By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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January 4, 1905

JOHN R. WEST, aged 56 years, died January 2 in Civil District 8.


January 18, 1905

Miss MUSIDORA McCORRY, aged 84 years, died Jan. 16, Jackson. Born on Clinch River, Knox Co., Tenn. and came to Jackson with her parents; a member of St. Mary Catholic Church; "organized the first Confederate Memorial Association in Jackson in 1867," which later became known as the Musidora C. McCorry Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, named in her honor.


January 21, 1905

CORRINA ALICE MEYERS, aged 4 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Meyers, died about Jan. 19. Granddaughter of Judge H. W. McCreary (McCorry ?).


January 25, 1905

A. LEVI, aged 43 years old, died Jan. 23, Nashville. He left a wife and 7 children; native of New Albany, Germany and "conducted a dry goods store in Jackson about twelve years."


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January 25, 1905

Mrs. MARY LAMPKIN, aged 57 years, died about Jan. 23 at home in Civil District 11; wife of Thomas A. DOAK. Born in Virginia. Left her husband, stepdaus., mother and 2 sisters.


January 26, 1905

ALLEN RAY died January 24, Jackson.


February 1, 1905

JOHN QUINN, aged 73 years, died Jan. 31, Jackson. Left 2 sons, Thomas of Jackson and a son living in New Mexico; 3 daus., Mrs. W. J. Turney, Jackson; Mrs. Dessinger, St. Louis and Miss Kate Quinn, Nashville.


February 2, 1905

Mrs. MARy LYON, aged about 55 years, died Feb. 1, Jackson. Left 3 daus., Mrs. Ferrell, South Carolina; Mrs. Jennie Murdock and Miss May Lyon, Jackson.


February 4, 1905

Squire N. A. BQREN, aged 67 years, died Feb. 3, Jackson, a prominent citizen of Civil District 11.


February 5, 1905

Mrs. ELIZABETH PASSMORE, aged 57 years, died Feb. 3 (?), at home of June Alexander, near Pinson.


February 7, 1905

Mrs. ELNORA M., widow of late D. W. HUGHES, died Feb. 5, Jackson.


February 10, 1905

R. B. LINDSEY, 35th year, died Feb. 8 near Jackson; unmarried.


February 5, 1905 (2)

Mrs. LUCY THOMAS, aged 70 years, widow of Hon. Dorsey B. Thomas of Waverly, Tenn. died Feb. 10, Jackson at home of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Nelson. Burial in Waverly. Children: Mrs. J. L. Nelson, Jackson; Robert, Atha and Ed Thomas of Waverly; Dorsey B. Thomas, Camden; Richard Thomas, Lebanon.


February 15, 1905

Mrs. L. T. FIELDER, aged 70 years, died Feb. 13, Lexington. Survived by three daus., Mrs. H. E. Graper, Mrs. Lessie Logan, Mrs. Frank Boswell and 3 sons, John S., L. T. and Roy Fielder.


February 22, 1905

N. H. WHITLOW, aged 79 years, died Feb. 20, Jackson. Survived by wife and 2 daus., Mrs. W. T. Rogers and Mrs. Ida Dugan; 3 sons, C. N., Robert and Charley.


March 1, 1905

FRANK M. VANDEN, aged 57 years, died Feb. 28, Jackson. Left wife and 4 children.

Mrs. N. C. BUSH died Feb. 28 (?), at home near Spring Creek.


March 2, 1905

Mrs. J. B. ALEXANDER, died Feb. 28, "due to old age. " Left a son and 2 daus.

Mrs. THOMAS RUSSELL, aged 20 years, died Feb. 28 in Civil District 18.


March 9, 1905

W. T. JOHNSON, aged 75 years, died March 6, Jackson. Confederate veteran. Left 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Rev. JAMES BLACKMON, aged 84 years, died March 5 (?), "the oldest Methodist minister in West Tennessee." Wife was 85 years old.


