By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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DAVID J. MERIWETHER, Madison Co., Tenn. sold 13 acres located on south boundary line of Denmark, Tenn., f or $1200, to DAVID MERIWETHER, THOMAS D. TARVER, ISAAC A. SKILLERN, THOMAS NEWBORN, JAMES BLAIR and ANDERSON SKILLERN, Madison Co. and JOHN A. TAYLOR, Haywood Co., trustees appointed by the Quarterly Meeting Conference of the Denmark Circuit of the Memphis Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for the use of congregation of that church at Denmark. Oct. 1, 1853. Reg Dec. 28, 1853. No wits.

ALLEN FULLER of Illinois sold to JOHN F. CLARK, Madison Co., Tenn. his interest in the estate of the late WILEY HARRIS as recorded in his will; for $250. Dec. 26, 1853. Reg Dec. 26, 1853. Wits Wilie T. Harris, G. F. Neill.

61. JOHN A. MUNS and SARAH A. MUNS for a bargain made this day /Feb. 15, 1851/ whereby MARTHA NUNS conveyed to V. B. WOOLFOLK all the interest she had in the estate of the late CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN and in consideration of this, John and Sarah relinquished their claim to said estate to Woolfolk. Reg Jan. 7, 1853(4) . Wits J. R. Woolfolk, C. Carpenter, F. R. Hardgrove.

Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., Oct. 28, 1850. The will of ANDREW GREER was proven in open court when Mrs. MARGARET GREER qualified as sole exec, THOMAS GREER refusing to act as co-exec. Greer's will provided: Margaret, two negroes, Rachel and daughter, Lucy. Daughter, MARY, wife of SAMUEL L. ADAMS, 4 negroes now possessed by the Adamses. Son, THOMAS GREER. Daughter, MARY ADAMS certain other slaves. His lands in Tennessee and elsewhere were to be sold and any other possessions that "may not be necessary to carry on the farm and support of my family." Slaves hired to work on the railroad would be so continued and he wanted his railroad stock held for benefit of his family. Estate to be divided among his wife and children after debts paid. March 11, 1850. Wits Charles Harris, John Dixon. Certified copy of will from N.C. dated Jan. 28, 1851.

MARGARET GREER, exec of ANDREW GREER's will, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. gave POA to ALEXANDER GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. to sell lands in Madison Co., Tenn. once belonging to Andrew Greer. Jan. 28, 1851. Reg Jan. 10, 1854. Wit H. B. Williams.

HUGH McKNIGHT for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARTHA O'NEAL, gave her a negro girl, RACHEL about 17 yrs old. Jan. 16, 1854. Reg Jan. 16, 1854. No wits.

Whereas on Dec. 26, 1852, JAMES WATT died leaving 200 acre tract in Madison Co., Tenn. which in his will be gave to his undersigned hrs.


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THOMAS WALKER was appointed to divide Watt's lands. One lot to EMELA COLE. Balance of land divided into lots: 1, to JAMES MATHEWS; 2, to MARY NEVILL; 3, to PERMELIA HIX; 4, by NARCISSA McCLEWER. Dec. 2, 1853. Signed, A. T. NEVILL, MARY M. NEVILL (her "x" mark), CYRUS MATHEWS, JANE MATHEWS (her "x" mark), JAS. McCLEWER, SHEPHERD HIX, MARY McCLURE and PERMELIA T. HIX. Reg Jan. 18, 1854.

DAVID MERIWETHER, Madison Co., Tenn. had sold 47 3/4 acres in that county to MATHIAS DEBERRY, Feb. 9, 1850; he now confirmed this acreage to the surviving hrs of Deberry: ANN, widow of Mathias and his two daughters, ELIZABETH D. DEBERRY and ANN MATHIAS DEBERRY. Dec. 13, 1850. Reg Jan. 20, 1854. Wits Robt. B. Hurt, Allen Deberry.

ROBERT FENNER, surviving exec of RICHARD FENNER's will, sold 40 acres to DAVID J. FRANKLIN, for $200. Jan. 31, 1854. Reg Feb. 1, 1854. No wits.

EDMOND BISHOP, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, LUCY G. HARRIS, gave her a feather bed, a mare, a mule, a negro glrl, Betty, about 6 yrs old; all free from the control of her husband. Signed with an "x" mark. Jan. 27, 1854. Reg Feb. 1, 1854. Wits A. Tison, A. C. DOWNING.

RICHARD H. FENNER and FANNY E. FENNER sold their interest in tract of land "which accrues to us in right of said Fanny E. Fenner" as one of the hrs of SAM H. ROGERS, dec. They sold interest to WILLIAM G. SMITH for $40. Jan. 31, 1854. Reg Feb. 2, 1854. No wits.

JAMES G. MAY, adm. of BAILEY LATHAM, dec in compliance with a bond made by Latham in his life-time, conveyed to ELIJAH SIMMONS, for $200, 100 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Range 1, Section 6. Nov. 3, 1853. Reg Feb. 15, 1854. No wits.

Contract between THOMAS M. GREER and ATLAS JONES. They agreed "to erect a circular saw mill on said Jones' land" to share profits equally. Jones would furnish timber from his lands, agreed to share expenses, including cost of timber from other people's lands. Contract to remain in effect until closed by mutual agreement. Feb. 20, 1854. Reg Feb. 25, 1854. No wits.

ELIZABETH COZZART, widow of JOSHUA COZZART for "love and affection" for her son, JOSHUA M. COZZART and daughter, HULDA, wife of W. H. MARLOW, and for $20 besides paid to her by them, gave them her 184 acres, including the dwelling house and cleared land left her by her husband, retaining such interest in same as she could derive a support from. Feb. 2, 1854. Reg Mar. 6, 1854. Wits G. W. Williams, E. Stewart. She signed with an "x".

ROBERT W. SIMS, exec of KINCHEN CARTER, dec, Madison Co. and NORMAN T. CHERRY and CALVIN W. CHERRY, adm of DANIEL CHERRY, Haywood Co. Carter had died with land mortgaged to Daniel Cherry (dated March 30, 1841). Sometime in 1847 Carter sold two tracts, 63 and 50 acres, to CARROLL JACKSON, to satisfy this debt. Now, Sims confirms deed to Jackson. Nov. 8, 1854. Reg Mar. 15, 1854. Wits H. A. Welch, C. Flowers.

JAMES B. BLACKMON, adm of AUGUSTUS RAWLINGS estate sold a tract (acreage not given) of land to REBECCA CALDWELL for $100. Mar. 8, 1854. Reg April 1, 1854. No wits.

Petitioners, citizens of the town of MASON'S GROVE, Madison Co., sought from county court, Madison Co., act incorporating same, which was duly granted according to state law. Mayor-Aldermen form of govt. provided. Oct. 3, 1853. Reg April 17, 1854.


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JOHN H. GREGORY, Madison Co., Tenn. sold 3 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 9, Range 1, Section 8, "it being a part of the tract the said Gregory now lives on" to LEMUEL NEWSOM, CLABORN NANNY, WASHINGTON SHIRFIELD, deacons for their church, LIBERTY GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH. April 15, 1854. Reg April 27, 1854. No wits.

GABRIEL DAVIE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JAMES B. DAVIE, grave him 350 acres "it being the eastern portion of the Woolfolk tract of land," the other part having been given to his son, A. F. DAVIE. April 25, 1854. Reg May 6, 1854. No wits.

GEORGE ROGERS and wife, LUCY ROGERS, daughter of JOHN GILLIAM, Sr., sold her undivided interest in Gilliam's estate to his widow, CYNTHA GILLIAM for $200. John Gilliam being John Gilliam, Jr. Both Rogerses signed with "x" marks. April 28, 1853. Reg May 6, 1854. No wits.

PHILANDER D. M. CONGER, exec and PENINAH BETTS, widow :and, exec of SELDON BETTS, sold to JAMES A. WRIGHT and BENJAMIN TURBEVILLE, 32 acres, 25 acres, 7 acres (Trace Creek) tracts for $2400. May 9, 1854. Reg May 13, 1854. Wits Joel Rushing, John C. Betts.

SUSANNAH GREER, WILLIAM M. GREER, ZENAS A. GREER, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. gave POA to ALEXANDER GREER, Madison Co., to sell land to which they had a right located in Perry Co., Tenn. April 1, 1853. Reg May 15, 1854. Wit G. Farris.

