By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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N. H. WHITLOW for "love and affection" for his sister, PHERIBA A, wife of JAMES B. COLE, gave her a negro, Cherry about 24 yrs old and her child, unnamed, about 2 yrs old; Dick about 6 yrs old; to be hers exclusive of control of her husband. Oct. 25, 1858. Reg Oct. 25, 1858. No wits.

BENNETT STARKEY, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to trustees of a school house, location not specifically mentioned, T. Thompson, J. P. Woodall, William Starkey, 3 acres "on which a new frame school house is now building; " part of land Bennett Starkey lived on. Nov. 2, 1857. Reg Oct. 25, 1858. No wits.


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Whereas John H. Day, late of Madison Co., Tenn. on Feb. 17, 1851 sold to WILLIAM W. GATES 35 acres near Jackson, For $3500, to be paid for on the instalment plan; down payment and 3 notes in 3 yrs, which obligation Gates met. Day "departed this life without making to said Gates a title for said land, the said Gates being now entitled to a title therefor." Day had died in 1856, leaving a will in which Robert P. Ford, William A. Day and Ed. H. Day were named as execs; the Madison County Court, on Sept. 3, 1856, appointed Ford sole exec who agreed to process a clear title to this land to Gates, "being all of the land on the north of the college lot which Samuel McKinney bought of James Caruthers and the same lands purchased by said /John H. /Day of John L. H. Tomlin." Oct. 14, 1858. Reg Oct. 28, 1858. No wits.

Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solemnized between GEORGE W. HURLEY and MARY W. BOYD, he agreed to place her negroes in trust to STEPHEN SYPERT for her. They were Harriet about 30 yrs old; Mary, about 26 yrs. old and her children, Ann Matilda about 3 mos. old; Ann about 26 yrs old; Hannah about 18 yrs old; Bryant about 23 yrs old; Lorenzo about 19 yrs old; Martha about 12 yrs old, as well as certain personalty. This property not to be subject to Hurley's debts. Oct. 8, 1858. Reg Nov. 2, 1858. /Madison County marriage record shows that George W. Hurley and Mary L. W. Boyd were married November 2, 1858/

GAYLE H. KYLE for "love and affection" for "my beloved daughter," Mrs. SARAH C. BROWN, wife of CHARLES H. BROWN, gave her and her children negroes Rosett about 27 yrs old and her 3 children Squire 7-8 yrs old; Spencer (?) about 5 yrs old; Mary about 2 yrs old. Nov. 24, 1858. Reg Nov. 24, 1858. No wits.

Whereas THOMAS H. ROOKS had an interest in a tract of land to take effect after the death of MEREN ROOK who had a life-interest in same, 120 acres in Civil District 11, Madison Co., being located 5 miles NE of Jackson "on the Christmasville road, it being the place where the said Meren Rook now lives." Thomas H. Rooks sold this interest to J. W. FUSSELL. Nov. 28, 1858. Reg Nov. 29, 1858. Wits Wm. Thedford, Augustus Askew.

MARTIN CARTMELL for "love and affection" for his son-in-law, JOHN D. BOND, gave him 2 tracts, 222 acres in all in Madison Co., one tract being on Jones' Creek. Dec. 6, 1858. Reg Dec. 6, 1858. No wits.

Marriage Contract. Dec. 6, 1858. Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solemnized between ANDREW D. WEATHERLY and ASSENETH M. MARSHALL, they agreed that the property she brought to their marriage would remain hers, not subject to her husband's control or obligations, and this property would be held in trust for her by JAMES WEATHERLY. Reg Dec. 7, 1858. Wits W. P. Meriwether, D. C. Marshall. /Andrew D. Weatherly married Asenith M. Marshall, December 8, 1858 according to Madison Co. marriage record/

J. O. K. WILLIAMSON, T. G. WILLIAMSON, A. S. WILLIAMSON, W. R. WILLIAMSON, N. W. STEADMAN, PETER ST. CLAIR, ALVIS FLORENCE, ELIZABETH ST. CLAIR, SARAH K. STEADMAN AND MARY FLORENCE, Madison Co., Tenn. sold 120 acres for $855.55, referring in the deed "to the line between the land of M. N. Taylor and the tract of land formerly owned by Geo. Williamson, Sen. decd." Oct. 25, 1858. Reg Dec. 30, 1858. No wits.

