By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

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PATSEY DOAK, exec of Robert Doak, dec, of Madison Co., Tenn. sold to WILLIAM H. DOAK, for $250, 50 acres "on the waters of the south fork of forked deer river," on McNairy & Butler's east boundary line. SD 10, R 1, Sec 9. Feb. 8, 1822. Rec March 1822. No wits.

BENJAMIN SMITH sold his interest "as one of the legatees of Benj. Smith, dec", for $500, to RICHARD SMITH, both of Wake Co., N.C., 1500 acres "in the Chickasaw purchase located on the waters of forked deer river" about 4 miles "a little east of north" from Harris Bluff. SD 10, R 4, S 11. Nov. 1, 1821. Rec March 1822. Wits Jesse Williams, M. J. Coman, Chris Christopher.

BENJAMIN CARPENTER, Wake Co., N.C. sold to RICHARD SMITH, of same, for $100, "an equal undivided 1/4 part of land granted to me by State of N.C. for my military services in the war of the revolution as a sergeant, "on warrant 1357 for 428 acres, now located in the Chickasaw Purchase, located for "me" by John C. McLemore and agreement has been issued for McLemore to allow this 1/4 interest to Richard Smith. March 23, 1822. Reg with John Louis Taylor, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of N.C., March 28, 1822. Wits Matthew J. Coman, James Coman.

WILLIAM H. DOAK, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to PATSEY DOAK, for $250, 50 acres "on the waters of the South Forked of the Forked Deer River. " SD 10, R 1, S 9. June 7, 1822. Rec June 1822. No wits.

Henry Reed, late of Burke Co., N.C. devised to his nephew, Henry Reed, son of Hugh Reed and to his niece, Polly Reed, daughter of Isaiah Reed, his Mississippi lands, "share and share alike." WILLIAM ROBB, LEWIS NEEDHAM, JOSEPH B. PORTER for himself and as attorney for THOMAS CAMPBELL, all of whom "hold by deed from Henry Reed, Jun. legatee of Henry Sen. and POLLY REED by her attorney, James Wright, have this day divided and partition made in a tract of five thousand acres of land granted by the State of N.C. to said Henry Reed Sen. by number 365 and dated the 15th of December 1791 in such manner as we believe to make each half of equal value. " These men conveyed to Polly Reed 2000 acres in this division of land (2000 acres out of 5000 acres). April 17, 1822. Rec June 1822. Wits Mark R. Cockrell, N. J. Hess, R. H. Dyer, John T. Porter, Adam Alexander, James Brown. 27-28. William Robb, Lewis Needham, Joseph B. Porter and Thomas Campbell had leased 2500 acres of the 5000 acres for a term of 8 yrs to John Eubanks and in consequence of this agreement, Polly Reed by her attorney, agreed to honor that portion of her interest in the partition for John Eubanks for the full term. April 17, 1822. Rec June 1822.

Henry Reed, late of Burke Co., N.C. devised to his niece, Polly Reed, daughter of Isaiah Reed and his nephew, Henry Reed, son of Hugh Reed, his Miss. lands, "share and share alike. " WILLIAM ROBB, LEWIS NEEDHAM, JOSEPH B. PORTER, THOMAS CAMPBELL had an interest in the 5000 acres granted to Henry Reed, Sr., Dec. 15, 1791, which they had purchased from Henry Reed, Jr. POLLY REED now agreed that their portion of this tract was 3000 acres which she deeded by her attorney, James Wright to them, April 1822, honoring a 2500 acre lease from the 5000 acres to John Eubank for a term of 8 yrs. Rec June 1822. Wits Mark R. Cockrell, N. J. Hess, R. H. Dyer, John T. Porter.

ELIJAH JONES, adm of Lewis Jones, dec and SUSAN FENTRESS, adm of Lewis Jones, and ABNER FENTRESS by right of his wife, Susan Fentress, Madison Co., Tenn., sold 190 acres, for $1000, in Maury Co., Tenn. on south side of Duck River, on the south fork of Cedar Creek and in SW corner of 1200 acres granted by State of N.C. to James Watts. Grant 3, the 190 acres being part of the Watts tract. Sept. 18, 1822. Rec Sept. 1822. Wits Wm. Wellborn, Samuel A. Lyon.


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POLLY REED, Madison Co., Tenn. appointed son-in-law, JAMES WRIGHT, of same, as her attorney "to run off and divide" 5000 acre tract on waters of the Forked Deer River, in Madison Co., granted by State of N.C. to Henry Reed, late of Burk_Co., N.C. and devised by him to Henry Reed, son of Hugh Reed and Polly Reed, daughter of Isaiah Reed, "share and share alike." Wright was to make partition and convey Henry Reed, Jr.'s portion to him, allowing for her own equal portion. April 10, 1822. Rec June 1822. Wits R. K. Wright, Samuel S. Crafton. Deed signed, MARY REED. /Deeds don't explain how Mary was a daughter of a Reed, with a son-in-law named Wright, still went by what was presumably her maiden name./

Land Grant 17395, State of Tenn. to JOEL DYER and wife, SALLY JONES DYER, based on Certificate 1941 (Oct. 11, 1820) for 8311/2 acres, by Commissioners of West Tennessee; land entered Dec. 13, 1820 and surveyed Feb. 10, 1821. SD 10, R 3, Sec 10. June 11, 1822. Signed, William Carroll, Governor. Rec June 20, 1822 by the Register of West Tennessee.

JOHN SWANY of William /Williamson?/ Co., Tenn. deeded in trust to James A. Carothers, Sr. for "my beloved grandchildren", John S. Carothers, James D. Carothers, Andrew N. Carothers, William M. Carothers, a negro girl, Terry, equally, to keep for them until the youngest of the grandchildren comes of age, then inferentially she would be sold and proceeds divided among these grandchildren. July 8, 1822. Reg Feb. 12, 1823. Wits Nicholas Scales, Rodham Tulloss.

THOMAS CAMPBELL, Alabama, sold, for $400, to WILLIAM ROBB, Rutherford Co., Tenn. his 1/3 interest in land purchased by Campbell from Henry Reed, devised to him by his uncle, Henry Reed of Burk_ Co., N.C., from undivided tract of 5000 acres granted by State of N.C. to Henry Reed, Sr. and by him devised equally to Henry Reed, Jr. and Mary Reed, which land "lies on the waters of forked deer river, a branch of the Mississippi in the west end of the State of Tennessee." May 9, 1821. Reg Feb. 17, 1823. Wits Solomon Rees, Marcus J. Rees, James M. Sharpe, Cyrus Sharpe, Lewis Needham, J. W. Needham.

THOMAS CAMPBELL, WILLIAM ROBB, JOSEPH B. PORTER sold to LEWIS NEEDHAM, for $1 their interest in the 5000 acres, mentioned on page 71, this portion being 876 acres. Oct. 5, 1822. Reg Feb. 17, 1823. Wits J. W. Needham, Benjamin White.

LEWIS NEEDHAM, THOMAS CAMPBELL, JOSEPH B. PORTER sold to WILLIAM ROBB, f or $1, their interest in the 5000 acres, mentioned on page 71, this portion being 876 acres. Oct. 5, 1822. Reg Feb. 17, 1823. Wits J. W. Needham, Benj. White.

WILLIAM ROBB sold to JOSEPH B. PORTER, for $100, his portion of the land mentioned on page 71, or some 315 acres. Oct. 7, 1822. Reg Feb. 17, 1823. Wits Lewis Needham, J. W. Needham.

THOMAS CAMPBELL sold to JOSEPH B. PORTER his interest in Henry Reed's 5000 acres, mentioned on page 71, or 581 acres. Oct. 8, 1822. Reg Feb. 17, 1823. Wits J. W. Needham, Benj. White.

On March 15, 1819 JOSHUA HASKELL, Rutherford Co., Tenn. was appointed guardian of Rebecca Powell and Eddy Powell, minor hrs of David Powell, late of Rutherford Co. Edmond Jones was security on his bond as guardian for $5000. May 6, 1819 Haskell received from Rebecca Powell and Henry Smith, adm of David Powell $660 now due to the minors equally. Haskell mortaged some of his household furnishings, livestock to Edmund Jones, Blackmon Coleman, Samuel Dickins, Alex. R. Bradford, if demands were made on the Powell estate Haskell couldn't meet. July 24, 1822. Reg March 13, 1823. Wits S. Aderson, Wm. Ledbetter.


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ALEXANDER MURPHY, Caswell Co., N.C. and ARCHIBALD D. MURPHY, Orange Co., N.C. were devised an estimated 4350 acres from Archibald Murphy, late of Caswell Co., N.C. which he had been granted by the State of N.C., Nov. 17, 1790. On March 6, 1795 Archibald Murphy had sold 900 acres of this tract to Henry Rutherford. Now, for $11, 212 Alexander and Archibald D. Murphy sold remainder of this tract to ELIZA JANE, wife of Pasquali Paoli Ashe and SOPHIA, wife of Samuel Strudwick. June 1, 1821. Reg March 31, 1823. Wit Thos. Hill.

JAMES TISDALE, late of Boston, Mass. owned tracts of land in Tennessee and North Carolina. Simon Tisdale, Edward Dean Tisdale, Barney Tisdale, Daniel Tisdale of Newport, R.I., merchants; Sterling W. Tisdale of Boston, Mass.; Deborah, wife of Enoch Horton, New Bedford, R.I.; Maria Tisdale, Abigal T. Tisdale, Newport, R.I.; "who are all children and heirs at law" of James Tisdale, together with Enoch Horton, husband of Deborah Tisdale Horton and Deborah, widow of James Tisdale, appointed James Tisdale of Taunton, also a child and hr of James Tisdale, to dispose/sell these lands. Aug. 2, 1819. Reg April 14, 1823. Wits Benj. B. Munford, William Hunter.

