By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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(Those in the few extant issues of this period)


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January 26, 1913

A man, name unknown, had died in the Jackson jail "under the influence of liquor"; aged about 35 years, medium in height and build with a dark complexion; burial from Umphlett and Griffin funeral home.

A black man had drowned in the "Beulah Crevasse" of the Mississippi River, January 25 when his house was "washed away." Other members of the family were saved.



September 15, 1901

WILLIAM McKINLEY, 25th President of the United States died September 15 "from the effect of an assassin's bullet." He had been shot by an anarchist on Sept. 6, 1901. Born in Niles, Ohio, January 29, 1843; later became a senator and was elected President of the United States November 7, 1896. He married Ida Saxton, Jan. 25, 1871 and had two children who died in childhood. There is a long biographical sketch of McKinley's life in this issue of the newspaper.


January 22, 1903

MrS. SUSAN R. GARRETT died Jan. 21, aged 67 years; she had lived in Jackson for "years and years."


February 6, 1903

C. A. RAY died Feb. 6 in Shreveport, La.; formerly a railroad conductor out of Jackson.

HENRY LAURENS DAWES died Feb. 6 in Pittsfield, Mass, aged 86 years; a former U.S. senator.

EMERY CHEVRIER, barber, Butte, Mont. was murdered Feb. 5.

A. J. FORD, for years proprietor of the Ford Hotel in Richmond, Va. died (Feb. 3?), Gloucester Co, Va, aged 77 years; former owner of Castleton stock farm in Ky.


April 21, 1903

Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. BARKSDALE died April 21, aged 15 months; burial in Medina, Tennessee.


May 13, 1903

Mrs. CHARLES BACHELOR /Batchelor/ died May 13, 9 miles northwest of Jackson. Sister of James Vann and Mrs. John Smith; Mrs. J. W. Marshall of Jackson a dau. Burial in Pleasant Plains Baptist Churchyard.


May 31, 1903

Mrs. SARAH REBECCA TAYLOR died in Jackson, May 31, aged 86 years, 5 months and two weeks. Born in Lawrence /Laurens/ District, S.C.; she moved with her father /older brother, Samuel McClanahan/ to Jackson when she was 7 years old. At age 16 she married James R. Taylor. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

PAUL SMITH died Jackson, May 31, aged 22 years; ill with consumption; son of the late Rev. A. C. Smith. Surviving were his mother, a brother, Robert and 3 sisters.



June 18, 1903

Two black boys, aged 7 and 12 years, were run over and killed accidentally by a train a half mile south of Okolona, Miss, June 17.

_______HILTON, a new M. &O. brakeman was run over and killed by a train in Moscow, Ky. June 18.


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BENJAMIN R. CAMPBELL died June 13 at home of son-in-law, J. F. Outlan near Oakfield, aged 85 years, 1 month, 15 days; former member of county court and a teacher for many years. Presbyterian. Twice married. Surviving were his second wife and children of first marriage, J. R. Campbell, Fruitland and Mrs. Fannie Harrison, Union City. Burial in Taylor Cemetery north of Jackson.

JOHN R. TOMLINSON died June 15, aged about 50 years; surviving were his wife and 3 daughters and 1 son and sisters, Mrs. James Tomlinson and Mrs. W. H. Long and a brother, I. S. Tomlinson. Burial in Brown's Church cemetery 7 miles east of Jackson.

Mrs. MARTHA KENDRICK GIBBS died June 18, aged 76 years, 1 month and 5 days, at home of daughter, Mrs. Pick Phillips, about 2 miles east of Jackson; in failing health for more than a year. Daughter of Wm. Kendrick who "came from North Carolina in the early twenties. " She was born in Civil District 17. Married Felix G. Gibbs. Children were William D. and Joseph Gibbs; Mrs. Wm. G. Cole and Mrs. Pick phillips. A sister, Mrs. Sallie Cowen, also survived her. Burial in Rocky Springs Cemetery.


March 24, 1904

PETER ROWE, 15 year old Jackson boy was asphyxiated in St. Louis, Mo. March 23 and burial was in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.

Funeral of Dan C. Caldwell held Saturday from First Presbyterian Church; burial in Riverside Cemetery.