Whereas on Nov. 25, 1858 JAMES O. K. WILLIAMSON, PETER ST. CLAIR and wife, ELIZABETH, formerly Williamson, GEORGE WILLIAMSON, ALVIS FLORENCE and wife, MARY, formerly Williamson with George Williamson being trustee for said


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Mary Florence, NATHAN W. STEADMAN and wife, SARAH K., formerly Williamson, ANTHONY S. WILLIAMSON, THOMAS G. WILLIAMSON, W. R. WILLIAMSON sold 79 acres to MOSES N. TAYLOR and as he had died, the Williamson hrs deeded this land to Taylor's children JAMES M. TAYLOR, DARIUS J. TAYLOR, CYNTHA C. TAYLOR, ELIZA J. TAYLOR, MOSES TAYLOR, LUCINDA TAYLOR. Oct. 18, 1858. Reg Jan. 3, 1859. No wits.

On December 27, 1858 JOHN T. DAVIS did execute of JOSIAH FRANKLIN a mortgage on one hundred acres of land in Madison Co. and later Franklin passed the note to JAMES C. HOLLIS and C. M. CASON "and since that time WINEFORD DAVIS, mother of said John T. Davis has lifted said notes from" them, they relinquished title to this acreage to Wineford Davis. April 20, 1858. Reg Jan. 5, 1859. Wits James S. Jester, A. J. Simmons, J. N. Franklin, the latter of whom signed with an "x" mark.

ELIZA BOON for "love and affection" for her daughter, LAURA A., wife of GEORGE W. COX, agreed to let them take her negro girl, Sally into their possession. April, 1858. Reg Jan. 7, 1859. Wits Peter H. Cocks, James M. Brown.

SUSAN E. McCLAIN for "love and affection" for ISAAC B. JOHNSON, gave him a sorrel horse colt one yr old next April. Jan. 12, 1859. Reg Jan. 12, 1859. No wits.

ALEXANDER TURNER for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY JANE GRAVES, gave her 78 acres in Civil District 16, Madison Co. Jan. 12, 1859. Reg Jan. 18, 1859. Wits G. W. P. Oliver, H. L. Oliver.

ALEXANDER TURNER for "love and affection" for his daughter, ADELINE SUSAN GRAVES, gave her 145 acres in Civil District 16, Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 12, 1859. Reg Jan. 18, 1859. Wits H. L. Oliver, G. W. P. Oliver.

ALEXANDER TURNER for "love and affection" for his son, DAVID W. TURNER, gave him 100 acres in Civil District 16, Madison County. Jan. 12, 1859. Reg Jan. 18, 1859. Wits H. L. Oliver, G. W. P. Oliver.

MARGARET E. DOYLE /Yell Co., Ark./ gave POA to TOLIVER L. DOYLE to receive for her from SAMUEL W. WATT, adm of IRVIN A. NICHOLS, dec any part of said man's estate. Jan. 1, 1859. Reg Jan. 20, 1859. Wits A. J. Moore, M. W. Parker.

J. P. HAUGHTON for "love and affection" for L. B. HAUGHTON /relationship not defined/ gave him 124 poles, part of the land J. P. Haughton lived on in Civil District 12, Madison Co. Nov. 22, 1858. Reg Jan. 26, 1859. No wits.

Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solemnized between JAMES H. HARBERT and HARRIETT J. GREGORY, he agreed that her slave property would be held in trust for her sole use by B. J. GREGORY. Slaves: Eliza and infant, Osbern, Major Joe and Polly. Jan. 27, 1859. Reg Jan. 27, 1859. Wits Gilber Cozart, F. B. Tidwell. /James H. Harbert was married to Harriet J. Gregory, Jan. 27, 1859, according to Madison Co. marriage record/

JESSE BOYD, Henderson Co., Tenn., on June 8, 1858, "in consideration of the faithful services rendered me as servants and for the further consideration of fifteen hundred dollars to me paid by my servant Rubin" did liberate him and Caroline /perhaps Rubin's wife/, "to take effect from and after the date of my death" and directed that his estate representative appropriate so much of his estate as necessary to carry out the "purpose, interest and meaning of this act of mine touching the freedom of said servant Rubin and Caroline." Reg Jan. 28, 1859. Wits R. J. Hays, W. A. Taylor.


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D. J. MONTGOMERY and MARY /Gill/ MONTGOMERY sold to JOSEPH and THOMAS GILL, 12 acres for $200, this being "my interest in the one hundred acres that was inherited from the estate of my father WILLIAM GILL deceased." July 5, 1858. Reg Jan. 29, 1859. No wits.

W. H. BURROW and FRANCES E. /Gill/ BURROW sold to JOSEPH and THOMAS GILL, 12 acres for $200, from the 100 acres in Frances E.'s father, WILLIAM GILL's estate. June 26, 1858. Reg Jan. 29, 1859. No wits.

W. HAZLEWOOD and CAROLINE T. HAZLEWOOD sold to JOSEPH and THOMAS GILL 12 acres for $200, from the 100 acres in Caroline's father, WILLIAM GILL's estate. June 26, 1858. Reg Jan. 29, 1859. No wits.

