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Madison Co. Will Book 2, page 225.
Will of HARBERT NEWSOM, executed December 31, 1836. To wife (unnamed) entire estate unless she remarried in which event she would receive a child's share of his estate. When his daughters (unnamed) reached age 18, each would receive $500 from estate; when his sons reached age 21, each would receive $500 from estate. ELDRIDGE MORRIS NEWSOM and JOHN FRANCIS NEWSOM were to be kept in school until they qualified "to be in a store. "THOMAS NEWSOM was to be bound out at age 16 to learn tanner's grade. (This will was proven April 3, 1837. Madison County Court Minute Book 4, page 474.)

HARBERT NEWSOM's tombstone, in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, is broken and all that is intact reads: In Memory of HERBERT NEWSOM. Died Jan. 11th 1837, _0 years. This tombstone and that of ELDRIDGE NEWSOM (died Sept. 18, 1826, aged 57 years) were probably brought from the old family graveyard off Meridian Creek in former civil district eight and placed there for preservation in the lower, southwest corner of Riverside. Harbert Newsom qualified as administrator of Eldridge Newsom's estate, November 6, 1826. (Madison County Court Minute Book 1, page 127) Apparently he inherited this man's (likely his father) large farm south of Jackson on Meridian Creek. (See, Madison Co. Deed Book 5, pages 418, 419.)

Madison Co. Circuit Court Minute Book 5, page 75. May 23, 1872.
In the case: SAMUEL and ELIZABETH EPPERSON Exparte. The 430+ acre Harbert Newsom plantation, with its mansion and mill, had been sold to W. A. STILL. Some alterations in the Newsom family structure were noted: Samuel and Elizabeth H. Epperson (she being a daughter of Harbert Newsom) had both died; Amanda Newsom's husband, W. A. Phillips, had died; Narcissa Newsom Stone had remarried, to B. F. Gates; Susan C. Newsom had married Thomas Smith.

Ibid., pages 80-82. May 24, 1872.
The Circuit Court confirmed by decree the title in Harbert Newsom's plantation on Meridian Creek, a tributary of the south fork of the Forked Deer River, Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Section 8, to W. A. Still and divested out of heirs of said Newsom: Eldridge M. Newsom; Thomas H. Newsom; John F. Newsom; Amanda F. Phillips, widow; Narcissa M. Gates and husband, B. F. Gates; Thomas Smith and Susan C. Smith; Harbert E. Newsom; G. G. Hughes and wife, Sallie, formerly Hill, a daughter of Elizabeth H. Epperson by a former marriage; B. A. Person and wife, Elenore, a daughter of Elizabeth H. Epperson; Thomas N. Epperson, a son of Elizabeth H. Epperson. Harbert Newsom had been dead for "many years."

1850 (September 28) U.S. Census, Madison County, Civil District 8:
ELDRIDGE M. NEWSOM, age 26, born Tenn.;
JOHN F. NEWSOM, age 23, born Tenn.;
AMANDA F. NEWSOM, age 21, born Tenn.;
HERBERT NEWSOM, age 14, born Tenn.;
SUSAN C. NEWSOM, age 17, born Tenn.;
E. S. EPPERSON, age 4, born Tenn.;
JAMES NEWSOM, age 20, born Tenn.;
ROBERT NEWSOM, age 23, born Tenn.

Madison County Marriages
Elizabeth H. Hill married Samuel Epperson, November 18, 1844
Narcissa Newsom married Lemuel Stone, May 31, 1854
Narcissa Stone married B. F. Gates, May 4, 1859
Amanda Newsom married William A. Phillips, January 27, 1858
Sally H. Hill married George G. Hughes, May 9, 1860
Susan C. Newsom married Thomas H. Smith, September 15, 1862
Elenore Epperson married B. Alexander Person, May 9, 1866

The tombstone of Elizabeth H. Epperson in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, reads: In Sacred Memory of ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON. Born in Davidson Co., Tenn., January 1, 1821. Died in Jackson, Tenn. Sept. 12, 1870.


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Madison County Deed Book 5, pages 419-420:
MARY NEWS0M, Williamson Co., Tenn. to "her son", JAMES NEWSOM, of the same county and state, for the "natural love and affection" for him, deeded him her dower interest in the estate of "her late husband", Eldridge Newsom, about 500 acres on both sides of Meridian Creek and on the south side of the Forked Deer River, Madison County; bounded on the south by the lands of the heirs of Harbert Newsom, Esq. July 28, 1837. Sworn before Lemuel B. McConico in Williamson County, July 28, 1837 and registered in Madison County September 20, 1837.

Madison County Deed Book 10, page 298-299:
JAMES NEWSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed land to Robert I. Chester, July 20, 1836. "The condition of the above bond are the following. Whereas James Newsom has this day sold to Robert I. Chester his interest being four sixths in the five hundred acres of land on which Eldridge Newsom decd. and on which the said James Newsom now resides. The part now sold having descended to the said James Newsom and three others of the heirs of the said Eldridge Newsom in the sale, the said James agrees to have released his mother's dower in the said tract for all of which the said Robt. I. Chester has given two thousand dollars." Recorded Feb. 20, 1846.

IBID., pages 299-300:
HARBERT NEWSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to Robert I. Chester, on July 20, 1836 certain land. "Whereas Harbert Newsom has this day sold to Robert I. Chester his interest being the one sixth in the tract inherited from Elridge Newsom on which James Newsom now lives." Chester paid $1000 for this portion of the estate. Recorded February 21, 1846.

Madison County Deed Book 11, page 86:
SARAH E. NEWSOM, widow of Harbert Newsom, deed a slave, Chaney, aged about 13 years. "By virtue of the last will and testament of Harbert Newsom deceased late Madison County, Tennessee bequeathing to his son, Eldridge M. Newsom a legacy out of his estate of five hundred dollars and there being no money of the estate to pay up said legacy in cash and the said Eldridge M. Newsom being willing to take a negro girl named Chaney. . . ." did so in lieu of the money. August 28, 1846. Recorded October 23, 1846.

Madison County Deed Book 5, pages 21-22:
December 23, l833. JoHN R. NEWSOM, WILLIAM MAY and wife, NANCY MAY, formerly NEWSOM, children and heirs of Eldridge Newsom, dec., sold their interest 146 2/3 acres to JAMES NEWSOM, for $800. Recorded July 20, 1836.

Madison County Deed Book 19, pages 70-71:
Whereas the late HARBERT NEWSOM had died, leaving his wife, SARAH E. NEWSOM, a life estate in his personal and real estate and whereas William Armour had served briefly as executor but he resigned and in his stead, Samuel Epperson and Eldridge M. Newsom were appointed administrators of this estate. Whereas Sarah E. Newsom and JOHN F. NEWSOM had in a partnership managed the estate for six years and now that Sarah E. was deceased, John F. relinquished his interest in the estate for the sum of $2000 to be paid him from the estate for his six year service. Agreed upon, May 15, 1856, by the heirs of late Harbert Newsom, who signed the deed: Elizabeth H. Epperson, Susan C. Newsom, William A. Bradshaw, guardian of Harbert Newsom; T. H. Newsom; Narcissa M. Stone, S. Epperson, E. M. Newsom, Amanda Newsom, John F. Newsom. Recorded Sept. 10, 1856.


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