NEWTON ROWLETT, well-known Madison County farmer, died March 19, 2 miles northwest of Jackson, aged 67 years. Surviving were his wife, four sons, four daughters. Burial in New Liberty Cemetery, 5 miles northwest of Jackson.

J. N. COPPEDGE died March 24, aged 75 years; burial in Mt. Pisgah Cemetery in Chester County.

DAVID ROSCOE McGUIRE died in Jackson, March 23, aged 28 years; unmarried. Surviving were his mother, 3 brothers and 1 sister, Mrs. Betty McGuire of Jackson. Burial in Medon, Tennessee.

Wife of RICHARD JENNINGS died March 21 at home of daughter, Mrs. T. E. Norwood, aged 75 years; surviving were husband, 2 daughters, 1 son. Baptist.

DAN C. CALDWELL died "this morning" at Little Rock, Ark, aged 45. Born in Russellville, Ky.; married Sept. 1886 to Leila Villines; no children. Presbyterian, masOn. Mrs. T. C. RAINEY of Mercer died March 23, in Haywood County at home of her father.

E. E. HUMPHREYS died Thursday, aged about 46; of Civil District 9; surviving were several brothers, 2 sons, 2 daughters. Burial in family graveyard near Mason's Grove.

WILLIE HANCOCK died March 23, aged 3 years from accidental gunshot wounds; son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hancock, who resided with her mother, Mrs. J. C. Blackert.



August 2, 1904

Mr. J. T. MOSLY died in Jackson, August 2, aged 34 years. Born in Grenada, Miss.; protege of Alex Allison, vice-president of Tennessee Oil Mills. Stepfather, Mr. Harris. Uncle, Mr. A. S. Bell. Burial in Grenada, Miss.


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Rev. E. B. McNEIL died in Jackson, August 2. Born near Winchester, Tennessee, August 13, 1837; went with his father when young to Pontotoc Co, Miss. where he joined the Baptist Church. Completed A. B. degree course at Union University, Murfreesboro, Tenn. in May 1861 and entered Confederate army, the First Miss. Inf. Reg. and also served in the 41st Miss. Inf. Reg. On Oct. 13, 1867 he married Jessie Kittredge, Napoleonville, La. and moved to Booneville, Miss.; founded the Baptist Church congregation there; moved to Jackson, Tenn. in 1881. His wife died Dec. 7, 1883. Charter member of John Ingram Bivouac, Confederate Veterans and a mason. Married, secondly, April 28, 1888 Mrs. Mattie Vinson Fuller. His children were Dr. Eaton K. McNeil; E. Benton McNeil, lawyer, New Orleans; Harry P. McNeil, Jackson; Dr. R. Irving McNeil, New Mexico; Percy R. McNeil, New Orleans. Sister, Mrs. J. M. Dixon, Mississippi.


March 4, 1906

Memorial resolutions to late J. H. CRENSHAW, honored member of Local Union 259. No death date given.

QUEENIE NOEL, second daughter of W. T. and Mattie Noel, died in Jackson, March 3. Born Sept. 20, 1878. Burial from Pleasant Plains Baptist Church.

W. JOHN SHORT died in Jackson, March 3. Born Nov. 16, 1836, Hardin County; member of the Methodist Church 42 years. Confederate veteran - served in 2 Ark. Inf. Surviving were a wife and daughter, Mrs. Ellen Wilson and 5 grandchildren. Had lived in Jackson 27 years. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.



Sept. 6, 1906

JAMES A. MOORE died Vildo, Hardeman Co, Tenn, Sept. 1, aged about 64 years. Surviving were wife, children: Ed Moore, Memphis; Lofton Moore, Vildo; Misses Ora, Rosa and Emily Moore; Mrs. J. L. Smith; Mrs. Will Thompson of Whiteville. Burial in Whiteville, Tenn.

Memorial resolutions to Miss HATTIE B. HOLLAND who died August 6; offered by Eunice Bell Missionary Society.

Memorial resolutions to Dr. GEORGE D. HAMILTON, graduate of University of Nashville, class of 1899; died recently; offered by Madison Co. Medical Society.

Mrs. J. A. DECKER of Paducah, Ky. died Sept. 5.