The TISDALE HEIRS mentioned on pages 93-95 sold to FRANCIS B. FOGG and GEORGE W. GIBBS, for $5, their 1/5 part of tracts in Tennessee, including 5000 acres on the south fork of Forked Deer River, granted to Benj. Smith and which he sold to David Wheaton, a former partner of James Tisdale, dec. being sold by Smith to Wheaton, June 29, 1796. Sept. 13, 1819. Reg April 15, 1823. Wits J. S. Kingsbury, John S. Tapp. 100-101. The TISDALE heirs gave POA to GEORGE W. GIBBS and FRANCIS B. FOGG to sell the lands "our father, James Tisdale" was entitled on in the "western country." Sept. 23, 1819. Reg. Feb. 17, 1823.

MAURICE CARMICHEAL, Estend, parish of Carmicheal, Lanarkshire, Scotland, gave POA to "my eldest son," Michael Carmicheal to manage lands to which he was entitled in the U.S. March 23, 1822. Reg May 22, 1823. Wits Geo. Clarke Crogan of Durnbarum and James Lindsey, Lanark.

THOMAS SANDERS, Bedford Co., Tenn. "give and bequeath" to WILLIAM RAGSDALE, MARY EDWARD, NANCY RAGSDALE, hrs of CLABOURN J. RAGSDALE, living in the Western District of Tenn., featherbeds, livestock, being the property "I" bought at the "sail" of Edward Ragsdale. March 10, 1822. Reg June 11, 1823. Wits F. D. Ragsdale, Henry Booth.

CALVIN JONES, Raleigh, N.C. for "love and affection" for his niece, EMELINE JONES HIGBIE, all the interest he held for military services of Giles Carter, "a soldier in the North Carolina line of the Continental Army in the war of the revolution," 366 acres on a warrant issued this year, to be located in the Western District of Tennessee, " Dec. 27, 1820. Reg Sept. 29, 1823. Wits Bezaliel Gilbert, H. Haralson, Greene L. Haralson.

JOHN B. FOGG, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to SAMUEL HOGG, Wilson Co., Tenn. for $3000 his interest in unsold portion of 4800 acres granted to Thomas Hogg, located in Williamson Co., Tenn. Dec. 17, 1821. Reg Dec. 11, 1823. Wits Jacob F. Dyer, Wm. G. Sellingsworth (?).

JOEL DYER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection for my children," Maria T. Dyer, Drucilla C. Dyer, Joel S. Dyer, Charles C. Dyer, Jarnes M. Dyer, Cornelia T. Dyer, Sarah Ann Dyer, convey to them 300 acres, part of 2000 acres he bought from John McIver on the "north waters of the south fork of the Forked Deer River," originally granted to Benj. Smith, Jan. 9, 1795. Also, 2000 acres, adjoining the first tract, which he bought from John McIver, originally granted to Benj. Smith, Jan. 9, 1795. Also, part of


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3000 acres he had bought from John McIver, originally part of land grant to Benj. Smith dated Jan. 9, 1795. To "share and share alike." June 15, 1823. Reg Dec. 12, 1823. Wits H. L. Gray, John Bowen.

JOEL DYER, Madison Co., Tenn. made to BLACKMON COLMAN, Rutherford Co., Tenn. in trust for Mary H. Dyer, his daughter and wife of Henry C. Gray and her child, James William Gray and any other children she might have, of 831 acres granted State of Tenn. to Joel Dyer, whereon the Grays "now live." Also, negro, Flora, 17 yrs old; negro, Malinda, 10 yrs old; Hardy, negro, 14 yrs old; livestock and household furniture. June 20, 1823. Reg Dec. 13, 1823. Wits Will Harris, W. R. Hess.

GEORGE SHANNON, FINIS W. SHANNON, Williamson Co., Tenn., execs last will of David Shannon, dec. sold to THOMAS SHANNON, of same, for $273.75, 85 acres on south fork of Forked Deer River, beginning at "beginning corner" of 171 acre tract; a conditional line to be shared with Samuel Shannon. March 8, 1823. Reg Dec. 13, 1823. Wits A. L. Martin, Samuel H. Shannon.

HENRY RUTHERFORD, Western District of Tenn. for "natural love and affection" and welfare of ELIZABETH CRENSHAW, durinq her life and then to her hrs by Oliver Crenshaw, 502 acres "on the north side of Mill Creek of the south fork of forked deer river," part of 2000 acres granted by State of N.C. to Henry Rutherford, July 10, 1788. Feb. 12, 1822. Reg Dec. 15, 1823. Wits Griffith Rutherford, Benj. Jordan, Benj. Porter.

RICHARD SMITH, Raleigh, N.C., adm of Benj. Smith's estate conveyed to JOHN C. McLEMORE, JAMES VAULX, JAMES CARUTHERS, 250 acres or 1/6 part of 1500 acre survey in SD 10, R 4, S 11, off the forked deer river, as they had located the land for Benj. Smith. May 12, 1822. Reg. Dec. 17, 1823. Wits John Charlton, M. Woodfin, John B. Hogg.

HENRY RUTHERFORD, Carroll Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" and welfare of GRIFFITH RUTHERFORD, conveyed 525 acres on the waters of Mill Creek on the south fork of Forked Deer River, Tennessee, SD 13, R 9, S 1. Part of grant from N.C. to Griffith Rutherford, July 10, 1788 and he conveyed it to Henry Rutherford, July 1, 1798. June 7, 1822. Reg Dec. 17, 1823. Wits Mathew Porter, William P. Maxey, John Bryan, Benjamine Jorden, Benjamine Porter.

GEORGE SHANNON and FINIS W. SHANNON, Williamson Co., Tenn. execs of David Shannon, sold for $350, to SAMUEL H. SHANNON, 85 acres, part of a 171 acre grant; conditional line between Thomas and Samuel H. Shannon. SD 10, R 1, S 9. Dated only "1821." Proven Sept. 1823. Wits A. L. Martin, Abraham Huntsbury.

JOHN H. GIBSON, Madison Co., Tenn. appointed PAUL SHURLEY, Logan Co., Ky. as agent for "my wife, " Ann Gibson, 100 acres, part of 640 acres of John Bryant, "my locating interest" in same in SD 10 and pay Ann Gibson proceeds. Also, "my" "locating interest" of land of John Caperton, 50 acres, to be sold and proceeds go to said Ann. May 22, 1823. Reg Jan. 24, 1824. Wits Will Harris, William Espey, W. R. Hess.

PATSEY DOAK, exec of Robert Doak, sold for $900 the "east end" of a tract in SD 10, R 3, S 8, to GREEN HILL, both of them of Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 27, 1823. Reg April 24, 1824. Wits H. Haralson, W. H. Doak.


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ROBERT LOVE, Haywood Co., N.C. gave POA to "my son, William C. Love, "Madison Co., Tenn. to manage land in West Tenn. "what I am holding in partnership with my brother Thomas Love" and lands in agreement with John D. Love. Sept. 19, 1823. Reg Dec. 2, 1824. Wits Wm. Welch, P. Phillips.

WILLIAM M. WILSON, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to WILLIAM WILKINSON, SR. of Warren Co., Tenn. for use of SARAH N. WILKINSON, wife of William Wilkinson, Jr., ten negroes:Harriett, Robert, Patsy, Polly, Wilson, Milly, Calvin, William, Madison, Samuel. Oct. 4, 1824. Reg Feb. 17, 1825. Wits T. H. Wilson, Alex. B. Bradford, Robert Lake.

JOHN LOVE, Knoxville, Tenn. to CHARLES J. LOVE, JR., minor, son of Charles J. Love, Davidson Co., Tenn., 500 acres he acquired from Thomas and Robert Love. Sept. 24, 1824. Reg Feb. 19, 1825. Wits Alex. B. Bradford, Samuel Wilson, Thomas Dixon, John Dixon.

THOMAS A. DALE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for ELVINA DARNALL, a negro, Milly, 8 yrs old. Jan. 29, 1825. Reg Feb. 25, 1825. Wits Duncan McIver, S. Burrus.

JOHN CARTWRIGHT, Pike Co., Miss. gave POA to "my son, Mathew Cartwright," to receive monies from exec of Mathew Cartwright of Wilson Co., Tenn. Feb. 26, 1825. Reg. March 22, 1825. No wits.

MATHEW JOHNSON, Williamson Co., Tenn., exec of John Johnson, dec. Williamson Co., Tenn. sold for $600 to HUGH ROSS, SR., Humphries Co., Tenn., 300 acres, part of 5000 acre grant to John Johnson. May 13, 1822. Feb. 10, 1825. Reg May 18, 1825. No wits.

MATHEW JOHNSON, Williamson Co., Tenn., exec of John Johnson, Williamson Co., Tenn. sold 300 acres to HUGH ROSS, SR. of Humphreys Co., Tenn. Feb. 9, 1825. Reg May 19, 1825. No wits.

JOHN CATRON, adm of John Childress, dec. sold to RODERICK M. McIVER, Madison Co., Tenn., out of Grant 17573, 345 acres to Representatives of John Childress; "conveyed to said McIver in consideration of an order of James Vaulx to convey the one fifth part of the said tract for 345 acres which one fifth part is hereby acknowledged to have been due the said Vaulx and /John C./ McLemore, a locative interest in said tract for 245 acres." April 16, 1825. Reg July 1, 1825. Wits John H. Hyde, D. Wynne.

JOEL DYER, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed in trust to DANIEL MADING for Dyer's wife, Sarah J., 274 acres on "south waters" of "middle fork of Forked Deer River" in Gibson Co., Tenn. in which William L. Mitchell of Dyer Co., Tenn. has a "locative interest" of 54 acres and Robert H. Dyer a "locative interest" of 66 acres also out of the 274 acres. Also, 910 acres in Haywood Co., Tenn. on north and south forks of South Fork of Forked Deer River, a residue of 5000 acres granted by N.C. to Benj. Smith and conveyed by John McIver to Joel Dyer. Also, a loan on John D. Carothers. Also, tract "where I now live," 416.8 acres granted to Joel Dyer and wife by State of Tenn. Also, note on Lewis and William Bolding for $100; same on David Milton, $92.54; same on Bird B. Smith, $70; same on William Wood, $251; judgment on Samuel Taylor of Madison Co. for $148; a note on Blackmon Coleman, $3000; also, stud horse and black horse called Jack; all livestock, household and kitchen furniture; 4 negroes: Joe, Jacob, Lydia, Tilla. May 19, 1825. Reg Oct. 13, 1825. Wits Henry L. Grey, Lewis Bolding (his mark).

