From Family Findings
Vol. VII, No. 2., April 1975, p. 26
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975
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COMPANY "F" 7th TENNESSEE CAVALRY, CSA — LIST OF MEMBERS, transcribed from The Brownsville Democrat newspaper published in Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee, Friday, July 27, 1883, Vol. 10, No. 19, on microfilm, by Mary Ann (Mrs. L. R.) Mitchell, 72 Woodhavmn Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301.


            This company was mustered into service the 4th day of November, 1861, at Camp Beauregard, Ky., with G. C. Clay, captain; H. G. Winburn, 1st lieutenant; C. H. Jones, 2d lieutenant; J. E. Gregory, 3d lieutenant.
            In the year 1863 Captain Clay was promoted to Major of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry and C. H. Jones to captain of Company "F". H. G. Winburn, ___ lieutenant, discharged on account of age; W. W. Robertson, 1st sargeant promoted to 1st lieutenant; John _________ made orderly sargeant.
            W. W. Robertson, 1st lieutenant, killed at Brice’s Cross Reads.
            Joe. Everett, Odr. Sargeant, killed in Middle Tennessee.
            George Richards, 2,1 Sargeant.



______ Ashley
John Bell
T. J. Castello, dead
Henry Duffy
T. F. Evans
Q. English
Henry Guthrie
Jake Howel
James Hughes
Mings Julian
Mat Klyoe, dead
W. E. Lynn, transferred to Co. L, 1862
N. M. McClelland, dead
Jas. Mathis
Dr. A. N. McLemon
R. Marlow, dead
S. K. Odd, transferred to Co. L, 1862
B. Permento
D. E. Roberts
John Robertson
Bill Roper
A. C. Revell
Geo. Richards
J. C. Smothers
______ Salter
Ed Transou, transferred to Co. L, 1862
W. S. Williams
John Webb
Young Wortham
W. D. Willett
Dock Williams

M. Barnett
Ransom Bell
Jas. Casey
Tom Davis
D. Ellington, dead
Henry Faulkner, dead
Jas Guthrie
A. Hughes
Charlie Howard, wounded
I. Johnson
G. B. Levis, dead
G. W. Moss
Jas. Maim
Buck Mitchell, dead
______ Miller
M. Medlin
Jake Novell
T. J. Pearson, wounded at Brice's X Roads
J. H. Pitman
W. W. Roberts
Jas. Richards
Tom Reaper
Hardy Revell
J. C. Read
Joe Spencer, dead
T. Sutton
Dr. Wm. Tucker
Tom Taylor
Fraxk Webb
H. Witherspoon, transferred to Co. L, 1862
W. Wright, died in prison
Sam Young

Joe Bradley
Joe Baker, dead
Jam Dickinson
N. Ellington
Harry Evart
James Frenow
Bed Helfly
Horace Huggins
Sam Jenkins, dead
John Key, killed
Jas. Latham
J. R. McClaaahan
Jas. McIntosh
Jack Mathis
______ Mathis
Henry Marlow
P. B. Nance
Thos. Payne
Jas. Payne
Jno. Pitman
Wm. Richards
Ed Ricks, wounded, leg amputated at Humbolt, Tenn.
Tom Tedman
Jas. Sinclair
Britt Saunders
W. Terrell
Josh Taylor
Wm. Witherspoon, transferred to Co. L, 1862
Robt. Webb
W.Walsh,died in camp
Peter Wade