From Family Findings
Vol. XVI, No. 1, January 1984, p. 8
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1984
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The Parker Cemetery is located east of Medon, Tn. on north side of Parksburg Rd., 300 feet east of GM&O RR Crossing on north side of the road, in Madison Co. Tn. Copied by Howard E. Johnson in 1973.


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Parker, Henry F., Nov 6 1834-Apr 24, 1918

Parker, Susan, wife of Henry S. Parker, April 1801-Mar 20 1870, Age 69 yrs

Johnson, Sarah L., July 25, 1836-June 30, 1856, 17 yr 11 mo 5 das

Parker, Lovella Vinson, wife of H. F. Parker, Feb 7, 1856-Dec 28, 1881

Parker, Henry S., Oct 16, 1795-Apr 25, 1855, 59 yrs 6 mo 9 das

Parker, Maria T. D., wife of Dr. D. H. Parker, Dec 23, 1826-Dec 1891

Reeves, William, Sept 29, 1851-May 25, 1881

Parker, Henry Luther, son of Dr. D. H. & T. D. Parker, Nov 15, 1859-Sept 17, 1862

Parker, Dr. D. H., May 28, 1832-Nov 14, 1901


Footmarkers: L. L. Reeves, Robt. S. Reeves, Jr. N. M. Reeves


This land was homesteaded by Parkers and is now owned by heirs.