MARTHA A. CHANDLER sold to JOHN IRVIN her 1/10 part of land conveyed by JAMES VAULX to E. C. CHANDLER, trustee of widow and hrs at law of PARKS CHANDLER. Jan. 29, 1859. Reg Jan. 29, 1859. No wits.

CATHARINE GILL sold to THOMAS and JOSEPH GILL her entire interest in the estate of her late husband, WILLIAM GILL for $200. Jan. 10, 1859. Reg Feb. 3, 1859. Wits James T. Gill, P. T. Gill.

WILLIAM R. CHANDLER and JOSEPH P. CHANDLER sold to D. H. TOMLIN, for $5 and other considerations negro, Milly 55-60 yrs old, household and kitchen furniture and groceries in the home at Denmark, Tenn. Also, J. R. CHANDLER's interest as hr at law of PARKS CHANDLER. They owed JOHN IRVIN $278 due Nov. 1, 1859 and if they hadn't paid their debt by then Irvin was entitled to sell this property to cover the debt. Feb. 8, 1859. Reg Feb. 9, 1859. No wits.

Whereas the execs of ABSALOM DEBERRY's will (and he died in Oct. 1853), in following the stipulation of this will, that Deberry's lands be sold by his execs, they ROBERT B. HURT, D. J. MERIWETHER, ALLEN DEBERRY sold 145 acres to JAMES B. LACY, except for an acre donated by Wilkerson Davis for a schoolhouse. May 18, 1857. Reg Feb. 9, 1859. No wits.

MARY ANN BLACK for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARGARET ANN, wife of HAMILTON J. McKNIGHT, and her children, gave her a negro child, Pompey, 9 mos. old, to be held in trust for her by ROBERT S. REEVES, and not subject to her husband's obligations, debts. She signed with an "x" mark. Feb. 14, 1859. Reg Feb. 14, 1859. No wits.

SARAH R. BOYCE for "natural love and affection" for her sister, TEXANA J. BOYCE, gave her a negro, ANNY about 21 yrs old and her 2 children David 3-4 yrs old, Henry, an infant. Jan. 22, 1859. Reg Feb. 19, 1859. Wits Alex Jackson, Isham Boyce.

ARCHIBALD WHITE, York Dist., S.C. and MARGARET J. LEWIS, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. gave POA to WILLIAM M. GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. to sell land in Madison Co. and Perry Co. in Tenn. to which they were entitled "in right of SUSAN N. WHITE a daughter of Thomas Greer deceased." Jan. 18, 1859. Reg Feb. 24, 1859. Wits Alex Greer, John W. Todd.

RICHARD C. PARKER and MARTHA M. PARKER having an undivided interest in 150 acres owned by JAMES SANFORD, dec, located in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co. and Martha M. being one of Sanford's children, she and her husband sold this interest to JAMES S. SMITH for $428.57. Feb. 15, 1858. Reg March 4, 1859. No wits.

In the Madison County, Tenn. County Court, Sept. 8, 1858 it was revealed that on Feb. 6, 1855 the clerk and master had sold land and negroes to JESSE W. WINSTON, 121 acres and as he had paid for this completely the court vested title to this acreage to him and divested from ISHAM V. HARRIS, Texas; THOMAS H. HARRIS, Illinois; LEVIN M. HARRIS, Texas; STEPHEN R.