PHILIP ALSTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for LOUISA FUSSELL, wife of JAMES J. FUSSELL, slaves Henrietta, Julia Ann and her children Parilee and Ralph; free from her husband's debts. May 13, 1854. Reg May 17, 1854. No wits.

JABEZ WEBB and ALBERT WEBB sold to JAMES H. WEBB their interest in the dower interest of LURANY WEBB in 83 acres in Civil District 16, Madison Co. for $22.50. April 24, 1851. Reg June 2, 1854. No wits.

WILLIAM and C. W. HENRY sold to JOHN W. LOVE, JAMES W. LOVE, L. C. GILLESPIE, A. M. HART and J. B. TYSON, trustees of the Presbyterian Church, Denmark and THOMAS D. TARVER, A. R. REID, THOMAS MERIWETHER, trustees of the Denmark Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, for $500, a certain lot, "beginning on the alley on main street, thence east with main street one hundred and six feet to a stake . . . thence south /on William Henry's line/ 286 feet to a stake on Cross street, thence west 106 feet to a stake on the alley, thence north with said alley 268 feet to the beginning, 5/8 of an acre. Feb. 11, 1854. Reg June 8, 1854. Wits Wm. M. McBride, J. M. Weatherly.

E. /ELIJAH/ HAMILTON for "love and affection" for W. L. FOX gave him a lot in Mason's Grove, 5/8 of an acre. May 4, 1854. Reg June 9, 1854. Wits R. W. Sims, W. H. Rains.

MARY BLACK for "love and affection" for her daughter, ELLEN BLACK, gave to HAMILTON J. McKNIGHT, in trust for her a cow, feather bed. Dec. 20, 1852. Reg July 29, 1854. Signed with her "x" mark. Wits J. L. H. Tomlin, N. H. Witherington, John R. Jelks.

FRANCES A. COBB, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARY A. CRITTENDEN, gave negroes Jack and wife, Eliza and her children Martha, Paton, Mong, John, Lydia, Jerry and his wife, Nancy and their child, Jerry. Also, Bell, Isham and wife, Jenny and their dau. Miranda.


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Also, Jim and his wife, Lucy and her children Nelson, Blunt, Lucinda, Philip. George and his wife, Parmelia and her children Missouri, Vina, Anny. Wash and his wife, Rachel and her children George Henry, Sarah Ann, Julia. Phillis, an "old woman." Also, 1/3 of homestead plantation "on which we live" and the plantation 5 miles north of Denmark purchased from the estate of her father, JAMES MERIWETHER; all the mules, farming tools, carriage; household furniture and 1/3 of all claims belonging to the estate of THOMAS M. COBB, dec. Aug. 5, 1854. Reg Aug. 14, 1854. No wits.

As FRANCES A. COBB, Madison Co., Tenn. had recently made a deed of gift to her daughter, MARY A. CRITTENDEN for much property, but failed to include in the document that the property was to be free from control, obligations of Mary's husband, HARVEY S. CRITTENDEN, who now relinquishes any claim he may have on these possessions by "marital right." Aug. 23, 1854. Reg Aug. 23, 1854. No wits.

THOMAS G. NEEL and SAMUEL J. NEEL, Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to ALEXANDER GREER, Madison Co. to sell "our tract" of land, 480 acres, being part of land "laid off to MARGARET NEEL" of Mecklenburg Co., N.C. and willed to her by her father, THOMAS GREER of that county. Mar. 13, 1854. Reg Sept . 4, 1854. No wits.

Whereas on Jan. 26, 1847 JAMES D. McCLELLAN and MARK TAYLOR had agreed on an exchange or "swap" of land and McClellan had died without the deeds having been finalized. McClellan's widow and exec, ISABELLA C. McCLELLAN had now received from Taylor the ten acres he had agreed to exchange with the deceased so that now she made a deed to Taylor for the 19 acres provided for him in the agreement. Aug. 10, 1854. Reg Sept. 11, 1854. Wits W. H. Taylor, Samuel McClanahan.

ELISHA FORTUNE for "love and affection" for his daughter-in-law, SOPHIA R., wife of his son, JAMES V. FORTUNE, gave her a negro girl, IDA about 8 yrs old, free from the control/debts of her husband. Sept. 15, 1854. Reg Sept. 15, 1854. Wits Samuel McClanahan, J. V. Fortune.

GEORGE G. HARSTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his sister, LOUISA, wife of D. C. WOODALL, gave her a new buggy, harness and "chattles thereto belonging." April 16, 1854. Reg Sept. 25, 1854. No wits.

On Jan. 25, 1848 JOSEPH H. COOPER had bought 369 acres, for $550.50, from DANIEL BRANDON, now dec; he had paid for the land and he was now given clear title to it; divested from Brandon's hrs: MARY ANN ANDERSON, MARGARET O. TAYLOR, WILLIAM L. GATTIS, GEORGE C. GATTIS, REBECCA ANN GATTIS, CHARLES C. GATTIS and SUSAN L. CONNALLY, now SUSAN LANCASTER. Sept. 27, 1854. Reg Oct. 12, 1854.

ELISHA FORTUNE, Monroe Co., Ky. for "love and affection" for his daughter-in-law, Sophia, wife of his son, JAMES V. FORTUNE and for her children (Laura, Josephine, Marcella, George and Mary J.) gave them 80 3/4 acres, adjoining town of Jackson, Tenn. Oct. 6, 1854. Reg Oct. 7, 1854. Wits Samuel McClanahan, J. V. Fortune.

Whereas a marriage was soon to be solemnized between ANN ELIZA TATE, Franklin Co., Ala. and CALEB J. JESTER, he agreed to hold in trust for her, the interest she inherited in estate of her father, JAMES TATE, dec, including a storehouse on main street in Tuscumbia, Ala. and the dwelling house immediately east of the storehouse; negroes Dicy, Mary, Virginia; household furniture; interests she had in estate of her grandfather, JOHN SUTHERLAND of Missouri and in the estate of her uncle, ANDREW SUTHERLAND of Missouri. Jan. 20, 1848. Reg in Madison Co. Oct. 11, 1854. Wits William H. Taylor, Andrew L. King.


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JAMES BAXTER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, SALLY H., wife of ROBERT STEWART, gave her a negro girl, Ann about 18-19 yrs old; free from control/debts of her husband. Oct. 18, 1854. Reg Oct. 19, 1854. No wits.

WILLIAM H. EDWARDS was entitled to 1/4 interest in Mahala, Mary, Josiah, conveyed in trust to JOHN R. JELK by JUSTIN L. EDWARDS for use of SMETHEY EDWARDS, his widow, during her life or widowhood and WILLIAM H. EDWARDS and her 3 children have an interest in same; now she gave William H. Edwards three negroes as his interest in the agreement and she paid him $300 for them, settling his interest in J. L. Edwards' estate. July 24, 1854. Reg Oct. 16, 1854. Wits John H. Collins, Luther Shivers.

JOSEPH J. ALSTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for ELIZA P., wife of TURNER C. HOLT, conveyed in trust to her, through AUGUSTUS B. ALSTON, Madison Co., 89 acres in Civil District 18, 2 negro women Matilda about 50 yrs old; Milly about 22 yrs old; horse, waggons, yoke of pidied oxen and other livestock, crop of cotton now growing, fodder, farming tools, all of which Turner C. Holt has on his farm; also a lot in Mason's Grove. Oct . 16, 1854. Reg Oct . 16, 1854. No wits.

SAMUEL and ELIZABETH LOVIL conveyed to JACOB W. ARNOLD, Gibson Co., Tenn. their interest in personal/real estate of HENRY DARR, dec, late of Madison Co.; she being a daughter and distributee of said Darr. Oct. 19, 1854. Reg Oct. 19, 1854. Wit Robert _arge.

FRANCES A. COBB and MARY A. CRITTENDEN gave POA to HARVEY S. CRITTENDEN to manage their property, real and personal until Jan. 1, 1856. No execution date given. Reg Oct. 24, 1854. No wits.

WILLIAM H. LONG for "love and affection" for his sister, SUSAN COLE and her children PETER COLE, RICHMOND COLE, JANE COLE, TURNER COLE, JOHN COLE, conveyed to RICHMOND COLE, Carroll Co., Tenn. in trust for them two tracts (89 acres, 58 acres), not subject to her husband's debts. Oct. 17, 1852. Reg Nov. 4, 1854. No wits.

