McCoy Cemetery, standing near gate looking west-northwest, August 2003


            McCoy Cemetery is located on Potts Chapel Road about 0.3 mile north of Beech Bluff Road. The cemetery has been well maintained. At some point several decades ago most of the unmarked graves in the cemetery were marked, usually with a plain slab with carved name with no dates, carved last name with no dates, or in seven cases simply "Unknown." The tornado of May 2003 brought down a number of trees west and south of the cemetery and two large trees within the cemetery. The fence was damaged on all four sides, especially on the west side. Most of the fallen trees near the gate and the western fence had been cut up and removed by August 2003. The large trees within the cemetery which fell were in mostly open areas near the back (north) of the cemetery and fell without damaging markers. Most of the markers along the western fence where a number of trees fell were near flush with the ground and were not damaged. One Briley marker and one Owens marker were toppled by falling trees but do not appear to be broken.

          David Donahue recorded this cemetery on August 19, 2003. Floyd and Helen Johnson recorded this cemetery of March 10, 1989. A copy of their record appeared later that year in Family Findings. This is referred to as Johnsons in the notes below.


Alexander, (Babe) V. R., 1877-1943, "Father" footstone
Alexander, Kattie E., 1881-19__, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Alexander, Cora, 1872-1952
Alexander, (Sug) E. D., 1861-1937

Alexander, Elizabeth, 1856-1966 [replacement; adjacent to marker for John Alexander]

Alexander, Fannie Bell, Apr. 1, 1870-Sept. 11, 1948, "Mother" footstone
Alexander, John William, Oct. 3, 1869-July 29, 1931, "Father" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Alexander, Frank, Dec. 20, 1894-July 13, 1918, "Husband of Zetta Alexander" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Alexander, John, 1848-1862 [replacement]

Alexander, Walter, Nov. 7, 1906-Nov. 15, 1962

Alexander, William A., 1822-1896
Alexander, Sarah Irvin, 1824-1890 [replacement]

Baughn, M. J., May 31, 1861-Jan. 7, 1902, "Wife of W. S. Baughn"

Beville, ______, no dates [four markers like this]

Bishop, Nadine Hale, Nov. 29, 1924-Oct. 9, 1995, "Mother"

Blackmon, Lindzey, 1895-1983, "Father"; military marker as footstone "Lindsey O. Blackmon" "US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Sept. 29, 1895-Feb. 1, 1983
Blackmon, Zetta Ann, 1900-1963, "Mother"

Blackmon, Lindzey Elton, Jr., Jan. 27, 1932-Aug. 18, 1979

Blackmon, Walter Arnold, Aug. 30, 1934-Feb. 28, 1939

Blakley baby, no dates

Briley baby, no dates

Briley, ______, no dates [two adjacent markers like this, one toppled by tree fall in May 2003]

Briley, Marivie, Mar. 3, 1896-June 11, 1933, "Mother" footstone

Brown, Betty J. [see Veteto, Betty J. Brown]

Bumpas, Austin P., June 29, 1847-Sept. 17, 1899 (fallen)

Bumpas, Autie W., Nov. 5, 1884-Nov. 24, 1886, "Son of J. P. & M. F. Bumpus"

Burkhart, Jessie [see Gullett, Jessie Burkhart]

Butler, Alex Noval, Jan. 12, 1873-Sept. 5, 1947

Butler, Alta, d. 1931 (homemade)

Butler, Claude, Dec. 26, 1883-Jan. 4, 1940
Butler, Hulda, Jan. 5, 1882-Nov. 23, 1965

Butler, E. J., June 24, 1875-Mar. 12, 1930 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Butler, Hattie Annie, July 31, 1875-Aug. 31, 1955

Butler, Hubert Britt, Dec. 3, 1906-Nov. 29, 1969

Butler, Martha Ann, 1863-1943, "Mother"

Butler, O. J., d. 1920 (homemade)

Butler, Rosa [see Stanfill, Rosa Butler]

Butler, S. C.(?), d. 1938, "Mother" footstone (homemade, broken, difficult to read)