CHARLES CARSON, Buncombe Co., N.C. a POA to John W. Carson, Burk Co., N.C., now of Madison Co., Tenn., to collect money and sell property in Tennessee, including sale already made of negro, Jacob; "yellow fellow", Sam; Nancy and her infant child, sold last Jan. and Feb. Oct. 21, 1825. Reg April 3, 1826. Wit J. H. Wilson.


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JASON H. WILSON, Madison Co., Tenn. "nominate and appoint my brother James H. Wilson' of same, a POA to confirm to EDWIN H. CHILDRESS, Madison Co., Tenn., several tracts in that county "I" sold him last fall: 200 acres, Poplar Creek; 50 acres adjoining same; 10 acres and balance of 201 acre tract granted Charles Carson deducting acreage sold to John Morrin. Reserving one acre out of the 50 acre tract "so as to include the graveyard of the said Jason H. Wilson in an oblong north and south." Feb. 24, 1826. Reg May 15, 1826. Wits W. Stoddert, A. L. Martin. (These tracts were confirmed to said Childress in a deed by James H. Wilson, acting for Jason H. Wilson, March 28, 1826. Reg May 15, 1826; pages 432-433.)

THOMAS SHANNON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" "I" have for LUCINDA GRAY, "my daughter" and her infant son, THOMAS S. GRAY and any other children she and Anthony T. Gray may have, the lot whereon the Grays "now" live, adjoining town of Jackson. July 28, 1825. Reg May 30, 1826. Wits Franklin P. Shannon, A. Patton

DICKSON/DIXON MARSHALL, late of Warren Co., N.C. died in 1824 without a will but "having evidences of property" other than in this county, i.e., South Carolina and other places. His widow, Lucy Marshall; Richard Duke and wife, Tobithy; Gilliam Wilson and wife, Betsey; James Clark and wife, Lucy; all of Warren Co., N.C., being lawful hrs of Dixon Marshall, appointed Jefferson Green, Warren Co., N.C. to dispose of property in Tenn. for them. Feb. 27, 1826. Reg June 7, 1826. Wits Thomas H. McRae, Joseph Loyd.

MARY and DAVID MITCHELL, execs of Andrew Mitchell, Maury Co., Tenn. conveyed to ANDREW ERWIN, Bedford Co., Tenn. An agreement existed (dated Feb. 14, 1815) between George Mitchell and Andrew Erwin about a 200 acre warrant (part of warrant 1605) for 2800 acres in the name of Andrew Mitchell and the 200 acres was "entered on the plantation of Samuel Buckhanon" but the title was removed to said Andrew Mitchell but the warrant was withdrawn as an "interference to the said Buckhanon" and applied to another tract. Nov. 25, 1820. Reg. July 15, 1826. Wits John Newton, A. Erwin.

WILLIAM KENDRICK, Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to SAMUEL HENDERSON, "my true and well beloved friend," of Mecklenburg Co., N.C. for the purpose of settling the claims "I" have against "my" father's estate (John Kendrick of Mecklenburg Co.) and also that of "my" mother, Martha Kendrick. July 26, 1826. Reg July 27, 1826. No wits.

PATRICK DUFFEE conveyed to the Chairman of the Madison County Court, in trust for "my sister Sally Smith wife of Curtice Smith and her children" livestock and other small items, including two beds. April 17, 1826. Reg August 1, 1826. No wits.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her granddaughter, Mary Jane Chester, infant daughter of Robert I. Chester and Elizabeth Chester and any brothers and sisters she may have, in trust to William E. Butler, 5 negroes: Nancy, Beatrice, Alfred, Charles, Robin. When Mary Jane marries or comes of age, she is to divide said negroes among herself and her siblings. Also, a piano forte. Jan. 5, 1826. Reg Sept. 25, 1826. Wits John Smith, Richard M. Chester.

WILLIAM E. BUTLER, trustee, acting for JANE HAYS, of negroes for Mary Jane Chester and others, conveyed to Robert I. Chester "to take possession of said negroes and piano forte" for the benefit of the said Mary Jane and others until "I call on him in the character of trustee for the same." Jan. 5, 1826. Reg Sept. 26, 1826. Wits John Smith, Richard M. Chester.

ANDREW DONNELL, Guilford Co., N.C. gave POA to "my beloved son John Donnell," Wilson Co., Tenn. to collect money and sell land in Tenn. May 16, 1826. Reg Dec. 1, 1826. No wits.


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ROBERT H. WYNNE and WILLIAM ARNOLD, adm of Martin Davis, dec. sold to SAMUEL DICKINS two negroes Ben and Mariah for $900. Feb. 9, 1825. Reg Jan. 3, 1826. No wits.

JAMES M. GIBSON, Madison Co., Tenn. sold for $738.30 to WILLIAM E. BUTLER, an undivided interest in the estate of Jesse Taylor of Virginia, devised by the latter to James M. Gibson, claiming 1/10 part of the estate "by right of his wife Lucy T. Wilkinson." Wits Jos. H. Talbot, Will Harris. Nov. 4, 1825. Reg March 14, 1827.

PATSEY DOAK, Wilson Co., Tenn. gave POA to WILLIAM STODDERT, Madison Co., Tenn. to deliver a deed to ROBERT MURRAY of Madison Co. for tract in SD 10, R 1, Ss 8-9, being the same entered in the name of Robert Doak, dec. and conveyed by "me" to William H. Doak and reconveyed to "me" by the same. Feb. 1, 1825. Reg March 28, 1827. Wits A. F. Doak, Wm. Donnell.

MARGARET MULHERRIN, only acting exec of James Mulherrin, dec., Davidson Co., Tenn., who authorized in his will his exec to sell land if necessary; she has sold to GEORGE RIDLEY, who held a note for $1200 against the deceased, the eastern part of Grant 18001 for 784 acres (Sept. 12, 1822) in SD 10, R 3, S 7, which 326 2/3 acres began at the SE corner of said grant, dividing John Overton's part of this 784 acres. Nov. 17, 1825. Reg March 29, 1827. Wits Ephraim H. Foster, A. B. Trotter. (p 520. JOHN OVERTON relinquished any claim he had on land conveyed by Margaret Mulherrin to Geo. Ridley, Nov. __, 1826. Reg March 29, 1827.)

CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, Madison Co., Tenn. was conveyed 348 acres granted to John Bigham, Grant 18797, for $493 and notes involving several persons who had a locative interest in the tract. THOMAS BIGHAM, ROBERT BIGHAM, Hickman Co., Tenn. and JAMES GREER, Madison Co., agent for Thomas Greer, N.C. sold this land to Charles Chamberlain. April 2, 1825. Reg July 19, 1827. Wits William Wood, John Cabe.

In the Circuit Court of Davidson Co., Tenn., November 1826. Case of JOHN CATRON and wife, MATILDA, complainants v SAMUEL B. MARSHAL and wife, JANE; BENJAMIN SUTTON (?) and wife, MORGAN; W. BROWN and wife (unnamed); GEORGE C. CHILDRESS, ELIJAH R. CHILDRESS and JOHN CHILDRESS, ELIZABETH CHILDRESS, JAMES CHILDRESS by Leonard P. Cheatham, their guardian; heirs of John and Elizabeth Childress, dec. Dec. 8, 1826 a deed dividing the real estate between the heirs of John and Elizabeth Childress was made and that portion allotted to Mrs. JANE MARSHALL or lot 7, 280 acres near Jackson, Tenn., part of Grant 17513 to John Childress, valued at $2810; also 263 acres in Maury Co., Tenn. on Silver Creek. Also, 252 acres in Lincoln Co., Tenn. on Preston fork of Richland Creek; also part of lot 39 on College Street, Nashville, Tenn. her total share amounting to $5962, was confirmed to JANE MARSHALL, wife of Samuel B. Marshall.

JOHN B. SIMS, ABSOLEM SIMS, BARTLET SIMS, OVID P. SIMS, LUCINDA BROWN, formerly Sims; ELIZABETH DAUGHERTY, formerly Sims: JOHN DAUGHERTY; JAMES SIMS, MARTIN SIMS, GEORGE SIMS, MARY SIMS, hrs of Parish Sims, for $120 conveyed to JOHN SLAUGHTER, Lirnestone Co., Ala. their interest in negro, Jane and her children, which are to be divided between the hrs of Bartlet Sims, dec. now in possession of Janes Hogan, Hawkins Co., Tenn. Oct. 10, 1826. Reg Aug. 17, 1827. Wits W. Wellborn, R. H. Wynne.

MICAJAH GREEN LEWIS, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to HUGH SHAW of same, for $3000, an undivided interest in the estate of James Martin Lewis, dec., father of said Micajah, being 1/6 part of 13,649 acres in Western District of Tennessee. June 4, 1827. Reg Aug. 17, 1827. Wits Charles C. Archer, Joseph M. Shaw.


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JOEL H. DYER, Madison Co., Tenn., DUNCAN McIVER and JOSEPH SCURLOCK "having entered as endorsers to the Bank of Tennessee at their agency in Jackson for the sum of three thousand dollars payable in one, two and three year instalments for the estate of R. H. Dyer by act of assembly will more fully show" and to secure these two men Joel Dyer, exec of will of "my father", puts forth 166 acres "near Trenton whereon the family now lives"; tract of 320 acres; 640 acres; several slaves, all to McIver and Scurlock, as trustees, and they to sell what would be necessary if Joel H. Dyer failed to "pay up the instalments and interest. " Jan. 6, 1827. Reg Aug. 17, 1827. Wits A. Huntsman, A. G. Nelson, W. E. Butler.

WILLIAM P. ANDERSON and JAMES LOCKHART, execs of John Strother, Tenn., conveyed to William Polk, Raleigh, N.C.; by decree of Court of Appeals, Nashville, Tenn., April 1821, Anderson and Lockhart became owners of several tracts of land granted to George Doherty for their services as locators of land. Sold to Polk, for $129, 72 acres on Findley's Creek of Collins River and also, 100 acres on same. April 3, 1821. Reg. Aug. 25, 1827. Wits Francis B. Fogg, Thos. Washington.

