(Oak Grove)

            Lewis-McClain Cemetery is located on the east side of Law Rd. near the Madison-Henderson Co. line. It is no longer used and seems mostly unmaintained, though brush may have been removed last fall. The cemetery is larger than the number of markers listed below might suggest. Depressions and jonquils are visible in areas without markers. There is a small area with a rusted, dilapidated chain-link fence. There are no visible markers within the fence. There is a fieldstone-marked grave about 20 yards north of the nearest identified marker. There may be two dozen or more unmarked and unidentified graves here.

            David Donahue recorded Lewis-McClain Cemetery May 8, 2004. William N. Elam recorded the cemetery in the early 1970s. His record appears as Oak Grove Cemetery in Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 4, October 1975, p. 10, and as Lewis-McCLain Cemetery in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume II The Northern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1998, pp. 123-124).


Lewis, A. J., May 14, 1836-Oct. 11, 1899 (disintegrating concrete marker)

Lewis, Andrew J., June 10, 1901-Nov. 10, 1902 [replacement; probably a child of Evie E. and Robert L. Lewis]

Lewis, Evie E., Mar. 23, 1875-Apr. 3, 1963
Lewis, Robert L., Aug. 14, 1878-Jan. 8, 1950

Lewis, Harvey B., Oct. 11, 1880-June 6, 1889, "Son of W. A. & S. A. Lewis"

Lewis, L. P., Sept. 5, 1835-May 14, 1908 (disintegrating concrete marker)

Lewis, Roberta, Dec. 30, 1882-Aug. 18, 1889, "Dau. of W. A. & S. A. Lewis"

Lewis, S. A., July 6, 1858-Apr. 23, 1903, "Wife of W. A. Lewis"

Lewis, Sherman, Apr. 29, 1908-Apr. 29, 1908 [replacement; probably a child of Evie E. and Robert L. Lewis]

McClain, A. J., Nov. 15, 1893-Nov. 28, 1898, "Son of J. L. & Arbell McClain"

McClain, A. L., Sept. 26, 1899-Apr. 28, 1900, "Son of J. L. & Arbell McClain"

McClain, Arbell, Feb. 14, 1873-Mar. 27, 1900, "Wife of J. L. McClain"

McClain, J. L., Oct. 6, 1866-May 14, 1963

McClain, John Lee, July 11, 1907-Sept.13, 1907

McClain, Willie Frances, July 17, 1873-Jan. 4, 1949

Williams, Annie V., Oct. 30, 1891-Feb. 8, 1892, Dau. of J. H. & Mollie Williams"

Williams, Bessie Lee, Dec. 14, 1895-May 28, 1897, "Dau. of ?? & ?? Williams" (broken, eroded concrete marker)
[One of the breaks is through the relationship information, and the bottom half of the letters are missing. The first letter looks like a B or R; the second letter may be an H. The third letter, second name, is a vertical line with space between it and fourth letter, so probably an L. The fourth letter looks like the top of a C. Dau. of B. H. & L. C. Williams?]

Williams, W. A. P., July 20, 1833-Feb. 24, 1906 [replacement]