Chamberlain, E. M., Oct. 13, 1859-July 15, 1903, "Wife of C. W. Chamberlin"

Douglas, Bobby Lee Graden, Oct. 26, 1927-Jan. 24, 1990, "Daddy" footstone

Douglas, Mary Agnes, July 8, 1913-____
Douglas, Henry Graden, Feb. 28, 1910-Jan. 1, 1981

Duke, Everett V., Sept. 19, 1875-Jan. 31, 1964, "Dad" footstone
Duke, Vernie D., Nov. 23, 1875-Dec. 16, 1949, "Mother" footstone

Duke, Frankie Pauline, d. Apr. 9, 1916 [not found in 2003; reported by Johnsons]

Duke, Pauline, 1915-1916, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Duke

Dyer, Betty Joe, Feb. 14, 1935-June 26, 1935

Dyer, Eula, Feb. 16, 1900-Feb. 17, 1935

Dyer, James, 1921-1922, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Dyer"

Fielding, Geo. W., 1852-1938, age 86 yrs [not found in 2003; reported by Johnsons]

Fielding, Georgia [see Johnson, Georgia Fielding]

Fielding, Hattie, 1867?-June _______ (not ledgible) [not found in 2003; reported by Johnsons]
Fielding note: There are two concrete slabs lying flat which you can tell had names and dates but which are too eroded to read. They are west of the center aisle/drive and north of the row of Johnson markers, including the marker for Georgia Fielding Johnson. The two unreadable markers probably are those for Geo. W. Fielding and Hattie Fielding.

Floyd, Fred, Mar. 11, 1912-Dec. 9, 1979
Floyd, Emma Lee, Mar. 1, 1914-____, also temporary marker, George A. Smith & Sons Funeral Home, d. Nov. 8, 1995

Fly, Ruby Gray, May 5, 1905-June 27, 1966

Fly, Sheley G. Gray, 1937-1937

Fly, Thomas W. Gray, 1934-1934

Fry, Luther, no dates

Gibson twins, no dates

Gibson, Infant, born & died 1910, "Inf. son of Laura & Wm. H. Gibson"

Gibson, Infant, born & died 1910, "Inf. son of Laura & Wm. H. Gibson"

Gibson, Laura J., Mar. 8, 1886-Aug. 9, 1912, "Wife of William H. Gibson"

Gibson, Robert, no dates

Gibson, Sarah, Dec. 4, 1908-Mar. 30, 1909, "Infant dau. of Laura J. & Wm. H. Gibson"

Grantham, Infant, 1928, "Inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Grantham"

Gray, H. Z., 1884-1956 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Gray, Hattie M., 1879-1934

Gray, Hubert H., Mar. 23, 1911-May 5, 1953

Gray, Infants, Mar. 9, 1909, "Infant twin sons of William & Nannie Gray"

Gray, Malinda E., 1881-1911 [replacement]

Gray, Nannie E., Jan. 27, 1877-May 4, 1960
Gray, William F., Oct. 19, 1873-Aug. 21, 1944, "Father" footstone

Gray, Ruby [see Fly, Ruby Gray]

Gray, Sidney, no dates

Gray, Sussie, no dates [adjacent to marker for Sidney Gray]

Gullett, August Mayo, May 22, 1886-Mar. 12, 1954, "Father"

Gullett, Joe F., Jan. 12, 1921-July 18, 1939

Gullett, Samuel Walter, May 18, 1883-Apr. 23, 1955, "Father" footstone
Gullett, Jessie Buckhart, Mar. 8, 1885-June 18, 1981, "Mother" footstone

Hale, Martha Jane, Dec. 11, 1892-Mar. 24, 1979, "Mother" footstone

Hale, Nadine [see Bishop, Nadine Hale]

Hale, Riley, Mar. 22, 1876-Apr. 13, 1950, "Father" footstone

Hale, William L., Mar. 1, 1926-June 12, 1987, "Loving father of Alice & Sissy"

Harris, G. W., Dec. 16, 1811-Sept. 30, 1883
Harris, Nancy H., June 28, 1821-May 27, 1916, "His wife"

