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pages 2-3.
JAMES M. LATHAM, JOHN W. LATHAM, JOSEPH D. LATHAM relinquished to SAMUEL RICHARDSON their interest in land of BALIE LATHAM, dec. except their reversionary interest in the widow's dower, "which includes one half the undivided interest of the said James M. Latham to the said land of Balie Latham except the interest in the dower, which the said JAMES M. LATHAM accepts and relinquishes to the said Samuel Richardson and wife LUCRETIA P." No execution date. Reg. April 27, 1871. Witnesses: W. A. Dismukes, W. C. Marshall.

page 5.
WILLIAM POPE for love and affection for his son, DAVID T. POPE conveyed to him 152 acres in Civil District 4, Madison Co. April 15, 1870. Reg. April 28, 1871. Witnesses: B. C. Simmons, J. T. Moore.

pages 15-16.
WADE TAYLOR, Madison Co., for love for his wife, MARTHA TAYLOR, conveyed a town lot in Jackson. Signed with an "x" mark. May 1, 1871. Reg. May 1, 1871. Witness : John L. Fry.

pages 35-36.
E. T. POTTS for love for "cause of Christ and from an earnest desire to promote his heritage on earth" conveyed to JAMES H. PRICE, JOHN C. POT'IS, M. L. BEVIL, JAMES PENNINGTON, GEORGE T. SMITH, trustees of Potts Chapel, one acre in Civil District 13, Madison County for religious purposes. April 3, 1871. Reg. May 13, 1871. Witnesses: John H. Price, John C. Potts, M. L. Bevil.

pages 39-40.
FRANCIS A. LEA, Madison Co., for love and affection for his daughter, EMMA F. HARRIS, conveyed to her 500 acres on Big Black Creek, Madison County. April 10, 1871. Reg. May 18, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 44-45.

MARGARATHA EPPINGER and LOUIS W. EPPINGER, Madison Co. for $600 sold to JOHN J. ANDERSON and WYATT TAYLOR, a town lot in Jackson on Market Street; conveyed to Margaratha by her husband, Louis W. Eppinger in 1863. May 24, 1871. Reg. May 25, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 53-54.

JACOB GREENBERG, Jackson, for love and affection for his wife, ROSA GREENBERG, conveyed to her the town lot in Jackson on which a business and dwelling house were situated, at Lafayette and Market streets. June 1, 1871. Reg. June 1, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 70-71.
LORENZO GOODELL in "consideration" of MARY ANN HUGHES, formerly Goodell, wife of WILLIAM HUGHES, having conveyed to him their interest in his residence lot and for love and affection for her, he conveyed to her the Rousenberger lot in Jackson. Jan. 1871. Reg. June 20, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 75-76.
WILLIAM H. BROWN, Madison Co., for $1300 sold to JANE MIROLLINS for "her sole seperate use and benefit and that of her children," not subject to debts of her husband, THOMAS ROLLINS, a parcel of land, 20 acres about 2 miles NE of Jackson in Civil District 15. June 22, 1871. Reg. June 23, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 76-78.
CHARLES N. GIBBS and wife, MATILDA F. GIBBS, Obion Co., Tenn. for $3000 sold to FELIX G. GIBBS 350 acres "which descended to the heirs of James Vaulx, decd., one third of which undivided to the said M. F. Gibbs, daughter of the said James; the other two thirds conveyed to the said Charles N. by James Vaulx, Jr. and L. B. Shapard and wife by deed. Payment went partially to Gibbs and also to ELIZABETH MARTIN. /Relationship of Elizabeth Martin to others not explained/ May 22, 1871. Reg. June 24, 1871. No witnesses.


