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DANIEL BUNTON is the ancestor of this pioneer Madison County, Tennessee family. He was married in Edgecoube County. North Carolina to LYDIA MAYO, February 24, 1825 (bond); she was one of the children of Frederick Mayo (1774-1856) who left the Old North State, eventually settling in Madison County where he died and was buried in the family graveyard that he had reserved near his dwelling. (Madison Co. Will Book 6, pages 9-11) He had married, secondly, Catharine (Kitty)Bunton, March 5, 1843, who survived him with no children.

Several years after their marriage Daniel and Lydia Buntin moved to a 163 acre farm in the old Civil District 6 of Madison County, Tennessee. On his deathbed, in the morning of December 12, 1845, when "under the impression he was about to die," Buntin made a nuncupative (spoken) will and died soon thereafter, leaving thereby his estate to his widow, Lydia. providing also that his sister, Sabra, was to continue living with his family so long as she wished. The will was probated February 2, thereafter and Lydia qualified as executrix the next month. (IBID. County Court Minute Book 5, pages 455, 466; Book 12, page 443) Lydia continued to live as a widow; acquired by purchase 86 acres in 1857 and 180 acres in 1859, near her homeplace and Andrew Chapel. After her death in 186? her 428 acre holding was sold and the proceeds divided among six surviving children and the children of her deceased son Reuben. Purchasing her land, in October 1872, sons Edmond W. and Guilford bought 162 acres; son Council bought 180 acres; son Joel bought 86 acres; sales confirmed in November, thereafter. A family graveyard was reserved on the old Buntin farm (Madison Co. Court Minute Book 12, page 484) but its location has been lost to memory.

The children of Daniel and Lydia (Mayo) Buntin, with some of the birth dates suggested in the 1850 and 1860 U.S. censuses, although these ages given in the censuses are somewhat problematical as several of them differ from census to census in a non-matching manner.

  1. WILLIAM BUNTIN, one of his Parents' oldest children; perhaps he was the W. R. Bunton, Co. F, 51 Tenn. Inf. Reg. who died May 14, 1862.
  2. REUBEN BUNTIN (March 19, 1826-July 14, 1864); married Mary Ellen Davis, July 1, 1851. He farmed in Madison County; apparently he was a Confederate soldier as a contemporary family Bible record has it that he died at Harrisburg, Miss. close to Tupelo, Miss. His children: LYDIA EMMA BUNTIN (Mar. 8, 1854-Aug. 2l, 1924) who married James Neely Hart, Feb. 17. 1875 and had children Susie Myrtle, Pearl, Zelma, Lillie, Mack, Mamie, John Calvin and Will. ANGELINA BUNTIN (Feb. 17, 1856-June 11, 1926) who married John M. Hinton. Nov. 7, 1872 and had children John, Callie and Robert. CORNELIA ELIZABETH (Ducky) BUNTIN (Nov. 5, 1858-Dec. 25, 1916) who married S. B. Neely and had no children. JOHN HENRY BUNTIN (July 31, 1861-Oct. 5, 1928) who married Georgia Etta Coons (Dec. 24, 186l-Jan. 28, 1942), Dec. 22, 1886, a daughter of James and Elizabeth (Lowry) Coons. He was a farmer who lived near Huntersville, close to the old Buntin farm. His children were (a) Anna DeLeslie (Lessie) Buntin (1887-1957) who married Grover Victor Powell (1886-1939) and had children Lizzie Ruth, Bernice, Eloise, Grady Buntin, Hazel and Howell Thomas. (b) Lois Buntin (June 13, 1891-Jan. 5, 1981) who married Searcy Shelton Powell (1883-1957), no children. (c) Albert Redmon Buntin (Sept. 9, 1893- June 16, 1977) who married Fannie Belle Davis (Dec. 25, 1899-May 24, 1988) and had a son, Albert Murry Buntin, born Mar. 20, 1924 who married Beverly Ann Shaw and had children Susan, Mary Frances, Elizabeth Ann and Emily Lois. (d) Jesse Howell Buntin (Oct. 16, 1895-July 21, 1956) who married Mary Etta Meriwether (1895-1963) and had a son, John Henry Buntin (Dec. 19, 1917-May 13, 1974), never married. J. Howell Buntin was a sometime state commissioner of the Tenn. Dept of Conservation and served in the Tenn. House of Representatives, 1935-1937 and in the Tenn. Senate, 1941-1945.* The J. Howell Buntin family are buried in Andrew Chapel Cemetery, Huntersville and the John Henry Buntin family are buried in the Ararat Cemetery in Huntersville. Reuben and Mary Ellen Buntin had a daughter, either stillborn or died soon after birth. September 3, 1852. REUBEN OSCAR BUNTIN (Feb. 31, 1864-Feb. 15, 1929), never married. /Another child of J. H. and Georgia Buntin was Charlie Ellis Buntin, Dec. 27, 1901-June 21, 1902./
  3. GUILFORD BUNTIN, born about 1831; he died unmarried, November 21, 1873.
  4. JOSEPH HENRY BUNTIN (July 5, 1832-August 25, 1881), who served in Co. G, 27th Tenn. Inf. CSA; a Madison Co. farmer who married Susan A. B. Wilie (Feb. 28, 1836-Oct. 25, 1909), Feb. 8, 1870. Their children: SARAH ELIZABETH (Lizzie) BUNTIN (July 15, 1871- July 27, 1953) who married William Jackson Lanier (1869-1951), Jan. 5, 1892 and had children Marianna who married James Jones, Little Rock, Ark.; Rubye Mae and Ruth Lanier, twins, born Dec. 5, 1905. Rubye died Aug. 10, 1920. Ruth never married. James Franklin Lanier, who died Jan. 8, 1904; William J. Lanier, Jr. (Sept. 5, 1913-Aug. 24, 1974), a well-known mortician of Jackson, Tenn. who married Maurine Walton and had two daughters. JOEL MADISON (Matt) BUNTIN (May 6, 1873-Nov. 24, 1937) who married Susan J. Wright, Jan. 16, 1895 and had sons Noel Madison Buntin and Charles Henry Bunt in, who was married and had two sons.
  5. JOHN BUNTIN, born about 1833; perhaps he was the J. D. Buntin in Co. G, 27 Tenn. Inf. CSA who died in May 1862.