Harris, George W., Jan. 12, 1888-Aug. 17, 1889, "Son of R. A. & L. E. Harris"

Harris, Homer B., Dec. 28, 1888-Feb. 25, 1967

Harris, Howell J., Sept. 24, 1876-Mar. 10, 1961
Harris, Eunie S., June 30, 1887-May 22, 1969

Harris, Infant, 1880, "Infant son" [replacement]

Harris, Infant, 1887, "Infant son" [replacement]

Harris, Infant, 1896, "Infant dau." [replacement]

Harris, Infant, Dec. 29, 1931, "Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Harris"

Harris, J. D. (Bud), Mar. 11, 1905-Apr. 15, 1990
Harris, Elizabeth Hicks, June 26, 1907-Jan. 26, 1981

Harris, James T., Mar. 22, 1846-Feb. 25, 1932 [Masonic symbol]
Harris, Louise J., May 6, 1854-July 11, 1942, "His wife"

Harris, Jennie [see Spencer, Jennie Harris]

Harris, Lindsay, Oct. 14, 1874-Dec. 13, 1931, "Father" footstone
Harris, Nancy K., Aug. 26, 1876-Nov. 27, 1960, "Mother" footstone

Harris, Lois Vester, Nov. 29, 1905-Nov. 23, 1946, "Father"

Harris, Lonnie R., July 28, 1883-Apr. 24, 1961
Harris, Virgie W., Nov. 9, 1885-Jan. 22, 1952, "Mother" footstone

Harris, Martha Jeanette, Sept. 29, 1911-Sept. 30, 1911, "Dau of H. J. & E. H. Harris"

Harris, Monroe, 1871-1940, Father" footstone
Harris, Cora, 1877-1937, "Mother" footstone

Harris, Ray F., Jan. 24, 1911-Nov. 6, 1980, military marker "US Army World War II"

Harris, Robert Ernest, Apr. 12, 1881-Aug. 9, 1900 [replacement]

Harris, Roland W., 1886-1889, "Son of Mack & Miranda Harris" [replacement]

Harris, Vernon C., May 23, 1914-Oct. 13, 1943, military marker "Tennessee 2nd Lt 135 Inf 34 Inf Div World War II"

Harris, Wayne, 1870-1876
Harris, Clarence, 1886-1888, "Sons of J. W. & Eliza A. Harris"

Hendrix, Lue Dell, 1914-1957, "Wife of Leroy" [as recorded by Johnsons, probably from a temporary marker: Lou Dell Jones Hendrix, d. Apr. 15, 1957, age 42y 10m 21d]

Hendrix, Nancy, 1864-1938 [undamaged but under fallen tree in 2003; dates are those reported by Johnsons]

Hendrix, Roland, 1867-1941

Hicks, Elizabeth [see Harris, Elizabeth Hicks]

Hobbs, E. B. W., no dates, military marker "Co K 21 Tenn Cav C.S.A."

Hodge, ______, no dates [three markers like this]

Hooper, J. O., 1837-1916

Hornsby, Bessie Ruth, July 17, 1918-July 24, 1960

Hornsby, Hershel Brooks, Apr. 18, 1917-Nov. 16, 1981

Ingram, Trula V., July 14, 1886-Nov. 24, 1887, "Dau. of R. B. & M. C. Ingram" (broken)

Irwin, Sarah [see Alexander, Sarah Irwin]

Jackson, Jake, no dates

Jamerson, Lillian A. Veteto, Feb. 4, 1915-Jan. 18, 1941

Johnson, Edna Louise, 1922-1922 [replacement]

Johnson, Georgia Fielding, 1895-1919 [replacement]

Johnson, Lonnie Edwin, 1922-1923 [replacement]

Jones, Allen, d. Mar. 8, 1888, Aged about 60 years, "Husband of Mary A. Jones"

Jones, Clarence R., Nov. 2, 1896-July 25, 1917

Jones, Curry B., July 24, 1892-July 24, 1962, "Father" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial]
Jones, Dora B., Aug. 12, 1893-July 11, 1974, Mother" footstone [Woman's Benefit Association symbol]

