From Family Findings
Vol. XXIV, No. 1, January, 1992, pp. 18-19
Copyright, Mid/West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1992
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Located at Westover in Madison Co. TN. The Whitlow Family Cemetery was on the N side next to the parking lot but it is all one now. Copied March 25, 1988 by Floyd & Helen Johnson.


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Uriah Gardner, 1830 VA-1906 Madison Co, TN

Children of B & P Cole
Sarah, 3/6/1851-8l851
Susan, 1855-8/1857
Willie, 1857-7/1860

Dan W. Whitlow, 81862-81925

F. H. Whitlow, 51859-10/2/1882

S. D. Whitlow, 5/13/1851-6/16/1851
Martha Whitlow, 11857-61858

Maggie Bell, d, 12/4/1871, 1y 6 m 7d
Murdoch Bell, d. 8/4/1873, 1y 7m 15d
children of J. H. & L. A. Bell

Inf of N. H. & M. E. Whitlow (no dates)

Inf son of Louis & Pattie Meriwether, 1923 (only date)

Peter Hunter Cole
Martha Jane Glover
Parents of John Robert Cole (no dates)

Arlen W. Granthum, 41900-71984

H. S. Whitlow, 4/11/1828-51907, Our Father
E. Whitlow, 41827-3/7/1887, Our Mother

S. D. Whitlow, 31830-41849
John Whitlow, 51832-10/2/1835

Samuel Smith, 1816-1862
Mary Whitlow, his wife, 1820-1915

Inf son of J. J. & Minnie M. Smith, 71913-71913

Egbert C. Kirby, 1850-1925
Georgia A. Kirby, 1858-1946

Hugh L. Moss, 31879-21936
Alice C. Moss, 8/6/1879-21949

Pheiba, wife of James B. Cole, 51824-91885

Jacob E. Vanhook, 9/2/1822-8/7/1868
Nancy S. Vanhook, 3/8/1822-21871

Pharibe Whitlow, 6/12/1772-4/10/1840
Elizabeth Cummings, 7/6/1774-10/7/1840

Henry Whitlow, 4/12/1792-101839
Lucy Whitlow, 3/15/1793-121862

Nancy Smith (no dates)

Sammy & Martha (no dates or last name but next Samuel Smith stone)

Nichols Kirby, 8/6/1921-11923

Inf of N. H. & M. Whitlow (no dates)

W. A. Poole, 91875-51945

Osle L. Poole, 101876-5/2/1964

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J. H. Hinton, 9/11/1869-11945

M. Carl Rowlett, 9/14/1909-3/6/1929

S. Fannie Gaskins, 10/16/1872-1/1/1961

John Gaskins, d. 101942

George H. Robertson, 1887-1962
Ida L. Robertson, 1891-1971

Mollie G. Anglin Holland, 3/12/1918, no death date

Linda Kay Farmer, 111937-71938, age 8 mos

Lonnie Thomas, 1900-1942

Henry Clay Porter. 1862-1931

John Wyly Coble, 21851-3/2/1929
Ann Mary Coble, 1/6/1862-11/6/1943

James B. Frye, 111878-3/1/1914, WOW

J. Carl Jackson, 2/2/1901-21954

Vera M. Page, 2/16/1904, no death date

Cecil E. Rowlett, 3/1/1907-2/7/1956

Ray Johnson, 3/4/1928-4/1/1928

John S. Gaskins, Sr., 91906-11965

Mrs. Jennie Hall, d. 51921

John Ed Hall, 3/11/1921-71921

Thomas E. Robertson, 4/5/1890-6/6/1936

Elston L. Farmer, 3/6/1913-2/6/1972

David C. Rainey, 2/4/1896-11941, WWI
Edna Rainey Hall, 1/8/1898-2/11/1987

H. W. Boyd, 1855-1927

W. D. Boyd, Jr., 12/12/1910-11/7/1940

William David Boyd, 4/11/1884-81944
Ludy Ione Boyd, 81886-121946

M. T. Jackson, 3/1/1878-9/16/1953

Amanda Rowlett, 1/4/1875-8/2/1947
J. T. Rowlett, 31865-91940

Raymond Gaskins, 71909-7/2/1974

Inf dau of E. A. & Thelma Johnson, 1923 (only date)

W. A. Robertson, 7/15/1843-51933
Elizabeth (wife), 4/10/1845-8/10/1926

Cora Mae Anglin, 9/10/1897-5/11/1980

Joseph N A Anglin, TN USNRF WWI, 111889-11961

Mary Elizabeth, 1852-1929
Mc W. Davis , 1830-1924

Mable Louise Boyd, 11925 (only date)

Baby Boyd, 81928 (only date)

W. A. Robertson, 8/10/1939 (only date)

R. L. Collins, 5/4/1900-9/14/1933

Ellis S. Jackson, son of M. T. & M. E., 12/14/1902-3/3/1926