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HARRIS, Texas; WILEY T. HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn. ; PRESSER LEWELLEN, widow of JOHN LEWELLEN, Henderson Co., Tenn.; MARTHA ANDREWS, widow of RICHARD ANDREWS, North Carolina; NANCY FULLER and husband, ALLEN FULLER, Illinois assigned to J. F. Clark who also appeared for himself; ELIZABETH RAWLINGS, Madison Co., Tenn., wife of AUGUSTUS RAWLINGS and only child of DUKE H. HARRIS; NOAH A. NICHOLS and ANDERSON T. NICHOLS, Texas, only children of SARAH NICHOLS, dec. who was a daughter of WILEY T. HARRIS; the children of DOVE C. ROGERS, dec. who was a daughter of WILEY T. HARRIS (their names: GIDEON B. ROGERS, Missouri; JAMES ROGERS, California; JACOB ROGERS, Ark. by his next friend, Rolin A. Anderson; WINEFORD DOVE McNEAL, child of JOHN and ELIZABETH McNEAL, the latter of whom was a daughter of Dove C. Rogers and is now deceased, and Wineford Dove McNeal was represented by JOHN McNEAL, Kentucky); the children of JAMES HARRIS who died about 1838 (names: CHESTAIN HARRIS, THOMAS J. HARRIS, JAMES HARRIS, Illinois, the latter represented by A. T. Johnson); RUFUS D. JOHNSON, only child of MIRANDA G. JOHNSON who died about 1838 and Rufus was a minor represented by his father, ALEXANDER. JOHNSON, Decatur Co., Tenn.; the children of WILLIAM HARRIS, now dec (LOVE D. HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn.; GEORGE M. HARRIS, Texas; ARTHUR D. HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn., a minor represented by Love D. Harris; ADELIA WEST of Ark., widow of PHILLIP T. WEST; JEROME B. WEST and husband, JAMES WEST, Fayette Co., Tenn.; MARY ADAMS and husband, JAMES ADAMS, Madison Co., Tenn.; JANE L. HARRIS, represented by her mother, NANCY HARRIS; NANCY M. HARRIS, represented by her mother, NANCY HARRIS; the children of THYRES CHAMBERLAIN who was a daughter of WILLIAM HARRIS and the dec wife of CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, Shelby Co., Tenn. (names: GEORGE W. CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN, represented by their father, CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN; the four children of NARCISSA D. ALEXANDER, dec wife of JAMES M. ALEXANDER, Missouri, she having been a daughter of WILLIAM HARRIS (names: LOUISA JANE ALEXANDER, SARAH AMANDA ALEXANDER, MARY MERANDA ALEXANDER, FELIX DUNCAN ALEXANDER, minors represented by NANCY HARRIS, Madison Co., Tenn.). Reg March 25, 1859.

HENRY NORMAN, REBECKEY NORMAN for the "love" they had for JAMES R. J. BLACKMON, infant son of JAMES and MERIAM BLACKMON, gave him negro boy, Alexander about 3 yrs old. July 31, 1848. Reg March 28, 1859. Wits J. J. Anderson, James Blackmon.

JULIUS P. FENNER /Jefferson Co./, Ark. gave POA to JOSEPH N. PAINE, Ark., to sell land he had in Tenn. and "settle matters in relation to the winding up of the estate of my father JOHN M. FENNER in which I am in any wise interested." Feb. 28, 1859. Reg April 11, 1859. No wits.

GEORGE HICKS, Madison Co., Tenn. for $765 and "love" for his son, GEORGE B. HICKS, conveyed to him 238 acres in Madison Co. Jan. 19, 1859. Reg April 25, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark. No wits.

WESTLY HARRIS for "natural love and affection" for his daughter, ANN CATHARINE BEEDLES, gave her a slave, Arrena about 19 yrs old and her infant boy child, unnamed. April 28, 1859. Reg May 2, 1859. No wits.

Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solemnized between BENJAMIN F. GATES, Madison Co., Tenn. and NARCISSA M. STONE and as she owned several slaves, Maria Ann and Tom and "a large sum of money coming to her from the estate of her father HARBERT NEWSOM, deceased", he agreed not to "intermeddle" with this property that was to remain solely hers, not subject to his obligations. May 3, 1859. Reg May 3, 1859. /Madison Co. marriage record shows Benjamin F. Gates married Mrs. Narcissa M. Stone, May 4, 1859/

MONTAZUMA JONES, exec of CALVIN JONES' will gave title bond to MURPHY M. McCOY for 460 acres in Madison Co. and as it had been paid for Jones made a clear title to him for this acreage. March 6, 1859. Reg May 4, 1859. Wits T. D. Tarver, J. G. Womack.


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Madison Co., Tenn. Chancery Court. Cause: JOHN W. LOVE Exparte Partitioners. March 16, 1855 report to this court showed that land of late JOSEPH B. LOVE was sold for benefit of his legatees, JOHN W. LOVE, JR., WILLIAM J. LOVE, MARY LOVE. Land sold to JAMES WEATHERLY. Reg May 9, 1859.

Madison Co., Tenn. Chancery Court, Jan. 15, 1851 it was reported that ROBERT WHITE died intestate leaving ELIZABETH WHITE, widow and children MARY ANN WHITE, RACHAEL C. WHITE and EUNICE B. WHITE and were hrs of 228 and 130 acres tracts of land. Mary Ann had married WILLIAM L. FLOWERS. Rachael C. had died leaving a will in which she divided her interest in the above tracts to her sister and family, the Flowerses. Mary Ann Flowers had died leaving children JOEL S. FLOWERS, MARY ELIZA FLOWERS, WILLIAM FLOWERS and ELIZABETH FLOWERS. On Jan. 1, 1857, WILLIAM L. FLOWERS sold his int. in late wife's estate to JOHN P. WEIR for $450 as grdn and for the benefit of his children. ELIZABETH, widow of ROBERT WHITE had sold her inter also to said WEIR. Eunice B. had married ALEXANDER JACKSON and they sold their 1/3 interest in these tracts to ROBERT B. HURT. Court vested title in 228 acres to WEIR; 130 acres to HURT. Clerk and Master's certified copy about this decree dated May 16, 1859. Reg May 16, 1859.

