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In the writer's (Jonathan Smith) publication, LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ABSTRACTS, 1855-1862; OTHER SELECTIVE PUBLIC RECORDS OF MADISON COUNTY, TENNESSEE (1995), page 11, it was remarked that the tombstones of JOHN EXUM (1784-1858) and ROBERT WALLAS EXUM (1855-1855) were brought from the old John Exum family burial yard off Primrose Drive in Jackson and according to a descendant the remains were left while tombstones were taken to Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson.

The late Roy W. Black, Sr. of Bolivar, Tennessee had access to accurate records, apparently no longer extant, that the remains were exhumed and reinterred in Hollywood Cemetery. The remains were "Removed to Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, Tennessee, August 20, 1953. According to card holders inpoled at head of other Exum graves by his /John Exum's/ side." This would suggest also that there were remains of other bodies brought from the old burial yard and reburied in Hollywood Cemetery.

Exum Family Notes, R. W. Black, Sr., Hardeman Co. Library, Bolivar, Tenn.


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From Last Will and Testament Abstracts, 1855-1862 . . ., p. 11:

In conversation with Mr. Joe Hardeman Exum, life-long resident of Jackson, Tenn. and a great-great-grandson of JOHN EXUM, died 1858, on December 2, 1995, the present writer learned that the Exum family graveyard was located several yards to the west of Highland Avenue, North where Primrose Drive enters Highland Avenue. When Primrose was developed as a street, probably in the 1950s, the tombstones there were removed to Hollywood Cemetery (the bodily remains being left buried in the old graveyard location), where they were read by the present writer, December 1, 1995; two small, thin rectangular, upright tombstones: JOHN EXUM, Born July 4th 1784. Died June 26, 1858. ROBERT WALLAS EXUM, September 10, 1855-Dec. 8, 1855.
          These tombstones are located on the far east side of Hollywood Cemetery, near the Lambuth University campus. Mr. Joe H. Exum also stated that John Exum's father was ARTHUR EXUM; that John and his brother, ROBERT EXUM, who also came to Madison County about 1823, both married HANNAH sisters. The Exums had moved from Virginia into Sumner and Davidson counties sometime before 1800.


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