(White Section)

          The white section of Blair's Chapel Cemetery is in bad shape. The area is overgrown and lies amid downed trees. Three vaults have been vandalized. Most markers are down and out of place. Only four markers remain upright and apparently in their original positions. Many markers reported in 1996 were not found in 2003. To the northwest and south of the white section are piles of earth and tree debris suggesting that the large open area west and south of the white section was bulldozed in recent years. David Donahue recorded this cemetery November 13 and 14, 2003.

          Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded this cemetery November 30, 1996. It appears in Family Findings, Vol. XXIX, No. 1, January 1997, p. 17. He wrote "Blair Chapel is much neglected, most of the several tombstones having fallen and been broken." The vandalism observed apparently had already occurred but the tree falls and bulldozing had not.

          Between 1996 and 2003, someone went into the cemetery and hunted up several of the Carter family markers. They have been cleaned are leaning against trees. Two Carter family markers not found by Jonathan Smith in 1996 were found and read easily in 2003.


Markers Remaining in 2003

Bond, Sarah S., Mar. 10, 1788-July 9, 1841, "Born in Hertford Co. N.C." "Died in Madison County, Tenn."

Carter, James S., June 12, 1822-Dec. 9, 1853, "Born in Va." (fallen, out of place)

Carter, Little __nnie, May 18, 1868-Jan. 2, 1869, "Infant daughter of M. E. & T. L. Carter" (chipped, out of place)

Carter, Thompson, Aug. 8, 1805-May 5, 1857, "Born in Pittsylvania Co. Va." (fallen, out of place)

Carter, W. Y., May 24, 1837-May 29, 1864

Henning, Frances Ann, May 19, 1822-July 26, 1939

Henning, Francis Asberry, Dec. 23, 1823-Nov. 23, 1849, "Born in Clark County Georgia" "Departed this life . . . in Lauderdale County Tennessee"

Henning, John, Apr. 21, 1781-May 24, 1848 (broken) [this is the slab cover which has been removed from a vault]

Henning, Judith B. (lichen covered, eroded, partially buried) [this is the top of a destroyed vault; as reported by Jonathan Smith in 1996: "To the memory of Mrs. Judith B. Henning who was born in Wilkes Co., GA Nov. 11th 1791. Moved to Tennessee, 1830 and died Novr. 5th 1847 Aged 56 years 11 months & 4 days"]

Newbern, A. C., Mrs., Aug. 16, 1825-May 24, 1849, "Consort of D. D. Newbern" (broken) [this appears to be the broken top of a destroyed vault]


Additional Markers Recorded by Jonathan Smith in 1996

Blair, James, Nov. 23, 1810-Dec. 24, 1871

Blair, Martha, Feb. 12, 1771-Jan. 10, 1853, "Born Gilford County, N. Carolina" "Died in Madison Co., Tenn."

Carter, Nancy W., April 6, 1805-Nov. 12, 1858, "Wife of Thompson Carter" "Born in Virginia"

Haskins, James V., Dec. 8, 1795-June 9, 1869, "Born Powhatan Co., Va.." "Died Madison Co., Tenn."

Haskins, John H., July 21, 1832-June 25, 1853

Lackie, William J., Oct. 26, 1857-June 9, 1862, "Son of E. A. & E. Lackie"

Langford, Reb(chipped)a. V. [Rebecca V.], d. June 29, 1861, aged 18 yrs. 6 mos. 3 ds., "Wife of A. B. Langford"

Langford, Tommy, d. June 17, 1861, aged 8 days, "Infant son of A. B. & R. V. Langford"

McLeod, John E., May 25, 1838-Mar. 3, 1855, "Born in Fayette Co., Tenn." "Died in Madison Co., Tenn."

Seeton, W. M. M., Jan.17, 1794-Aug. 1, 1838

Williamson, James A., d. July 10, 1846, Aged 5 mo. & 22 days, "Son of G. & A. R. Williamson"


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