By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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The genealogical information which follows has been gleaned from Deed Book 28, Madison County, Tennessee. Most deeds concerned the usual buying/receiving or grantee deeds and selling/giving or grantor deeds, mortgages, gifts, in dealing with real and personal estates. An effort has been made, here, to abstract in paraphrasal form (sometimes quoting directly from deed texts) the strictly genealogical data from among this mass of material. A serious researcher will use this information as an annotated index to the deeds for cross-referencing of names and relationships and then turn to the original recorded deeds for complete data.

In March 1870, HENRY C. McCUTCHEN was elected by the citizenry of Madison County to the office of Register of Deeds, for which he qualified in the Madison County Court, April 5, 1870. (Madison County Court Minute Book 11, page 380) This man served as Register for four years, therefore including the years covered by these abstracts. His kinsman, deputy W. T. McCutchen, actually recorded most of the deeds early in his term of office.


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pages 7-8.
JOHN P. KING, Richmond County, Georgia sold for $1 to JOHN P. KING, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, lot 90 in Jackson, Tenn. May 18, 1870. Registered May 25, 1870. Witness: E. W. Cole.

pages 9-10.
N. A. GARDNER for himself and as attorney for DAVID S. GARDNER, JAMES O. GARDNER AND NEIL M. GARDNER, sold for $3000, their inherited value of 1/4 of all the undivided land of the late JOSEPH GARDNER; to SARAH E. HALTOM, two tracts, 89 and 178 acres. Jan. 22, 1867. Reg. May 21, 1870. Witnesses Jno. Autry, C. Flowers.

pages 18-19.
ROBERT W. GIVENS and wife, MARTHA; JACOB HILL; BIRD HILL, JOHN G. HILL, RICHARD G. HENNING, RICHARD G. HENNING and wife, LURENY (repeated name); SARAH J. MAYO; JOHM G. GIVENS; WASH EDDINGS and wife, CAROLINE vs JAMES E. GIVENS; CHARLES R. GIVENS; GEORGE W. GIVENS; NANCY M. E. GIVENS; ROBERT H. GIVENS; SARAH H. HILL; SARAH WHITFIELD; MARTHA HOYLE; ELIZA SIGMAN; ANN DILLARD; ELIZABETH BURROW; HANNAH BURROW; WILEY A. BURROW; CHARLES BURROW; VIRGINIA BROADWAY and SUSAN DILL. In a Final Decree from the Madison County Court, involving this case, February 8, 1870, ordered 132 acres sold and A. A. MIDYETT bought 80 acres of this tract and 80 acres were bought by S. P. DUNAWAY. MIDYETT sold 50 of his purchased acres to JACKSON SANDERLIN, black. The Court confirmed these purchases. Registered May 30, 1870.

page 27.
WILLIAM ANDERSON for $20 sold to JAMES ANDERSON, JESSE MORGAN, SHADRICK JACKSON, GEORGE HOPPER, CHARLES MONTGOMERY, AB LEA, HENRY MONTGOMERY, all black men, as trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South one acre in Madison County on which their church was to be built. June 4, 1870. Registered June 7, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 47-48.
MARGARET, widow of NOAH WHITE, and JOHN W. WHITE, G. S. WHITE, Maury Co., Tenn., JOHN S. WILHELM and wife, ANNIE C., formerly White, Obion Co., Tenn.; BRINKLEY A. WHITE; ROBERT T. WEBB and wife, HARRIET M., formerly White, Haywood Co., Tenn.; heirs of NOAH WHITE, sold for $6098 to N. W. NORTHCROSS 168 acres, Civil District 9, Madison Co.; being the land willed by Noah White to his wife for life. December 29, 1869. Reg. June 18, 1870. Witnesses: W. F. Bethshares, B. B. Pollard.

page 62.
HARRIET E. McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. for $3000 sold to WILLIS W. WILLIAMS 133 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co. Being the land willed by MARY RANDOLPH to Harriet's daughter, MARY E., who married twice: first to JOHN M. MORRELL, dec.; second to WILLIS W. WILLIAMS. Thus conveying her interest in this land to her son-in-law. Feb. 24, 1870. Reg. July 1, 1870. Witnesses Herbert Perry, Hawkins Richards.