Mrs. MARY C. GILCHRIST, mother of Mrs. T. F. Sanders, died near Stantonville, Ky, August 28. Born July 5, 1822. Cumberland Presbyterian.

FRANK HENLEY killed near Joplin, Mo. Sept. 4 in a mine accident.



January 7, 1910

WILLIAM M. CRAWFORD, brother of Mrs. J. B. Brigham, died recently; funeral at Wheeler, Miss. Tuesday. Born and raised in Hardeman County, Tenn.

In Memoriam. FREDERICK W. ADAMSON born February 17, 1850 and died Dec. 12, 1909, "an apostle of sunshine, a dispenser of kindness. . . ." Became member of Masonic Lodge April 7, 1891. Offered by Jackson Lodge 192, B. P. O. Elks.

BENEDETTO CIENNI, wealthy Italian merchant of Chicago, Ill. was murdered there, January 6.

12 year old son of L. A. RECTOR, ROBERT THOMAS, died Sikeston, Mo. January 4.


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January 8, 1912

MYRH THOMAS, black, killed by gunshot by brother, Ernest Key, 11 miles north of Jackson.


January 26, 1913

Unidentified man died in jail, January 25; about 6 ft. tall; about 35 years old. tentatively identified, though, as Joe Wood, railroad employee.

Miss LUCY SMITH died January 25. Youngest child of Morgan and Mary Smith, Fayette Co, Tenn.; lived with her sister, Mrs. J. T. Newsome in Jackson after the death of her parents. Baptist. Burial in Whiteville, Tenn.


May 21, 1916

Centenary Edition of THE JACKSON SUN; considerable historical coverage of Jackson, including biographical sketches of several worthwhile citizens; some of which were:


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March 28, 1900

Mrs. PETER A. BROWN died Covington, Tenn, March 27, aged 88 years; surviving were 2 sons, 2 daughters:Mrs. Annie Dearing, Mrs. Nannie A. Dumas, Covington; C. C. Brown, Pulaski, Tenn.; G. T. Brown, Jackson. Funeral, Pleasant Plains Baptist Church.

W. T. RISON died in Jackson, March 27, aged 38; surviving were wife and 3 children. Jackson shoemaker for years. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

Interview with Mrs. SARAH R. TAYLOR, born South Carolina, 1816, about early history of Jackson in this issue.


May 2, 1900

Ms. NANNIE ALEXANDER, widow of June Alexander, died McCombs City, Miss. March 26.


December 20, 1900

Mrs. S. S. WOODS, mother of Barney Woods, died Dec. 19, aged 58 years; surviving were 3 sons, 1 daughter.


November 25, 1902

Miss ROSA B. EPPINGER died in Jackson, Nov. 24, aged 60 years, 6 months. Born and raised in Germany. Surviving were 2 nephews, John and Louis Eppinger whom she raised. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.


November 29, 1902

JOHN BRAY of Lone Elm, Tenn. died at Decaturville, Tenn, Nov. 29, aged 84 years; was for 60 years member of Baptist Church. Surviving were wife, 3 sons, 3 daus.

INFANT CHILD of Mr. and Mrs. Ed HICKS, died Nov. 28, 4 miles north of Jackson; burial at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

CAVANAUGH WHITE burned to death in Memphis, Nov. 28.


January 22, 1903

Mrs. SUSAN R. GARRETT, widow of Thomas H. Garrett, died at home of her son, James W. Garrett, Jackson, Jan. 21, aged 67 years, 7 months. Surviving were 4 children: W. T, J. W, C. W. and Mrs. Ed Hicks. Burial in Old Salem Cemetery.


May 13, 1903

ROBERT WATSON, farm hand, killed on May 12, "while eating his suppper, the assassin firing a shotgun through the window. " Dated Clarksville, Tenn.


July 31, 1904

ARCHER POWELL, cashier of Clarksville National Bank, died July 30, aged 73 years.

BEN SPRINGFIELD, black, hanged in Jackson, July 28.

Col. J. J. WILLIAMS' funeral to be held July 31; "eminent civil engineer. " Burial Riverside Cemetery.


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August 3, 1904

Mrs. NELSON A. MILES died August 1, aged 62 years, West Point, New York.

