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Vol. IX, No. 2., April 1977, pp. 34-35
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(Article taken from "Women's Work and Other Historical Events of First Christian Church, Clarksville (Montgomery County), Tennessee 1842-1954", compiled and arranged by Hazel McCracken Mc Daniel.


Neblett Family

            Mr. Jones D. Neblett was born on the south side of the Cumberland River in this county, July 23, 1839. He united with the Christian Church in 1867 and for many years was an elder of the congregation. He also served as Superintendent of the Sunday School.

            He married February 4, 1868 to Miss Clara Smith, who was also a member of this church. She too was a loyal worker, teaching for many years in the Sunday School and serving as leader in the women s work. She was the first president of the Missionary Society and the last president of the Ladies' Aid in 1904.

            To Mr. and Mrs. Neblett were born Annie Neblett (Mrs. Frank Ussery, deceased), William Coulter Neblett, Norman Neblett (deceased), J. D. Neblett, and Clara Neblett, a member of the present congregation, who is a willing worker who has yet to refuse an assignment of the church work. Annie Neblett served as organist and was a member of the choir until her marriage November 12, 1902.

            Coulter Neblett married Minor Daniel April 7, 1898, and another splendid worker was added to the church. Both Mr. and Mrs. Coulter Neblett took an active part in the choir work of the church, and Mrs. Neblett (Miss Minor as she was called) taught a class of girls in Sunday School for many years. Those remembered (Class of 1902) are as follows: Nettle Turnley, Virginia Gerhart, Florence Scott, Matie Beach, Kate Elliott, Hazel McCracken, Mary Brame, and Lena Page.

            Norman Neblett, born February 26, 1870, died in young manhood. In 1888 he was riding to the city when his horse fell with him and crushed his foot. After much suffering and in spite of .the best surgical skill that the City of Louisville, Kentucky afforded, he died from this accident on February 3, 1892. His pastor, Rev. A. M. Growden, said of him, that he was " most excellent young man, true, earnest, pious, affectionate, a pillar in the church and a devoted worker for the interest of young people." The Young People's Society was called at that time Y.P.M. and he was the society's vice-president. He was also prominent in the Y.M.C.A. work.

            Miss Goergia Neblett, niece of Mr. Jones Neblett, was a member of this Sunday School in childhood, and was baptized by Rev. Case in 1887, at the age of ten. She was later one of the popular teachers of Howell School. Her intelligence and many lovable traits of character won for her a host of friends. She married Hadley Allen on February 2, 1905, and Rev. R. L. Cave performed the ceremony. She now lives in the Palmyra neighborhood a few miles from Clarksville.


Mart-Smith Family

            Mrs. Jones Neblett's Christian background in this church dates back to her grandfather, J. J. Mart, who was a consistent member of this church. He was born in 1803 and died July 13, 1889. His daughter, Mrs. Angelia C. Smith , after her marriage, lived in Logan County, Kentucky. After her husband's death, she returned to Clarksville in 1864 and became identified with this church. She died at her home on the Edmondson Ferry Road, June 18, 1887, and Rev. D. W. Case conducted the funeral services.

            Her children were Mrs. Jones Neblett (Clara Smith), Mrs. Chas. Mauzy (Abbie Smith), Miss Kate Smith, W. E. Smith, and Richard Smith who at one time lived in Russelville, Kentucky.

            Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mauzy (deceased) and their daughter, Katie Clair (Mrs. Grover Russell), were all members of this Sunday School and church. Old records show that this family was active as early as 1888. Later they moved to Dallas, Texas.

            Miss Kate Smith died March 5, 1899, at the age of 35. Rev. T. D. Garvin conducted the funeral services.