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  7. REDMOND W. BUNTIN, born about 1834; died unmarried, Nov. 20, 1892.
  8. JOEL BUNTIN (Oct. 12, 1836-June 27, 1913), a Madison Co. farmer who married (1) Nannie Hart (Jan. 31, 1843-May 1, 1874), Jan. 19, 1871 and had a son who died in infancy; (2) Rowena Hart (June 18, 1845-April 12, 1900), Dec. 16, 1875 and had children (a) WILLIAM McRAE BUNTIN (Nov. 6, 1875-Mar. 29, 1915) a Jackson machinist who married Miss Clyde Seward, Nov. 8, 1899 and had one child Mary Roena Buntin (Aug. 28, 1900-May 20, 1906). (b) MAGGIE BUNTIN (Apr. 6, 1879-June 21, 1961) who married Stonewall Jackson Harris (1869-1949), Jan. 6, 1895 and had several children. (c) JOEL THOMAS BUNTIN (1880-1959) who married Susie Sperry (1886-1966), Dec. 14, 1905 and had several children. (d) LENNIE L. BUNTIN (Oct. 23. 1882-Oct. 8. 1957), never married. (e) ERNEST R. Buntin (May 19, 1890-Oct. 3, 1890).
  9. DANIEL W. BUNTIN born about 1837; married Nancy Britton in May 1860; reportedly had one daughter who later lived in Arkansas.
  10. ASA BUNTIN (Sept. 1, 1839-Feb. 13, 1894), served in Co. G, 27 Tenn. Inf Reg CSA; a Madison Co. farmer who lived in Civil District 8. He married Margaret Emma Montgomery (Feb. 2, 1839-Mar. 13, 1915), Apr. 28, 1866 and had children: BABANNA (Bobbie) BUNTIN, born 1867, married James Shelton. MARTHA LOU BUNTIN (Dec. 22, 1868-Jan. 15, 1945), unmarried. NETTlE BUNTIN (Apr. 6, 1870-Nov. 25, 1940) who married Stephen W. (Steve) Hudson (1860-1934), Jan. 8, 1896 and had children (a) Rada, born 1897, unmarried (b) Bill, born 1896 (c)Robert Franklin (1904-l993), who married and had children. MAY EMMA BUNTIN (Jan. 17, 1873-Sept. 8, 1939), unmarried. JAMES H. BUNTIN (Mar. 28, 1878-Oct. 13, 1940) who married Mary Carmack, Oct. 19, 1902 and had several children. LIZZIE B. BUNTIN (Sept. 16, 1880-Aug. 15, 1888), MAGGIE EUNTIN (Dec. 8, 1883-Aug. 4, 1968), unmarried.
  11. 10. COUNCIL BUNTIN, born about 1840, served in Co. D, 51 Tenn. Inf. Reg. CSA; married Susan Davis, Jan. 28, 1867 (license) and died Nov. 24, 1873. One child, WALTER L. BUNTIN, born about 1871 who was married and had children Council, Erlene and Frances.

An unmarried sister of Daniel Buntin named SABRA BUNTIN (born about 1800) lived with her brother's family in Madison Co. where she died Nov. 22, 1873 and a nephew, J. H. Buntin served as administrator of her estate. She, Reuben Buntin and Guilford Buntin were among the charter members of Ararat Baptist Church, Huntersville, September 1850.

Jan. 13, 1870. Redmond W. Buntin, J. H. Buntin, Guilford Buntin and Joel Buntin jointly purchased 191 acres on Cub Crk. in C. D. 6, known as the old James Blythe place; each held a fourth interest in this tract. Guilford died leaving his share to his brothers. Joel and Redmond W. kept their individual interests but the heirs of Reuben Buntin and Council Huntin's son, Walter, shared in the deceased uncles' shares. The county court agreed that this tract be sold in 1882; 91 acres bought by Joel Buntin; 91 acres bought by Redmond W. Buntin. (Madison Co. Court Min. Bk. 16, page 124) At Redmond Buntin's death his land was sold to his brother Joel in 1893 with proceeds going to Asa Buntin, Walter Buntin, Joel Madison Buntin, Lizzie Lanier, Lydia. E. Hart, Angeline Hinton, Cornelia Neely, John Henry Buntin, Reuben O. Buntin (IBID. Bk 51, page 51, page 383)

The information for this note was gathered by Jonathan Smith from public records and data shared with him by Albert Murry Buntin, b. 1924 of Madison Co., Tennessee.


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