Jones, F. C., 1904-1945 (homemade, broken) [this information is best guess]

Jones, J. W., Nov. 17, 1871-Oct. 11, 1899 [replacement]

Jones, Johnny Eugene, d. Oct. 1, 1958 [infant-style marker]

Jones, L. F., Feb. 28, 1865-July 26, 1919

Jones, Lue Dell [see Hendrix, Lue Dell]

Jones, Mahaley L., 1865-1947, "Mother" footstone
Jones, James A., 1861-1934, "Father" footstone

Jones, R. C., 1884-1945 [not found in 2003; reported by Johnsons]

Justice, Dora, 1876 1934, "His wife"; "Mother" footstone
Justice, W. C., 1857-1940

Kearney, ______, no date, "Grandmother"

Kearney, Susie, no date

Kinsey, L. D., Oct. 10, 1854-Sept. 5, 1936, "Father" footstone
Kinsey, Sarah A., May 19, 1857-Dec. 20, 1941, "Mother" footstone

Lively, Mabel, no dates [shares marker with William Nesbett, Laura Nesbett, Minnie Nesbett, and Arie Nesbett]

Loines, M. Amanda, Sept. 9, 1881-Apr. 20, 1919

Maness, Katie Sue, Oct. 1, 1945-Dec. 23, 1945

Moore baby, no dates

Moore, M. F., d. 1928 (homemade, broken)

Nesbett, William, no dates
Nesbett, Laura, no dates
Nesnett, Minnie, no dates
Nesbett, Arie, no dates [Mabel Lively also on this marker]

Newberry, Dallas Lee, Jan. 30, 1926-Apr. 18, 1951, "Tennessee Cpl 13th FA Bn 24 Inf Div WWII"; military marker as footstone "Tennessee Cpl 13 FA Bn 24 Inf Div World War II Korea"

Newberry, Nancy E., Feb. 6, 1885-Jan. 4, 1967, "Mother" footstone
Newberry, Dallas L., Apr. 3, 1877-Aug. 17, 1925, "Daddy" footstone

Owens baby, no dates

Owens, James S., 1870-1921, "Son of B. E. & Cynthia J. Owens" [information from Johnsons; this is probably the Owens marker near the west fence lying face down having been toppled by a falling tree in May 2003; marker appears undamaged except for separation from its base]

Pierce, John, no dates

Potts, Esther Louise, wife of J. C. Potts, Oct. 7, 1835-Nov. 11, 1891

Potts, J. C., July 9, 1830-Jan. 13, 1896

Potts, Sarah A., Sept. 17, 1836-Mar. 4, 1863, "Wife of J. C. Potts"

Pylent, John, Feb. 4, 1889-Oct. 14, 1918 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Rhodes baby, no dates

Rollins, Sid, d. Oct. 12, 1930, "Tennessee Pvt Camp Hosp 33" [American Legion symbol]

Rollins, Thomas Horace, Nov. 26, 1922-Sept. 3, 1925, "Son of S. R. & Josie Rollins"

Sanders, Ferrer Lee, Oct. 12, 1906-Nov. 22, 1945

Sharp, George C., June 4, 1897-Nov. 15, 1965, "Father" footstone
Sharp, Virdie G., May 18, 1909-Apr. 9, 1988, "Mother" footstone [she probably is a Gullett as this marker in a row of Gullett family markers; the Johnsons recorded a temporary marker on which she was called Virdie May Sharp]

Smith baby, no dates

Smith, Ada, no dates

Smith, Alice, no dates

Smith, Ann, no dates

Smith, George, no dates

Smith, Harriet, no dates

Smith, Jane, no dates

Smith, Lola May, July 21, 1905-Feb. 7, 1985, "Mother" footstone
Smith, Albert Neil, Feb. 26, 1896-Sept. 17, 1979, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War I"

Smith, Mattie, no dates

Smith, Sudie, no dates

Smith, William, no dates

Spencer, Jennie Harris, Feb. 15, 1903-Jan. 15, 1994

Stanfill, ______, no dates

Stanfill, Rosa Butler, Feb. 8, 1882-Aug. 27, 1966 [adjacent to marker for E. J. Butler]

