From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


Courtesy of Jonathan K. T. Smith, Feb. 8, 1996
(Those known to me. JS)


General Alexander W. Campbell (1828-1893) Lot 296
Colonel, 33 Tn Inf; later adj. & inspect-gen'1 staff of Gen'l. Leonlidas Polk; appointed brig-gen. March 1864 and commanded cavalry unit

Col. Alexander J. Brown (1835-1864), Lot 266
Colonel, 55 Tn. Inf.

Capt. Amos B. Jones (1841-1924), Lot 281 under slab without inscription
Capt. Co. H, 6th Tenn. Inf.

Job Umphlett (1827-1905), Lot 289
Capt., Co. C, 38 Tenn. Inf.

Rev. Edward B. McNeil (1837-1904), Lot 190
Served in Confd. Army, state of Miss. Charter member of John Ingram Bivouac; spear-headed movement to place monument at Britton Lane, 1898

Sgt. Lee Briscoe and Lt. George W. Montgomery
Both casualties of battle at Britton Lane, Sept. 1, 1862
Col. Wirt Adams' Miss. Cav.
Buried in Confd. grave section, south side

John J. Brooks (1824-1875), Lot 114
Capt. Co. B, 6 Tenn. Inf.

James M. Reavis (1834-1889), Lot 240
Engineer Corps, General Forrest

Dr. John S. Fenner (1835-1888), Lot 233
Co. H, 6 Tenn. Inf.; Ass't. Surgeon

James H. Brim (d. 1876) in unmarked grave
Co H, 6 Tenn. Inf.

Pitser Miller (1840-1862), Lot 261
Co. L, 6 Tenn. Inf.
Capt. on staff of General Braxton Bragg; died from wound rec'd. at battle of Perryville

Lt. Isaac M. Jackson, unmarked grave
Casualty of battle of Shiloh. Adj. to Colonel Stephens

Capt. Joseph B. Freeman (d. 1862), Lot 300
Co G, 6 Tenn. Inf.; casualty battle of Shiloh

Dr. John K. Chester (1827-1877), Lot 268
Served as physician, Confd. arrny

Dr. Blackmon L. Rozell (1818-1903), Lot 439A
Colonel, 3rd Miss Reg

Robert H. Cartmell (1828-1915), Lot 330
Co. L, 6 Tenn. Inf.

Henry W. McCorry (1845-1904), Lot 301
Co. G, 9 Tenn. Cavalry

Stoddert Caruthers (1845-1904), Lot 266
Co. G., 9 Tenn. Cavalry

(handwritten addition)
Nat E. Lancaster (1847-1872, Lot 276
Miss. regiment

Lawrence E. Talbot (1847-1919), Lot 141
Co. D, 3 Tenn. Cavalry

Major Robert Allen Allison (l836-1908), Lot 339A, mausoleum
Served under General N. B. Forrest

Edmund S. Mallory (1846-1903), Lot 170
Served in a Va. Confed. unit

James M. Woollard (1831-1906), Lot 208
Co E, 6 Tenn. Inf; wounded at Shiloh
Also served in Mexican War (Co K, 3 Tenn. Inf)

Lt. John Middleton Hays (1843-1926), lot just north of Jobe lot 285B
Co. H, 6 Tenn. Inf.

Capt. John Y. Keith (1838-1919), Lot 123
Confd. Army, state of Miss.

Lt. Thomas McCutchen Gates (1838-1922), Lot 32
Co. H, 6 Tenn. Inf.

John W. Gates (1841-1904), Lot 260
Co H, 6 Tenn. Inf.

Robert W. Haynes (1840-1905), Lot 204
Adj. 62 N.C. Inf.

Dr. Samuel H. Chester (1840-1898), Lot 348B
6 Tenn. Inf.

William Holland (1834-1902), Lot256
Co. B, 2 S. C. Inf.

Robert Gates (1840-1915), Lot 234
6 Tenn. Inf.

Dr. John T. Gilmore (1835-1875), Lot 266
Surgeon, 13 Miss. Inf.

George T. Taylor (1832-1862), Lot 306
6 Tenn. Inf.

Capt. R. P. Ford (d. 1864) unmarked grave
Capt., Biffle's Cav.

Clifton Dancy (1838-1898), Lot 266
Lt-Col., Confd. Army

Robert A. Reavis (1848-1912), Lot 240
Confd. Army

Capt. James T. McCutchen (1831-1912), Lot 83
Confd. Army

Dr. Moses S. Neely (1833-1914), Lot 120
Ass't. Surgeon in Confd. Army



Hartwell P. Farrar (1839-1921), Lot 246
Co D, 48 Ill. Inf.

Capt. Daniel W. Getty (1837-1878), Lot 189
Military unit unknown


Following the two-page document above in the vertical file was the following one-page note:

Riverside Cemetery
Lot No. 218
Lot owner listed as J. A. JONES

The following stone has recently been placed in the lot to commemorate a Confederate veteran (lot owner) certain to be buried there. This was accomplished by a descendent of the veteran.

DEC 3 1829-MAR 23 1914


Jack D. Wood
Tennessee Room
19 July 1990

Descendent of Julius A. Jones: 

Ross Massey
7465 Indian Creek
Nashville, TN 37209