By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

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For $35, BUREL RICHARDS sold to his mother, DILLY RICHARDS his individual share in 41˝ acres, Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co., former belonging to the late JOHN RICHARDS. He signed with an "x" mark. Nov. 28, 1860. Reg April 14, 1869. Wits James Emison, William Emison.

For $1, B. M. WILLIAMSON conveyed to PAGE DUNCAN, J. YARNELL, A. B. JOINER, J. C. STANFIELD, J. F. CHANDLER, J. DOUGAN, R. D. WILLIAMSON, J. CHAMBERS, trustees, 7 acres on the county line between Madison and Haywood counties, so that they would have a house of worship for the PROVIDENCE church "situated thereon for the use and benefit of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South." Apr. 19, 1869. Reg Apr. 30, 1869. No wits.

For $1300, ROBERT H. BUTLER, P. P. LEWIS and wife, RACHEL J., S. J. PATTON, C. F. FICKLING and wife, ELLEN M., Leon Co., Florida, sold to HERVEY BROWN, a lot in Jackson "west of Institute Street and north of Tanyard Street." ____ __, 1869. Reg May 1, 1869. Wits C. A. Bryan, J. M. Fortman, Bolling Bahn, Ed M. West, H. M. Bach, Joel Johnson.

District Court of the United States, District of West Tennessee. In the matter of Samuel C. Lancaster, Bankrupt. OSCAR WOOLDRIDGE, Memphis, Tenn. was appointed assignee of SAMUEL C. LANCASTER "who has been adjudged bankrupt by decree of this court individually and as one of the firms of Henderson, Terry & Co. and Roland & Lancaster." Declared bankrupt under Act of Congress, "An Act to Establish a Uniform System of Bankruptcy throughout the United States" approved Mar. 2, 1867. Dec. 16, 1868. Reg May 14, 1869. No wits.

For $4500, THOMAS B. FENNER sold to LUCY M. FENNER ˝ of tract THOMAS B. FENNER purchased from the estate of STEPHEN OUTERBRIDGE in 1848 and ˝ of which he had already sold to DAVID WATFORD in 1856. 682 acres. Aug. 2, 1859. Reg May 17, 1869. No wits.

For $79.35, JAMES F. McKINNEY, adm of CLARK SPENCER sold to DAVID R. ALLISON 21 acres. Sept. 18, 1858. Reg May 18, 1869. Wits Geo. McRussell, Sam Goodwin.

THOMAS LAMONDS and wife, MAHULDA LEMONDS, Haywood Co., Tenn., hrs of KINCHEN HATHAWAY, dec. had a 1/9 interest in his estate and for $125 sold it, 184˝ acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co., to J. W. LOVEL. Nov. 27, 1868. Reg May 19, 1869. Signed, THOMAS LAMAN, MAHULDA LAMAN. Wit James Emison.

GEORGE W. BOALS and wife, MARY, Madison Co., hrs of KINCHEN HATHAWAY, dec, had 1/9 interest in his estate and for $125 sold it to J. W. LOVEL. Nov. 27, 1868. Reg May 30, 1869. Wits James Emison, Thomas Laman.

On Jan. 1, 1852, JAMES VAULX had sold "something over 150 acres on Meridian Creek," Madison Co, for $1500, to WILLIAM O. BUTLER. CHARLES N. GIBBS, adm of JAMES VAULX, dec made a clear deed to BUTLER as he had made all payments on the purchase. Apr. 16, 1869. Reg May 25, 1869. No wits.

For $600, JULIUS JOHNSON and wife, MARY H. JOHNSON, Gibson Co., Tenn. sold to THOMAS B. FENNER their 1/6 interest in estate of LUCY M. FENNER, now involved but reserved our interest to property that may hereafter be inherited through said estate." June 2, 1869. Reg June 2, 1869. No wits.

For $457.36, W. A. MORGAN, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to SALLIE, the wife of G. B. MORGAN and at her death to the children of said MORGAN, 175 acres including and excluding 50 acres on east boundary of tract. June 16, 1869. Reg June 7, 1869. No wits.


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For $5500, ROBERT W. HALL, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to ELIZA A. MERIWETHER and her "hrs" ANNA, JAMES, THOMAS M., LUCY K., FRANK A., JR. 3/4 acre lot in Jackson. June 16, 1869. Reg June 21, 1869. No wits.

