From Family Findings
Vol. XI, No. 1, January 1979, pp. 34-35
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1979
Appears on this web site by permission

(Prentiss County, Mississippi)

Brices Cross Roads National Cemetery, located at Baldwin, Prentiss County, Miss. contains many graves of Confederate soldiers, marked and unmarked. However, not all of the Confederate dead from that battle are buried there. There is a small graveyard 1-1/2 miles south of the Cross Roads and 500 feet to the right on a field road. The graves sit off to the left of the field road beyond a barbed wire fence. Walking south from the gate there are these stones:

R. E. DUKE, born in Weakly (sic) Co. Tenn. Dec. 7, 1845, died June 10, 1864. Aged 18 yrs, 7 mos, & 3 days
A brave spirit is buried here, who died a glorious death in his country's cause.
(Stone is lying flat on the ground, face up, and is cracked straight across.)

A small, unmarked stone (broken and weathered)

JOHN N. EXUM, Mem. of Co. G 21st Tenn. Cav. was killed in the battle of Tishimingo, Miss. June 10, 1864, Aged 31 yr's, 8 mo's, 1 d.
(Original stone fell and broke; it was recently replaced by the Exum family with a new head and foot stone.)

JOHN W. TURNER, born Nov. 30, 1828, died June 10, 1864, Aged 31 yr's, 6 mo's & 10 d's
(This tall stone is topped by a Masonic emblem; stone is down and cracked across the center.)


Another set of graves are located 65 feet south of these last ones among some cedars:

CATHARINE, wife of SINGLETON HUGHES, born July 7, 1800, died July 4, 1851
(Stone is lying on the ground and is nearly covered by the growth of grass.)

SINGLETON HUGHES, Co. E, 2 Miss. Inf. C. S. A.
(Stone is standing upright and looks much newer than the other stones.)

A small, unmarked stone (weathered and broken)


A few yards to the east of these graves lies an enclosure of wire with the following graves (reading N. to S.):

Foot stone J. D. G. (no sign of headstone)

LEE, son of W. D. & M. H. BRYSON, born Aug. 29, 18__, died Dec. 19, 1860
(Stone broken in half, base is standing, this information followed by an illegible verse.)

M. H., wife of W. D. BRYSON, born Oct.. 10, 1811, died July 21, 1879 footstone N. H. B.
(Design of dove appears on the stone)

SUAHA E. wife of LARKIN CAMPBELL, born June 4, 1812, died Oct. 15, 1898, Aged 86 yr's, 5 mo's, & 11 d's
We shall meet again in a brighter climate, where the anguish of this world or ours is lost in deathless bliss.
(Stone broken in half; design of hand pointing upward.)

LARKIN CAMPBELL, born June 18, 1809, died Oct. 9, 1870
Earth counts a mortal less, Heaven an angel more
footstone L. C.
(Stone broken in three pieces; was a tall stone with design of hand similar to hand above.)


This listing was taken by Kitty Huddleston with Carl and Betty Smith on July 4, 1978.