JOSEPH JOHNSON, SR. died June 1858 in McNairy Co., Tenn. and having given his children and grandchildren land and negroes:
1. JOHN M. JOHNSON, about 300 acres in McNairy Co. and 4 slaves
2. JOSEPH JOHNSON, JR., about 350 acres in Tipton/Madison Cos. and 7 slaves
3. HORACE JOHNSON, about 400 acres, Madison Co. and 7 slaves
4. STEPHEN JOHNSON, about 300 acres, Madison Co. and 6 slaves
5. SAMUEL S. JOHNSON, about 270 acres, Madison Co. and 6 slaves
6. MARTIN F. JOHNSON, about 300 acres, Madison Co. and 5 slaves
7. MARY SILER, about 300 acres, Tipton Co. and 4 slaves
8. MARGARET TEAGUE, about 300 acres, Madison Co. and 4 slaves
9. MARY GARLAND, about 100 acres, Madison Co., about 270 acres, Tipton Co. and 4 slaves
10. SUSAN JANE WEATHERLY, about 400 acres, McNairy Co. and 5 slaves
11. JOSEPH JAMES JOHNSON, about 249 acres, Madison Co. and 3 slaves
12. SAMUEL M. FRY, proceeds of sale of 90 acres, Madison Co. and 70 acres, Tipton Co.
13. JANE A. FRY, about 200 acres, Madison Co. and 90 acres, Tipton Co.
14. ELIZABETH GILLASPIE, about 200 acres in Madison Co. and some money
15. Mrs. KATY FRY, Mother of S. M. FRY, J. A. FRY and ELIZABETH GILLASPIE, about 200 acres, Madison Co.
These hrs agreed to certain financial adjustments among themselves as Joseph Johnson, Sr. 's hrs in order to avoid disputes over bequests in his will. Oct. 30, 1859. Reg May 28, 1859. Wits W. E. Stewart, B. A. Hicks, Wm. L. Muse, A. D . Roark.

ROBERT M. VILLINES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love" for his wife, JULIA, gave her slaves Randolph about 37 yrs old; Tom about 24 yrs old; Delcy about 16 yrs old; Mitty about 45 yrs old; Gracy about 8 yrs old; Caesar about 4 yrs old. July 18, 1859. Reg July 18, 1859. No wits.

JOHN R. JELKS and wife, MARY E. HINTON J. JELKS, Jackson Co., Ark. gave POA to WILLIAM W. BOYKIN to divide and quit claim for them as relevant as hrs of MARTHA W. LANE, their interest in 395 acres and to sell the part set aside for John R. Jelks and wife, Mary E. Also, sell John R. Jelks' Stovall tract, 304 acres and "to convey for Hinton J. Jelks my /John R.'s/ share or interest in the tract of land my father set apart to my mother MARY H. JELKS, 110 acres, part of 1000 acres in name of JARRETT M. JELKS, my father." Mar. 8, 1858. Reg July 18, 1859. Wit Thos. M. Bass.


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LIBERTY W. BIRMINGHAM released and conveyed, for value received, to JAMES HOLMES, Gibson Co., Tenn. the interest in about 9-10 negroes assigned to hrs from STEPHEN R. SPAIN, who had them from his father's estate. July 27, 1859. Reg July 27, 1859. No wits.

Contract between STEPHEN R. SPAIN, Madison Co., Tenn. and JAMES HOLMES, Gibson Co., Tenn. A compromise whereby "the said Holmes has agreed to accept from Spain in satisfaction of a disputed liability" resulting from "the alledged unsoundness of a negro sold by Spain to Holmes the sum of six hundred dollars with interest to be paid out of said Spain's interest in his father's estate after the death of his mother." July 23, 1859. Also, Spain had assigned slaves as security to LIBERTY W. BIRMINGHAM for the debt owed to Holmes and Birmingham gave them to Holmes in trust until the debt was paid. July 27, 1859. Reg July 27, 1859. Wits James K. Stephens, John L. H. Tomlin.

Madison County, Tenn. Chancery Court. Cause: JOHN V. ANDERSON and WIFE v LUCY FREELING & OTHERS. Final hearing heard, Feb. 19, 1858. JOHN H. FREELING had sold 2 tracts of land to WILLIAM R. HARRIS and the Court provided Harris with a clear title to these tracts and divested from the Freeling hrs JOHN V. ANDERSON and wife, ELIZABETH; LUCY FREELING; JOHN H. FREELING; AUGUSTUS J. H. FREELING: JAMES A. HUDSON and wife, NANCY K.; WILLIAM W. FREELING; LUCY GARRETT; REUBEN H. FREELING; HINTON BRYANT and wife, SARAH E.; PHILLIP N. DULIN and wife, SUSAN G. Reg August 5, 1859.