OBADIAH DODSON for "love and affection" for his son, P. W. DODSON, gave him a negro girl, Rainey about 30 yrs old. Nov. 28, 1850. Reg Nov. 6, 1854. Wit D. D. Newbern.

Chancery Court, Madison Co., Tenn. Ambros R. Read v Widow, heirs and creditors (so styled in the document). As MARTHA, widow of JOHN D. GRANT, had purchased the remainder of the dower interest in 2 acres for $61, title is now vested in her for this 2 acres tract. Sept. 11, 1854. Reg Nov. 8, 1854.

SOLOMON GLENN and wife, NANCY, hr at law of JOHN ANDERSON, dec. sold to JOHN W. ANDERSON their interest in John Anderson's estate for $75. Feb. 10, 1854. Reg Nov. 21, 1854. Wits Jefferson Anderson, Jones Williams.

NANCY FULLER, Jersey Co., Illinois gave POA to GEORGE W. FULLER, Clay Co., Illinois to receive for her any legacy she had due from estate of her father, WILEY HARRIS, dec, late of Madison Co. Aug. 7, 1854. Reg Jan. 4, 1855. Wits Geo. E. Warren, Perley Selloway.

M. A. ALEXANDER, adm of ELISH CUPP, dec by order of Chancery Court, Madison Co., sold 2 tracts of 110 acres, for $295, to GHASKINS ROLLINGS, Jan. 27, 185l. Court now confirmed this transaction. Feb. 5, 1851. Reg Jan. 16, 1855.

Receipt of CHARLES N. WEBB to JAMES H. WEBB, adm of LOURANY WEBB's estate, for $94.72 3/4, his distributive share of same. Dec. 18, 1854. Reg Jan. 17, 1854(5)


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JAMES CAROTHERS /Caruthers/, had, on June 12, 1844, sold to WEST TENNESSEE COLLEGE, a tract of land for $3000 and as purchase money had been paid, he confirmed deed to this college, land being located "on the eastern end of the town of Jackson being all that portion of ground formerly owned by Andrew L. Martin, beginning south of the road or street leading to Cotton Grove and north of the alley on the original plan of Jackson . . . on the eastern line of McNary /McNairy/, Butler & Phillips 500 acre tract at a point where the aforesaid road to Cotton Grove crosses said line. . . ." Jan. 26, 1855. Reg Jan. 26, 1855.

Case in Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn. Court had ordered clerk and master to sell property in which Duffees had an interest, August 1847. 200 acres had been sold to SOLOMON KING for $510. "Balance of the land described in petition" sold to SAMUEL DUFFEE for $525. 25. Several negroes were sold. Title in same divested from ELIZABETH DUFFEE, SAMUEL DUFFEE, SIMEON DUFFEE, M. DUFFEE, STEPHEN MOORE and wife, SARAH, ANDREW KING and wife, GRISSOM, JOHN DOLLAR and wife, ELIZA. JOHN S., ELTZABETH A., RUFUS H. JAMES G., MARTHA, THOMAS and LUCY DUFFEE by their grdn, JOHN R. JELKS. Jan. 8, 1851. Reg Jan. 29, 1855.

MARGARET MASON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, REBECCA GOODRICH, formerly Mason, gave her through a trustee, JOSHUA J. SANDERS, 5/10 of 194 acres, free from the control/debts of her husband, M. M. GOODRICH. Feb. 9, 1855. Reg Feb. 17, 1855. Signed with an "x" mark.

EDWARD BISHOP for "love and affection" for his son, GEORGE T. BISHOP, gave him 57 acres. Jan. 16, 1855. Reg Feb. 24, 1855. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits M. C. Adams, W. R. Harris.

SARAH CAMPBELL, exec of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, sold to JOHN MURRELL 1 acre in Jackson, retaining a lien until full amount of $900 had been paid for it. Dec. 7, 1854. Reg Feb. 27, 1855.



JOHN L. GREEN, Hardeman Co., Tenn. "desirous of making provision for his mother, ELIZABETH M. GREEN, wife of JOHN C. GREEN against future contingencies and for her maintenance and support" gave her several household items, including feather beds, a bureau, dining table, 12 chairs, etc. already in possession of the elder Greens. Held in trust for her by JOHN CHESTER. Mar. 3, 1855. Reg Mar. 5, 1855. Wits John L. Brown, G. I. Christian.

JOHN NELSON, SR. sold to JOHN NELSON, JR. 50 acres for $150 in Civil Dist. 16, Madison Co. Feb. 12, 1855. Reg April 4, 1855. Wits A. M. Shane, Miles C. Pearcy.

Residents (J. C. STEWART, J. L. RUSHING and others) of MEDON, Tennessee petitioned the Madison Co. Court for incorporation of their town, which the court allowed according to state law, incorporating an area of a mile square. Jan. 1, 1855. Reg April 6, 1855.

In March 1855 JOHN A. TOMLINSON at SARAH STEWART's request assisted her as a security before Judge John Read, in a bond of $1000 "for the appearance of my son WILLIAM A. STEWART at the next term of the Circuit Court of Madison County to answer the charge of malicious stabbing." If problem arose, i.e. if William A. absconded, Tomlinson would not be left with debt on bond. JAMES RONE was authorized to sell several negroes to pay Tomlinson in such an event. She signed with an "x" mark. April 6, 1855. Reg April 7, 1855. Wits J. M. Hanna, Sarah J. Snodgrass.


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/Perhaps William A. Stewart absconded leaving his mother with an obligation to make good on the bond posted for him. In any event, she sold a slave, Richmond, 9 yrs old to John A. Tomlinson, Oct. 27, 1854 for $550, pages 87-88./

ALEXANDER GREER, agent for MARGARET GREER, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. executed a deed to JAMES LOWRY, J. FAULKNER for 42 acres, April 10, 1855. The $3520 paid by these two men lead to title being confirmed to Lowry and to the hrs of said Jesse Faulkner, i.e. EVANS HENRY FAULKNER, MATILDA ANN ELIZABETH FAULKNER, SUSAN ARRENDA FAULKNER, MARY JANE FAULKNER, DELIA ANN FAULKNER, JESSE FAULKNER. Reg April 10, 1855. No wits.

JAMES PERRY sold to WILLIAM WILKS; dec in his life-time and gave bond for same, land in Civil District 9 of Madison Co. Agreement having been complied with Perry confirmed title in this land to PERRY C. WILKS, adm of WILLIAM WILKS, to the latter's hrs: PERRY C. WILKS, MARTHA N. C. WILKS, MARY D. PEARSON. (84 acres) April 14, 1855. Reg May 7, 1855. Wits W. H. Marlow, M. M. Faulkner.

SARAH CAMPBELL, exec of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL's will, sold to JOHN M. CAMPBELL lots 3, 4, 5, 17, 18, 19, 20, some 5 acres, in Jackson, for $183.60. Dec. 6, 1854. Reg June 11, 1855. No wits.

LOUISA A. HUTCHINGS, exec of CHRISTOPHER HUTCHING's will gave POA to RICHARD J. HAYS and JOHN M. MORRILL "to attend to and settle all the business" of the estate of her husband. Dec. 1854. Reg. June 11, 1855. This agreement was re-affirmed by marginal statement to that effect on Oct. 14, 1856. Wit Frank Hutchings.

JOHN W. LOVE, A. W. HART, J. B. TYSON, JAMES W. REID, L. C. GILLASPIE, trustees of the Presbyterian Church in Denmark, sold to WILLIAM D. WILSON, lot in Denmark, Civil District 3, Madison Co. Oct. 4, 1854. Reg June 13, 1855. Wits J. W. Weatherly, J. H. Day. /This appears to be the property the church acquired, along with the Masons, Feb. 1854. See Deed Book 17, pages 323-324./

JOHN W. TURNER and wife, MARGARET B., formerly McLEMORE exchanged with her father, SUGARS McLEMORE, 268 acres he had formerly given to her, with 345 acres, now she and husband conveyed to said father, the 268 acres, which had a value of $2680. May 28, 1855. Reg June 14, 1855. No wits.