In the last will of SAMUEL SMITH, dec he left all his property to his wife, MARY D. SMITH and at her death it was to be equally divided among their children except NANCY who would have $500 more "on account of her afflictions." L. C. GLASS and wife, MARY E., with her as one of the Smith children, sold to W. C. SMITH, for $200, their interest in estates of SAMUEL and MARY D. SMITH. June 26, 1869. Reg June 26, 1869. No wits.

WILLIAM D. FLY, surviving exec of JOHN FLY's will. On Nov. 5, 1864 WILLIAM D. FLY had sold to ELIAS T. BUTLER 230 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 10, for $2990, "being the land bequeathed by JOHN FLY to his wife MARY FLY for her life and at her death to be sold by his executors." Dec. 16, 1866. Reg June 29, 1869. Wits Thomas Walker, W. O. Oliver.

For $75, R. A. S. HAM and JANE HAM sold all their interest in the estate of WILLIAM HOWELL and wife, CATHARINE HOWELL, dec as their legatees. Apr. 28, 1868. Reg June 30, 1869. Wits Ed S. Ham, W. R. M. Wilson.

WILLIAM R. HOWLETT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, STERLING GRANDERSON HOWLETT and $2570 besides, conveyed to him 128˝ acres in Madison Co. June 30, 1869. Reg June 30, 1869. No wits.

ALEX W. CAMPBELL, special commissioner in the case of A. J. HAYS and others, TOOF, PHILLIPS & Co. in Chancery Court, Jackson, by virtue of the authority vested in him by the court, March 1869, sold for $18,000 ($6000 in cash, rest yet to be paid) to ST. AGNES FEMALE ACADEMY, Memphis, Tenn. a lot in Jackson "upon which is located the homestead of the late Gen. SAM'L. J. HAYS" beginning fifty feet from the center of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad where it intersects Preston Street. June 11, 1869. Reg July 3, 1869. No wits.

For $150, E. W. GARLAND, Red River Co., Texas sold 8/9's of 3˝ acres to H. N. SHERRILL. Apr. 24, 1869. Reg July 21, 1869. Wits John West, A. S. Sayle.

For $350, NANCY WEAVER sold to JOSIAH H. WEAVER her interest "by virtue" of the will of her deceased husband, ABRAHAM WEAVER "being the land on which she lived," 364 acres in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co. Feb. 23, 1867. Reg July 24, 1869. Wits A. S. Rogers, W. C. Marshall.

For $350, SIMPSON WEAVER one of the hrs and distributees of ABRAHAM WEAVER, dec sold to JOSIAH H. WEAVER his interest in tract of land on which his mother "now resides." Dec. 17, 1866. Reg July24, 1869. A. S. Rogers, W. C. Marshall.

For $350, S. A. WEAVER sold to JOSIAH H. WEAVER his interest in a tract of land on which his mother "now resides." Feb. 23, 1867. Reg July 24, 1869. Wits A. S. Rogers, W. C. Marshall.

For $350, JAMES G. MAYS and wife, C. J. MAYS sold to JOSIAH H. WEAVER their interest in the tract of land in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co. on which Mrs. NANCY WEAVER "now resides." Feb. 23, 1867. Reg July 24, 1867. Wits A. S. Rogers, Martin T. Mays.

DAVID GILL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY T., wife of WILLIAM H. BRUTON gave her 70 acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co., exclusive of obligations of her husband. Aug. 16, 1869. Reg Aug. 16, 1869. No wits.


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Madison County Circuit Court. Sept. 19, 1853. MARY ANN PETER /PORTER/, WILLIAM BOWLS and wife, CAROLINA, MARTHA L. HASKELL, JANE M. HASKELL, ELLEN M. HASKELL, the last being minors represented by next friend, MARY ANN PORTER and WILLIAM R. HARRIS. WILLIAM H. LONG bought Lot 4 in the Haskell property, WILLIAM R. HARRIS bought Lot 5 in 1854, the Supreme Court of Tennessee had set aside the first sale of Lot 6 and remanded case to the Circuit Court where in Sept. 1857, all requirements having been met, Lots 4, 6 were vested in W. H. LONG, with each lot being one acre. Reg Aug. 28, 1869.