Thomas, Cecil, Sept. 3, 1906-Apr. 20, 1952

Thomas, Fannie G., 1861-1943, "Mother" footstone
Thomas, Archie R., 1864-1916, "Father" footstone

Thomas, Fred, Nov. 8, 1896-Mar. 5, 1940, "Daddy" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Thomas, Mary, no dates

Thomas, Ollie Lois, Oct. 7, 1899-Nov. 13, 1985 [the Johnsons also recorded a temporary marker on which she was called Mrs. Ollie Walker Thomas]

Thomas, Veatrice O., Feb. 3, 1914-Mar. 7, 2000 [adjacent to marker for Cecil Thomas]

Thompson, Kenneth, 1920-1935 [overlooked or not found in 2003; reported by Johnsons]

Turner, ______, no dates [five markers like this]

Turner, J. A., Apr. 6, 1849-Dec. 16, 1922 [replacement]

Turner, Sallie, Feb. 8, 1865-Oct. 8, 1958

Unknown, no dates [seven markers like this]

Vandiver, ______, no dates, "Mrs."

Vandiver, Henry H., Oct. 1851-June 1888 [Masonic symbol]

Vandiver, Mary, no dates

Vandiver, Nancy, no dates

Vandiver, Winnie, no dates

Vandiver, Wm. Haskel, Apr. 27, 1919-Aug. 12, 1921, "Son of W. R. & Brooxie Vandiver"

Vandiver, Wm. R., Dec. 18, 1882-Mar. 7, 1941 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Veteto, A. H., July 4, 1886-July 18, 1967

Veteto, B. A., May 3, 1928-____

Veteto, Betty J. Brown, Jan. 5, 1930-____ [adjacent to marker for B. A. Veteto]

Veteto, Haus F., Oct. 27, 1912-Apr. 9, 1958

Veteto, Lilian A. [see Jamerson, Lillian A. Veteto]

Veteto, Nevada C. Wadley, Apr. 13, 1892-May 9, 1964

Veteto, W. A. (Gus), Aug. 14, 1917-Feb. 12, 1935

Wadley, Nevada C. [see Veteto, Nevada C. Wadley]

Wadley, Vernon W., Dec. 12, 1910-1937

Waggoner, Amanda M. [see Whitworth, Amanda M.]

Waggoner, Permelia, Jan. 30, 1801-Nov. 2, 1888

Waggoner, William, May 4, 1795-Aug. 9, 1861

Wakler, Ida, Feb. 18, 1858-Nov. 14, 1890

Walker, Izora, Aug. 19, 1879-Apr. 27, 1964, "Mama" footstone
Walker, L. Fayette, Aug. 6, 1872-Feb. 1, 1944, "Papa" footstone

Walker, J. H., Aug. 7, 1854-Jan. 23, 1898

Walker, Luella, July 26, 1875-Nov. 28, 1896

Walker, Ollie [see Thomas, Ollie Lois]

Welch, Ben H., July 15, 1884-Sept. 21, 1951
Welch, Birdie B., Oct. 26, 1886-Mar. 13, 1966

Welch, Richard S., Dec. 4, 1929-Dec. 3, 1991, military marker "Sgt US Air Force World War II"

Whiteside, James E., 1857-1938

Whiteside, Jennie Ann, 1866-1946 [adjacent to marker for James E. Whiteside]

Whitworth, Amanda M., Mar. 10, 1832-July 23, 1856, "Consort of F. M. Whitworth" "Daughter of W. & P. Waggonner"

Whitworth, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Margaret & Robert Whitworth" [replacement]

Whitworth, Margaret, July 27, 1838-Aug. 14, 1911

Whitworth, Rachel C., d. July 19, 1849, 39 Yrs 9 Mos 7 Das, "Wife of P. W. Whitworth"

Whitworth, Robert Dixon, 1836-1920, "Grandfather" [replacement]

Whitworth, William I., 1866-1952, "Father"
Whitworth, Lula C., 1881-1899, "Mother"

Williams, ______, no dates



Unknown Baby, no dates