Deliverance House of Prayer Cemetery is located behind the church on the Huntersville-Denmark Road. The earliest dated burial is 1992. Some temporary markers have been mounted on concrete blocks. It is unclear if six additional concrete blocks in the cemetery are marking graves or holding spaces. David Donahue recorded this cemetery February 13, 2004.


Bond, Willie, d. June 21, 2003, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers F.H., approx. 10 yards north of gate

Bonds, Magnolia [see Carroll, Magnolia Bonds]

Bonds, Robert Lee, Aug. 21, 1924-Dec. 20, 1998

Brent, Robert, Apr. 27, 1939-Dec. 24, 1997, military marker "PFC US Army"

Carroll, Jimmy L., June 1, 1918-Aug. 21, 1997, "Beloved father"

Carroll, Magnolia Bonds, Sept. 25, 1922-Jan. 31, 1992

Dickerson, Ricky, July 9, 1959?-July 12, 1999, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 3 feet north of marker for Kyeisha Jamia Shaw

Ellison, Ira T. "Bobo," Mar. 8, 1962-May 6, 2001, "Son, brother & father"

Miller, Joshua Nykela, Nov. 1, 2002-Oct. 24, 2003, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home, 8 yards east-northeast of marker for Robert Lee Bonds

Ward, Kyeisha Jamia, Nov. 30, 1994-Feb. 28, 2000

Westbrook, Susie Mae, June 12, 1931-Jan. 13, 2004, 6 yards east of marker for Robert Lee Bonds

Woods, Joyce Ann, Nov. 5, 1955-Mar. 11, 1997, "Wife & mother"

Woods, Tom Mier, Rev., d. July 3, 1993, Age 71, temporary marker, S. B. Moore Funeral Home, Selmer, Tennessee, 5 feet south of marker for Ira T. "Bobo" Ellison