Madison County Circuit Court. JOHN A. TOMLINSON, adm of JAMES M. TOMLINSON, dec v THOMAS TOMLINSON and others. Jan. l5, 1868, from report of clerk noted that a lot in Spring Creek, Tenn. on which was sited a small frame house, had been vested in JOHN A. TOMLINSON and divested from THOMAS D., JAMES, WYATT and GEORGIA TOMLINSON. Reg Sept. 6, 1869.

SARAH C. COBB, E. S. COBB, W. P. COBB, J. P. COBB, W. A. COBB, being the wife and hrs of late SAMUEL C. COBB agreed that to carry out his wishes in his will, it "being lost or in some way mislaid, "agreed to its contents as testified to by one of the witnesses of the will, C. RUDDLE. Namely, that SARAH C., his wife, was to have all property for her life or widowhood. That, JOSEPH P. COBB, son, was to have the Barton and Stevens tracts of land and rest of his land to son, WILLIAM A. COBB. That, his daughter, ELIZABETH S. COBB was to have $600 in money. Son, WILLIAM A. COBB, his buggy. Everything else was to be equally divided among his 3 children. July 31, 1869. Reg Sept. 9, 1869.

JOHN WARREN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his wife, FRANCES G. WARREN conveyed to her and at her death to their children, 100 acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co. Sept. 14, 1869. Reg Sept. 15, 1869. Wits W. Williams, F. M. Holbrook.

For $1700, DEBORAH ARMOUR with consent of her husband, JOHN D. ARMOUR of Sykesville, Maryland sold to WILLIAM G. COLE 170 acres "on the south side of the Jackson and Brownsville Road." Aug. 31, 1869. Reg Sept. 16, 1869. No wits.

For $100, MILES C. PIERCEY and wife, SARAH A. PIERCEY sold to CHRISTOPHER L. JOHNSON all their interest in 112 acres assigned to MARY NELSON for her dower out of the JOHN NELSON lands. Theirs was a 1/11 interest. Sept. 18, 1869. Reg Sept. 18, 1869. No wits.

WILLIAM STRIBLING conveyed to JOHN A. DUNAWAY, T. N. BUCHANNAN, JOHN BLACK, JESSE CURRY, elders and trustees of MT. TABOR CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, for the benefit of said church, a parcel of land, being part of Stribling's home tract which "includes the graveyard and contains 2˝ acres," guaranteeing right of way to church and graveyard from the east and west. Aug. 7, 1869. Reg Sept. 21, 1869. Wits J. P. Stribling, John T. Bryan.

Madison County Court, Feb. 3, 1869, when report of clerk was received and confirmed in the case JOHN Q. A. McCLELLAN and wife, CHARLOTTE LOUISA, JOHN L. H. TOMLIN, JAMES W. TOMLIN, GEORGE M. TOMLIN, WILLIAM A. HAYLEY, JAMES T. HAYLEY and wife, ELIZABETH, MARGARET HAYLEY v MARY KATE HAYLEY, that C. D. CHAMBERLAIN had bought 258 in two tracts near Cotton Grove for $1600 (with Lot 3, 7˝ acres excluded from this sale) and vested in Chamberlain. Reg Sept. 21, 1869.

For $604, ELIZA CAMPBELL, ALLEN A. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM T. CAMPBELL, CHARLES J. CAMPBELL sold to JOHN B. CARRINGTON 65 acres in Madison Co. Sept. 14, 1868. Reg Oct. 1, 1869. Wits James E. Haskins, John H. Freeling.


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MARGARET L. FLEMING, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARTHA JANE, wife of JOSEPH D. EWELL gave her 50˝ acres on eastern end of the Espy tract, after laying off to NANCY JANE FLEMING 50˝ acres, both from a tract of some 106 2/3 acres. She was to have firewood from the land as long as she lived. Subject to the lien providing she paid to CHARLES K. FLEMING $355 which when paid would allow the deed of gift to take effect. Feb. 19, 1869. Reg Oct. 4, 1869. Wits Alex W. Campbell, W. J. Anderson. She signed will with her "x" mark.

