This cemetery is located at Fellowship Baptist Church on George Williams Road about a mile north of Key Senter Road in northeastern Madison County. The cemetery was created in the 1990s.

            David Donahue recorded Fellowship Cemetery May 10, 2004. The cemetery appears under the name Interfaith Community Church Cemetery in Madison County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, Volume II The Northern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1998, pp. 112).


Davidson, Lona [see Pillow, Lona Davidson]

Haley, Christine K., Sept. 8, 1916-June 9, 1995, "Mother"

McCarver, Michael Eugene, Nov. 7, 1956-June 7, 1993

Pillow, Lona Davidson, May 6, 1909-Mar. 23, 2003, "Mother" footstone

Rainey, Arthur G., Feb. 9, 1922-____
Rainey, Gertrude D., Dec. 6, 1918-Feb. 28, 1994

Rainey, Scotty B., Oct. 5, 1941-Jan. 21, 1994

Story, Robert W., Sr., Aug. 9, 1940-Feb. 20, 1995
Story, G. Faye, Sept. 13, 1941-____, "Married Mar. 5, 1998"