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Vol. XXII, No. 2, April, 1990, p. 66
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Graves Family Cemetery is located in north-west Madison County, TN on land purchased in 1833 by William Lynch Graves and his wife Sarah H. Turner Graves. This Graves family had come to Madison County about 1828, settling on 125 acres, 10 district, section 10, range 2, Madison County Deeds, Oct 1, 1933. The cemetery is located some 600 feet from the current road named Old Passmore Lane, and nearly one fourth mile east of the Windy City intersection with the Windy City-Humboldt Road. This farm home was 100 plus feet back of the Barton McLeary home. The cemetery was some 200 plus feet back of the McLeary home, on a knoll in a very woody area. Near a group of old cedar trees one tombstone still stands:


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Bryan, daughter of L. S. and Lillie GRAVES (Father was Lynch Sally Graves), born March 27, 1899 died June 5, 1900 (Mother was Lillie Loyd Graves)


Others known to have been buried here are:

William Lynch GRAVES, (born in Virginia and served in War of 1812) born 1789 died September, 1853

Sarah H. Turner GRAVES, (born in Virginia and daughter of William Turner, who served in the Revolutionary War, and who died in Todd County, KY), born 1794 (per census) died July, 1873

John Madison "Matt" GRAVES, born 1825 (per census) died August, 1893

Matilda Barnett GRAVES, (wife of John Madison GRAVES), born 1844 (Alabama) died September 15, 1913

Andrew J. GRAVES, (died before his father) born March 20, 1817 died 1845

Nancy Ann DUFFEE, (wife of Andrew GRAVES-may have been first to be buried here) born January 10, 1820 died April 14, 1844