pages 79-80.
Whereas SAMUEL J. HAYS died in Madison County in October 1866 leaving real estate in said county and whereas ANDREW J. HAYS, MIDDLETON HAYS, ROBERT B. HAYS, FRANCES H. PRESTON were his only heirs. The others heirs assigned to MIDDLETON HAYS 1339 acres which had been surveyed by Robert T. McKnight, November 16, 1869; land valued at $13,390 and he was to pay the other heirs what would be their equal interests in the estate for this conveyance. July 15, 1870. Reg. July 16, 1870.

pages 86-87.
JOSEPH MOORE and wife, SARAH; W. WEATHERLY and wife, SARAH F. A.; R. J. BRYAN and wife, ELIZA A.; ADALINE T. WINSTON; DUDLEY B. SIMS and wife, ELIZABETH; J. S. WINSTON sold for $435 96 acres on Big Black Creek in Civil District 4, Madison County to HENRY and MICHAEL BYRUM. Oct. 1, 1869. Reg. July 25, 1870. Witnesses: John P. Newsom, C. M. Weatherly.


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pages 97-98.
STEPHEN JOHNSON for love and affection for his son, S. E. JOHNSON deeded him 100 acres "I now live on", part of 306 acre tract, with the provision that his son would support him in his old age and to pay $3000 to his administrator for the other 206 acres. Civil District 12, Madison Co. June 8, 1870. Reg. July 30, 1870. Witnesses: William H. McFarlen, J. G. McFarlen.

pages 102-103.
The heirs of ANDREW CAIN, dec., sold to JAMES STEWART, colored, 217 acres in Civil District 1, Madison Co., for $672.75. Signed, D. M. WEIR, W. P. HARRIS, J. C. CAIN, J. K. P. CAIN, F. H. WEIR, R. F. CAIN, M. CAIN. No execution date. Reg. August 1, 1870. Witnesses: W. N. Hearn, C. T. Lovelace.

pages 103-104.
The heirs of ANDREW CAIN, dec. sold to W. N. HEARN, for $327.25, 93 acres, Civil District 1, Madison Co. Signed, F. H. WEIR, J. K. P. CAIN, R. F. CAIN, W. P. HARRIS, D. M. WEIR, M. CAIN, J. C. CAIN, C. S. CAIN. Dec. 8, 1869. Reg. Aug. 1, 1870. Witnesses: C. T. Lovelace, W. T. Hearn.

page 108.
SAMUEL TAYLOR, colored, Madison Co., sold for $30, to RACHEL LYNN, colored, a lot in south Jackson, Tenn. Signed with an "x" mark. Aug. 6, 1870. Reg. Aug. 6, 1870. Noted that Rachel Lynn was a widow.

pages 109-l10.
ROBERT H. CARTMELL, JAMES M. CARTMELL, MARY E. BOND and JOHN D. BOND, heirs of MARTIN CARTMELL, dec., Madison Co., sold to JAMES R. TEAGUE, for $400, the Mask building in Jackson near the Presbyterian Church. June 18, 1870. Reg. Aug. 8, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 111-112.
JAMES R. THORNTON and wife, LURENA; MARGARET E. PARKER; D. H. PARKER; JOHN CROOM; SUSAN C. CROOM; PHILLIP N. SMITH; MARY A. SMITH; G. A. BUSLIN; N. R. BUSLIN; sold to HENRY F. PARKER their interests in 889 acres in Civil District 2, Madison Co., being the dower of Mrs. SUSAN PARKER from the estate of HENRY S. PARKER, dec. Nov. 10, 1867. Reg. Aug. 9, 1870. Witnesses: Tom Murtaigh, John W. Butler, E. F. Murchison.

pages 115-116.
WILLIAM H. BOYCE, Monroe Co., Ark. for $1399.37 sold to JOHN C. M. GARLAND, Madison Co., his 1/2 interest conveyed to him and his sister, GEORGIA A. GATES by their grandfather, WILLIAM A. THARPE, lots 3 and 4 in subdivision of said Tharpe's land, 278 acres. Aug. 12, 1870. Reg. Aug. 12, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 143-144.
JAMES M. EXUM, Madison Co., sold to M. V. B. EXUM, for $3642.08 182 acres on north fork of Forked Deer River, being lot 3 in the division of 546 acres belonging to the heirs of ROBERT EXUM, dec. Dec. 4, 1865. Reg. Aug. 27, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 144-145.
WILLIAM G. WELLS, Madison Co., sold to M. V. B. EXUM, Madison Co., for $2284 some 143 acres beginning at Exum's and Robert Hicks' NW corner, Civil District 10, including 1/4 acre of the CREWS family graveyard. Aug. 27, 1870. Reg. Aug. 27, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 153-154.
MARTHA EXUM, Madison Co., in consideration of the execution of a deed made by her brother, JOSEPH EXUM, to her, she released her interest to him in the residue of land on which her said brother and she "are now living" which was set apart in the division of the land of their dec. father. April 4, 1870. Reg. Aug. 31, 1870. Witnesses: K. G. Hicks, E. J. Trice.