Madison Co., Tenn. Circuit Court. Jan. 15, 1859. 118 acres had been sold by clerk and master to WILLIAM R. HAYNES and court vested title to this acreage to him and divested from DAVID H. PARKER, SOURENA B. REEVES, MARY ANN SMITH, HENRY F. PARKER, SUSAN A. CROOM, NANCY R. PARKER, MARGARET E. PARKER and SARAH L. JOHNSON. Reg August 9, 1859.

Chancery Court, Nashville, Tenn. ELIZABETH BRYAN was a daughter of JOHN RAINS, late of Davidson Co., Tenn. and was entitled to 1/7 of his estate. Lots 7 and 8 of his real estate were allotted to her, 246 acres in Civil Dist. 8, Davidson Co. and 2 slaves, Madison and Lydia Ann. FELIX R. and JAMES RAINS as adms of JOHN RAINS' estate. JOHN R. BRYAN was husband of ELIZABETH RAINS BRYAN. $1165 was also part of Elizabeth's legacy from her father. Also 2 lots he had owned in Columbia, Tenn. and these were sold for $8417. She also had "an expected estate in certain slaves conveyed by her father to his daughter CHRISTIANA H. STREET" because of her death without children. Lots 7 and 8 had been sold for Elizabeth's benefit and the money invested in 64 acres bought in Madison Co., Tenn. All this property and money was held in trust for Elizabeth by JAMES RAINS. Reg Sept. 1, 1859.

PETER MASON (who signed with an "x" mark) sold to LEVI MASON, for $90 in cash, his entire interest in the SION MASON tract of about 190 acres in Civil Dist. 16, Madison Co. Sept. 24, 1859. Reg Sept. 24, 1859. Wits William G. Cockrill, J. J. Sanders.

D. W. RUFFIN for "natural love and affection" for his wife, MARY RUFFIN and her children JOHN B. RUFFIN, MARY L. GRAVETT, ROBERT J. RUFFIN, THOMAS P. RUFFIN, conveyed to them his entire interest in the undivided interest in the estate of his father, JOHN RUFFIN. Sept. 28, 1859. Reg Sept. 28, 1859. No wits.

L. TANNER for "love" for his wife, SALLY A. TANNER transferred to REBECCA PREWETT in trust for her a negro boy, Arch about 6 yrs old. Feb. 22, 1858. Reg Oct. 18, 1859. No wits.


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CHRISTOPHER C. MAY, Madison Co., Tenn. for $1557 sold to WILLIAM C. HUTCHERSON any interest "I have or may hereafter have in both real and personal property of my grandmother NANCY MAY's estate." Not dated. Reg Oct. 19, 1859. Wits B. A. Hays, R. E. Bonds.

STEPHEN MOORE, exec of JAMES MOORE's will, sold 28 acres in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co., for $324 to GREEN B. MOORE. Oct. 15, 1859. Reg Oct. 22, 1859. No wits.

STEPHEN MOORE, exec of JAMES MOORE's will, sold 200 acres in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co., for $2158 to GREEN B. MOORE except 60 acres and a fraction deeded by James Moore to Stephen Moore, leaving a balance of 139 acres sold in this transaction. Oct. 15, 1859. Reg Oct. 22, 1859. No wits.

RUSSELL SEGAR for $1 and "the further consideration of the gratitude I feel for OLIVIA T. McREE, wife of JAMES M. McREE for many acts of disinterested kindness" towards him gave her household furniture, including a large split rocker, a mahogany bedstead, two oval bureaus, a four-drawer marble-top bureau, a side-board. April 19, 1859. Reg Oct. 27, 1859. No wits. /This deed was re-recorded on pages 531-532./

CATHARINE B. SNODGRASS for "love and affection" for her niece, ANN, wife of TIMOTHY P. SCURLOCK, Madison Co., gave her a negro man, Bob about 26 yrs old; not subject to her husband's obligations. Oct. l5, 1858. Reg Nov. 5, 1859. Wits Wm. H. Stephens, Sallie Snodgrass.