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March 11, 1905

Mrs. JANE E. GARDNER, aged 67 years, died March 10, Jackson; burial in Pinson. Children: Mrs. J. O. Ray, Jackson; Mrs. W. J. Goodman, Pinson; Mrs. Ella Rogers, Jackson.

WILLIAM J. MOORE "Uncle Buck", in his 96th year died March 9, at home of his son-in-law, Dr. A. A. Booth. Born in N.C. in 1810. "He amassed quite a fortune before the /Civil/ war in the negro trade." Left 9 children, 35 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

JAMES THOMAS, young farmer of Ranger, Tenn., son of J. H. Thomas "is dead."


March 21, 1905

DEWITT RICE, about 12 years old, son of late Capt. William Rice, accidentally shot and killed himself at the home of his mother, Mrs. M. E. Rice, 6 miles east of Jackson; had been hunting birds, it was supposed and somehow the gun discharged, blowing away half of his face and leaving a gaping wound on his head.


March 24, 1905

Judge J. H. HARPER, aged 79 years, died March 23, Jackson.


March 25, 1905

JOSEPH HOLTAN, aged 82 years, died March 24, Medon; Mexican War veteran; left 6 sons.


March 28, 1905

Miss EMILY McCAWATT /McCowat/, aged 88 years, died March 27, Jackson.


March 30, 1905

ROBERT N. WRIGHT, aged about 40 years, died Rosser, New Mexico, March 28 (?), formerly of Jackson, a prominent opthalmologist of Hillsboro, Texas. Brother of Mrs. J. C. Smith, Jackson; Felix Wright, Memphis. Left a wife and 2 children. Burial in Hillsboro.


April 1, 1905

Hon. R. W. HAYNES, aged 65 years, died April 6, Jackson; prominent attorney; son of London /Landon/ C. Haynes, Congressman. He had served in the Tennessee General Assembly. Left 3 daus., Mrs. Ed Elliott, Memphis; Misses Drucie and Landon Haynes.

O. B. GRAVATT, aged citizen, died April 5, Jackson. Survived by wife and 7 children.


April 10, 1905

CHARLES ROSS, aged 24 years, died at home of father, James A. Ross, Jackson, April 9 (?); formerly of Rienzi, Miss; employee of Mobile and Ohio RR.

JOSEPH L. CHANDLER, aged 42 years, died April 8, Jackson. Left a wife and 3 children.


May 6, 1905

Mrs. JOHN L. PARRISH, aged 50 years, died May 4, Jackson. Left husband and 4 children.


May 23, 1905

RUFE GOOCH, aged about 65 years, died May 21, Civil Dist. 10. Confed. veteran.


May 31, 1905

R. D. MOFFETT, aged 70 years, died May 30, Jackson. Left wife, a dau. and 3 sons.


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June 2, 1905

H. O. FARNHAM, aged 48 years, died May 30, Jackson. Well-known musician; choir director, St. Mary's Catholic Church.


June 5, 1905

W. H. CONROY, aged about 50 years, died June 4, Jackson from injuries received when he was run over by a switch engine in the I. C. RR yard.


June 6, 1905

HATTIE SUE, 4 year old dau. of R. 0. DEAN, died June 4, Jackson.

Mrs. TERRISSA MATILDA BLACKARD, aged 77 years, mother of Rev. J. W. Blackard and W. T. Blackard, died June 5, Jackson; resident of Jackson 27 years.


June 13, 1905

Mrs. S. B. LACY, aged 69 years, died June 12, Jackson, at home of her dau., Mrs. Manley. Left 3 daus.


June 24, 1905

ROBERT SAMUEL CALDWELL, aged about 50 years, died June 22, Jackson, unmarried.

Mrs. BLANCH, wife of C. C. DUNCAN, local manager of Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Co., died June 23, Jackson; formerly a Miss Davis. Burial in Nashville, Tenn.


July 4, 1905

Mrs. CALLIE PARKER, aged 76 years, widow of J. M. Parker, was buried July 3, Jackson.

J. S. WALKER, aged 21 years, died at home of mother, Mrs. M. J. Walker, July 2 (?). Burial in McNairy Co., Tenn.

SIMON HESS, infant twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Hess, died July 3, Jackson.