JAMES R. VANN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JAMES V. VANN and $6000 "by way of advancement" /in effect $6000 worth of sentiment/, "all that portion of my plantation and tract of land in the 10th Civil District of Madison County in the State of Tennessee lying south and west of the road leading from Jackson, Tennessee to Dyersburg, Tennessee as said road now runs." With the condition that when JAMES R. VANN's daughter, AURELIA VANN reached 21 yrs of age or married, JAMES V. VANN would partition to her, for her sole use, separate from her husband, from the tract his father had deeded to him, worth $3000. He was to have 2/3 of land and his sister 1/3. JAMES R. VANN and wife would have use of the dwelling on the land for life and cleared land, 50 acres, from land, selected each Jan. 1st for the following year. Oct. 14, 1869. Reg Oct. 15, 1869. No wits.

JAMES R. VANN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN P. VANN and $6000 "by way of advancement" /in effect $6000 worth of sentiment/ that portion of his plantation north and east of the Jackson-Dyersburg road. With the condition that when AURELIA, JAMES R.'s daughter, reached age 21 or she married, JOHN P. would give her $3000 worth of the land their father had deeded to him. Also, JAMES R. VANN was to have 50 acres of cleared land, selected each Jan. 1st for the following year. Oct. 14, 1869. Reg Oct. 15, 1869. No wits.

LAURA TAYLOR for "love and affection" for her son, WILLIAM B. MANLEY gave him 215 acres out of a 503 acre tract which had been set off to her as the widow of ABNER TAYLOR, dec. Oct. 15, 1869. Reg Oct. 18, 1869. Wits Michail Reddy, Andrew Taylor.

For $4000, JAMES N. GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to THOMAS G. LANE ˝of his gristmill "known as the Greer Mill and Mill land" in Civil Dist. 16, on the Forked Deer River, 10 miles north of Jackson, 380 acres. Greer would keep lien on the property until Lane had paid for it in full. Oct. 26, 1869. Reg Oct. 26, 1869. No wits.

For $138, JONES GREEN, colored, conveyed to LIZZIE ATWATER, colored, a lot in Jackson. Oct. 27, 1869. Reg Oct. 28, 1869. He signed with an "x" mark. Wit John L. Fry.

LAURA TAYLOR in keeping with the will of ABNER TAYLOR set apart to ANDREW TAYLOR, one of the hrs, 286˝ acres on Roan Creek in Carroll Co. Oct. 30, 1869. Reg Oct. 30, 1869. Wits James Grantham, Joseph Kent.

JAMES THOMPSON for "love and affection" for his children, SALLIE F. and WILLIAM H. THOMPSON gave them 71 acres in Civil Dist. 8, Madison Co. Dec. 4, 1868. Reg Nov. 2, 1869. Wits John T. Thompson, Joel Rushing.

For $300, THOMAS B. CASEY, adm of JOHN CASEY sold to JAMES C. CASEY 54 acres. James C. had paid John Casey for the land in his life-time. April 14, 1869. Reg Nov. 4, 1869. No wits.

For $1520, N. S. PATTERSON and wife, VIRGINIA, Iuka, Miss. sold to E. H. EPPERSON 76 acres out of a 216 acre tract, being the lot drawn by said Virginia Bowers Patterson from land of GEORGE BOWERS. Oct. 26, 1869. Reg Nov. 5, 1869. No wits.


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Madison County Court. HOWELL H. WOODSON, adm of ALEXANDER LACKEY, decd v Bill for Sale of Land & Negroes EDWARD A. LACKEY and wife, EMILY G., WILLIAM CARTER and wife, MARY ANN and NANCY E. LACKEY. Cause heard Feb. 6, 1861, with report of clerk heard and confirmed, that on Jan. 19, 1861 WILLIAM Y. CARTER had bought 154 acres from ALEXANDER LACEY for $1872.13. The negro child, Chany, was sold to HARRIET LACKEY for $100 and the negro Raleigh was sold to WILLIAM M. DUNNAWAY for $650. Title to these "properties" were vested in purchasers and divested from hrs. Certified transcript dated Feb. 1861. Reg Nov. 10, 1869.

JOHN BRADEERRY for "love and affection" for his son, JOEL B. BRADBERRY gave him 200 acres "on which I am now living" in Civil Dist. 12, Madison Co. as he had agreed "to take care of myself and MARTHA BRADBERRY my wife during life", retaining a lien on property for this to be done. Nov., 1869. Reg Nov. 11, 1869. He signed with an "x" mark. Wits Banks Taylor, John M. Bradberry.