THOMAS HUTCHINGS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for "my" niece, ELIZA C. RAWLINGS, Madison Co., for her use and benefit after "my" death, negroes Jacob and Somerset, household items, including linen and bedding. Jan. 25, 1827. Reg Aug. 31, 1827. Wits A. Patton, John H. Rawlings.

JAMES and SARAH SIMMONS, Montgomery Co., N.C. gave POA to ADAM SIMMONS, Rutherford Co., Tenn. to sell land on "waters of Forked Deer River", 274 acres granted to the hrs of Eleazar Quimby. James and Sarah Simmons were hrs also. Jan. 3, 1825. Reg Aug. 31, 1827. No wits.

ZACHARIAH EVERETT, of Missouri, gave POA to JOHN WELCH, Madison Co., Tenn., to act on "my" behalf, to allot 128 acres out of 641 acres granted hrs of Mathew Everett in Madison Co., to JOSEPH LINN for his locative interest, 172 acres, in locating said tract, and remainder of tract to ANDREW L. MARTIN and JOHN LOVE or of 172 acres and the remaining 340 acres are to be sold. Nov. 17, 1826. Reg Aug. 31, 1827.

JOHN HARDGRAVES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" "I" bear BURWELL BUTLER, 150 acres in SD 9, R 2, S 10, beginning at the NE corner of 640 acres of which this is a part, granted to John Hardgraves by State of Tenn., Grant 16407, Dec. 20, 1821. March 3, 1826. Reg Sept. 6, 1827. Wit B. G. Stewart.

Whereas ROBERT H. DYER of Madison Co., Tenn. "departed this life on the 11th day of May 1826," leaving a will. His son, ROBERT H. DYER, is exec; as such said Robert Henry Dyer sold to JOHN LYNCH 275 acres "including the late residence" of deceased R. H. Dyer, for $1375. $1362.43 of this amount paid a debt of R. H. Dyer, dec. SD 10, R 1, S 10. Jan. 3, 1827. Reg. Sept. 6, 1827. Wits Alexander L. Caruthers, Martin Cartmell.

JESSE EMBRY, appointed guardian of MARYANN C. KAVANAUGH and JAMES P. KAVANAUGH, minor children of James P. Kavanaugh, dec. in place of William Kavanaugh, who turned over assets to Embry for Mary Ann C. Kavanaugh, $545.75 and a negro, Alexander, 25 yrs old; for James P. Kavanaugh, $717.61 and a negro boy, Dick, about 22 yrs old. Feb. 10, 1827. Reg. Sept. 7, 1827 (?)

JESSE EMBRY by right of his wife, ELIZABETH, daughter and hr of James P. Kavanaugh, dec. received from Wm. W. Kavanaugh, $638 and two negroes, Chaney, about 10 yrs old and Moses about 7 yrs old. Feb. 10, 1827. Reg. Sept. 7, 1827. Wit R. McIver.


(Page 9)

EDLEY EWING, Madison Co., Tenn. Whereas Jonas Hail of Madison Co. has married AMANDA MALVINA, daughter of Edley EWING, who "feeling a disposition to aid and assist his said daughter Amanda Hail and the heirs she now have /sic/ and such as she may hereafter have" gives to her, free from debts contracted by her husband, a negro Nancy and a bay mare and their increase to support her and her children. Partition among these hrs when children marry. April 21, 1827. Reg. Sept. 14, 1827. Wits James M. Love, John W. Love.

JOHN WRIGHT for "natural love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM A. WRIGHT, 60 acres granted to John Wright. May 16, 1827. Reg. March 5, 1828. Wits James McKnight, James Hopper.

JOHN WRIGHT for "natural love and affection" for his son, JOHN W. WRIGHT, 60 acres. May 17, 1827. Reg March 5, 1828. Wits James McKnight, James Hopper.

SUGARS McLEMORE paid $400 to HERBERT NEWSOM, adm of Eldridge Newsom, dec. for a negro boy, Burrel, about 11 yrs old. Feb. 19, 1827. Reg March 10, 1828. Wits James A. Edwards, Byrd Hill.

ELI CHANDLER deeded 120 acres to his "brothers and sisters", WILLIAM WESBROOK, ELIZABETH, AUGUSTUS JACOB HENRY, REUBEN HOLMES, SARAH ELSTON, SUSAN GILES and JOHN HENRY FREELING (all bearing last name of Freeling), for $340 in SD 10, R 1, S 7. Oct. 16, 1827. Reg. March 12, 1828. No wits.

WILLIAM HILL, White Co., Tenn., exec of James Hill, dec. for services and money spent in locating lands for Grant 18006, 229 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 8, to JAMES BROWN, 45 acres out of 229 acres. Oct. 24, 1826. Reg March 12, 1828. Wits James Chisum, Claibourne Chisum.

JOSEPH B. PORTER for "affection and good will" towards his son, JOHN T. PORTER, land, 320 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 9. Feb. 12, 1827 (although elsewhere in deed the date given for this conveyance is March 12, 1827). Reg March 25, 1828. Wits J. H. Wilson, S. H. Shannon.


Register of Deeds noted a bold "THE END" on page 652.



JAMES FREEMAN, Bertie Co., N.C., representing hrs of John Ramsey of N.C. who under the will of Allen Ramsey of Edenton, N.C. is entitled to a portion of lands left by said Ramsey in Tenn. and do relinquish to Wm. Woodfolk interest in several warrants for land: 350 acres, 640 acres, 2074 acres "which belonged in part under the aforesaid will of Allen Ramsey to Etheldred Perry in right of his wife Rachel Perry, Joshua Ward by right of his wife Elizabeth Ward, George Mizell in right of his wife Nancy Mizell; Sally Ramsey and Allen Ramsey. Nov. 4, 1820. Reg. March 26, 1828. Wits Robert C. Watson, Sterling H. Lester.

JONAS CLARK, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. in trust to JOHN RUDESELL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for and towards "my" two sons, John Franklin Clark and Edwin Alexander Clark of said county of Mecklenburg Co., N.C., 480 acres, SD 9, R 2, S 10, Madison Co., part of grant of 750 acres granted by Tenn. to Jonas Clark (Grant 22355), Aug. 10, 1824. At their reaching majority, sons to have this land outright. April 24, 1827. Reg March 27, 1828. Wits Nat Kelsey, John Read.


(Page 10)

WILLIAM JACOBS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" fo'r "my" children: Elizabeth Brown, Lucy Jacobs, James Jacobs, Henry Jacobs, Clementine Jacobs, property including 200 acres of land, household furniture, livestock; a negro, Polly, about 21 years and her child, Diannah, about 3 yrs; negro man, Robert, about 18 yrs; negro man, Merewether, a negro child, about 12 yrs; notes he held on several men indebted to him. Aug. 13, 1827. Reg March 28. 1828. Wits Larkin Carson, William Middleton.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. in trust to William E. Butler, for the "use and benefit" of RICHARD HICKORY HAYS, son of Stokely D. and Lydia Hays of Madison Co., a negro man, Ben, to remain in possession of RHH's parents for their lives, then descend to him. July 21, 1827. Reg August 8, 1828 (?). Wits Rob Hughes, Elizabeth Hutchings, John H. Rawlings.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. in trust to William E. Butler for the "use and benefit" of SARAH JANE HAYS, daughter of Stokely D. and Lydia Hays, Madison Co., negro slaves Sarah and six children: Moses, Deemed, John, Charlotte, Aggy and Milly and their increase. To Stokely D. and Lydia for life and then to descend to Sarah Jane Hays. July 21, 1827. Reg Aug. 8, 1828.

JAMES FREEMAN, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to Dawson, Augustus, Mary Ann, Martha, Nancy, Caroline and George Mizel, children and hrs of Gray Mizle, dec., Madison Co., 281 acres on Hatchy River, part of 1000 acres granted to Freeman and Ramsey in SD 1, R 1, S 10. November __, 1827. Reg April 8, 1828. Wits John D. Martin, John M. Johnson.

JOEL B. SANDERS and wife, MIRIAM L. SANDERS conveyed to WILLIAM E. KENNEDY, all of Lincoln Co., Tenn., for $392, their 1/7 undivided interest in 300 acres, SD 9, R 1, S 10 in Stewart Co. (now said to be Madison County) and an undivided 1/5 interest in 769 acres in SD 9, R 2, S 9, except 1/4 part due James Bright as locator of the tract. Oct. 3, 1824. Reg May 19, 1828. No wits.

In the will of JOSEPH LEA, dec., Chatham Co., N.C. he bequeathed several slaves to his daughter, Ann, now wife of Thomas B. Smith. Her brother, Joseph Lea and his brother, Robert Smith of York Dist., S.C. served as trustees for the interest in these slaves of Thomas B. and Ann Smith, residents of Mecklenburg Co., N.C.; they had a life interest and then interest would descend to their children. Jan. 22, 1828. No reg date but sworn before the clerk of pleas and quarter sessions court, August 15, 1827.

Case of JESSE JOHNSON and JOHN HARRIS and others, Circuit Court of Sumner Co., Tenn., Gallatin, in pursuance of an interlocutory decree, Sept. 10, 1825, ordered to sell an undivided 1/4 interest in 1000 acres located in SD 10 of Madison Co., granted to John Harris (Grant 20652), Oct. 7, 1823, for John Harris, Mathew Johnson, Rebecca Blakemore, Fielding Blakemore, Elizabeth Roberts, George Roberts, Charlotte Blackemore, Lee C. Blakemore, Mary L. Finlay, Obediah Finlay, Sally Johnson. $3000 awarded to Jesse Johnson for his interest.

CHARLOTTE SMITH, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and esteem I have for and bear to and for my son in law, ELIJAH FOSTER" negroes, Jenny, Edmund and a child, Sophia Jane. Feb. 17, 1828. Reg Sept. 1, 1828. No wits.