Whereas a marriage is shortly to be solemnized between NATHANIEL W. WILLIAMS, Marshall Co., Miss. and PARADISE HUNTSMAN, Madison Co., Tenn., and as she held in common with AMERICA HUNTSMAN, GEORGE T. HUNTSMAN, ADAM F. HUNTSMAN, SUSAN J. HUNTSMAN, the slaves Dick, Fanny, Laura, Cloe, Nancy, Mary, Will, Sucky (pronounced Sookey), Cyntha and child, Mary, Hannah, Rob, Eliza, Patsy, Susan and Margaret. They agreed to turn over for Paradise's benefit in trust to GEORGE T. HUNTSMAN her interest in these slaves. May 29, 1855. Reg June 15, 1855. Wits T. P. Scurlock, Ann Scurlock. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that this couple were married May 30, 1855./

WALLACE CLAIBORNE and wife, ELLEN N., of Alabama, gave POA to MICAJAH BULLOCK to recover her distributive share in the estate of JOSHUA HASKELL, dec. Jan. 8, 1855. Reg June 16, 1855. No wits.

MARY HAMILTON relinquished claim on property to be sold by ELIJAH HAMILTON, exec of W. N. HAMILTON's will. May 6, 1855. Reg July 3, 1855. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits R. W. Sims, J. D. James.

At Madison Co. Court, Sept. 6, 1852. in the case of MARY P. MAXEY & Others Ex Parte . MARY P. MAXEY had sold land ordered formerly. Lot 1, one acre, sold to MARTHA BOYETT, $125. Lot 2, one acre sold to ZOPHER JAYNE, $l00. Lot 3, one acre, sold to WYATT MOORING, $100. Court vested title to


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these small parcels in purchasers and divested from MARY P. MAXEY, MARGARET MAXEY, ELIZA J. MAXEY, WILLIAM D. MAXEY, _____ DYSART and wife, SARAH. JOHN B. MAXEY, GEORGE MAXEY, ELIZABETH MAXEY, HENRIETTA MAXEY and JULIA MAXEY. Reg Sept. 17, 1855.

Marriage Contract, Sept. 10, 1855. JAMES SELLERS, Hardeman Co., Tenn. and MARGARET McCORD were about to marry and they agreed that all property she brought to marriage would remain hers, held in trust for her by JOHN BARNETT. She signed agreement with an "x" mark. Reg Sept. 17, 1855. Wits David A. Carter, George W. Freeman. /Madison County marriage record shows that this couple were married September 17, 1855/

MARTHA ANN HART, grdn of minor hrs of SILAS HART, dec. DERIUS HART sold his distributive share in this estate to THOMAS E., JAMES, JOSEPH, CORNELIA, TURNER, HARRIETT M. and ADOLPHUS HART, children of Silas Hart. Sept. 18, 1855. Reg Sept. 20, 1855. No wits.

ELIZABETH, wife of ANDREW J. BAILEY, daughter of JANE GOODRICH, gave POA to her husband to receive from JOHN L. BROWN, clerk of circuit court, her share of proceeds in sale of slaves involved in the GEORGE P. GOODRICH and others case. Oct. 1, 1855. Reg Oct. 2, 1855. Wits J. M. Hanna, Stephen Burrus. She signed with an "x" mark.

"With a view to promote the cause of religion and to secure the comfortable support of the present rector of St. Luke's Church in Jackson, Diocese of Protestant Episcopal Church in Tennessee, JAMES L. TALBOT conveyed to its aldermen, JAMES VAULX, JAMES CARUTHERS, Dr. ROBERT FENNER, W. H. STEPHENS, JOHN READ, TIMOTHY P. SCURLOCK, JOSEPH D. MASON and JOHN M. PARKER, 5 acres for use as a parsonage, located in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Section 9, adjoining the town of Jackson. Sept. 10, 1855. Reg Oct. 3, 1855.

In Madison Co. Court, April 7, 1852, report that 45 acres had been vested to purchaser, JOSIAH DYSON and purchaser, THOMAS INGRAM in 88 acres, and divested from ELIZABETH, WILLIAM, MARY, MELISSA, MARTHA, NANCY, WINNA, THOMAS and ANDREW RAGSDALE. Reg Oct. 20, 1855.

GEORGE W. STOVAR for "love and affection" for his wife, GEORGE ANN STOVAR, gave her personalty, including furniture, crops, livestock. Oct. 25, 1855. Reg Oct. 25, 1855. No wits.

SUGARS McLEMORE, Madison Co., Tenn. confirmed to his daughter, MARGARET TURNER, 345 acres, having exchanged with her, 268 acres. May 28, 1855.

SAMUEL H. FARMER, Hardeman Co., Tenn. sold to JOHN L. COOK, for $532, a lot in Jackson, "beginning on the alley leading to the tanyard, on the northeast corner of a 4 3/4 acre lot sold by the Branch Union Bank to Samuel Lancaster /at/ Jas. Caruther's southeast corner thence west with said Jas. Caruthers line 22 poles to a stake, the east boundary line of the new grave yard laid off by Samuel Lancaster, thence south fifty feet to an 18 foot alley, to be laid off by Sam Lancaster thence east with said alley 22 poles to the alley leading from the tanyard, thence north fifty feet to the beginning. Nov. 9, 1851. Reg Nov. 15, 1855. No wits. /Mention here of expansion, a new section, to the city cemetery in Jackson, eventually to be named Riverside Cemetery/

JAMES B. DAWSON, Houston Co., Tex., agreed, for purposes of avoiding a lawsuit and disturbing peace of the family and for $166.66 besides, received from WILLIAM H. EDWARDS, agreed that he should receive a share in the estate, as provided in the will of VALENTINE S. VANN. JAMES P. COLLINS also received $166.66 for the same consideration, providing for W. H. Edwards. Dec. 22, 1855. Reg Jan. 1, 1856. Wits O. H. Wade, B. M. Hicks.


(Page 44)

LUTHER SHIVERS, Houston Co., Texas agreed, for purposes of avoiding a lawsuit and disturbing peace of the family and for $166.66 besides, received from WILLIAM H. EDWARDS, agreed that he should receive a share in the estate, as provided in the will of VALENTINE S. VANN. Dec. 22, 1855. Reg Jan. 1, 1856. Wits O. H. Wade, B. M. Hicks.

MARGARET E. BRINSON, Perry Co., Ark. gave POA to SAMUEL FOWLER to receive/recover what was due her from the estate of her son, ERVIN AUSTIN NICHOLS. Dec. 17, 1855. Reg Jan. 7, 1856. No wits.

ELIZABETH BARNETT, widow of JOHN BARNETT, for "love and affection" for her children and grandchildren, and also that "she is old and becoming infirm . . . /it had/ become irksome, difficult and troublesome to manage the slaves and farm left me during my natural life" by her husband's will. Therefore, she wanted estate to be divided, l00 acres and several slaves. To: WILLIAM R. BARNETT. ELIJAH T. BARNETT. GEORGE W. HAUGHTON and wife, HARRIETT M. ELIAS D. BARNETT, JOSEPH SMITH and wife, MARY E. FRANCES ANN BARNETT, wife of ALBERT G. BARNETT, dec. VIRGINIA, HENRY and ALBERT B., hrs of ALBERT G. BARNETT. MARGARET E., widow of LAWSON BARNETT and WILLIAM B. son of LAWSON BARNETT, dec. Jan. 4, 1856. Reg Jan. 9, 1856. Wits Walter T. Key, William B. S. Hall.

RICHARD B. QUINNLY, Madison Co., Tenn. assigned to THOMAS W. GAMEWELL his interest in the state of B. C. BICKERS, for $40. Jan. 8, 1856. Reg Jan. 16, 1856. Wits John L. Brown, John L. H. Tomlin.