JOHN BRADBERRY for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN M. BRADBERRY and his children TURLEY E., EMILY E., REBECCA, FRANCIS C. gave them 247 acres. John M. was to have life-interest, then land went to his children. Nov. 11, 1869. Reg Nov. 11, 1869. Wits Banks Taylor, Joel B. Bradberry.

ANDREW CAIN for "love and affection" for his son, CALAWAY CAIN gave him 113 acres in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co. Apr. 20, 1867. Reg Nov. 16, 1869. Wits C. S. Cain, F. H. Weir.

ANDREW CAIN for "love and affection" for his son, JAMES CAIN gave him 59 3/4 acres in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co. Apr. 20, 1869. Reg Nov. 17, 1869. Wits C. S. Cain, F. H. Weir.

ALEX T. COLE for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN T. COLE gave him 100 acres in Madison Co. Nov. 2, 1869. Reg Nov. 18, 1869. Wits John T. Bryan, William Witherspoon, Jr.

Madison County Chancery Court. In obedience to order of this court, Oct. 1869 the land formerly belonging to M. SPENCER, dec were surveyed, 802˝ acres into 4 equal tracts. Lot 1, 195 acres to SARAH A. SPENCER. Lot 2, 190 acres to SARAH A. SPENCER. Lot 3, 185 acres to SUSAN E. WILLARD, formerly Spence. Lot 4, 232 acres to D. H. C. SPENCE. Commissioners report dated Mar. 4, 1868. Mention made that the will of dec M. SPENCE was recorded in Rutherford Co., Tenn. Reg Nov. 23, 1869.

M. O. BIGELOW for "love and affection" for her daughter, ELIZA M., wife of Dr. JOS. D. MASON gave her 3/4 of acre in Jackson adjoining the Memphis Conference Female Institute lot, free from obligations of her husband. Nov. 26, 1869. Reg Nov. 29, 1869. Wits A. W. Jones, A. B. Jones.

For $2250, J. A. WILDER surviving exec of D. J. MERIWETHER's will sold 2 lots in Jackson to JOHN A. GREER. Nov. 5, 1869. Reg Dec. 6, 1869. No wits.

Madison County Chancery Court. P. D. W. CONGER exec and others v LOVEL BETTS and others. Court heard report, Feb. 21, 1860 and confirmed that 100 acres in Betts land had become the property of P. D. W. CONGER and vested title in him and divested from JAMES B. CONGER, JOHN J. BETTS, LEMUEL BOWERS, EVALINA BOWERS, STOKELEY BETTS, LOVEL BETTS, ELIZA COLTHORP, ELIZA DEMUMBRUNE, JAMES N. BETTS, WILLIAM L. BETTS, ANN WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN BETTS, EVANDER BETTS, HARRIETT ___, JOHN CONGER, CAROLINE PRIESTLEY, STEPHEN C. PAVATT, L. P. WILEY, MARGARET WILLIAMS, SARAH WILLIAMS, PAVAT WILLIAMS, JOHN NIXON, H. E. NIXON, O. A. NIXON, MARGARET T. CHAPPELL, MARY PAVATT, ROENA PAVATT. Reg Jan. 6, 1870. /P. D. W. CONGER sold this tract to NATHAN H. WHITLOW, Jan. 13, 1870, pages 397-398./


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Whereas on Sept. 10, 1858 WILLIAM M. DUNAWAY executed a title bond to E. INGRAM for 66 1/8 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Section 6, and he transferred title to W. T. PARKER and he to ROBERT S. REEVES, Mar. 14, 1859 and he paid DUNAWAY for property. He was now deceased and DUNAWAY made a clear deed to LURENA B., wife of JAMES THORNTON, formerly wife of R. S. REEVES and her children, SUSAN F. MURTAUGH, formerly Reeves, ELLA REEVES, JOHN REEVES, WILLIAM REEVES, CHARLES REEVES, ROBERT REEVES, hrs of ROBERT S. REEVES. Jan. 18, 1870 . Reg Jan. 21, 1870. No wits.