In the will of MARTIN GREER, dated March 11, 1822, Davidson Co., Tenn., he named as his legatees Benjamin Greer, Joseph Greer, Nancy Greer, now Nancy Burton; James Greer; William Greer. He failed to provide for a dau., Mary, then the wife of Samuel Vaughan but they are now legally divorced and she has resumed use of her maiden name. Of the legatees John and


(Page 11)

Nancy May, Green B. Greer conveyed an equal interest in their father's estate to said Mary Ann Greer. ___ 12, 1828. Reg Sept. 1, 1828. Wits Newitt Newsom, J. P. Haughton.

HARRIS BRADFORD, Gibson Co., Tenn. for "good will, love and affection" for his son, LEVI BRADF0RD, gave him 80 acres in SD 9, R 2, 5 10, Madison Co. Aug. 4, 1828. Reg Sept. 4, 1828. Wits Adam Brown, Absolom Budford.

RICHARD SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. sold for $500 100 acres in SD 9, R 2, S 9, Madison Co. to James McKnight, James Pinckney, Abraham Whitesides Cannon, hrs and children of Abraham W. Cannon, Madison Co. July 22, 1828. Reg Sept. 5, 1828. Wits R. McIver, James Kear. Abraham W. Cannon had bought this land from Sanders who was making a deed to it to Cannon's heirs.

MARY DOHERTY, JAMES B. PORTER and wife, FRANCES W. PORTER (formerly Doherty), Williamson Co., Tenn.; DAVID YARBROUGH and wife, HELEN M. YARBROUGH (formerly Doherty), Orange Co., N.C., heirs of George Doherty, sold for $100, interest in 640 acres granted to Heirs of George Doherty (Grant 16121), Dec. 8, 1820 to ISAAC SESSUMS, Madison Co. July 14, 1823. Reg Sept. 25, 1828. Wits William Sanders, Jno. Kisick, J. H. Howze.

GEORGE W. GIBBS, Davidson Co., Tenn., ALEXANDER and NARY ANN ELIZABETH McCALL, Smith Co., Tenn.; JOHN B. ARMSTRONG, RICHARD and ELIZABETH EVANS, Gibson Co., Tenn.; THOMAS T. ARMSTRONG, Stokes Co., N.C. sold to CULLEN LANE, for $420.75, 140 acres, part of the 500 acres granted to Representatives of Martin Armstrong in SD 9, R 1, S 10. March 27, 1826. Reg Dec. 27, 1828. Wits Jno. Mooring, Lewis Needham.

ALEXANDER LESTER and wife, KITTY; SUSAN GIBBS, Davidson Co., Tenn. gave POA to "our trusty friend" Col. Stokely D. Hays of Madison Co. right to confirm division of lands due them, divided by Hays and Col. Lacy and Major Sevier, Aug. 10, 1827. Alexander Lester assigned lots 1, 2; Susan Gibbs, lot 3; Benjamin and Kitty Smith, lot 4. Charles Sevier and S. D. Hays made final division of 330 acres, a tract on the south side of south fork of Forked Deer River, SD 9, R 1, S 8, adding the interest due David Dobbs and wife, Sarah. March 15, 1828. Lot 1, 71 acres, valued at $214.50 went to Alexander Lester. Lot 2, 71 acres, valued at $143 also went to Alexander Lester. Lot 3, 62 acres, valued at $217.57 went to Susan Gibbs; Lot 4, 62 acres valued at $252 went to Benjamin and Kiturah Smith; Lot 5, 62 acres, valued at $217.87 went to David and Sarah Dobbs. Divided March 15, 1828. Reg January 13, 1829.

JOHN B. CALLICOTT, Montgomery Co., N.C. f or "love and esteem that I have for my daughter CYNTHIA" deeded her a negro girl, Gen and at her death this slave would descend to her hrs. He appointed "my son" Pascal Callicott, Henderson Co., Tenn. trustee of the slave for Cynthia. Oct. 20, 1828. Reg April 25, 1829. Wits James Pankey, Baily Callicott.

THOMAS HARRINGTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for $2 sold to ALFRED W. POWELL, Madison Co., "for and in consideration of love and affection" he had for this son-in-law. 50 acres, SD 9, R 2, 5 8. March 16, 1829. Reg May 27, 1829. Wits John Reed, J. G. Hyde.

ARCHIBALD YARBROUGH and ELIZABETH YARBROUGH, formerly Sherrod, Franklin Co., N.C. sold for $400 to JOSEPH HUDSON, Madison Co., 100 acres out of a 120 acre tract "to which the said Archibald and Elizabeth is intitled as heirs of William Sherrod, deceased. " Sept. 11, 1827. Reg June 8, 1827. Wits James R. Gleaves, Drury R. Turner, Will H. Haywood, W. P. Taylor.


(Page 12)

JOHN McMILLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM B. McMILLAN, 156 1/8 acres, part of 481 acre tract granted by State of Tenn. to Andrew Boyd, Grant 18032, Sept. 16, 1822. Nov. 10, 1828. Reg Aug. 24, 1829. Wits B. M. Perry, M. MIDYETT.

HEIRS of JOHN and JAMES BONNER, N.C., sold for $924, 384 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 8, granted to John Bonner by State of Tenn., Grant 18160, to ALLEN HALL, Madison Co., excepting 60 acres deducted for the locator of the tract. Signed, ANN MARSH, J. B. ELLISON by James Caruthers his attorney. May 5, 1829. Reg Sept. 10, 1829. No wits.

LOVICK B. VAIL, Newbern, N.C. "acting for himself as one of the devisees of Reuben P. Jones, deceased and as one of the executors of the last will and testament of said Jones" and as agent for James T. Jones, another devisee, to JAMES VAULX, Madison Co., Tenn. for $320. . . . /deed not completed; acreage and witnesses missing/

WILLIAM E. BUTLER, Madison Co., Tenn. and sold to FRANCIS SANDERS, Nov. 30, 1823, ten acres near Jackson for $300 and in a partition of lands of Sanders, his daughter, Almedia and husband, Joseph H. Talbot had drawn this acreage, so that Butler made them a clear title for the tract. May 20, 1829. Reg Sept. 14, 1829. Wits J. H. Wilson, J. H. Rawlings.

Between THOMAS F. SANDERS for himself and as guardian of William Sanders, Leonidis Sanders, Frances Sanders, Elizabeth Sanders. Also, Robert H. Lake and wife, Mary M.; Joseph H. Talbot and wife, Almedia; all heirs of Francis Sanders, dec. The Talbots wished to secure their portion of the Sanders estate, a 1/7 interest, so that a clear deed was to be made to them from William E. Butler for ten acres. Nov. 17, 1828. Reg Sept. 11, 1829. No wits.

MARK CHRISTIAN, Sheriff of Madison Co., Tenn. sold to JOHN WITHERSPOON, 186 acres "on the waters of the north fork of the Forked Deer River," in SD 10, R 2, S 10, April 16, 1827 for $13.25, the amount bid for the tract by Witherspoon of Wayne Co., Tenn. A judgment for $372.78 recovered by Beal Bailey against the heirs of Asa Shute dec (William Shute, John Shute, Thomas Shute, Philip Shute, John Weatherspoon and Elizabeth, his wife; John Harding and Susannah, his wife; Christopher Stump and Rachel, his wife; Polly Hewitt, Matilda Hewitt, Eveline Hewett and Caroline Hewett; Hazael Hewett; Edwin H. Childress and Emily, his wife; Margery Childress, John Gowan, Wilford Gowan, Amanda Gowan, Minerva Gowan, Maria Louisa Gowan). County Court of Davidson Co., Tenn., April 1828 had ordered the 186 acres to be sold. Aug. 6, 1829. Reg Oct 29, 1829. Wits Alex. B. Bradford, Jno. D. Martin.

Whereas Robert Nelson, late of Buncomb_ Co., N.C. died intestate, leaving lands in Western Dist. of Tenn. his heirs (George Gillespie by right of wife, Anna, formerly Nelson; Archibald Nelson, Sarah Nelson, Charles B. Nelson, James Garrett by right of his wife, Jane A., formerly Nelson; Joseph S. Chism by right of his wife, Catharine, formerly Nelson; Philip H. Nelson; Green K. Cesna, Robert W. Strong, Joseph C. Strong, all hrs of Robert Nelson), and as he died with several debts and owed Robert and Thomas Love their locative interest in land they had secured for the deceased, C. Ready was to sell the lands and pay debts. Sept. 19, 1828. Reg Nov. 4, 1829. Wits R. N. Gillespie, Jno. Boyd, Jos. McFarland, Wrn. Nelson.

DUNCAN McIVER, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to ROBERT FENNER, of same, for $4329, 481 acres with houses, buildings on same, excepting "in this deed one eighth of an acre so as to include the burying ground that his father, mother and sisters and neighbours are buried on for that purpose and no other." Dec. 1, 1828. Reg Jan. 7, 1830. Wits J. Greer, J. P. Fenner.


(Page 13)

WILLIAM JUSTICE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" he had for his son, JOHN B. JUSTICE, part of the land "I" live on and on which said John B. Justice lives. 105 acres. Feb. 4, 1826. Reg March 29, 1830. Wits M. Christian, William Hill (his x mark).

CHARLES READY, Rutherford Co., Tenn. as agent for himself and his wife, Martha A. and other heirs of Robert Nelson, dec. late of Buncomb_ Co., N.C., sold 500 acres for $2500, being land in SD 10, R 3, Ss 9-10. Granted by State of Tenn., Grant 15907, Oct. 4, 1821 to Robert Nelson. Nov. 4, 1828. Reg April 13, 1830. Wits Robt. I. Chester, Jno. D. Martin.

ELIZABETH PULLIAM died leaving to her daughter, MARTHA JANE and her children, a 1/6 interest of her real estate. Portius Moore, Person Co., N.C., exec for Elizabeth Pulliam, wishing to accommodate ALFRED LANE, husband of said Martha, set aside slaves (Leathy, Tempy, Mary, Susan, Hannah) for the Lanes which were made over to Moore by the Lanes, with an understanding that at Lane's death, Martha and her hrs would receive benefit of these slaves. Sept. 9, 1826. Reg April 14, 1830. Wit Thos. M. Pulliam.