ADAM BROWN, for "love and affection" for Methodist Episcopal Church, South, conveyed to FORDHAM BLACKMON, THOMAS ROLLINS, SR., WILLIAM D. BRIGANCE, JOHN P. THOMAS and JAMES BLACKMON, trustees for said church, gave a lot of ground, 1 3/100 acres, "Beginning at a hickory in 9th section line near the graveyard of Bethany Church." May 17, 1859. Reg ___ __, 1859. Wits J. R. Woolfolk, Geo. W. Stewart. /This Bethany Church is now and has long been called the Brown's United Methodist Church./

SAMUEL C. LANCASTER conveyed to Mayor-Aldermen of Jackson, Tenn. lot 62 in the "middle tier of the new addition to the graveyard", for $10 paid him by JOHN CHESTER for a burial lot. Oct. 24, 1859. Reg Nov. 10, 1859. No wits. /This lot is located in what is known as Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tenn./

Marriage Contract dated Nov. 16, 1859. Whereas a marriage was soon to be solemnized between MARGARET E. FENNER, Madison Co. and J. N. COOPER, "Yallobushy" Co., Miss. they agreed that her slaves would be kept in trust for her by LUCY M. FENNER. Rix about 55 yrs old; Amy about 55 yrs old. Reg Nov. 17, 1859. Wits R. A. Jones, Thos. B. Fenner. /Madison Co. marriage record shows J. N. Cooper married Margaret E. Fenner, November 17, 1859/

MARY WARD sold to JAMES S. LYON, for $5075, all her interest "after the death of WILLIAM ESPY" in slaves, Necey, Wilson, Crecy, Simon, Tom, Adeline, Amanda, Fred, July and Westly. May 20, 1859. Reg Nov. 25, 1859. No wits.

BENJAMIN LEWIS for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN T. LEWIS, gave him 116 acres in Civil Dist. 16, Madison Co. Nov. 3, 1859. Reg Nov. 26, 1859. No wits.

Marriage Contract. Whereas a marriage was shortly to be solmenized between WILLIAM POPE and ALVIRA M. BIRD, they agreed that the property she brought to their marriage would be held in trust for her by JAMES BIRD, including a 170 acre tract in Civil Dist. 4, Madison Co. and slaves, Dick, Tilda and a boy named Polk; all free from obligations of her husband. Dec. 10, 1859. Reg Dec. 12, 1859. Wits J. M. Lackie, J. M. Pope. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that this couple were married December 12, 1859/


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For $1000 MILES M. HAMMOND, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to GEORGE SNIDER, JOHN R. NORVILL, JOEL R. CHAPPELL, trustees of the Jackson Baptist Church, "said church being now a constituent member of the Big Hatchie Association in good standing in West Tennessee Convention," a lot in Jackson, reserving right to remove "the frame building on said lot" and also to receive the gate in the south fence on said lot. Dec. 15, 1859. Reg Dec. 15, 1859. No wits.

Indenture, Dec. 19, 1859. ASBERRY PEGUES, exec of HAZAEL HEWETT's will and MALINDA C., widow of said Hewett. The will stipulated that a division was to be made in negroes by commissioners appointed to do so, with the result:
To Mrs. M. C. PEGUES
Henrietta and child; Westly 10 yrs old; Henry 8 yrs old; Harriet 4 yrs old; John 2 yrs old; Viney and child Jack; Henry 14 yrs old; Collier 10 yrs old; Moses 6 yrs old; John 4 yrs old; Sally 2 yrs old; Reuben 30 yrs old; Charity 36 yrs old; Clay 20 yrs old; Len 28 yrs old; George 12 yrs old; Charlotte 4 yrs old; Frank 2 yrs old; David 18 yrs old; Rachael 16 yrs old; Talbot 15 yrs old; Wyatt 18 yrs old. Total value of slaves, $18,825.
Julia 49 yrs old; Harriett 29 yrs old; Julia 8 yrs old; Celia 3 yrs old; Betty (one-eyed) 27 yrs old; Caroline 4 yrs old; Maria 25 yrs old; Lee (a male) 8 yrs old; Susan 30 yrs old and child; Rose 2 yrs old; Ellen 13 yrs old; Elleck 9 yrs old; Becky 7 yrs old; Jim 5 yrs old; Amanda 4 yrs old; Nick 32 yrs old; Leah 23 yrs old and child 10 days old; Reuben 3 yrs old; Martin 30 yrs old; Jack, Jim, Becky, Clark, Ananius, Mat, ages not provided. Total value of slaves, $18,875.
Reg Dec. 19, 1859.

JAMES M. HACKNEY for "love and affection" for son, JOSEPH D. HACKNEY gave him slaves Jim about 14 yrs old; Sam about 7 yrs old and $400 in money to make him "equal" with share given to his daughter, MARY ANN CARTER. Dec., 1859. Reg Jan. 6, 1860. Wits James B. Carter, John Armstead.