DANIEL GOBER and wife, ROSELLA C., formerly McDavitt, Shelby Co., Tenn. and MARCELLUS McDAVITT, St. Lundy's Parish, Louisiana for "love" for Mrs. MARY READ, wife of the late JOHN READ, conveyed to her their interest "as a portion of the next of kin of the late JOHN READ" being a house and grounds on Market St. extended or the Trenton Road and ˝ of an acre that adjoined the first 2 acres; also lots 2, 4, 5 in subdivision of Read lands. Oct. 31, 1868. Reg Jan. 24, 1870. No wits.

JAMES G. READ, Jeffersonville, Indiana for "love, respect and veneration" conveyed to Mrs. MARY READ, wife of his "beloved deceased brother", JOHN READ, lot and grounds on Market St, a lot adjoining same and lots 2, 4, 5 in subdivision of Read lands. Sept. 22, 1868. Reg Jan. 24, 1870.

JAMES L. TALBOT and wife, ANN P. TALBOT and children LAWRENCE E. TALBOT and ADAH TALBOT and ALEXANDER JACKSON sold to SALLIE LAYMAN ˝ acre lot in Jackson, part of land conveyed to Joseph H. Talbot from Alexander Jackson, a party to this deed to Layman, in May1844. Oct. 12, 1869. Reg Feb. 8, 1870. No wits.

Commissioners appointed by hrs of W. H. JACKSON, dec to set off to them his lands did so. To HARRIET W. JACKSON, her dower, 154 acres of 1/3 of her late husband's lands. Lot 1, 144 acres valued at $2751 to MARY JANE HOPPER. Lot 2, 137 acres valued at $2204 to SARAH JANE JACKSON. Lot 3, 185 acres valued at $1855 to JOHN Z. JACKSON; with financial adjustments made among the hrs to equalize their portions of the estate. Signed, R. T. McKnight, surveyor, R. A. Cathey, R. M. Mason. Nov. 17, 1869. Reg Feb. 14, 1869.

GEORGE G. PERKINS for "love and affection" for his son, MAULDIN PERKINS gave him a lot in Jackson. Feb. 17, 1870. Reg Feb. 18, 1870. No wits.

Madison County Chancery Court. THOMAS HARRELL, P. PIPKIN, NOAH E. PIPKIN, BARTON PIPKIN, ABRAHAM PIPKIN, LAAN /Laban?/ PIPKIN, MARY WHITE and husband, GEORGE WHITE, JANE TODD and husband, WILLIAM TODD, DELPHINA PIPKIN, MONROE PIPKIN, ALLEN PIPKIN, F. HARRELL, D. B. PIPKIN, WILLIAM TODD, FRANCIS PIPKIN, hrs and distributees of P. PIPKIN, dec. Cause heard, Sept. 1867 with clerk's report confirmed that on Jan. 16, 1865 THOMAS HARRELL and P. PIPKIN, the father of the above defendants made a contract binding themselves in a bond of $2000 for exchange of lands. Thomas Harrell's lands in Civil Dist. 10 were exchanged for P. Pipkin's lands in Civil Dist. 11. Court agreed to this arrangement. Reg Feb. 24, 1870.

By order of the Chancery Court, Jackson, Tenn., Dec. 1868, the lands of M. B. EPPS were sold and WILLIAM W. WILLIAMS bought lot 1 and he sold ˝ of it (101 acres) to HARRIET E. McCLELLAN, Feb. 24, 1870. Reg Feb. 24, 1870. No wits.

WASHINGTON CHIPMAN, Civil Dist. 7, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY PIPKIN and her bodily hrs gave her and them 125 acres. Signed with an "x" mark. Mar. 9, 1869. Reg Feb. 28, 1870. Wits A. E. Shaw, C. P. Pipkin, H. R. Latham.

WASHINGTON CHIPMAN for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY PIPKIN and her bodily hrs gave her and them 62 acres. Signed with "x" mark. Mar. 9, 1869. Reg Feb. 20, 1870. Wits A. C. Shaw, C. P. Pipkin, H. R. Latham.


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For $4920, JOHN A. GREER, LEROYC. GILLESPIE, execs of JAMES JOHNSON's will sold to JAMES G. REID 231 acres in Civil Dist. 5, Madison Co. Feb. 12, 1870. Reg Mar. 4, 1870. No wits.

Whereas CATHARINE E., wife of YOUNG BRADFORD had a life-interest in ˝ acre lot in Denmark, Civil Dist. 4, she sold same to JOHN L. SMITH. Jan. 29, 1870. Reg Mar. 7, 1870. She signed with her "x" mark. Wit F. A. Keelan.