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pages 78-79.
LORENZO LEA, Madison Co., to MATILDA WASHINGTON for "her fidetity and services rendered to my family in years gone by . . . formerly my slave," a town lot in Jackson, adjoining 2 acre lot where "I now live," with provision that no building would go on this gifted lot without his consent. July 27, 1871. Reg. June 28, 1871. /Evidently, he meant to date the document JUNE 27. !

pages 83-84.
THOMAS LACY, MARTHA A. LACY, LOUISA LACY sold to J. A. DEAN for $5890 185 acres in Civil District 2, Madison Co., including and excluding "4 1/4 acres, 2 acres on which a masonic hall is built and 2 acres sold by said Lacys adjoining lot 14 on the plan of the village of Medon, East Main Street or Bolivar Road." Feb. 4, 1871. Reg. July 5, 1871. Witnesses: J. J. Johnson, W. E. Marshall.

pages 92-94.
In a deed of WILLIAM F. STILL to JOHN L. LANCASTER, July 14, 1871 is a plat map showing the streets and lot numbers in the Jackson subdivision developed by W. F. Still. Registered July 14, 1871.

pages 106-108.
Feb. 4, 1869, reported by Clerk and Master that by interlocutary order of the County Court, Jan. 1866, land was sold, 300 acres to FREDERICK A. REPLOGLE for $5.25 an acre and 80 acres in Henderson Co. sold to J. L. PHILLIPS for $6 an acre; money having been paid title was now confirmed to these men. This, in the case: FREDERICK A. REPLOGLE, HENRY V. REPLOGLE, DANIEL B. REPLOGLE, PHILIP N. REPLOGLE, WILEY T. HARRIS and Wife, NANCY ANN vs BENJAMIN REPLOGLE, CATHARINE REPLOGLE, LOU ANN REPLOGLE, CATHARINE CUPP, ELIZABETH EVANS, MICAJAH KEITH and wife, SUSAN. Reg. July 24, 1871.


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pages 108-109.
MARY O. and THOMAS HENDERSON, "Orleans County," Louisiana, for $112 conveyed to MARY E. SINGLER and her children ELIZABETH, ISABELLA, SAM ELLA, a town lot in Jackson. July 12, 1871. Reg. July 24, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 112-113.
From PURDY BAIN, dec., JOHN BAIN, JAMES. BAIN, JR., N. W. BAIN, R. P. BAIN, HANNAH BAIN, J. N. SEWELL and wife, LOUISA, formerly Bain; NANCY A. WESTAL, formerly Bain; had an interest in 130 acres in Civil District 17, Madison Co., which they sold to ROBERT BAIN. May 18, 1871. Reg. July 26, 1871. Witnesses: J. H. Wheeler, James Bain, Sr.

pages 118-119.
L. B. and J. C. SHELTON for love for the Baptist Church conveyed to SANDY COLE, J. W. SHELTON, COUNCIL BUNTTN, deacons of Ararat Baptist Church in Civil District 6, Madison Co., one acre on which the church STANDS, on the Jackson-Brownsville Road. August 3, 1871. Reg. Aug. 3, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 124-125.
WILMOTH O. TARVER, Madison Co., for "affectionate regard" he had for ELVIRA J. MERIWETHER conveyed to her 51 acres in Madison Co. Aug. 3, 1871. Reg. Aug. 7, 1871. Witnesses: W. W. Lyon, T. S. Vincent.

pages 137-138.
WILLIAM F. SHORT and wife, MARY M., formerly Boykin, Haywood Co., Tenn. sold to JAMES M. BOYKIN for $450, 50 acres "being the same that was set apart to William F. Short and Mary M. Short, his wife, formerly Mary M. Boykin, as their distributive share out of the real estate of JAMES B. BOYKIN, deceased." March 20, 1871. Reg. Aug. 14, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 143-144.
JAMES J. VAULX, CHARLES N. GIBBS and wife, MATILDA F., formerly Vaulx, L. B. SHAPPARD and wife, KATHERINE C., formerly Vaulx, heirs of JAMES VAULX, dec., Madison Co., sold to JOHN IRWIN because he released all claims on the James Vaulx estate; to him an 88 acre tract and a 70 acre tract and a 92 acre tract. Mar. 14, 1871. Reg. Aug. 19, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 165-167.
JOHN C. DUFFEY and wife, ALICE C., Madison Co., sold to HENDERSON J. DUFFEY, Madison Co. for $1775, 75 acres in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co., "the original north east corner of a one hundred acre tract formerly belonging to the heirs of WM. DUFFEY." Sept. 7, 1871. Reg. Sept. 7, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 184-185.
ELIZABETH L. BOON, Madison Co., for love and affection for her children WILLIAM L. BOON, CHARLES F. BOON, daughter, ROBERT EUDORA BOON, and for $5 from them, conveyed her dower interest in lands of JORDAN B. BOON, dec., 27 acres and 8 acres in Civil Dist. 14 to them. Aug. 5, 1871. Reg. Sept. 25, 1871. Witnesses F. A. Fitzgerald, C. C. Sharp.