Indenture dated July 1, 1855 by JAMES R. VANN, BENJAMIN HICKS and wife, MARY. GEORGE HICKS and wife, JANE. JAMES W. TOMLIN and wife, MARTHA; RADFORD WITHERS, grdn of ISABELLA McCLELLAN, all of Madison Co., Tenn. AND GEORGE WADE and wife, BALSORA of Gibson Co., Tenn. with WILLIAM H. EDWARDS. "Whereas some doubts and ambiguities arise upon the face of the will of VALENTINE S. VANN, deceased as to whether the said WILLIAM H. EDWARDS is to represent his deceased mother MARY EDWARDS and take equally under said will with the balance of the legatees under the word 'children' and whereas while said doubts and ambiguities exists, there is a probability of becoming involved in a troublesome, expensive lawsuit which will of necessity have a tendency to alienate the love and kind feelings that have heretofore existed between the contracting parties herein named. Now we the bargainers of the first part do by this indenture agree, obligate and bind ourselves, our heirs and representatives, jointly and severally for and in consideration of avoiding the trouble and cost of a lawsuit, for and in consideration of said will and for the further consideration of retaining the love and kind feelings that have ever existed between the parties of the first part and the said William H. Edwards, the party of the second part, he being the grandson of said Valentine S. Vann, the testator in said will and for the further consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars which said Edwards is to place to the credit of that portion of the estate to be distributed to all the legatees (except the widow Susan A. Vann) that said William H. Edwards shall and is by this indenture authorised to come on, take and represent one share under said will with all the rights and privileges with us the said bargainers of the first part. . . ." Signed by all the above hrs. Reg Jan. 17, 1856. Wits Radford Withers.

Marriage Contract, Jan. 21, 1856. Whereas MARTHA N. C. WILKES and JAMES W. BOND are soon to be married, he agrees that her property be held in trust for her by RADFORD WITHERS, including 383 acres in Civil Dist. 8, Madison Co., Tenn., on which WILLIAM WILKES lived and died; 3 negroes Jasper, Parilee and Neoma; not subject to her husband's control/debts. Jan. 21, 1856. Reg Jan. 22, 1856. Wits Samuel N. Gammon, John P. Pearson. /Madison Co. marriage record show this couple were married Jan. 22, 1856/


(Page 45)

Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solemnized between ROBERT H. GIVENS, Madison Co. and Mrs. MARTHA MANLY of same, he agreed that she would retain possession of 3 slaves, not subject to his obligations. H. H. WOODSON would hold this property in trust for her. Nov. 1, 1854. Wits Henry L. Woodson, James L. Woodson.

LAVINIA B. BURTON gave her daughter, LAVINIA E., wife of DUNCAN H. SELPH, three slaves. Jan. 26, 1856. Reg Feb. 7, 1856.

NANCY DITTO sold for $500 her interest in estate of NATHAN ADAMS, dec. who died in Weakley Co., Tenn. to ELIJAH ADAMS. Feb. 9, 1856. Reg Feb. 9, 1856. Wits T. P. Ditto, George M. Pate.

MARY F. FLY gave POA to WILLIAM D. FLY to receive for her as grdn of her children ALVIRA E. FLY, REBECCA C. FLY, JOHN H. C. FLY, from ROBERT I. NESBIT, a legacy bequeathed to them by MATTHEW WILSON, dec, Gibson co., Tenn. and receive from C. C. FLY their share in the estate of JOHN FLY, late of Madison Co. Feb. 13, 1856. Reg Feb. 13, 1856. She signed with an "x" mark. Wits Samuel . G. Turner, A. A. Greer.

ROBERT I. CHESTER, Elmwood plantation, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to ROBERT H. CHESTER, for $12,000 "paid in natural love and affection", a 640 acre tract south of the Forked Deer River and crossed at a point by the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. Aug. 18, 1854. Reg Feb. 18, 1856. Wits John Chester, Geo. W. Taylor, William E. Butler.

STEPHEN B. GOODRICH, GEORGE P. GOODRICH, SALLY GOODRICH, GABRIEL BARNES and wife, ELIZABETH, formerly GOODRICH. GEORGE P. McELILLY and wife, MARY ANN, formerly GOODRICH. MARTIN N. GOODRICH, JOHN D. GOODRICH, SAMUEL T. GOODRICH, minors represented by STEPHEN B. GOODRICH /Perhaps alluding to last 3 of the Goodriches/, were credited with their distributive shares. Jan. 28, 1856. Reg Feb. 18, 1856.

RICHARD J. FENNER and wife, MARY ANN FENNER, Navarre Co., Texas gave POA to JULIUS JOHNSON to sell tract, 166 acres, which was purchased by Johnson of ALEXANDER GREER a part of which was secured by us in lieu of a tract in Madison Co." 95 acres. Dec. 11, 1855. Reg March 17, 1856.

RICHARD H. ARCHER, Walker Co., Texas for "love and affection" for his daughter, FRANCES, wife of JAMES T. WILSON, gave to her, held in trust by WILLIAM H. LONG, a negro, Mary about 16 yrs old of a "black complexion." Jan. 21, 1856. Reg March 27, 1856. Wits Geo. B. Forest, Silas Morgan.

JOHN H. DAY, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, OLIVIA T., wife of JAMES M. McREE, now residing in Memphis, Tenn., gave her a woman slave, Peachy about 25 yrs old of "black color" and her 2 children, Fans about 4 yrs old of a "yellow color" and Sally about 12 months old of a "black color." Also, "my yellow boy," Daniel aged about 13. Girl, Jane about 16 yrs old of "black color." Mar. 31, 1856. Reg Mar. 31, 1856. No wits.

ALEX LUSTER for "love and affection" for PARALLEE C., wife of WILLIAM T. WHEELER, gave her several slaves. Oct. 12, 1855. Reg April 4, 1856. Wits John G. White, Robert I. Chester.

JAMES BOLLS for "love and affection" for JOHN R. BOLLS gave him 32 acres. May 5, 1856. Reg May 7, 1856. Wits J. N. Mclver, John J. Thomas (signed with an "x" mark).

ALFRED JONES conveyed to JESSE GRAY, mayor of Spring Creek, Tenn., a parcel of land to be used for a public square for this town in


(Page 46)

Madison County, for $150. May 9, 1856. Reg May 6, 1856. Wits F. J. Hutchison, R. N. Hill.

SAMUEL EPPERSON for "love and affection" for MARY ANN, wife of WILLIAM H. EDWARDS, gave her negro Flora about 11 yrs old. May 7, 1856. Reg May 12, 1856. No wits.

SAMUEL EPPERSON for "love and affection" for his daughter, SUSAN M., wife of JOHN F. NEWSOM, gave her a negro girl, Eliza about 11 yrs old. May 7, 1856. Reg May 12, 1856. No wits.

656-657. (Inserted here)
FALTON W. BRYAN, JONATHAN T. BRYAN, WILLIAM L. BRYAN, for $4000 sold to FRANCES A. COBB and MARY A. CRITTENDEN, several tracts of land in Madison County, from the estate of STEPHEN BRYAN, dec. Jan. 1, 1856. Reg April 1, 1856. Wits John T. Bryan, Geo. G. Harston.

ISHAM'MATTHEWS for "love and affection" for his daughter, ELIZABETH B. PRICE gave her a negro, Aggy about 14 yrs old, held in trust for her by ALEXANDER MATTHEWS. Oct. 7, 1846. Reg May 21, 1856. Wits S. Vanable, W. B. HAMER

STEPHEN GRANT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for three daughters, gave them slaves. MARY, wife of THOMAS CHATTAN, Louisa about 5 yrs old. NANCY GRANT, Mary about 20 yrs old. DORCAS GRANT, Pony about 4 yrs old and Eliza about 1 yrs old. Signed with an "x" mark. June 4, 1856. Reg June 4, 1856. Wits R. J. Hays, W. L. Spring.

CALVIN JONES for "love and affection" for Mrs. MARY ANN WHITESIDES gave her negro woman, Maria about 40 yrs old, not subject to control/debts of her husband, HARVEY H. WHITESIDES. June 16, 1856. Reg June 16, 1856. No wits.

SUSAN A. VANN, for $3000, sold to ELBERT M. MASSEY, all her interest in the estate of her late husband, VALENTINE S. VANN, except negroes Isabella, Adeline, Tom, and John; a horse and buggy. Nov. 14, 1855. Reg June 16, 1856. Wits Thomas M. Greer, Jane Roberson, D. S. Wood, A. Jones.

REUBEN COLE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY C. SLATER gave her negroes Nathan about 27 yrs old; Phillis about 19 yrs old and her child, DANDY age 5 yrs. LEAH about 11 yrs old. Feb. __, 1856. Reg June 23, 1856. Wits John A. Cole, A. H. Cole.

Whereas CATHARINE MAYO's husband, the late FREDRICK MAYO died leaving a 133 acre tract in Civil District 3, Madison Co., she sold it for $40 to JOEL MAYO and JONAS MAYO being her interest in same. July 3, 1856. Reg July 5, 1856. Wits S. S. Neely, W. R. F. Buntin. She signed with her "x" mark.