WILLIAM STRIBLING for "love and affection" for his sons, SHELTON R. STRIBLING and JOHN P. STRIBLING gave them all his interest in the estate of his deceased son, D. R. STRIBLING in Gonzales Co., Tex. "they becoming responsible for all the trouble and expense of winding up & settling said estate." Mar. 4, 1870. Reg Mar. 9, 1870. No wits.

J. W. DICKSON and wife, S. A. J. DICKSON, Rusk Co., Texas gave POA to A. B. CROOK, Madison Co., Tenn. to divide land formerly owned by JOHN BRUMMER, dec., father of S. A. J. DICKSON; land in Henderson Co., Tenn. Nov. 7, 1869. Reg Mar. 10, 1870. No wits.

NANCY W. STEGALL for "love and affection" for her daughter, HARRIETT A. WALDROUP gave her 134˝ acres in Madison Co. Nov. 7, 1869. Reg Mar. 10, 1870. Wits Hiram Johnson, B. A. Hicks.

Madison County Chancery Court. JOHN W. COLE and others v DORA E. COLE and others. March 21, 1870. Report of clerk and master confirmed, that the balance of purchase money had been paid by execs of SUGARS McLEMORE, dec for 472 acres vested in said execs, YOUNG A. McLEMORE and R. G. THOMAS. "Known on the Plan of Survey of JOHN COLE's division of 1248 74/160 acre or lot 1 on file in this cause." Reg March 25, 1870.

Madison County Chancery Court. E. K. MIDGETT, adm T. D. BEATY, F. A. BEATY, W. G. BEATY, M. E. BEATY, R. A. BEATY V MOSES BEATY, PERRY BEATY, ELVIRA BEATY, ED S. BEATY, CICERO BEATY, T. G. CURLIN. Report of clerk and master showed that 100 acres was vested in JAMES M. STONE and divested from above parties.

For $762.75, G. H. MASON, exec of ABRAM MASON sold 62 acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co. to N. W. LANGFORD. Jan. 4, 1868. Reg Apr. 8, 1870. Wits S. S. Watkins, R. W. Sims.

For $1225, JOHN CATRON, JR., Fayette Co., Tenn. sold to PATRICK H. WALKER, Madison Co., Tenn. his interest with children of BLAKELY TYSON, dec in an undivided 1/3 interest in about 320 acres about 3 miles from Denmark, it being an undivided part of land belonging to PETER R. BOOKER and JAMES WALKER of Maury Co., Tenn. which was divided between them about 1842-1845, with ˝ acquired by his grandfather, PETER R. BOOKER, the same having been devised to his mother, SUSAN BOOKER CATRON. Apr. 9, 1870. Reg Apr. 12, 1870.

DAVID GILL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love" of his wife, REBECCA GILL gave her all lands not heretofore given to MARY and MARTHA GILL and at her death, lands were to go to his son, WILLIAM THOMAS GILL but if she survived this son, the land would go equally to his daughters, MARTHA J. and MARY F. BRUTON or their hrs. Apr. 16, 1870. Reg Apr. 16, 1870. No wits.

JOHN H. GREGORY, Madison Co. for $153.25 conveyed to JOHN WARREN, ELIJAH RAINS, JOHN W. ROSAMON, JAMES GILLIKIN, trustees of Missionary Baptist Church at Gadsden, Tenn. a 1 2/3 acre lot in Gadsden for the church. Apr. 23, 1870. Reg Apr. 23, 1870. No wits.

JOHN T. BEVERAGE sold to JOHN G. MANN, JAMES L. TALBOT, trustees of St. Luke's Episcopal Church a small parcel of land between his and this church's land in Jackson. Apr. 27, 1870. Reg Apr. 27, 1870. No wits.

LAURA TAYLOR for "love and affection" for her daughter, A. E. TAYLOR, wife of FRANKLIN TAYLOR gave to WILLIAM B. MANLEY in trust for her the northern ˝ of 503 acres (251 acres) set off to her as the widow of ABNER TAYLOR. Nov. 2, 1869. Reg May 6, 1870. Wits W. B. Manley, Andrew Taylor, J. P. Caldwell.


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