pages 186-187.
BENJAMIN F. BRITTON sold for $25 to JAMES P. BRITTON his entire interest in the estate of BENJAMIN J. BRITTON, dec., 22 acres in Civil District 5, Madison Co. June 3, 1871. Reg. Sept. 26, 1871. Witnesses: J. M. Wilie, D. R. Bell.

pages 194-195.
H. M. SEXTON and L. J. SEXTON, Calloway Co., Ky. for deeding them a deed to land in Calloway Co., Ky. conveyed to T. W. SPANN 107 acres in NW Madison co. known as the WILLIAM WALSTON tract "upon which he died," the interest they conveyed being L. J. Sexton's interest as an heir of said William Walston. April 19, 1871. Reg. Oct. 2, 1871. No witnesses.

page 204.
MALINDA SWINK, Madison Co. for love and affection for her sons, H. H. SWINK and GEO. W. SWINK conveyed to them the Hanes tract, 9 acres, Civil District 2, Madison Co., 1871. Reg. Oct. 5, 1871. Witnesses: W. H. Nanny, John H. Johnson.


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pages 246-247.
In Chancery Court, the case: J. H. CARUTHERS, adm. of JAMES CARUTHERS' will vs SUSAN MEDORA CARUTHERS, STODDERT CARUTHERS, A. S. McCLANAHAN and wife, LAURA E., formerly Caruthers; SALLIE PARKER CARUTHERS, MARY JANE CARUTHERS, WILLIAM CARUTHERS, JR., FANNIE CARUTHERS and FANNIE FREEMAN. J. H. Caruthers reported that he had, by order of the Court, sold lots 2, 4 and 20 in Jackson in division of land of JAMES CARUTHERS, dec. for $4216 to HARRIET C. STODDERT, WILLIAMINA STODDERT and MARY JANE CARUTHERS. Reg. Nov. 1, 1871.

page 260.
J. J. DICKINSON conveyed to BARNES DICKINSON 100 acres, on which said Barnes lived. Aug. 1, 1871. Reg. Nov. 9, 1871. Witnesses: John W. Dickinson, James E. Dickinson.

pages 277-278.
ELIZA J. MERIWETHER conveyed to M. D. MERIWETHER and H. A. MERIWETHER, her interest in 686 acres in Civil District 7 on Johnson Creek, being her dower in the estate of DAVID MERIWETHER, dec. M. D. Meriwether agreed to pay Eliza J. $150 a year for life and to board her and her horse and her daughter, SUSIE R. MERIWETHER, but the daughter's board would cease with her marriage or coming to age 21 years. If Eliza J. chose to live elsewhere, M. D. would provided her $250 per year. H. A. Meriwether agreed to pay Eliza J. $150 a year for life. She retained a lien on this property for "faithful performance" of the agreement. Jan. 1, 1870. Reg. Nov. 20, 1871. Witnesses: Allen Deberry, A. D. Hurt.

pages 304-305.
JAMES H. FREEMAN and wife, MARY ANN FREEMAN for $425 sold to A. G. BRASFIELD all her dower interest in 108 acres in Civil District 18, as formerly being the widow of ARCHIBALD BOYD. Oct. 9, 1871. Reg. Dec. 5, 1871. Witnesses: W. B. Sawyer, Samuel H. Wade.