WILLIAM M. FOGG, One of the children of JOSEPH FOGG, dec and entitled to a child's part in his estate, sold his interest in same to JOHN IRVIN and SAMUEL LUCKY, including the 457 acres known as the Huntsman place and 31 "negro slaves." Jan. 19, 1860. Reg Jan. 19, 1860. Wits G. I. Christian, I . M. Jackson.

RACHEL E. WADDELL had an undivided interest in the estate of her dec father, SAMUEL D. WADDELL and as her brother, SETH Q. WADDELL had "raised me from childhood and I have lived with him ever since and my afflictions as well as my affections towards him make it proper that I should continue to reside with him all my life" she deeded this interest to Seth Q. Waddell. Sept. 20, 1859. Reg Jan. 24, 1860. Wits Labern Haislip, Robert Stobaugh.

J. M. SIMMONS by authority vested in him as exec of HARRIET W. SIMMONS' will sold, for $1601, to N. A. McCOY, two negroes Emeline about 22 yrs old and her youngest child, Mary Ruth about 9 mos old. Nov. 15, 1859. Reg Jan. 25, 1860.

NATHANIEL RICHARDS, Lamar Co., Texas gave POA to his brother, SOLOMON RICHARDS to sell the 41 acres "I formerly lived on" in Madison Co. Signed with an "x" mark. Nov. 7, 1855. Reg Feb. 6, 1860. Wits Davis S. Wells, J. Long.

MILTON BROWN, HERVEY BROWN, JOHN CHESTER, R. R. DASHIELL, R. B. HURT, A. W. JONES, LORENZO LEA and JOSEPH C. SHARP, trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Jackson bought a lot in Jackson from ROBERT P. FORD, being his former residence and lot, for $4000. To be used as a parsonage. Feb. 14, 1860. Reg Feb. 15, 1860. No wits.


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ALEXANDER GREER for "love and affection" for his grandchild, HIBERNIA, daughter of BENJAMIN R. PERSON and EMILY PERSON, Jackson, Tenn. gave her in trust held by Benjamin R. Person, a slave, Daphne about 8 yrs old. May 5, 1853. Reg Feb. 15, 1860. No wits.

ALEXANDER GREER for "love and affection" for his daughter, EMILY PERSON gave her the Ball place in Jackson. Nov. 27, 1857. Reg Feb. 15, 1860. No wits.

T. P. SCURLOCK, for $1950, as exec of GEORGE F. HUNTSMAN sold 2 slaves, Mary about 40 yrs old and Nancy 15-16 yrs old to BENJAMIN R. PERSON. No date given. Reg March 17, 1860. No wits.

On May 18, 1859 ALLEN DEBERRY sold to DAVID MERIWETHER 686 acres in Madison Co. for $12,357 and as Meriwether had died in Sept. 1859, before a deed was properly executed to him for the land he had purchased, Deberry now gave a clear title to it to his children WILLIAM PACE MERIWETHER, MATHIAS D. MERIWETHER, HENRY A. MERIWETHER and LUCY R. MERIWETHER. The widow, ELIZA JANE MERIWETHER, would have her dower taken from this tract. Deberry reserved a right of way "through said land by lane or gate to the Brownsville road." March 14, 1860. Reg March 22, 1860. Wits J. P. Taylor, Peter H. Cole.

JOHN McCLISH for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARGARET A. TRANSOU, gave her a negro, LUCY about 25 yrs old. March 16, 1860. Reg March 24, 1860. No wits.

EZEKIAL FULLER for $1 and "from a desire of advancing the cause of Christianity" conveyed one acre to T. J. FULLER, ANDREW DERRYBERRY, THURMON ANDERSON, A. W. FULLER and HENRY JONES, trustees of Maple Springs Baptist Church. __ __, 1837. Reg April 12, 1860. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits John R. Woolfolk, C. H. Withers.

T. J. FULLER for $1 and from "a desire of advancing the cause of Christianity" gave to T. J. FULLER, ANDREW DERRYBERRY, THURMON ANDERSON, R. W. FULLER and HENRY JONES, trustees of Maple Springs Baptist Church 5 and a fraction acre in Civil Dist. 4, Madison Co. Feb. 13, 1860. Reg April 12, 1860. Wits C. H. Withers, R. G. Day.

JAMES B. WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn., for $283.16 sold to WILLIS W. WILLIAMS his interest in the estate of his father, ANDERSON WILLIAMS and any interest he had in lands Anderson had willed to SARAH WILLIAMS his "present wife." Dec. 12, 1859. Reg April 23, 1860. Wits E. T. Transou, R. W. Sims.

ROBERT I. CHESTER for $2500 "paid in natural love and affection" conveyed to his son, JOHN CHESTER, a lot in Jackson. Oct. 8, 1858. Reg April 27, 1860. Wit R. R. Dashiell.


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