In Madison County Chancery Court. MARY E. MASSEY desires to be divorced from her husband, WILLIAM MASSEY and asked for alimony for their only child, ANDERSON MASSEY. Her husband was "willing and desirous to make a settlement upon his wife," without extensive litigation, by virtue of being owner by transfer from his brother, ALBERT MASSEY in the interest of Mrs. SUSAN A. VANN in the estate of VALENTINE S. VANN, valued at about $1800, he agreed to turn that over to Mary "under the advice" of her father, JAMES COPELAND and her brother, JAMES H. COPELAND, they to hold this property in trust for her and her child. July 15, 1856. Reg Aug. 2, 1856.


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ARTHUR BOBBITT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter-in-law, HARRIETT, wife of his son, WILLIS BOBBITT of Marshall Co., Miss. gave her a negro boy, Andy, about 12 yrs old, free from the debts of her husband. July 28, 1856. Reg Aug. 4, 1856. wits James H. Boon, James M. Brown.

Marriage Contract. WILLIAM PITT DEADRICK, Shelby Co., Tenn. and RACHEL JACKSON HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. were to be married and he had agreed that she would retain title to the property she brought to their marriage. If she died before he did, without children, then the property would become his. May 7, 1855. Reg Aug. 16, 1856. /Madison County marriage record shows that this couple were married May 9, 1855/

PHILLIP ALSTON, SR., for "love and affection" for his granddaughter, SARAH JANE, wife of B. M. ESTES, gave her a "slave woman", Margaret and her infant girl, Julia. Aug. 13, 1856. Reg Aug. 20, 1856. No wits.

PHILLIP ALSTON, SR. for "love and affection" for his granddaughter, FANNY, minor daughter of the late THOMAS TAYLOR, gave her a slave, Milly, a child of Margaret. Aug. l3, 1856. Reg Aug. 20, 1856. No wits.

EDWARD J. COCKRILL, Tipton Co., Tenn. gave POA to WILLIAM G. COCKRILL of Madison Co. to secure for him his legacy from his grandmother, ELIZABETH JONES' estate. Sept. 16, 1856. Reg Aug. 16, 1856. No wits.

Indenture, Feb. 25, 1854. JOHN L. HENRY and WILLIAM HENRY "for and in consideration of dividing our joint lands, the said J. L. Henry hath given . . . unto the said William Henry his interest in the following described tract of land which is one half of said land"; being in Civil District 3, Madison Co., 100 acres, beginning at a point on the north side of main street in Denmark. Also, his interest in the Tarver lot, "Beginning at the pailing /fence/ which divide it from the lot now owned by the Presbyterians, formerly Albritton, and running east with mai street to the north west corner of the old church lot, thence west to the dividing line between this and the new church lot, thence south to the beginning," some 2 acres. Reg Sept. 6, 1856. Wits Thomas Henry, J. T. Bryan.

JESSE CASSELS, Madison Co., Tenn. 78 acres to the hrs of CYNTHA CRAIG, for $826.50. Sept. 5, 1856. Reg Sept. 9, 1856. No wits.

Whereas HARBERT NEWSOM in his will gave real and personal estate to his wife, SARAH E. for live and appointed WILLIAM ARMER exec and whereas Armer had resigned as such so that SAMUEL EPPERSON and ELDRIDGE NEWSOM were appointed adms for the estate. Sarah E. was now deceased. JOHN E. NEWSOM had rendered 6 yrs service "for the estate a part of the time as a partner with said Sarah E. in carrying on the farm &c. of the estate and a part of the time as agent of the estate and whereas the accounts are blended . . . the distinctions unknown." Now heirs agreed to pay the adms fees and $2000 to JOHN F. NEWSOM "for his service for six years above set out." May 15, 1856. Reg Sept. 10, 1856. signed, ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON, AMANDA F. NEWSOM, SUSAN C. NEWSOM, JOHN F. NEWSOM, WILLIAM A. BROOKSHIR, grdn of HARBERT NEWSOM, S. EPPERSON, E. M. NEWSOM, T. H. NEWSOM, NARCISSA M. STONE. Wits S. Sypert, J. L. Fry, G. A. skillern, O. C. Pollard.

J. R. and L. C. TERRY, Bedford Co., Tenn. gave POA to WILLIAM G. COCK, Jackson, Tenn. to secure for them their interest in estate of ELIZABETH JONES, dec (relationship to her not stated). Sept. 17, 1856. Reg. Oct. 13, 1856. Wits Robert Dunneson, Ellis W. Sutton.

WILLIAM M. CHAMBERLAIN, Shelby Co., Tenn. conveyed interest in his grandfather, CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN's estate, "the means are in the hands of V. B.


(Page 48)

WOOLFOLK admr. of my father GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN decd. f or the sum of seventy five dollars." Oct. 20, 1856. Reg Oct. 21, 1856. No wits. Signed with an "x".

JOSEPH MORGAN for "love and affection" for his mother, E. MORGAN, gave her 50 acres in Civil District 13, Madison Co. Signed with an "x" mark. Oct. 21, 1856. Reg Oct. 23, 1856. Wits J. P. Thomas, Sion W. Boon.

D. D. BENNETT for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY E. JORDAN gave her a negro girl, Frances about 18 yrs old, and negro girl, Adeline about 8 yrs old; valued at $1400. Oct. 23, 1856. Reg Oct. 24, 1856. No wits.

A decree rendered Nov. 1856, County Court of Madison Co., Tenn. The land of the late JAMES VANSETT had been ordered sold and HENRY BLURTON became purchaser. HENRY A. THOMAS and wife, JANE, formerly Vansett, conveyed their 1/5 interest in this land to Blurton. Nov. 8, 1856. Reg Nov. 21, 1856. Wits G. B. Medlin, James N. Blurton.

Madison County Court, Nov. 3, 1856. Mrs. SARAH GRAVES had purchased 2 tracts, 107 acres from the estate of WILLIAM L. GRAVES, SR. Title was therefore vested in her and divested from hrs HUDSON GRAVES, PEYTON W. GRAVES, JOHN MADISON GRAVES, JAMES GRAVES, WILLIAM L. GRAVES (son of WILLIAM L. GRAVES, Jr., dec), WILLIAM HENRY GRAVES (son of ANDREW GRAVES and a minor, represented by his "next friend," TARLTON H. GRAVES, JOHN W. SPEARS and wife, MARIA. HUDSON SPEARS and wife, SALLY. MARY ANN H. GORDAN, CYRENA FISHER GORDAN and TARLTON H. GRAVES, adm of WILLIAM L. GRAVES, SR's estate.

Several slaves had been sold in a GOODRICH estate and divested therefrom the hrs interest, who were STEPHEN B. GOODRICH, GEORGE P. GOODRICH, SALLY GOODRICH, GARBRIEL BARNES and wife, JANE. ANDREW J. BAILEY and wife, ELIZABETH. GEORGE McELELY and wife, MARY ANN. MARTHA N. GOODRICH, JOHN D. GOODRICH, SAMUEL F. GOODRICH, the last two named being minors, represented by Stephen B. Goodrich. Circuit Court of Madison Co., Sept. 9, 1856. Reg Dec. 3, 1856.

SUGARS McLEMORE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, NANCY D., wife of THOMAS COLE, then living in Madison Co. gave her negroes Frank about 20 yrs old; Ellen about 17 yrs old; Roden about 17 yrs old; Cleopatra about 12 yrs old, all "likely" /a term which indicated that they were all satisfactory or suitable servants/, a black horse named Crockett, a bed and furniture, a bureau, corn, fodder and 400 acres. Dec. 1, 1856. Reg Dec. 4, 1856. No wits.

BENJAMIN LEWIS, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, BENJAMIN LEWIS, JR. gave him 107 acres. Signed with an "x" mark. Oct. 1, 1856. Reg Dec. 20, 1856. No wits.

JAMES H. PATTERSON and wife, MARTHA A., formerly CLENDENING, sold to MARTIN CARTMELL a tract of land (acreage not given). Dec. 20, 1856. Reg Dec. 29, 1856. No wits.

MARY L. SANDERS for "love and affection" for her son, JOSHUA S. SANDERS, gave him 100 acres "known as my former residence." Signed with an "x" mark. Dec. 30, 1856. Reg Dec. 30, 1856. No wits.