Lt. JAMES H. FISHER, fireman, Nashville, dropped dead fighting a fire, August 2.

SAMUEL FRAZIER, well-known painter, fell from his apartment in Vendome Bldg, Nashville and killed instantly, August 2.

Funeral of Rev. E. B. McNEIL to be held this morning, August 3. Burial Riverside.


December 20, 1904

An edition replete with information about the background of local businesses.



Jan. 28, 1908

ARCH H. NOEL died in home of parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Noel, Jan. 26, aged 23. /His tombstone at Pleasant Plains Baptist Cemetery, has his dates: July 13, 1884-Jan. 26, 1908/

Mrs. M. L. COOK died in Jackson, Jan. 26, aged 43 years; surviving were husband and 6 children.

BEULAH, wife of F. M. THORNTON, died in Jackson, Jan. 28, aged 44 years; daughter of late Col. John F. Newsome. Baptist. Son, Frank Thorton; daughters, Mrs. Sam Clark and Miss Ludie Thornton.


July 7, 1908

VIRGINIA WILKINSON ODUM, wife of W. W. Odum, died Birmingham, Ala. July 4; oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Wilkinson of Jackson; surviving were husband and a daughter, Virginia, not yet a year old. Burial Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson.

ROBERT HENRY DUNAVANT died in Jackson, July 5, aged 19 years; had been in Jackson eight months.


July 26, 1908

WILL ROPER, young farmer, killed by lightning, in Ark., July 25.



October 16, 1918

C. J. AUSTIN died Jackson, Oct. 16, aged 45 years; surviving were his wife and children Charles, Jr., Ollie; one sister, Mrs. Joe Perkins, Sardis, Tenn.; brothers, J. P, Sardis and Neal Austin, Huron. Father of Jesse Austin who died a few days ago; both were buried in same grave, Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson.

HARRY MONTGOMERY's funeral to be held Oct. 16 in Hollywood Cemetery. Father, R. L. Montgomery, Meridian, Miss. Surviving also was his wife.


May 30, 1923

JENNIE PIEKEMA was murdered in a lot near her home in Paterson, N, J, aged 20; date not given but very recent; her picture published also.

HORACE M. KILBORN, retired senior vice-president of National City Ban, died May 29 in New York City.

This is the Centennial Edition of THE SUN, with considerable historical coverage of institutions, businesses and personalities involving Jackson, including a lengthy article about General Andrew Jackson.


June 6, 1923

LESLIE E. SMITH died in Jackson, June 6, aged 45 years, although he lived in Muskogee, Okla; wife was dau. of W. H. Smith of Jackson; surviving also were 3 brothers, Fred and Lee, Buffalo, N.Y. and Albert, St. Louis; sister, Mrs. Frank Grant, Buffalo, N.Y. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


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June 7, 1923

CARIA DONALD, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Black, died June 5, aged 1 year and 10 months, 4 miles north of Toone, Tenn. Burial in family cemetery.


June 8, 1923

LUKE McMENNAWAY of Lebanon, Tenn, field representative of the Tenn. parole department, former warden of state prison, dropped dead early June 8 at Noreene, Tenn. Where he had gone to squirrel hunt.

BEN MOORE, black, hanged in county jail, June 8, for murder of J. A. Taylor, Lafayette, Ala. On the gallows, Moore stated that Jim Sledge was an accomplice in the murder of Taylor.


June 10, 1923

JAMES NELSON ROSSER died in Jaclcson, June 9, aged 90 years. Born in Chatham Co, N.C, 1833, son of Benjamin and Nancy Rosser and grandson of Major Joseph Rosser; both father and grandfather were veterans of the War of 1812. His parents died when he was an infant and he was taken by a relative to live in Carroll Co, Tenn. when he was about 3 years old. Assisted in organizing the 22 Tenn. Inf. Reg, CSA; wounded at Belmont; lost an arm in battle at Richmond, Ky; honorably discharged and worked in Quartermaster Corps until surrender of General Lee. Married Minnie C. McLendon of Montezuma, Ga.; had 4 sons and a daughter (who died a year ago). Sons were J. L, B. B, T. B. of Jackson and J. R, Birmingham, Ala. About 1884 he moved to Jackson after his wife's death. He remarried to Mrs. T. A. Rosser. Merchant and farmer. Baptist. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery. (A tribute to him by "friends" was published in June 14 issue.)


