, Magnolia V., Apr. 27, 1943-Sept. 29, 1973

Vinson, Chris T., d. Nov. 10, 2003, temporary marker, mercer Brothers Funeral Home, 3 yards south of marker for Loretta V. Ross

Vinson, Dantavius D., Feb. 6, 1994-August 2, 1994

Vinson, Mamie, Aug. 13, 1936-Sept. 29, 1973

Wade, Mary, Mrs., Sept. 1, 1916-July 6, 1999, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 1 yard south of marker for Loretta V. Ross

Williams, Arthur, d. 1943, "Brother"

Williams, Calvin, 1844-1934, "Father"

Williams, Estelle, 1902-1927, "Sister"

Williams, Lionel, d. Apr. 5, 1978

Williams, Loretta March, Mar. 8, 1908-June 19, 1994, "Wife" (fallen) [knocked over by falling tree]

Williams, Tennie, 1861-1940, "Mother"

Williams, Ulysses, Oct. 4, 1895-July 26, 1966, military marker "Tennessee Cpl Co L 804 Pioneer Inf World War I"


Found in the cemetery in 2004:

Prospect C.M.E.
Rebuilding Aug. 1915
by A. L. Rowsey
Laid by the A. F. & A. M.
Crescent Lodge No. 70