REUBEN T. EPPERSON and HENRY A. WELCH, execs of SAMUEL GOODRICH's will, as such had on Dec. 16, 1856 sold a 670 acre tract, minus acre, Surveyor's District 10, Range 2, Section, "but there is expressly reserved out of said tract half an acre of land including the burial ground in a square form and which half acre is not herein conveyed." Sold to NATHAN H. WHITLOW. Dec. 30, 1856. Reg Jan. 5, 1857. Wits John B. Boykin, H. B. Wilson.


(Page 49)

ROBERT SANFORD sold his undivided interest in land left by JAMES SANFORD to his wife, ELIZABETH, which was after her death to be divided among her hrs. ROBERT SANFORD, one of the hrs sold his interest in this land, 150 acres, for $178 to JAMES L. SMITH. Jan. 9, 1857. Reg Jan. 14, 1857. Wits William G. Cockrill, James Copeland.

SAMUEL LANCASTER sold lot 12 "in the new addition to the grave yard laid off by myself which is tier south adjoining the old graveyard" to Mayor and Aldermen of Jackson, Tenn., having been paid for said lot by R. P. FORD, exec of JOHN H. DAY, dec for Day and his family's use. Jan. 2, 1856. Reg Jan. 14, 1857.

SARAH D. McCOLLUM, W. C. MURCHISON and wife, MARY; R. D. McCOLLUM and PETER McCOLLUM, widow and children of PETER McCOLLUM, dec sold 56 3/4 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Range 2, Section 9 "east of the meridian line," for $100 to JORDAN B. BOON. Dec. __, 1856. Reg Jan. 26, 1857. Wits J. C. Sharp, R. M. Sharp.

Marriage Contract. Whereas a marriage was soon to be solemnized between FRANCIS M. WHITLOW, Tippah Co., Miss. and ANN M. FENNER, Madison Co., Tenn. he agreed that JULIUS JOHNSON would hold in trust for her, slaves: Ann about 70 yrs old; Viney about 33 yrs old; Jim (son of Viney) about 10 yrs old; Emily about 14 yrs old. If she died her "next of kin . . . not counting her husband as such next of kin" would inherit these slaves. Wits W. W. Tidwell, Thomas B. Fenner. Reg Feb. 4, 1857. /Madison County marriage record shows that this couple were married February 5, 1857/

In Madison Co. Court, Dec. 4, 1856. It appeared that HIRAM A. PARTEE and JOHN B. CLAY had purchased land in the estate of RICHARD ELLINGTON, and whereas Clay had bought Clay's interest, the court confirmed title vested in Partee for 75 acres and divested from the Ellington hrs: WILLIAM ELLINGTON; EDWARD DAVIS and wife, MARY ANN; JOHN ELLINGTON; WINSTON ELLINGTON; WILLIAM E. MOORE and wife, MALINDA; NEWTON WILLIAMS and wife, SOPHRONIA; ANGELINA E. ELLINGTON, THRENO ELLINGTON, JAMES M. ELLINGTON, ZACHARIAH ELLINGTON, SAMUEL ELLINGTON, JULIAN M. COOK. Reg Feb. 9, 1857.

Final Decree, March 4, 1856. Land had been sold, one lot to A. G. McCLELLAN and "the shop lot" to G. W. BOOKER. Title to same had been divested from R. W. SIMS, exec of KINCHEN CARTER and MARGARET CARTER, widow and sole devisee of KINCHEN CARTER. March 4, 1856. Reg Feb. 16, 1857.

Whereas on Jan. 21, 1856 a marriage contract was entered into by JAMES W. BOND and MARTHA N. C. WILKS, with RADFORD WITHERS acting as trustee for her property. PERRY C. WILKS and JOHN E. and MARY PEARSON sold their interest, now in Martha's property, to JAMES BOND and wife. March 2, 1857. Reg March 2, 1857. No wits.

NEWTON R. WILLIAMS, son of AMOS WILLIAMS, dec sold his interest in his father's estate to HARBERT W. WILLIAMS, for $400. Feb. 20, 1857. Reg March 16, 1857. No wits.

J. E. STEWART, Madison Co., Tenn. for "good will, love and affection" for JAMES W. STEWART, Lauderdale Co., Tenn. gave him 196 acres on McCoy's Creek, Civil District 14, Madison Co. Nov. 10, 1856. Reg Mar. 16, 1857. No wits.

JOHN C. ROGERS sold 104 acres for $364.76 in 6 annual payments of $60.95 each year and whereas all the purchase money had been paid by JOHN DUNCAN in Rogers' life-time except the last note, which had been paid by Duncan to Rogers' adm, JOSEPH S. UTLEY, title was secured to Duncan. Title divested from Rogers' sisters:PURLINA, wife of JOSEPH S. UTLEY; FANNY, wife of BENJAMIN REPLOGLE. March 14, 1857. Reg March 23, 1857.


(Page 50)

By his attorney, SAMUEL C. LANCASTER, SAMUEL LANCASTER had sold, for $5, to the Mayor and Aldermen of Jackson, the western half of lot 7 "in southern tier of the new addition of the grave yard" for the benefit of purchaser, J. R. ROBERSON and hrs. March 23, 1857. Reg March 30, 1857. /This was the new addition of the time to what later became known as Riverside Cemetery in Jackson, Tenn. A child of J. R. Robertson was buried in this lot, whose tombstone once read: CHARLIE, son of J. R. & M. A. ROBERTSON, Born May 23, 1850. Died June 30, 1856./

JAMES PYLES, on March 28, 1857, for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY LUISA, wife of SION W. BOON, gave her and her children of the present marriage, a negro girl, Mary Jane about 6 yrs old. Reg Mar. 30, 1857. No wits.

ALSY BROGDEN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her granddaughter, PARTHENIA DICKERSON, gave her 60 acres. No execution date. Reg April 1, 1857. Wits J. E. Stewart, Redmond Forsyth.

SAMUEL LANCASTER, by his attorney, SAMUEL C. LANCASTER, deeded to the Mayor and Aldermen of Jackson, the eastern part of lot 7 in the new graveyard, paid for by family of Mrs. B. M. Boyd, for use of her and her hrs. No wits. /This is most likely Mrs. Milton B. Boyd, whose husband, MILTON B. BOYD is buried in this lot with dates on tombstone:Sept. 11, 1819-Dec. 11, 1855./ Deed dated Aug. 23, 1856. Reg April 2, 1857.

Whereas on March 3, 1857 ELIZABETH CROOM filed her bill in Chancery Court, Madison County, her dower claim in land of her late husband, STRINGER CROOM, which was sold by order of court, July 1856; bought by J. C. M. GARLAND; therefore she relinquished claim to this land. Reg April 4, 1857. Wits W. R. Collier, John Croom. She signed with an "x" mark.

NANCY NICHOLSON sold to JAMES JACKSON, for $1126.50, "the tract of land upon which I formerly lived," 140 acres. Joining in the deed were the hrs of DAVID NICHOLSON, dec who relinquished their claim in 99 of these acres which had been assigned to David in division of estate lands, paid by JAMES W. NICHOLSON. Signed, NANCY NICHOLSON, SARAH A. STANDLY, S. T. NICHOLSON, D. T. NICHOLSON. Jan. 6, 1857. Reg April 6, 1857. Wits Thomas H. Newbern, E. Bond.

DAVID DARR gave POA to RICHARD S. ESTES to receive for him his distributive share in the estate of his late father, HENRY DARR. Nov. 1, 1855. Reg April 8, 1857. No wits.

Chancery Court, Madison Co., Jan. 1857. ROBERT FENNER, surviving exec and others, hrs of RICHARD FENNER, dec sold to CULLEN LANE, 201 acres in Civil District 11, Madison Co. Reg May 5, 1857.

MARY MASSEY, Chesterfield District, South Carolina, widow of ANDREW MASSEY, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her children, gave them her interest in the Madison Co. land in her husband's estate. To son, ALVIN MASSEY, a 1/3 interest representing her own interest in the land. Rest equally among her children ALVIN MASSEY; CALVIN MASSEY; HUGH MASSEY; HARRIET, wife of RICHARD ARRANT; ELIZABETH, wife of ROBERT HORTON; SARAH, wife of AMOS CATOC; FRANKY, wife of JAMES HEUBANKS. April 22, 1857. Reg May 7, 1857. Wits Elijah Watters, Alfred C. Stern.