July 5, 1905

A. C. SHELTON, aged 74 years, died July 3, Jackson; sexton of Riverside Cem. for 23 years. Survived by son, B. H. Shelton, Jackson and 3 daus., Mrs. Maggie Sleetman, Jackson; Mrs. Docia Patterson, Corinth, Miss.; Mrs. Fortenbury, Vicksburg , Miss.

Rev. J. J. JENNINGS, aged 79 years, died July 3 at home of his dau., Mrs. T. E. Norwood. A mason and Confederate veteran.


July 23, 1905

SIMON W. BOONE /Sion W. Boon/, aged 75 years, died July 22, Jackson; oldest member of the county court.


July 24, 1905

JAMES M. SMITH, aged 66 years, "is dead." Confederate veteran.


August 1, 1905

Mrs. JULIA BLAKE WOOLARD, aged 70 years, died July 31, Jackson. Survived by husband, Squire J. M. Woolard.

J. K. WILKINSON died July 30, Jackson.

J. R. WEEKS, aged 61 years, died July 30, Jackson. Left wife and 6 children. Burial at Brown's Church.


August 19, 1905

Mrs. MARY JOHNSON, aged 60 years, died August 17, Civil District 17.


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August 26, 1905

JAMES EVANS, young man, died August 24 (?), Bemis, where he worked in the cotton mill . From Lexington; burial there.


September 1, 1905

HENRY BAREN, aged 62 years, died August 29 (?), Civil District 11. Left wife and 4 children.


September 2, 1905

J. G. JESTER, "a prominent business man of this city for the past twenty-five years, died at an early hour this morning /Aug. 30/, aged about 60 years. He was a Knight of Pythias and member of other fraternal organizations."


September 8, 1905

WILLIE BEATRICE, little dau. of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. ELLIS died Sept. 7, Jackson.

Mrs. MARGARETTE H., wife of Robert I. CHESTER, aged about 45 years, died Sept. 7, Jackson. Left husband, 2 daus and 1 son. She was formerly Miss Margarette Halton Riddle of Lebanon, Tenn.


September 13, 1905

Miss LULA BROWN died Sept. 11, Mercer; burial at Maple Springs. Third member of her family to die recently.


September 22, 1905

Mrs. H. P. SPRATT died September 20, Washington, D.C. at home of her dau., Mrs. N. N. Seale. Burial would be in Jackson. /September 25 issue states that Mrs. Spratt was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson./


September 27, 1905

Mrs. J. R. DISMUKES, of Bethel Springs, died Sept. 24; formerly Miss Ollie Wilson of Bethel Springs.


September 30, 1905

Mrs. E. A. ROOKS, aged 60 years, died Sept. 28, Jackson. Left 3 sons and 1 dau. Burial in Union City, Tenn.

Mrs. MOLLIE DANIEL, aged 28 years, died Jackson; of Pinson where she was buried.


October 4, 1905

S. FOSTER, aged about 65 years, died Oct. 3 (?), Jackson.

WILLIAM ADKINS, of Bemis, died Oct. 3 (?), Gibson, Tenn.; left wife and 6 children.


October 15, 1905

SOL TUCHFELD, aged 71 years, died Oct. 14, Jackson; senior member of Sol Tuchfeld & Sons firm. Native of Hungary. Left wife, 2 sons, 1 dau.


October 17, 1905

Miss BIRDIE DAVIS, aged 28 years, died Oct. 16, at home of her brother-in-law, Rev. E. Z. Newsome, Jackson. Burial in Hickory Valley, Tenn.

Miss MAGGIE KIMBERLIN, aged 22 years, died Oct. 16, at home of her father, A. S. Kimberlin, Jackson.


October 19, 1905

JOE HOELZIE, aged 28 years, died Oct. 17, Jackson; late of Shaw, Miss.


October 21, 1905

Mrs. NANNIE HARRISON died Oct. 18 (?), Medon. Mother-in-law of Robert Gates, Washington, D.C. correspondent of THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL.