Whereas REUBEN PATTERSON, Lancaster Dist., S.C., deceased, purchased land in same district in order to procure of ELIZABETH PARKES, wife of Thomas Parkes, her right of dower. "I" agreed to convey to a trustee for the use of Elizabeth Parkes a negro Mangy and she relinquished any claim of dower to said land. In trust for Elizabeth Parkes, David M. Ballard appointed to act in her interest. July 13, 1829. Reg April 16, 1830. Wits Jincey Ballard, Wm. K. McDonald.

JAMES P. ERWIN bought for $1600, 303 acres in SD 9, Rs 1, 2, Ss 10-11, from the heirs of SAMUEL MOORE, who were Mary Moore, James A. McLeary and his wife, Eliza A.; David A. Moore, Carey H. Moore, Samuel F. Moore, Charles Stewart and his wife, Maria; Benjamin F. Lynn andhis wife, Judith; Keziah M. Moore by her guardian, S. F. Moore); William Moore. July 8, 1830. Reg July 13, 1830. Wits William Atchison, James C. Ross, Ruben Dockins (his x mark).

WILLIAM KERNS, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., exec of Mathew McClure, gave POA to "my son" JOHN DICKSON KERNS, to manage the disposition of lands of the late Mathew McClure in Madison Co., Tenn. July 7, 1830.

JACOB FISHER, Madison Co., Tenn. having in the life-time of his wife, JANE, sold lands held by right of her and $400 besides, agreed to make over to "our children" (John H. Fisher, Sally Elizabeth Fisher); a negro man, Cary and Hannah, his wife and their children Pleasant, Mary, Harriett and Delia were deeded to John H. Fisher. A negro woman, Hagi and her children Dan, Susan, Ned and Armstead and an unnamed negro girl, were deeded to Sally Elizabeth Fisher. March 10, 1830. Reg Aug. 27, 1830. Wits Wm. Stoddert, Henry Lake.

JOHN WRIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, FRANCIS WRIGHT, deeded him 60 acres. Aug. 2, 1830. Reg. Sept. 16, 1830. No wits.

ANN QUARLES, Overton Co., Tenn. for the "natural love and affection" for her granddaughter, Ann Huntsman, a "negro woman slave" Mary and her children Silas, Juliann, Nancy and Bill, making John T. Quarles, Jackson Co., Tenn. trustee for Ann in this property; he to "sue for and recover them if they should get out of his possession contrary to his will" . . . /and/ the object of this deed of trust. He to serve until Ann reaches majority or marries, then the slaves are to be hers. July 6, 1830. Reg Sept. 18, 1830. Wits George Oliver, J. Arnold, Ben Lampton, Mary M. Lampton. Ann Quarles signed with an "x" mark.


(Page 14)

JAMES SAMPSON, Haywood Co., Tenn. gave POA to Salmon Strong, Sampson Co., N.C. to sell a tract and negroes "left me by my aunt Mary Sampson deceased of Wilmington, N.C." Nov. 3, 1830. No wits.

JAMES B. PORTER and wife, FRANCES W., daughter of Major George Doherty, deceased, sold their interest in three tracts from George Doherty's estate (500 acres, 160 acres, 750 acres) to JAMES P. PETERS, Maury Co., Tenn. and JAMES BROWN, Madison Co., Tenn. for $2000. July 22, 1829. Reg Dec. 29, 1830. Wits James M. Frost, Benj. L. Orton.

JOHN CHISUM, Hardeman Co., Tenn. sold to NANCY CHISUM, VANRANSELAER CHISUM, EDMUND G. CHISUM, WILLIAM CHISUM, minor hrs of William Chisum, dec. 134 acres, on Johnson Creek, Madison Co., for $50. Feb. 25, 1830. Reg Jan. 29, 1831. Wits Laban Dotson, Harvy Derryberry.

JEREMIAH HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, JEREMIAH HARRIS, deeded him 100 acres. Year given only, 1829. Reg Jan. 31, 1831. Wits George Williamson, Jeremiah Fuller.

JEREMIAH HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for son, JAMES HARRIS, 100 acres. April 10, 1829. Reg Jan. 31, 1831. Wits George Williamson, Jeremiah Fuller.

JEREMIAH HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, DANIEL HARRIS, 120 acres. April 10, 1829. Reg Jan. 31, 1831. Wits George Williamson, Jeremiah Fuller.

DANIEL MASON, Humphreys Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" he had for his daughter, MARY JANE and WILLIAM STODDERT /husband and wife, although not so designated in the deed/, 640 acres in SD 9, R 1, Ss 7-8. Jan. 31, 1831. Reg March 1, 1831. Wits George Snider, James Young.

SARAH CALLICOTT for the "natural love and affection" for her daughter, CYNTHY JOHNSON, wife of Thomas D. Johnson, deeded her 3 negroes Betsey, 23 yrs old and her child; Eliza, 7 yrs old; some furniture and livestock. Jan. 24, 1831. Reg March 18, 1831.

GILBREATH NEILL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love, good will and affection" for his granddaughters, SALLY CARTMELL and ANN JANE CARTMELL, daughters of Martin Cartmell, Madison Co., a slave and her infant child (unnamed). Feb. 2, 1830. Reg April 12, 1831.

ELIZABETH R. DRAKE, Madison Co., Tenn. is about to marry and to make provision for her children and future security for herself, she placed all her possessions in trust with Jesse Taylor and Anthony H. Brown, which would go to her children after she died; including 4 negroes (Moses, Minerva and her two children). June 26, 1830. Reg June 25, 1831. Wits Saml. Dickens, Jesse Brown. /Madison Co. marriage records show that ELIZABETH DRAKE married ISAAC ELSBERRY, June 28, 1830./

JOHN McCLELLAN for the "natural love and affection" he had for CHARLOTTE SKINNER (relationship not given), deeded her 25 acres. April 29, 1831. Reg July 2, 1831. Wits P. McNeill, Jas. L. McDonald.

WILLIAM DICKINS, Madison Co., Tenn. deeded 40 acres of land on the west side of Middle Creek, SD 10, Rs 1, 2, S 10, to his daughter, ELIZABETH FISHER HUNT. Dec. 2, 1830. Reg July 22, 1831. Wits Theo. W. Pulliam, Alfred Lane.


(Page 15)

STEPHEN GERMAIN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for "my beloved son, Joseph Germain", chattels and goods. April 28, 1831. Reg Aug. 29, 1831. Wits P. McNeill, M. Autery.

STEPHEN GERMAIN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" deeded to his son, JOSEPH GERMAIN, lot 15 in Denmark, Tenn. April 28, 1831. Reg Aug. 29, 1831. Wits P. McNeill, M. Autery.

ATLAS JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" and $1 paid by James Vaulx, Roderick McIver, Philip McNeill, Robert Hughes, Madison Co. and James D. K. Reaves, Fayette Co., Tenn.; Thomas Jones, stepson of my brother, Calvin Jones, both of Wake Co., N.C., now living in Madison Co. and my nephew, William Calvin Jones, son of my brother, Calvin Jones; trustees. Gave daughter, ANN, wife of Dr. Robert Fenner a slave Manda and if she dies without children, then slave went to his son, TIMOTHY PICKERING JONES and if he dies without children, the slave went to MONTEZUMA JONES, son of my brother, Calvin Jones and if he dies without children, the slave went to THOMAS CALVIN REAVES, son of my niece and James D. K. Reaves and then to his heirs. May 25, 1831. Reg Sept. 6, 1831. Wits John Read, M. Deberry.

WILLIAM DICKINS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY HICKS, deeded her 88 acres in SD 10, R 2, S 9.; also a slave, Jane and her children, Gregory and Nelly. July 30, 1830. Reg. Sept. 21, 1831. No wits.

HANNAH WEAVER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for "my daughter" ELIZABETH, wife of Travis G. Brooks, deeded her a negro girl, Sarah, about 19 yrs old. July 12, 1831. Reg Dec. 26, 1831. Wits James Tidwell, Andrew Caradine.

JANE B. SMITH, Shelby Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARY E. SMITH, deeded her a negro woman, Evalina and her children. Dec. 7, 1831. Reg Dec. 29, 1831. Wits J. P. Clark, Jno. Trimble.

JANE E. SMITH, Davidson Co., Tenn. plans to marry CHARLES D. McLEAN, so that through her trustee, WILLIAM ARMOUR, she secured her entire property to be separate from that of her husband, which property would go to the hrs of "her body" after her death. Dec. 7, 1831. Reg Dec. 29, 1831. Wits J. P. Clark, Jno. Trimble. /The NASHVILLE BANNER AND NASHVILLE WHIG, Dec. 9, 1831 mentions that the Hon. Charles D. McLean, member of the House of Representatives of Tenn. was married in Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 8, 1831 to Miss Jane E. Smith./

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for MARY JANE CHESTER, her granddaughter, deeded her a "negro girl slave" Easter, about 7 yrs old; if she dies, slave went to her siblings. June 18, 1831. Reg Feb. 28, 1832. Wits Jno. H. Rawlings, Robt. I. Chester.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, ELIZABETH CHESTER and her children, deeded a slave, Caroon, about 14 yrs old, to be held in trust for them by William E. Butler. Aug. 2, 1831. Reg Feb. 28, 1832. Wits Jas. H. Aubrey, Sam J. Hays.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for "my son", SAMUEL J. HAYS, deeded him two negro men, Harry and Squire; two negro women, Delsy and Cynthia and also Candy and Philis, the last two of whom she would hold for her life-time. Aug. 3, 1830. Reg Feb. 28, 1832. Wits Saml. L. Henderson, Jno. H. Aubrey.


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MATHIAS BOON for "love and affection" for his son, HENRY BOON, deeded him 150 acres. Dec. 20, 1830. Reg March 5, 1832. Wits M. Deberry, A. Deberry.

ISAAC ELSBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for "my beloved son, " ENOCH M. ELSBERRY, deeded him a negro boy, Alfred. Jan. 26, 1831. Reg March 15, 1832. Wits Jesse Whittle, Emily T. Whittle.

JOEL STARKEY, Madison Co., Tenn. have given to "my son" CALEB STARKEY a mare, bed and other effects, making him equal to what "I" have given "my" other children. Jan. 24, 1831. Reg March 23, 1832. Wits Richard Wallace, Bennet Starkey.