CALVIN MASSEY and RICHARD ARRANT and wife, HARRIET, all of Chesterfield Dist., S.C., being children of late ANDREW MASSEY of Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to ALVIN MASSEY, Lancaster Dist., S.C. to represent their 1/3 interest in estate of Andrew Massey, dec. April __, 1857. Reg May 7, 1857. Wits William W. Funderburk, I. G. Carnes. Calvin and Harriet signed with "x's".


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ELIZABETH and BARTLEY HORTON, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. gave POA to ALVIN MASSEY, Lancaster Dist., S.C. to represent their interest in the estate of the late ANDREW MASSEY. April 25, 1857. Reg May 7, 1857. No wits.

WILLIAM HARDY and WILLIAM H. FULCHER sold to R. P. FORD, for $1900, a negro, MARTHA about 20 yrs old and her two children SUSANNAH about 3 yrs old and MARY about 18 yrs old. May 16, 1857. Reg May 16, 1857. No wits.

In the Madison Co., Tenn. County Court, May 5, 1856 report received from clerk and master showing that 100 acres had been sold, at $4 per acre, to THEODRICK WEBB, and title divested from GEORGE W. WRIGHT, SARAH E. WRIGHT, EDWARD WRIGHT, DAVID WRIGHT, DAVID LOONEY and wife, and JOHN TERRY and wife, JOHN MAULDING and wife, TAMAR and WATSON WRIGHT. /Whose estate this involved is not furnished in this deed record/ Reg May 25, 1857.

ELIZA L. THEUS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love arid affection" for her grandchildren, ERASMUS S. CAMPBELL, JR., ALEXANDER AUGUSTUS CAMPBELL, children of her deceased daughter, ANN D., wife of ERASMUS S. CAMPBELL, gave them slaves Peggy, Molly, Cato, Lydia, John David, Phillis. Dec. 29, 1856. Reg May 25, 1857. Wits James Murrell, Benjamin R. Campbell.

WILLIAM JARRETT sold to HUGH REEVELY his interest in the estate of JONATHAN JARRETT, dec for $20. Dec. 16, 1856. Reg June 3, 1857. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits A. H. Mays, J. G. Mays.

SOLOMON JARRETT sold to HUGH REEVELY his interest in the estate of JOHN JARRETT, for $20. Sept. 24, 1856. Reg June 3, 1857. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits J. G. Mays, Jonathan Jarrett.

MILES C. HAYS for "love and affection" for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South conveyed to M. B. SHERMAN, DAVID MERIWETHER, T. M. SNIPES, J. B. CAMPBELL, H. BARRIER, trustees, 2 acres in Civil Dist. 4, Madison Co. as long as the land was used for religious purposes of this church. "Also I am to have a family burying ground on said ____ of land and that it is not to be a public burying ground." April 30, 1857. Reg May 4, 1857. Wits John W. Barrier, William S___. /This, old Hays Chapel, just north of Mercer, Tenn./

HUGH MASSEY, JAMES EUBANKS and wife, FRANCES; FRANCES MASSEY, daughter of ANDREW MASSEY, late of Madison Co., Tenn.; AMOS CATO and wife, SARAH, also daughter of ANDREW MASSEY, all of Gordon Co., Ga. sold for $600, to ELBERT W. MASSEY, Shelby Co., Tenn. their interest in estate of late ANDREW MASSEY in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co. May 29, 1857. Reg June 18, 1857. Wits John T. Groves, Turner H. Tripp, J. S. C. C. C. Frances and Amos signed with "x" marks.

ALVIN MASSEY, RICHARD ARRENT and wife, HARRIET, formerly Massey; CALVIN MASSEY, Lancaster Dist., S.C., hrs of ANDREW MASSEY, sold to AVERY HUNT, their interests in 138 acres in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co. and another tract of 32 acres. May 24, 1857. Reg June 18, 1857. Alvin, Calvin, Harriet signed with "x" marks. No wits, although certified in Court of Common Pleas, Lancaster Dist., S.C., May 21, 1857.

ELBERT W. MASSEY, Shelby Co., Tenn. sold to AVERY HUNT, Madison Co., his interest in 138 acres and 32 acres. Not so stated but ostensibly these were the lands of the late ANDREW MASSEY. June 18, 1857. Reg June 18, 1857. No wits.

BARTLEY J. HORTON and wife, ELIZABETH, formerly Massey, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. sold to AVERY HUNT, Madison Co., their interest in 138 acres and 32 acres in Madison Co. in ANDREW MASSEY'S estate. __, 1857. Reg June 18, 18, 1857. No wits.


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ALVIN MASSEY, RICHARD ARRANT and wife, HARRIET, formerly Massey, Lancaster Dist., S.C. sold to JOHN EXUM, 83 acres in Madison Co. in Civil Dist. 10. May 21, 1857. Reg. June 22, 1857. Alvin and Harriet signed with "x" marks.

HENRY J. WOMMACK, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to JONATHAN JARRETT his interest in the estate of JOHN JARRETT, dec, for $25. Nov. 28, 1854. Reg June 24, 1857. Wits J. G. Mays, R. A. Mays. Wommack signed deed with an "x" mark.

REBECCA HUDGINGS for "love and affection" for grandson, HORACE H. HUDGINGS gave his a negro girl, Henrietta about 2 yrs old, to be held in trust for him by C. C. HUDGINGS. Aug. 14, 1855. Reg June 25, 1857. Wits J. J. R. Reeves, G. W. Booker. She signed deed with an "x" mark.

HUDSON JARRETT sold his interest in estate of JONATHAN JARRETT to JONATHAN JARRETT, for $15. Oct. 19, 1856. Reg July l1, 1857. Wit James G. Mays. He signed deed with an "x" mark.

LEVI JARRETT sold his interest in the estate of JONATHAN JARRETT to HUGH REEVELY, for $20. Nov. 12, 1855. Reg July l1, 1857. Wit James G. Mays.

BENJAMIN S. BROOKS sold to J. J. POLK, grdn of GEORGE BOWERS' hrs, for $38.15, 200 acres in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co., one call being "to the nw corner Methodist E. Church ground known as Bascoms Chapel." July 30, 1857. Reg July 30, 1857. No wits.

MALINDA, slave conveyed to THOMAS J. JOHNSON by H. Johnson, Dec. 11, 1857(5?), in trust for HELEN JOHNSON for the benefit of her and MARTHA B. JOHNSON, HARRISON JOHNSON, JEREMIAH JOHNSON, children of JAMES and HELEN JOHNSON. The Johnsons had left Madison Co. in 1852 and had lived for upward of two yrs in Ouchita Co., Ark. A new trustee, replacing Thomas J. Johnson was appointed, JOHN E. McCOLLUM of Ouchita Co., Ark. as noted in Chancery Court, Ouchita Co. Court, Sept. 1856. Reg Aug. 4, 1857.

BENJAMIN LEWIS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM LEWIS gave him 100 acres. Jan. 29, 1857. Reg Aug. 2, 1857. No wits. He signed deed with an "x" mark.

WILLIAM HENRY STEPHENS for "good will" towards his brother, JAMES H. STEPHENS gave him 2 acres "nearly one mile north of the courthouse" in Jackson. Aug. 21, 1857. Reg. Aug. 21, 1857. No wits.

WILLIAM H. EDWARDS and wife, MARY ANN, sold their interest gained by the will of SAMUEL EPPERSON, dec, except $1500 to AVERY HUNT, to BENJAMIN M. HICKS and GEORGE B. HICKS. Jan. 8, 1857. Reg Sept. 8, 1857. Wits John L. H. Tomlin, Benjamin R. Campbell. /This couple were married March 3, 1854./

WILLIAM H. EDWARDS sold to THOMAS M. GREER, for $250, his interest in the estate of his grandfather, VALENTINE S. VANN "which went or will go by will or otherwise to his widow SUSAN /Vann/. "Nov. 14, 1854. Reg Sept. 11, 1857. Wits E. W. Massey, A. Jones.

NANCY WEAVER, JOSEPH H. WEAVER, CYRENA J. WEAVER, SAMPSON WEAVER sold 26 acres in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co., left to them in the will of ABRAHAM WEAVER, dec. for $286, to LAWSON D. TAYL0R. Dec. 5, 1854. Reg Sept. 17, 1857. Wits A. S. Rogers, John Vantreece.


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