(Madison County, Tennessee)

By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1993.


(Page 61)

In gathering the information and materials for a history of CLAYBROOK, I have been fortunate to have relied upon many persons for their "bits and pieces" of the Claybrook story. Among those individuals are the following to whom I extend an expression of gratitude for the sharing with me, hence with the readers as well, their memories, insights and knowledges: Elizabeth Lanier (Exum) Donnell and William Wadford Donnell, Kenneth Darwin Sneed, Ella (Waynick) Woolfolk and William Ward Woolfolk; Jack Darrel Wood; Katherine (McCallum) Winslow; Alliene (Mason) Key; Herschel K. Smith; Carolyn Monroe, Lula Scarbrough; James H. Hanna; Judy (Mainord) Malone; Travis Hunt; Dale Fuqua; Evelyn (Peeler) Vaughn; Walter J. Key; Frank Oakley Heavner; Helen (Oxley) Johnson, Harford Jordan, Kermit Whitfield Willis, Marie (Atwater) Williams; Mable Elizabeth Boren; Raymond Love; Ann Bryan McRae; Carmen (Cockrill) Bruer; Sue Edwyn (Donnell) Pearson; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T. Mays; Ruby (Hanna) Williams; James Ray Darby; Matt Tomlin; Manley A. Dees, Jr. ; Bobbie Davy Blackmon; Anne (Robbins)Phillips; Linda Hays and R. W. (Bill) Bailey, Jr.

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