Moore Cemetery is an antebellum family cemetery which is still in use. It is located on the east side of Old Windy City Road in northwestern Madison County. On the opposite side of the road is Gregory Cemetery. Moore Cemetery is sown with a very coarse grass which sends out runners. It completely covers and hides some of the fallen markers. In addition to the markers recorded, there is one fieldstone-marked grave, one temporary marker plate with no information, and bases for two missing markers. David Donahue recorded Moore Cemetery in March 2004. An earlier record of the cemetery appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume II, The Northern Half of County, p. 139.


Burk, W. H., Mar. 9, 1848-July 17, 1871

Duffey, Bertha L., Sept. 20, 1882-Oct. 24, 1883
Duffey, Gertie L., Mar. 20, 1883-Apr. 22, 1883, "Children of S. B. & C. D. Duffey"

Miller, Luticia [see Piercey, Luticia Miller]

Moore, Alfred, July 19, 1886-Aug. 13, 1886, "Son of C. P. & S. J. Moore"

Moore, Erentha, Dec. 26, 1857-July 6, 1888, "Wife of J. C. Moore"

Moore, J. C., Aug. 7, 1845-Mar. 4, 1885, "Husband of E. Moore"

Moore, James G., Oct. 30, 1848-Jan. 11, 1879, "Son of Stephen & Sarah Moore" (fallen, completely covered by grass)

Moore, James, May 26, 1777-Aug. 20, 1859

Moore, Mary H., Jan. 25, 1847-Aug. 6, 1878, "Wife of J. C. Moore"

Moore, Mary, May 5, 1775-Sept. 6, 1852, "Wife of Jas. Moore"

Moore, Sarah T., Oct. 28, 1870-Aug. 2, 1873

Moore, Sarah, Oct. 14, 1824-Sept. 9, 1909, "Wife of Stephen Moore" (fallen)

Moore, Smithson, June 29, 1881-Aug. 2, 1881, "Son of J. G. & E. R.? Moore" (eroded)

Moore, Stephen, March 22, 1817-Apr. 26, 1872 (beautiful marker, broken, covered by grass)

Piercey, Annie H., June 11, 1880-July 22, 1923
Piercey, Joe L., Dec. 10, 1873-Dec. 18, 1960

Piercey, Clara Bell, Aug. 17, 1914-May 12, 1917

Piercey, Luticia Miller, 1876-1958

Piercey, Mary Lou, 1910-1980 [not found in 2004; appears in earlier record of cemetery]

Robinson, Carrie N., Dec. 14, 1930-____
Robinson, G. Norman, Dec. 21, 1930-Mar. 18, 1999

Robinson, Mary, 1908-1983, temporary marker, Hurt Funeral Home, 1 foot north of double marker for Carrie N. and G. Norman Robinson

Taylor, Sarah L., June 14, 1883-Aug. 9, 1883, "Dau. of W. M. & L. C. Taylor"

Todd, Drew Ann, Oct. 24, 1864-Oct. 19, 1865, "Dau. of Wm. & J. C. Todd"

Todd, Jane C., July 21, 1838-Feb. 13, 1897, "Wife of William Todd"

Todd, Rosaler, Nov. 13, 1862-Aug. 1, 1870, "Dau. of Wm. & J. C. Todd"

Walters, Naomi I., Mar. 3, 1925-Apr. 1, 2003, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"