page 155.
JOSEPH W. EXUM, Madison Co., "for and in consideration of the relinquishment of all right . . . conveyed to her by my father in his last will and testament" executed about 1858, deeded his sister, MARTHA EXUM, 60 acres, on the Trenton Road in Civil District 15; part of the homestead of his father, JOHN EXUM. April 4, 1870. Reg. Aug. 31, 1870. Witnesses : M. V. Exum, R. A. Cathey.


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pages 158-159.
FRANCIS L. PENNY was entitled as heir-at-law to the undivided land which had been her parents, WILLIAM M. DAY and JULIA DAY. She and her husband, WILLIAM N. PENNY, sold her interest in this land to JEREMIAH DESMONT /Desmond/ for $2500. Noted that this was 83 1/3 acres that had been the dower land of LURANY WEBB, widow of KINCHEN WEBB. April 7, 1870. Reg. Sept. 5, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 167-168.
On December 15, 1860 MARY WARD had conveyed in trust to HARVEY BROWN two notes for $879.50 and $3500, the annual interest from which she was to be paid and at her death the same was to go to SALLY ANN PEPPERS and at her death the principal was to be divided equally among the children of Sally A. Peppers, who were WILLIAM S. PEPPERS, ROBERT W. PEPPERS, NAPOLEON PEPPERS, PRESTLY PEPPERS, MARY D. PEPPERS. Mary Ward died in 1863 and Sally A. Peppers died in 1861. Brown had invested this money in land in Jackson and whereas W. S. and R. W. PEPPERS had sold to THOMAS HENDERSON their interests in this property, Sept. 2, 1860 and Napoleon Peppers and Priestly Peppers had both died without children; the other living heirs had sold their interests to A. H. DIVENEY, August 2, 1869, and he sold it to Thomas Henderson who sold the acreage for $3000 to DUNCAN SHERMAN of New York City. Aug. 27, 1870. Reg. Sept. 6, 1870. Witness: William Shannon.

pages 176-177.
BENJAMIN A. HAYS, executor of NANCY MAY'S estate sold to WILLIAM BLACKMON, Nov. 14, 1868, the 327 acres in Civil District 12, Madison Co., "a part of the tract of land on which the said Nancy May resided for many years prior to her death"; for $6873.30. The money having been paid in full, Hays made a clear deed to Blackmon for this land. Jan. 1, 1869. Reg. Sept. l6, 1870. No witnesses.

page 185.
J. J. McALEXANDER conveyed to his son, DANIEL ALBERT McALEXANDER, a lot in Jackson for $200. Sept. 29, 1870. Reg. sept. 28, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 206-207.
WILLIAM HART, Madison Co., for love and affection for his daughter, MARY J. HUMPHREYS, Madison Co., conveyed to her 120 acres in Civil District 10, Madison Co., valued at $2400 and at her death the property was to go to her children and if she had no children the land was to be divided among her brothers and sisters. Aug. 19, 1870. Reg. Oct. 15, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 252-253.
JOHN W. GATES conveyed for $787.50 a lot in Jackson to NANCY ELIZABETH, wife of JAMES T. HAYLEY. Oct. 8, 1870. Reg. Nov. 5, 1870.

pages 269-270.
J. J. MCALEXANDER for love and affection for his beloved wife, SARAH ANN McALEXANDER, conveyed to her a lot in Jackson. Nov. 12, 1870. Reg. Nov. 14, 1870. No witnesses.

page 372.
WILLIAM M. TIDWELL, executor of last will of JOHN TIDWELL, dec., sold to JOHN T. McDANIEL, Madison Co., for $2896, some 181 acres in Civil District 11, Madison Co., that had been granted to PHILLIP RAYFORD, including and excluding "a burial lot" on NE corner of the "church lot." Nov. 14, 1870. Reg. Nov. 14, 1870.

pages 302-304.
ROWLAND H. ANDREWS, administrator of GEORGE L. MOORE, dec. vs SIDEY MOORE, EDMUND A. MOORE, JOSEPH R. MOORE and EMILY MOORE. Commissioners had been appointed at January 1866 term of county court to set off dower of 106 acres to SARAH P., widow of GEORGE L. MOORE, which was done Feb. 15, 1866. Balance of land, 167 acres was surveyed Feb. 28, 1868 and sold to W. A. HALEY. Report by Clerk and Master of these procedures in May 14, 1867 session of the court. Reg. Nov. 22, 1870.