pages 307-308.
SARAH BARNETT, widow of WILLIAM BARNETT; JAMES B. THOMPSON and wife, JANE; JORDAN DOSS and wife, MINERVA D.; all of Madison Co., sold for $500 to M. CROOM 131 acres in Civil District 2, Madison Co. Sarah Barnett waivered expressly any claim for dower in this tract. Nov. 1871. Reg. Dec. 1, 1871. Witnesses: G. M. Thompson, J. N. Thompson.

pages 311-312.
ROBERT E. PREWETT for love and affection for daughters, ANN T. PREWETT and EMMA PREWETT conveyed to them 20 acres in Civil District 15, Madison Co., to be divided equally between them. If either died, the land belonging to deceased daughter would go to JOHN J. PREWETT. He also retained a life interest in this tract. July 4, 1870. Reg. Dec. 7, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 312-313.
ROBERT E. PREWETT for love and affection for his son, JOHN J. PREWETT, conveyed to him 19 acres in Civil District 15, Madison Co., on Campbell's Turnpike Road; if son died without "heirs" land was to go to ANN T. and EMMA PREWETT. He was to keep a life interest in this land. July 4, 1870. Reg. Dec. 7, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 313-315.
WILLIAM W. PRICE for love for wife, NANCY CAROLINE PRICE and his children by her, JAMES M., RICHARD MILTON, ROBERT LEE, RUFUS ETHERIDGE; conveying in trust to them to JOHN F. PRICE 100 acres; 100 acres; and another tract on Cain Creek; free from his debts and at her death to their children. Land could be sold and proceeds divided equally among his children except for son, JOHN F. PRICE, to whom he had already given property worth $230. Dec. 7, 1871. Reg. Dec. 7, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 345-346.
Whereas by decree of Chancery Court at Jackson, Sept. 1853, an interest was vested in THOMAS C. REAVIS, lots 46, 76 in original plan of Jackson, for use of ALICE REAVIS during her life and to be divided among her children who survived her. THOMAS C. REAVIS was Alice's husband and their children were HARTWELL, JAMES, MARY and ROBERT. Whereas Thomas C. died in 1857 and Hartwell and Mary died in 1862 and 1859,


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respectively and Alice died in Sept. 1871 leaving James and Robert the only survivors. Robert Reavis for $200 paid him by James Reavis sold him his interest in these lots. Dec. 14, 1871. Reg. Dec. 18, 187l. No witnesses.

pages 359-360.
WILLIAM PEARSON, Madison Co., for love and affection for his daughter, SUSAN E., wife of JOHN G. WOOLFOLK, conveyed to her 153 acres being a part of the John Butler land in Civil District 12, Madison Co. Dec. 22, 1871. Reg. Dec. 22, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 360-361.
WILLIAM PEARSON, Madison Co., for love and affection for his daughter, MARY, wife of THOMAS BERRY conveyed to her 153 acres being a part of the John Butler land in Civil District 12, Madison Co. Dec. 22, 1871. Reg. Dec. 22, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 367-369.
Transcript of the will and testament of DAVID SHANNON, Williamson Co., Tenn. Wife, JANE, the home plantation with personalty and 6 slaves: Daniel, Febe, Vilet, Thomas, Isum and Daniel, but if she remarried, she was to have only a child's portion of estate. Daughter, JANE McKNIGHT to have tract adjoining the tract where he lived. To his grandson, DAVID FERGUSON, a tract adjoining the other land but if he died before age 21, his sister, NARCISSA, was to receive the land instead. Daughter, NANCY PRIEST to her a slave, Milly and a tract of land. Son, FINIS SHANNON, a tract of land adjoining his plantation. To son, JEFFERSON SHANNON, at his wife's demise, his home plantation. Balance of estate went to youngest sons, Finis and Jefferson along with the slaves bequeathed to his wife. Appointed George Shannon, Finis Shannon and James Alexander executors of his will. August 10, 1821. Probated Oct. 1821. Witnesses: John Moore, Nathaniel Crowder. Reg. in Madison Co. Dec. 26, 1871.

