From Family Findings
Vol. V, No.4, October 1973, p. 128-129
Copyright, Mid West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1973
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Written and submitted by Donald Brown, 2053 Berdan Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43613

            Marmaduke Hogan and his family came to Madison County, Tennessee, in the mid-1800's, settled there for a while and then traveled on west of the Mississippi River with some of those born in Madison County eventually settling in Oklahoma. Marmaduke Hogan was born in North Carolina, probably in Montgomery County, about 1792. The names of his parents are unknown, but the Zakeriah Hogan listed in the 1790 census for Montgomery County was possibly Marmaduke's father. Marmaduke was undoubtedly married in the second decade of the 1800's, his wife being Nancy, also born about 1792 in North Carolina. The 1820 census for Montgomery County, North Carolina is missing, but Marmaduke appears in the 1830 census and the 1840 census for Montgomery County, in the area east of the Yadkin and Pedee Rivers. These are the only records found of him in Montgomery County, North Carolina, a county in which the court house burned in 1835.

            Sometime in the 1840's Marmaduke and his family moved to Madison County, Tennessee, and he is found in the 1850 census for Madison County in Civil District number 17. His three children at home at that time were Mary, born

about 1825; Elizabeth, born about 1833, and Sanders "Sandy", born about 1836. All of these children were born in North Carolina.

            Also in this 1850 census for Madison County, living in Civil District number 17, were three married Hogan men who were born in North Carolina and who most certainly were the sons of Marmaduke. They were, Calvin, born about 1820, who was married to a woman named Mary about 1841 in North Carolina; Caswell "Cas", born about 1823, married in Madison County, Tennessee to Jane "Jennie" Johnson, daughter of Obediah Johnson on August 3, 1845; Isaiah, born about 1825, who was married in Cadison County to Sarah Johnson on December 20, 1849. It is interesting to note that one of Calvin's sons was named Zacheriah.

            The Hogans left Madison County sometime during the 1850's. In the 1860 census Marmaduke and Nancy were found in White County, Arkansas, in Marshall Township near Velvet Ridge, and this is the last record found of them anywhere.

            In 1860 two of their children were still at home. They were Elizabeth and Sanders.

            Elizabeth was later married to Thomas Smith, a native of Ireland about 1863, and died in the 1880's in Faulkner County, Arkansas. The later records of Mary and Sanders aren't known, nor is it known what became of Isaiah.

            Caswell and Jane were living in Craighead County, Arkansas at the time of the 1860 census; and their children, all born before they left Madison County, Tennessee, were Amanda, born about 1846; William, born on May 1, 1849; Thomas A., born on October 29, 1852; Christopher Columbus "Lum", born on March 8, 1855; Elizabeth, born about 1856 and Robert Marion "Mack", born Deceinber 8, 1858.

            Caswell died in Arkansas during the 1860's, and Jane Johnson Hogan and her younger children returned to Madison County, Tennessee, after the Civil War. In the early 1870's Jane Johnson Hogan and three of her sons went back to Arkansas, and later moved to Oklahoma when it was still Indian Territory.

            Calvin moved to Missouri in the 1850's, and it is known that in the 1870's he headed for someplace west of Arkansas.

            HOGAN is an Irish name meaning "grandson of little Og".

Donald G. Brown states that this material represents a great deal of research, and the research has been carefully done. He has verified all of the facts and would be glad to share them with interested parties. He has submitted material on other West Tennessee families, and these will appear in other issues of Family Findings.