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pages 305-307. JAMES L. TALBOT and wife, ANN P. TALBOT and their children, LAWRENCE E. TALBOT, ADAH TALBOT; also ALEXANDER JACKSON, all of Madison Co., conveyed to JOHN A. ARRINGTON, Madison Co., a 3 acre lot on Market Street /now Highland Avenue/ in Jackson. This lot was part of tract of land conveyed by JOSEPH H. TALBOT to Alexander Jackson, in trust for the Talbots, May 6, 1844. After J. H. Talbot's death, Jackson was empowered to dispose of the land at the request of said James L. Talbots and others. Joseph H. Talbot had died and Jackson was now legally able to sell the land. Nov. 28, 1870. Reg. Nov. 30, 1870.

page 313.
SARAH C. HAYS, Davidson Co., Tenn. through her attorney, H. W. McCorry, sold for $2900, some 27 acres in Civil District 15, Madison Co., to GUY LEEPER. Nov. 30, 1870. Reg. Dec. 1, 1870. No witnesses.

page 326.
JAMES N. WILLIAMS and wife, LURAINY WILLIAMS, McNairy Co., Tenn., for $783 sold to EDWARD L. SANFORD, Madison Co., all their interest in the estate of JOHN SANFORD, dec. March 5, 1870. Reg. Dec. 5, 1870. LURENA WILLIAMS signed with an "x" mark. Witnesses: John C. Simmons, E. W. Rogers.

pages 330-331.
MARTHA PEARSON and husband, H. J. PEARSON, sold her life interest in 146 acres in Civil District 2, Madison Co., for $800, to ELIZAR and R. T. HAMILTON. No execution date. Reg. Dec. 5, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 336-338.
In Madison County Court, Dec. 3, 1855. Matter of Petition of WILLIAM T. ROBERTSON, JAMES C. HUDSON and wife, EMILY JANE HUDSON, formerly COLLIER; ELIZABETH CORNELIA COLLIER and SARAH ELIZA COLLIER and WILLIAM COLLIER, minors, represented by their father, WILLIAM R. COLLIER, all of Madison County; RANSOM ODOM and wife, REBECCA ODOM, formerly ROBERTSON of Miss.; ALVIN RAGLAND and wife, MATILDA RAGLAND, formerly ROBERTSON, Hardeman Co., Tenn.; THOMAS HAYS and wife, CHARLOTTE, formerly ROBERTSON, Hensden Co. /Henderson?/ Co., Tenn.; LUCY JANE ROBERTSON and BATTLE ROBERTSON, minors through their guardian, EDWARD WILLIS; all petitioned court to sell land, being part of 1000 acre tract granted to Alexander Hughes in two tracts, 133 acres and 459 acres, which sale was made to MILES F. ROBINSON for $1467.04. Reg. Dec. 9, 1870.

pages 340-341.
S. J. HAYS, ROBERT B. HAYS, FANNIE H. PRESTON, Shelby Co., Tenn., and MIDDLETON HAYS, Madison County, for $5. 25 per acre, sold to THOMAS TAYLOR, Madison Co., part of tract of 2560 acres entered by Thomas Henderson, being part of the land owned by "our late father SAMUEL J. HAYS", about 500 acres on the south fork of Forked Deer River. Dec. 1870. Reg. Dec. 10, 1870.

pages 348-349.
ROBERT GILL for love and affection for his daughter, MARY D. BIGGS, formerly Gill, conveyed to her 80 acres in Civil District 10, Madison Co. Dec. 7, 1870. Reg. Dec. 12, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 349-350.
J. R. CURLIN, WILLIAM H. CURLIN, executors of JOHN CURLIN's will sold for $1000 to B. F. CURLIN the land "known as the John Curlin tract", 100 acres, Civil District 5, Madison Co. Dec. 17, 1869. Reg. Dec. 13, 1870. W. H. Curlin signed with an "x" mark. No witnesses.

pages 352-354.
WILLIAM H. LONG for love and affection for his daughters, HARRIET ANN MANN and SUSAN MARTHA LONG conveyed to them 1522 acres in Civil District 7, Madison Co., Jan. 1, 1867. Reg. Dec. 15, 1870. Appended to this deed was statement by ELIZABETH, widow of W. H. Long and JOHN G. MANN, executors of W. H. Long's will, to the effect that Long had willed this plantation to his daughters, Susan being now Susie TREADWELL, but as this deed was found among the effects of the late W. H. Long, they had it registered too. Oct. 10, 1870.