pages 369-371.
H. J. ALEXANDER, Madison Co., for love for sons, WILLIAM J. and N. W. and JUNIUS P. ALEXANDER, conveyed to them 233 acres in Madison Co. Nov. 22, 1871. Reg. Dec. 27, 1871. Witnesses: Nathan Kell, W. N. Kell, Jr.

pages 372-373.
WILLIAM M. TIDWELL, executor of late JOHN TIDWELL's will, conveyed to J. T. MCDANIEL, 181 acres from Tidwell's estate, Nov. 14, 1870 and McDaniel sold a portion of it, 33 acres, to ALEXANDER M. JONES. Dec. 27, 1871. Reg. Dec. 27, 187l. Witnesses: Robert A. Cathey, John L. Brown.

pages 373-375.
On November 14, 1870, WILLIAM M. TIDWELL, executor of JOHN TIDWELL's will sold to J. T. McDaniel, Madison Co., 181 acres and he sold 139 acres of it to WARNER B. SEWARD. Dec. 25, 1871. Reg. Dec. 27, 1871. Witnesses: John L. Brown, Alex. M. Jones.

pages 386-387.
W. S. CARSON and wife, ELIZABETH C., Madison Co., sold for $450 to HIRAM JOHNSON, their undivided interest in the lands of DAVID C. EWING, dec., 400 acres in three tracts. Conveyed to the heirs by SOPHIA EWING, dec. by deed. Dec. 28, 1871. Reg. Jan. 1, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 388-389.
HARRISON R. LATHAM, Madison Co. for love and affection for his son, THOMAS W., conveyed to him 73 acres. Nov. 11, 1871. Reg. Jan. 1, 1872. Witnesses: W. H. Latham, G. H. Herbert.

pages 429-431.
Whereas on December 23, 1865 JOHN M. SMITH and EDWARD S. MATHEWS, executor of JAMES S. SMITH and BERRY F. HAZLEWOOD conveyed to JOHN D. BARNETT by deed 50 acres and as his sister, MATILDA had paid him $1000 for same, $500 down and rest to be paid, he conveyed his entire interest in the 50 acres to her. Jan. 12, 1872. Reg. Jan. 12, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 441-442.
WILLIAM E. BUTLER, JR. sold his grandfather, WILLIAM E. BUTLER, Madison Co., lot 16, block 17 in the Butler Division in Jackson. Nov. 10, 1871. Reg. Jan. 16, 1872. No witnesses.


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pages 454-455.
Indenture dated October 5, 1871 between ELIZABETH E. DAVIES, ALICE D. MIX and husband, WILLIAM MIX; LAURA N. DAVIES; D. HENRY DAVIES; WILLIAM N. DAVIES; all heirs of D. H. DAVIES, dec. and H. B. SHANKS, who with the late D. H. Davies composed the business firm D. H. Davies & Co., and his heirs now sold his interest in the town lot in Jackson to JOHN BROOKS. Oct. 5, 1871. Reg. Jan. 17, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 458-459.
On November 25, 1867, J. V. HARRIS, now deceased, sold to JOHN Y. KEITH, 105 acres and whereas Keith had fully paid for the tract, JAMES E. HARRIS, administrator of J. V. Harris' estate, confirmed the deed to Keith. Jan. 16, 1872. Reg. Jan. 18, 1872. /JAMES E. HARRIS sold other land parcels from this estate also./

B. F. CROOM sold to JOSEPH CROOM, for $1500, 70 acres, part of tract in Civil District 17 which came to him from his father, CHARLES CROOM, dec. Dec. 17, 1870. Reg. Jan. 23, 1872. Witnesses Isac Croom, Chas E. Croom.

