From Family Findings
Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, p. 92
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1972
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Located in Madison County, Tenn., in a little community called Westover. All the stones have been moved and many broken, pieces scattered. Copied Feb. 27, 1971, by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnson.


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Rev. Jos. R. SYKES 1813-1882

C. A. RUSHING, b. 1855 (Broken)

Isabel, wife of W. J. SYKES, b. Feb. 22, 18__ (Broken)

Martha A. SYKES, 1810-1883

Joel S. RUSHING (stone broken)

Caroline A., Wife of S. S. SYKES & Dau. of Richard & M. A. WILLIAMS, B. in Northampton Co., N.C. Dec. 14, 1828 (Broken)

Mary R., wife of Geo. E. PARR, May 12, 1847-Apr. 2, 1900

Geo. E. PARR, Oct. 7, 1847-Nov. 30, 1919