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pages 354-356.
ROBERT A. TREADWELL and wife, SUSAN M., daughter of the late WILLIAM H. LONG, agreed to partition of land willed/deeded to her and her sister, HARRIET LONG MANN, with Mrs. Mann receiving her portion, 760 acres. Oct. 10, 1870. Reg. Dec. 15, 1870. No witnesses. (Pages 395-397. JOHN G. MANN and wife, HARRIET, formerly Long, conveyed 760 acres to her sister, SUSAN M. TREADWELL, her interest in the land, 1520 acres their father, W. H. LONG had willed/deeded them. Oct. 10, 1870. Reg. Jan. 4, 1871)

pages 366-368.
In Chancery Court. JAMES H. MOSS; RANSOM B. HICKS and wife, E. C. HICKS; MARTHA F. WITHERS; JAMES S. SMITH and wife, S. P. SMITH vs JOHN M. WITHERS, E. S. WITHERS, FANNY WITHERS, JAMES R. WITHERS, BETTIE WITHERS, S. E. WITHERS, EMMA WITHERS. Report heard in Chancery, Oct. 25, 1870. RADFORD WITHERS had sold to JAMES H. MOSS, some 75 acres in Civil District 10, Madison Co., Nov. 2, 1868 but died before making a correct deed conveyance to Moss for the land and the court now confirmed it to him.

pages 369-370.
ANTHONY W. BROWN, Madison Co., sold to WILLIAM R. HOWLETT and CHARLES A. STILL, Madison Co., his entire interest in the estate of JAMES BROWN, as an heir, for $50; this being an interest in 51 acres in Civil District 15, Madison Co. on which MARY B. ROLLINS, a widowed daughter of said James Brown formerly lived. Dec. 26, 1870. Reg. Dec. 26, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 375-376.
JOSEPH H. BELL and wife, JANE, formerly Jones; Z. WAINWRIGHT and wife, AMANDA, formerly Jones; W. S. WILLIAMS and wife, MARTHA E., formerly Jones; TENNESSEE A. JONES, ELI EVANS and wife, REBECCA L., formerly Jones; R. E. McCLELLAND and wife, SARAH, formerly Jones; SUSAN A. JONES; for love and affection conveyed to their father, BIRD S. JONES, the land they inherited from ARNOLD JONES and MARY E. JONES, both dec. Being 131 acres bought by Arnold Jones May 4, 1860; 52 acres bought by Mary E. Jones Dec. 7, 1867. Oct. 8, 1870. Reg. Dec. 30, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 378-379.
BIRD S. JONES, Haywood Co., Tenn. for love and affection for his daughter, SUSAN A. JONES, Haywood Co., Tenn. conveyed to her 52 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co. Oct. 10, 1870. Reg. Dec. 30, 1870. No witnesses.

pages 380-381.
BIRD S. JONES, Haywood Co., Tenn. for love and affection for his daughter, SALLY McCLELLAND, Haywood Co., Tenn. conveyed to her 55 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co. Oct. 10, 1870. Reg. Dec. 30, 1870.

pages 384-385.
HARRIET W. LANE sold for $1000 to J. A. COX, 70 acres, being her portion of land "belonging to my mother, MARTHA A. LANE, decd." Oct. 25, 1870. Reg. Dec. 31, 1870. Witnesses: B. S. Jones, B. H. Medlin.

pages 401-402.
LOUISA BELL, Madison Co., conveyed to M. P. LEWIS for $300 part of the land "on which my late husband JOSHUA BELL lived and died," 34 acres in Civil District 10, Madison Co. June 4, 1869. Reg. Jan. 6, 1871.

pages 403-405.
A. J. HAYS, ROBERT B. HAYS, MIDDLETON HAYS and Mrs. T. H. PRESTON, heirs of SAMUEL J. HAYS, dec., for $215. 80 sold to W. E. HUDSON, 103 acres in Madison Co. Dec. 14, 1870. Reg. Jan. 6, 1871. Witnesses: John P. Trezevant, F. W. Royster. /These people also sold other tracts from the estate of their father./

pages 414-415.
MOODY PASSMORE for love and affection for his wife, ANN ELIZA, conveyed to her several tracts of land north of Jackson in Madison Co.: 36 acres, 27 acres; 20 acres; 60 acres, or 143 3/4 acres in all. Jan. 11, 1871. Reg. Jan. 11, 1871. No witnesses.