pages 499-500.
BENJAMIN A. HAYS, executor of NANCY MAY, dec. sold on Nov. 14, 1868 to JOHN J. and WILLIAM BLACKMON, a tract of land on which she had lived in Civil District 12, 402 acres, including and excluding 3/4 acre for a family graveyard and 1/2 acre for colored persons' graveyard; made this sale for $6954. 60. Deed was en-entered as lien was still on the purchase. Jan. 1, 1869. Reg. Feb. 5, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 517-518.
Whereas in February 1871 the Madison County Court allowed JULIA A. EXUM 145 acres, one third of her husband, JOSEPH W. EXUM's landholdings. She sold this tract to LYTLE NEWTON. Jan. 1, 1872. Reg. Feb. 14, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 537-538.
Report of Clerk and Master to Chancery Court, Feb. 19, 1857, showing that ALEXANDER H. CATHEY had paid in full for 145 acres in the estate of JOHN CATHEY, dec. and title was secured to him and out of the other heirs: JOHN B. CATHEY, GEORGE S. FITE and SUSAN E. FITE, JAMES KIMBRELL and MARGARET A. KIMBRELL; WILLIAM B. KIMBRELL and ANN B. KIMBRELL. Registered Feb. 24, 1872.

pages 562-563.
PARMENIO TRANSOU, executor of WALLACE A. TRANSOU, dec. estate, sold to DAVID J. TRANSOU, for $175, 76 acres in Civil District 9, part of 200 acre grant to PETER TRANSOU, Sept. 15, 1847. July 1, 1870. Reg. Mar. 5, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 571-572.
Indenture dated February 26, 1872 between LOUISA A. HUTCHINGS, ELIZABETH HUTCHINGS, FANNIE A. HUTCHINGS, STOKELEY D. HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM E. HUTCHINGS and ROBERT W. HALL. The first parties sold to Hall, for $1500, 69 acres on which Louisa A. Hutchings lived, 2 3/4 miles north of east of Jackson, Surveyor's Dist. 9, Range 1, Section 9, on Spring Creek Road. Reg. March 8, 1872.

pages 593-595.
In County Court, April 5, 1856, case of MATTHIAS DEBERRY and wife, MARTHA ANN vs HUDSON C. GRAVES and wife; WILLIAM L. GRAVES and wife, MARY J. and SAMUEL J. THOMAS, DAVID W. TURNER, FINIS BARNETT and wife; ALEXANDER R. TURNER and JAMES S. W. TURNER. Commissioners appointed Feb. 1856 to divide 288 acres mentioned in the "bill"(case): Lot 1, 82 acres was drawn by MARTHA ANN DEBERRY. Lot 2, 82 acres, was drawn by ALEXANDER F. TURNER. Lot 3, 61 acres was drawn by EMILY J. BARNETT. Lot 4, 61 acres was drawn by JAMES S. W. TURNER. Confirmed by court. Reg. March 13, 1872.

pages 602-603.
WILLIAM J. SYKES and MARY G. SYKES, Gibson Co., Tenn. sold for $25 to JOHN W. HARRIS their interest in tract known as the FILEMON /usually spelled Philemon/ WHITWORTH land in Civil District 14, Madison Co. Feb. 29, 1872. Reg. Mar. 18, 1872. No witnesses.

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page 605.
PATRICK JOYCE for love of wife, MARIAH and son, THOMAS E. JOYCE, conveyed to them, for life-time of wife and then to the son, a town lot in Jackson at the intersection of Chester and Short streets. Mar. 18, 1872. Reg. Mar. 18, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 619-620.
Whereas the Chancery Court, July 1871, made a division of property of the late SAMUEL LUCKY, under provision of his last will, between his widow H. P. LUCKY and his daughter, CAROLINE, wife of WILLIAM BARNHILL. Lot 1 in this division was set apart to Caroline Barnhill on which a building stood in Jackson. The Barnhills sold for $250 the right for Milton and Martha Brown to "cut" doors into the upper rooms of the brick building for those who occupied the upper rooms of the house adjoining and belonging to Hervy Brown, dec. Mar. 23, 1872. Reg. Mar. 23, 1872. No witnesses.


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