BENJAMIN STURDEVANT for "love and affection" for his son, THOMAS W. STURDEVANT deeded him 50 acres. April 30, 1831. Reg April 2, 1832. Wit James McKnight.



REUBEN HOLMES, Davidson Co., N.C. deeded "unto the children of my daughter, LUCY now married to John H. Freeling," Rowan Co., N.C. a negro girl, Milly and her 3 children Sally, Rachel and Bob. June 18, 1823. Reg April 4, 1832. Wit Sarah Dethrage (her x mark).

SAMUEL DICKINS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, ANN V. MARTIN, deeded 365 acres to ANDREW L. MARTIN. Aug. 21, 1827. Reg April 4, 1832. Wits Anthony H. Brown, F. Dickins.

SARAH CALLICOTT, Madison Co., Tenn. f or "love and affection" for her son, PASQUAIL CALLICOTT and son-in-law, JOHN HALTOM, deeded them several slaves. Jan. 9, 1832. Reg April 5, 1832. Wits Jno. J. Carrington, John Bostick.

JOHN WRIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for son, SAMUEL B. WRIGHT, deeded him 70 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 8. Feb. 4, 1832. Reg April 17, 1832. Wits Francis Wright, James L. Wright.

JOHN WRIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JAMES L. WRIGHT, deeded him 70 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 8. Jan. 13, 1832. Reg April 17, 1832. Wits Saml. B. Wright, Francis Wright.

VALENTINE L. VANN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for JAMES CALVIN WARTERS, inf ant son of John and Ann Warters, deeded him a cow and calf. Jan. 17, 1832. Reg June 7, 1832. Wits E. Durham, Lewis Tyner.

DANIEL HARKINS, Madison Co., Tenn. for $1 and "natural love and affection" for his wife, Fereby and "my" six children: Ellenor Seals, Lasberry Shuffield, Rody Gay, Daniel Hiram and Daniel Harkins and three grandchildren, JamesSeals; Hiram and Daniel Harkins, children of "my son" Charles Harkins, dec.; to "my friend" AARON COMPTON, Madison Co. in trust for them, property, including the land he lived on; livestock; slaves. He and wife retained a life-interest in this property. Signed with an "x" mark. Dec. 20, 1838. Reg July 5, 1832. Wits Tho. Henderson, Z. Hardage, Charles Slater.

JOHN McCLELLAN for "love and affection" for his son, SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN, deeded him 106 acres in SD 10, R 2, S 9. April 4, 1832. Reg July 7, 1832. Wits B. M. Perry, M. Midgett.

VALENTINE L. VANN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" he had for "my beloved son-in-law SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN', ' deeded him 3 negroes Charles, Reuben, Daniel. May 8, 1832. Reg July 9, 1832.


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JOHN McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for son, SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN deeded him a negro man, Abram about 21 yrs old. May 8, 1832. Reg July 9, 1832. Wits R. McIver, R. McIver.

JOSEPH BYERS, JAMES S. BYERS, ROBERT BYERS, THOMAS BYERS, MARGARET BYERS, JOHN FALLS and wife, ESTHER; ADAM ROSS SIMONTON and wife, JANE; WILLIAM WHITE and wife, AMELIA; heirs of JAMES BYERS late of Iredell Co., N.C. authorized their "trusty friend and brother," WASHINGTON BYERS, to sell/dispose of lands in their father's estate located in Tennessee. Aug. 27, 1830. Reg Sept. 28, 1832. Wits George L. Davison, Theophilus Falls.

The BYERS HEIRS, mentioned on pages 106-107, sold to WILLIAM FALLS, their undivided 1/5 part of 2000 acres on Panther Creek, Madison Co., SD 10, R 4, S 8, for $50. Dec. 2, 1829. Reg Oct. 1, 1832.

JUNIUS P. FENNER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his niece, CORRINA ANN HENDERSON two slaves, Minta and Kitty "both formerly the property of Col. Thos. Henderson of Mt. Pinson." Dr. Robert Fenner was to act as trustee for her. Nov. 12, 1831. Reg Oct. 14, 1832. Wits E. F. McKnight, R. A. McIntosh.

JOHN THOMPSON, late of Chatham Co., N.C. had a slave, Jane whom he loaned to his wife, SUSANNA, for life; she died on or about March 10, 1832 and Archibald McBryde, a surviving exec of John Thompson, by his agent, Philip Alston, sold Malinda /a child of the slave, Jane?/ and proceeds would go into estate. Aug. 6, 1832. Reg Oct. 18, 1832. No wits.

WILLIAM McKENDREE for "love and affection" for his brother, JAMES McKENDREE, deeded him 221 acres on the "north fork of the Forked Deer. " March 2, 1831. Reg Feb. 18, 1833. No wits.

Whereas there is a marriage on foot between said JOHN SPENCER and one EMILY GREER of said /Madison/ County", and she owns two slaves, Minerva and Washington. Harbert Newsom acting "as her next friend," agrees with John Spencer that the slaves would continue the property of Emily. July 26, 1832. Reg Feb. 23, 1833. Wits Jno. Johnson, Thos. G. Norvell. /There appears to be no record of such a marriage in Madison County or anywhere in Tenn. A John Spencer married in Madison Co. to Martha Taylor, Jan. 23, 1831./

NICEY B. SMITH, made to Adam Huntsman, in trust for her children, 45 acres of land she lived on, 8 slaves, livestock and other property from the estate of "my father" (unnamed). After debts are paid in William H. Smith estate, the remainder of property of deceased would go to Nicey B. Smith and children Maryann Harden Smith, Partimon Littleton Parsons Smith, Goodloe Smith, Arameta Adeline Smith and each child would receive its distributive share on coming of age. Oct. 10, 1830. Reg Feb. 26, 1833. Wits Joshua Haskell, Rob Hughes.

JOSEPH SUTTON, Sampson Co., N.C. for "love and affection" for grandchildren Piercy Glisson, Betsey Glisson, William P. Glisson and dau., Hannah Glisson, wife of Henry Glisson, deeded them a negro woman now in possession of Henry Glisson. Jan. 20, 1832. Reg Feb. 28, 1833.

JOHN SPENCER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his grandchildren Felician Charles Winstead, John Todd, William H. Spencer, children of Clark Spencer, deeded them a lot that had been the property of Clark Spencer. /There is some likely confusion in this deed, as there are male last names not Spencer, that the deed calls children of Clark Spencer./


(Page 18)

JAMES PHILPOTT and wife, ELIZABETH; SOLOMON PHILPOTT; ROBERT HALLIBURTON; ROBERT D. BUMPUS and wife, NANCY; JOHN LUNSFORD and SARAH, his wife; all of Person Co., N.C. sold to GABRIEL DAVIE, Madison Co., their interest in 340 acres (each having about 30 acres out of this acreage). June 12, 1831. Reg March 4, 1833. Wits Wm. Whitefield, Saml. Davie, J. H. Smith, Green D. Satterfield.

EDMUND JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM J. JONES, deeded him the 200 acres WJJ lived on. SD 10, R 2, S 7. Jan. 23, 1832. Reg March 11, 1833. Wits Jno. Edmd. Jones, Thomas Vincent.

ELIZA PUTNEY, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her niece, MARY E. AUTRY, daughter of Micajah Autry, esqr. several slaves. April 18, 1832. Reg March 26, 1833. Wits N. A. Clark, Jno. J. D. Read.

WILLIAM WOODFOLK, Jackson Co., Tenn. f or "love and affection" he had for his daughter, MARTHA D. LYON, deeded to her husband, JAMES S. LYON, an undivided interest in Joseph B. Woodfolk's 2074 acre tract, granted by the State of Tennessee to Austin, Samuel, William and J. B. Woodfolk, Grant 16434, Dec. 21, 1821, in Madison Co. on the "south fork of Forked Deer River. Oct. 12, 1829. Reg April 2, 1833.

JOHN BIRDSONG has sold "to my father" WILLIAM BIRDSONG, all "my" interest in a mulatto boy, Gaston, 13 yrs old and he (WB) is to pay "my" debts. Nov. 13, 1832. Reg May 8, 1833. Wits Wm. R. Welch, William Keating.

JOHN WRIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for MARTHA M. MITCHELL, his daughter, deeded certain personalty, including mare, small oven. April 3, 1833. Reg May 10, 1833. Wits John Shaw, Saml. B. Wright.

ELDRIDGE HORD as guardian of minor heirs of STANMER HORD, dec., Thomas Hord, William Hord, Stokely D. Rowan and wife, Lucretia, formerly Hord; legatees of William Hord, dec. of Hawkins Co., Tenn. deeded to JAMES CHISUM 476 acres for having located 2576 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 7 and another tract, 238 acres in SD 10, R 4, 5 6 on Hatchie River. Oct. 6, 18__. Reg May 13, 1833. No wits.

AMBROSE DAVIE, Christian Co., Ky.; WILLIAM DAVIE, JONAS DAVIE, Montgomery Co., Tenn.; JOHN SCOGGINS, Robertson Co., Tenn. sold their interest in 340 acres in Madison Co., theirs as hrs of William Davie, dec., for $140, to GABRIEL DAVIE, Madison Co. Dec. 29, 1832. Reg June 22, 1833. Wits Asaphel Salle, Kendal Davie.

CHARLES BOYD exec of Addison Boyd, dec. in consideration of a lease of 440 acres for ten years by said Addison Boyd in his life-time, land that Addison and William Boyd bought from Isham Boyce, part of 640 acre tract. Charles Boyd conveyed to WILLIAM BOYD, 427 acres, his undivided interest in the moiety of the tract. Dec. 24, 1832. Reg July 8, 1833. No wits.

Whereas WILLIAM SHAW left to "my" wife and the heirs of her body $290 which amount has been paid me for persons and due them after "my" death. In settling estate this amount to be paid the parties involved before any other considerations. June 6, 1833. Reg. July 10, 1833. Signed, SILAS M. WILLIAMS. No wits.