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pages 429-430.
MALINDA SWINK, Madison Co., for love and affection for her son, GEORGE W. SWINK conveyed to him lots 13, 14 and of lot 12 in Medon, Tenn. and another lot, altogether 2 acres. Nov. 5, 1869. Reg. Jan. 16, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 438-439.
REBECCA JONES, Madison Co., for love and affection for her granddaughter, OCTAVIA R. PHILLIPS, Madison Co., conveyed for her in trust to TIMOTHY P. JONES, 78 acres separate and apart from her husband, JOSEPH T. PHILLIPS, for her support and that of her children; land she had bought from Evander M. Betts; "excluding the land of Andrews Chapel, church." At Octavia's death the land was to go to her daughters, SARAH REBECCA MOORE and KATE JONES. Jan. 21, 1871. Reg. Jan. 31, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 449-450.
W. M. DUNAWAY sold to WILLIAM POPE, for $1086, 105 acres, "known as part of the ROBT. P. DUNAWAY land near Medon in District No. 2." Dec. 3, 1870. Reg. Jan. 27, 1871.

pages 468-470.
M. B. BLACKMON and wife, MARY E.; STEPHEN DYER and wife, LOUISA M.; ALEXANDER H. CATHEY and wife, SARAH J.; G. W. T. EXUM and wife, MARGARET C.; R. Z. WATSON; WILLIAM J. WATSON; JOSEPH H. WATSON; MATHEW J. WATSON; JAMES T. WATSON; for $337.50 sold to W. P. and H. F. HALEY their interests in the land of WILLIAM B. WATSON, dec., being 163 acres in Civil Dists. 11 and 16. Feb. 12, 1869. Reg. Feb. 7, 1871. Witnesses: John Burrus, George Waley (signed with an "x" mark).

pages 486-487.
A. F. PIPKIN for $300 sold to D. B. PIPKIN his interest in the land of his father PHILLIP PIPKIN, dec. Feb. 23, 1869. Reg. Feb. 13, 1871. Witnesses: C. P. Pipkin, F. Chipman.

pages 491-492.
ROBERT I. CHESTER for love and affection for his wife, JANE P. CHESTER, deeded in trust for her, to CHESTER G. BOND, a lot in Jackson "being part of WM. E. BUTLERs residence lot" at the intersection of Royal and Jefferson streets in Jackson, which he had bought in 1869; at her death it would go to SAMUEL H. CHESTER. Feb. 11, 1871. Reg. Feb. 14, 1871. Witness: Robert W. Haynes. /Research among the records and city maps by Jack Darrel Wood, Tennessee Room Librarian, Jackson-Madison Co. Library, shows that this lot was on the east side of Royal Street, across the street from the Jackson Fire Station and Law Enforcement Center area. Colonel Chester's new house was built on the south side of Colonel William E. Butler's residential lot./

pages 496-497.
ADALINE TYLER, Madison Co., for love and affection for her daughter, GABRIELLA TYLER, Madison Co., conveyed to her 67 1/3 acres in Range 3, Section 10, Madison Co. Feb. 15, 1871. Reg. Feb. 16, 1871. Witnesses: E. B. Mason, L. A. Tyler.

pages 501-502.
H. W. SHELTON, Madison Co. conveyed to the deacons of the Cane Creek Baptist Church /black congregation/, for $100, 3 acres "for purpose of establishing a colored Baptist Church." Feb. 11, 1871. Reg. Feb. 18, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 502-503.
GEORGE G. PERKINS for love and affection for his daughter, HELEN M. WILLIAMS conveyed to her 111 acres in Civil District 3, Madison Co. Feb. 7, 1871. Reg. Feb. 18, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 504-505.
W. R. COLLIER donated to trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, South at Big Springs, J. C. HUDSON, EDMOND SCARBROUGH, S. M. WATLINGTON, W. C. HICKS, 5 acres, part of his land in Civil District 17, Madison Co. excluding, including acre deeded by him to his children, J. E. HUDSON, E. C. MUSE, S. E. HURT, "embracing the present enclosed graves & the right of way to them so long as time shall last." To be used by trustees for church and school purposes and as cemetery. Dec. 19, 1870. Reg. Feb. 20, 1871.