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October 21, 1905

Mrs. M. F. BIRMINGHAM, aged 72 years, widow of G. B. Birmingham is dead. Left 3 children: Mrs. G. R. Merritt, Jackson; L. W. Birmingham, Jackson; W. E. Birmingham of Trenton.


October 27, 1905

Mrs. W. C. CASON, aged 65 years, died Oct. 25, Jackson. Several children.

Mrs. LEONA BURTON, wife of T. D. Burton, aged 34 years, died Oct. 26 (?), Jackson.


November 3, 1905

JAMES ELROD, aged about 70 years, died Nov. l, Beech Bluff. Two sisters, Mrs. P. L. Bates, Jackson; Mrs. C. A. Lindsey, Denver, Col. Buried Nov. 2.

MAE SHAW, died Nov. 1, about 20 miles NW of Jackson; lived in Haywood Co.


November 7, 1905

Col. D. M. WISDOM, aged 69 years, died in Muscogee, Indian Territory /Oklahoma, later/ died Nov. 6 (?). Born, raised in Purdy, McNairy Co., Tenn. Editor of the TRIBUNE AND SUN in Jackson for years, a chancery court clerk for several years; moved to Gainsville, Texas 20 years ago, then to the Indian Territory. Left wife, 3 sons, William, Fentress and Perry and a dau., Mrs. Charles Eberley.


November 10, 1905

Mrs. FANNIE TUCHFELD, widow of Sol Tuchfeld who died about 3 weeks ago, had died; formerly a Miss Seigelman of Memphis. Left 2 sons, Aaron and Joe and a dau., Claudie.


November 12, 1905

F. G. SHERROD, aged 56 years, died Nov. 11, 7 miles west of Jackson. He was a resident of Bells, Tenn. Left wife, a dau. and 4 sons. Burial in Hollywood Cem., Jackson.


November 14, 1905

HAL SKILLERN, young cotton dealer in Jackson, died there November 12.

Mrs. HELEN J. SNEED, 80 years, died November 13, Jackson.

Mrs. ALLEN ROE, aged 31 years, died November 12, Jackson; left husband and 5 children.


November 19, 1905

Mrs. JOHN POOL died November 17, Civil District 17.


November 25, 1905

W. W. WEATHERLY, aged 59 years, died November 23, Mobile, Ala.; newspaperman.

J. D. WRIGHT, aged 28 years, died November 24, Jackson; brakeman on the M & O RR. Burial in Kenton, Tenn.


November 30, 1905

MrS. CAROLINE W. MALONE, aged 84 years, died Nov. 28, Jackson, at home of her dau., Mrs. Ike Hefley. Left a dau. and 5 sons.


December 1, 1905

ROBERT ROBERTSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Robertson, aged 21 years, died Nov. 29, Jackson. Burial in Humboldt, Tenn.


December 5, 1905

Rev. J. D. ROSS died Dec. 3, Fayette Co., Tenn.; supposedly died from an accidental dose of morphine; was suffering from cancer of the face. He had been a Baptist minister, Eupora, Miss.


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December 5, 1905

Mrs. LUKE CATES died Dec. 3; had lived in Jackson.


December 6, 1905

Mrs. M. F. HAM died Dec. 4, Bowling Green, Ky. Notice from Jackson.

A. A. WILBON, aged 63 years, died Dec. 4, Jackson. Confederate veteran. Died at home of his sister, Mrs. R. L. Balch.


December 16, 1905

Mrs. ELIZABETH REEVES, aged 57 years, died Dec. 14, Bemis; widow of Charles W. Reeves of Gibson Co., Tenn. Burial at Double Springs near Milan, Tenn.


December 19, 1905

Mrs. JAMES T. WEST died Dec. 18 (?), near Neely. Left husband, a dau. and 2 sons.


December 26, 1905

S. D. HAYS, a leading attorney in the state, died Dec. 25, Jackson. Left wife and 6 children.


December 29, 1905

B. F. CURLIN, aged 54 years, died Dec. 28 (?), Denmark; survived by wife and 4 children.


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