JOHN B. PENDERGRAST, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and respect and esteem I entertain for Mrs. Jane Tigert and her ten children, to wit, Sarah, Matilda, Susan Matilda, Samuel King, Patsey Permelia, Thomas Bell, David Porter, John Pendergrast, Mary Catharine, William Even and Martha Ann, all the children


(Page 19)

of said Jane Tigert by her husband, Samuel B. Tigert. "Livestock, household furnishings, farming tools. Jane to have a life-interest in these items and at her death, they were to be distributed equally among her children. July 13, 1833. Reg July 20, 1833. Wits John Robinson, John Wharton.

In a deed of trust dated Dec. 21, 1832 between SAMUEL B. TIGERT and JOHN BELL, SAMUELDICKINS & CO., JEFFREY SANDERS & CO. To secure certain debts owed by Tigert, persOnalty items, including cows and calves, chairs, cupboard, loom, whipsaw, were sold at the house of S. B. Tigert, March 6, 1833. JOHN BELL sold these items to JOHN B. PENDERGRAST for $18. 09. Wits John Robinson, John Wharton. /Pendergrast then in an act of mercy turned around and deeded these items to Jane Tigert and children, as shown in a deed on page 331. / July 10, 1833. Reg July 30, 1833.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for her daughter, NARCISSA HAYS deeded negroes to her:Lydia about 26 yrs old; Bennce about 6 yrs old; Nancy about 4 yrs old; Nathan about 2 yrs old; Henry about two months old; Paris about 18 yrs old; Gloster about 14 yrs old; Maria about 10 yrs old. June 18, 1831. Reg July 30, 1833. Wits John H. Rawlings, Robt. I. Chester.

WILLIAM BUTLER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for HENRY BUTLER, 55 acres. SD 10, R 1, S 7. Wits C. G. Butler, John H. Freeling.

WILLIE B. WATKINS, Bedford Co., Tenn. heretofore married Ann Eliza Kincaid and being of the impression she was intitled to negroes Lucy and two children, John and Anderson; Amy and child, George; Delilah. He took possession of Amy and George. JAMES KINCAID, father of Ann Eliza, "set up a claim" for all the negroes. In a compromise dated Nov. 10, 1829, Watkins and Kincaid agreed that Amy and George would remain the property of the Watkinses and they would forgo any claim to the other negroes. June 28, 1833.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for natural love and affection" for her daughter, NARCISSA HAYS, deeded her negroes James, about 45 yrs old; Betty, about 48 yrs old; Jesse, about 6 yrs old; but they were to remain with her for "my natural life time." Aug. 27, 1833. Reg Oct. 17, 1833. Wits Samuel McClellan, Robert H. Butler.

JANE HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. deeded to her daughter, ELIZABETH, wife of Robert I. Chester and their children (Mary Jane, John Robert Hays and Martha Butler and any others they may have subsequently), with William E. Butler as trustee, negroes Moses, about 56 yrs old; Aggy, about 55 yrs old; Molly, about 37 yrs old; and Molly's children: Jim, about 2 yrs old; Charlette, about 1 yr old. Elizabeth Chester was to have a life-interest in these persons and at her death they would go to her children. Aug. 27, 1833. Reg Oct. 19, 1833. Wits Samuel McClellan, R. H. Butler.

WILLIAM BUTLER, Madison Co., Tenn. for $1 and "regards that I have for my son CHARLES BUTLER," deeded him a negro boy, George and a negro girl, Louisa. Nov. 29, 1833. Reg Oct. 21, 1833. Wits Hartell Pate, Martin Marsh.

In a POA ADAM COMPTON, trustee of Daniel Harkins, Sr., dec., delivered to the hrs of Charles Harkins (HIRAM HARKINS, JR., DANIEL HARKINS, JR., JAMES SEALS) certain negroes (Rose and child, Sarah; Dinah and two children, Martha and an infant girl), which were allotted to these persons out of the estate of Daniel Harkins, Sr., dec. Nov. 5, 1833. Reg Nov. 5, 1833. No wits.

ISAAC DILLARD for "love" of Leonard Moore, his son-in-law and his wife, Susan, deeded them "a certain piece of land" (no acreage specified). Oct. 20, 1832. Reg Nov. 8, 1833. Wits William H. Darnell, Thomas C. Lancaster.


(Page 20)

ROBERT FENNER, Madison Co., Tenn. sold for $4056.14 the 481 acre farm "called Cotton Grove whereon said Fenner late resided." Feb. 13, 1833. Reg Nov. 30, 1833. Wits John Read, D. McKnight. Sold to HUGH BELL.

STEPHEN PETTERS, York Dist., S.C. and WILLIAM BURTON, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. for "natural love and affection" for "our beloved sister and sister-in-law, JANE GOODRICH, wife of William Goodrich of the District of York and State of South Carolina" and to their children 4 negroes, Lucy, Charity, Jim, Harriett, bought in a sale by Petters and Burton; Jane Goodrich is "now in possession" of these persons. Burton signed with an "x" mark. Feb. 7, 1829. Reg Dec. 5, 1833. Wits Silas C. Goodrich, John G. Wethers.

Will of JOHN G. BLOUNT, Washington, Beauford Co., N.C. dated March 25, 1833. Proven in Beauford Co., N.C., Feb. 1833. Children named as legatees: Thomas Harvy Blount, Lucy Olivia Blount, John Gray Blount, Patsy Baker Blount, Augustus Blount; daughter, Polly Ann Rodman and her children William Blount Rodman, Mary Marchia Rodman, Mary Olivia Rodman. They received a generous legacy of lands, slaves and money. Three sons were executors. Wits Jas. Ellison, Thomas A. Demill.

Will of JAMES SANDERSON, Alexander, D.C., merchant, but later of Murfreesborough, Rutherford Co., Tenn.; monies from sale of real estate and all personalty to go to his sisters Jane Greenwell and Mary Parker Sanderson and to brother-in-law, George Clementson; all of Newcastle on Tyne, England. Friend, Colin Auld of Alexandria, D.C. to be executor. July 10, 1829. Certified copy registered in Madison Co. Oct. 1837. Date of this copy was June 24, 1833.

Indenture dated Jan. 8, 1834 whereby WILLIAM ANDERSON for "natural love and affection" for children of his stepson, SAMUEL TOMLIN, Madison Co., Tenn., deeded them a slave, Cloe, about 50 yrs old and her son, Sam, about 8 yrs old. Samuel Tomlin and John Exum were to serve as trustees for these children and their interest until they were old enough to assume ownership. Reg Jan. 14, 1834. No wits.

WILLIAM ANDERSON, on Jan. 3, 1834, for "natural love and affection" for his daughter, Mary Silaski Perkins, wife of Jacob Perkins, negroes Bella and her two children William and Handy; also Sarah and Tom. Property held in trust through William Hopper and John Read. Reg Jan. 20, 1834.

JOHN McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection for my beloved son," ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, deeded him negro Silvy about 21 yrs old and her child, Elick about 7 months old. Aug. 9, 1832. Reg Feb. 10, 1834. Wits M. C. Deer, P. McNeill.

SOPHIA EWING, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for her three grandchildren, children of my son, Newton A. Ewing:Amanda Catharine Ewing, Martin Sutton Ewing, Aldatia Ewing, several small personalty items such as a loom, dishes and livestock. Jan. 15, 1834. Reg Feb. 11, 1834. Wits Daniel Crouse, David C. Ewing.

JOHN B. BROWN for "natural love and affection" for son-in-law, BENJAMIN P. SEAWELL, deeded him the lot in Jackson whereon he (Seawell) lived; and several slaves. Feb. 10, 1834. Reg March 10, 1834. Wits James Kizer, H. F. Seawell, J. D. McClellan.

Indenture dated Nov. 24, 1829 between SAMUEL JACKSON HAYS, Davidson Co., Tenn., FRANCES MIDDLETON, spinster, Charleston, S. C., EDWARD RUTLEDGE PINCKNEY,


(Page 21)

St. James, Santee; Hon. JAMES HAMILTON, Charleston, S. C.; JOHN MIDDLETON, U.S. Navy. Whereas the late John Middleton of St. James, Santee by will dated June 29, 1821 gave residue of his estate, after debts and legacies had been paid, to his children:John Middleton, Frances Middleton, Thomas Pinckney Middleton, Sarah Motte Middleton, Rebecca Middleton, Elizabeth Laura Middleton and any others to be born. At probate of will two other children had been born: William and Alicia. Samuel Jackson Hays and Frances Middleton, one of John Middleton's legatees, were to be married. In 1834, Hays purchased 74 slaves from the Adam Tunno estate in South Carolina, for $18,449 for which a hefty mortgage was made. An agreement with the trustees of the Hays-Middleton marriage contract (1829) was made to the effect, "And it is the intention of all parties that on the /final/ settlement of the estate of the said John Middleton so much as may be necessary of the portion of the said Frances shall be applied by the said trustees in paying for the within negroes." (Jan. 31, 1834) Certified in Madison Co., Tennessee, March 28, 1834.

THOMAS MOORE, Montgomery Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for son, JOHN P. MOORE, deeded him 64 acres in SD 10, R 1, S 7. Jan. 2, 1832. Reg. May 15, 1834. Wits Lewis B. Moore, Joseph B. Moore.

Will of WILLIAM POLK of Raleigh, Wake Co., N.C. Executed by Polk Aug. 24, 1833 and proven in Wake Co. Feb. 20, 1834. Wife, Sarah Polk to serve as exec. She was left the residence, other lands and property. Lands, slaves, money left to children: Rufus K. Polk, George W. Polk, Susan S. Polk, Andrew J. Polk, Lucius Polk, Leonidas Polk, Mary B. Badger. Samuel Dickins and James Bright had served Polk in managing his Tennessee lands for years and he requested that they continue to assist his wife, Sarah, in that manner. Sarah Polk prepared a POA to Samuel Dickens to so assist her recorded in Madison Co.

Long account of the division of the real estate of THOMAS LACEY, dec. among his children: HUGH R. LACEY, THOMAS LACEY, JESSE LACEY; LABAN DODSON and wife, MARGARET, formerly Lacey; LEWIS F. EDDINS and wife, ELIZABETH, formerly Lacey; all of Madison Co., Tenn. April 1833. Reg Sept. 10, 1834.


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