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pages 514-515.
WILLIAM PEARSON, J. D. PEARSON, J. S. PEARSON sold/donated to E. G. McCLUSKY, JOSEPH POPE, W. M. DUNAWAY, T. N. BUCHANAN, JESSE CURRIE, trustees of Cumberland Presbyterian Presbytery, for the interest in the "cause" of religion (and this church, particularly) and for education, a lot in Civil District 13 on the Jackson-Lexington Road. Nov. 2, 1870. Reg. Feb. 22, 1871. No witnesses.

pages 537-538.
C. W. COOK, Madison Co., for $300 sold to E. F. COOK his undivided interest in 120 acres of the late W. C. COOK in Civil District 2, Madison Co. March 3, 1871. Reg. March 4, 1871. Witnesses: W. H. Nanny, H. H. Swink.

pages 549-550.
WILLIAM BUTLER for love and affection for his son, JOHN P. BUTLER conveyed to him 100 acres in Madison Co. Dec. 24, 1867. Reg. Mar. 11, 1871. Witnesses: R. G. Rainey, J. L. Rainey.

pages 550-551.
WILLIAM BUTLER for love and affection for his wife, MARTHA BUTLER and her heirs, WILLIAM H. BUTLER, LOUIZA JANE BUTLER, ISAAC NEWTON BUTLER, conveyed to her his homestead, 200 acres, excluding 25 acres he had sold to J. P. BUTLER. Feb. 7, 1868. Reg. Mar. 11, 1871. /The deed to JOHN P. BUTLER for the 25 acres was given on pages 551-552, being land in Civil District 2. Dated Feb. 9, 1871. Reg. March 11, 1871./

pages 557-558.
JEFFERSON FRENCH conveyed to JERRY MERIWETHER, WILLIS WADDELL and JOHN NEWBERN, trustees of Baptist Church at Denmark /a black congregation/, for $5, some 3 acres in Civil Dist. 6. Signed with an "x" mark. Dec. 10, 1870. Reg. Mar. 17, 1871.

pages 563-564.
R. Z. WATSON sold to JAMES T. WATSON, Madison Co a tract of land about 7 miles NE of Jackson, his 1/10 interest in his mother, PHEBY JANE WATSON's dower of 271 acres. Dec. 6, 1870. Reg. Mar. 18, 1871. Signed by R. Z. Watson and F. A. Watson, presumably his wife (who signed with an "x" mark). Witnesses: W. A. Boren, J. Z. Jackson.

pages 565-566.
JOHN M. MATHEWS and wife, ELIZABETH (Lide) M., formerly Boykin, sold to JAMES M. BOYKIN their interest for $5000 in 60 acres and 6 lots in Gadsden and 100 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co., and 50 acres allotted to them in division of J. B. BOYKIN's land, who was deceased. Nov. 26, 1867. Reg. Mar. 21, 1871.

pages 567-659.
B. A. HAYS for $8000 paid him by JOHN M. TAYLOR in trust for his wife, TENNESSEE A. HAYS and children NEWET, SALLIE and JOHN T. and others "if born," Dec. 10, 1867. The land involved was sold by Taylor and other property had been purchased for the wife of B. A. HAYS and their children, land on Main Street in Jackson. April 28, 1869. Reg. Mar. 27, 1871. Witnesses: J. A. Arrington, James Hart.

pages 609-610.
JAMES J. VAULX, Shelby Co., Tenn. for $1500 sold to C. N. GIBBS his interest in the estate of MARY E. ROBERTSON, dec. and interest in 350 acres adjoining Felix Gibbs' land in Civil District 17, Madison Co. which had belonged to his father, JAMES VAULX, dec. Aug. 19, 1870. Reg. April 11, 1871. Witnesses: W. H. Stephens, D. M. Stephens.

pages 610-612.
LEWIS B. SHAPARD and wife, KATHERINE C., formerly Vaulx, sold their 1/3 interest in estate of MARY ELIZA ROBERTSON, dec. to C. N. GIBBS. March 2, 1871. Reg. April 11, 1871. No witnesses.


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