June 11, 1923

Mrs. MARTHA BROADWAY died near Oakfield, June 10, aged 35 years; surviving were husband Samuel A. Broadway and five sons. Primitive Baptist. Burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


June 14, 1923

Judge. SAMUEL FRANKLIN WILSON died Knoxville, June 14, aged 78. Born Sumner Co, Tenn, April 8, 1845. Confederate veteran. Represented Sumner Co. in state legislature in 1877 and state senate, 1879; served as special judge of the Supreme Court, 1882-1884. A member of the state Court of Chancery Appeals. Grade in law, Cumberland University, Lebanon, 1869. Married Mary L. Bostick, 1880 and had five children. Burial in Nashville.

Mrs. ELIZABETH TUCKER, former resident of Jackson, was buried in Riverside Cemetery June 13. She died in January; her remains were cremated and brought to Jackson later for burial.


June 17, 1923

BARNEY COLE, Baltimore horseowner, died Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, June 16.

LORAINE EVELYN MURPHY, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Murphy, died June 16. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

Mrs. ELIZABETH RUDDLE THOMPSON, died in Jackson, June 15, aged 73 years at home of her son, William S. Thompson, Hays avenue. Daughter of C. C. Ruddle; married George Thompson, 1870 and moved to Mason Hall, Obion Co.; lived there until 4 years ago when she came to live with her son. Baptist. Surviving also were 3 sisters, Mrs. William Raines, Dyer; Mrs. Wm. Marsh, Mercer; Mrs. Charles E. Ford, Kenton; 1 bro, J. N. Ruddle, Union City and 4 grandchildren. Burial in Kenton.


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June 18, 1923

Mrs. CLARA WORMACK, wife of a railroad engineer, died June 18, Memphis of poison that she had swallowed.

RILEY ENOCHS BLACKWELL, died Yuma, Tenn, June 14. Born Carroll Co, April 22, 1901; employee of N.C. & St. L. Railroad; surviving were parents, three brothers and two sisters. Burial in Farmsville Cemetery near Yuma.

Mrs. A. C. SHELTON died in Jackson, June 17; granddaughter of former governor of North Carolina, ______ Holmes; her family came to Madison Co. in 1844, settling in Denmark; married to A. C. Shelton, 1884 and came to Jackson. Mr. Shelton died in July 1905. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.


June 19, 1923

Mrs. MATTIE ADAMS KYLE died in Jackson, June 18, aged 82 years in home of her daughter, Mrs. James G. Perry. Widow of Dr. Thomas Kyle, Covington, Tenn. Surviving were 5 daughters, Mrs. T. F. Rushing, Houston, Texas; Mrs. W. D. Gray, Mason, Tenn.; Mrs. J. G. Perry, Jackson; Mrs. John Moose, Covington; Mrs. T. O. Graves, Clayton, Col.; a son, T. A. Kyle, Brighton, Tenn. and a granddau., Mrs. Mason Ingram, Jackson. Burial in Covington, Tenn.


June 20, 1923

Mrs. SHELBY SMITH and her 5 children of Yanacram, Ky. were killed when a train struck their car near Whitney City, June 20.

W. K. CHAPMAN shot and killed his son, daughter-in-law, the G. C. Chapmans and then killed himself, Winnsboro, Texas, June 20.

JOHN W. THOMAS, brother-in-law of Jim Palmer, Jackson, died in Memphis, June 19, from injuries received when his car was struck by a train.


June 21, 1923

Mrs. J. W. PATTON died in Jackson, June 20, aged 72 years; wife of Rev. J. W. Patton; surviving also were sons A. V. Patton, Jackson; Dr. E. B. Patton, Albany, N.Y. Burial in family cemetery, Shop Springs about 6 miles from Lebanon, Tenn.


June 24, 1923

JOE FRANKLIN TIBBS, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tibbs, died June 22 near Beech Bluff. Burial in Rocky Springs Cemetery.


June 25, 1923

THOMAS F. DAWSON, Colorado state historian and newspaperman, died Denver, June 25, aged 72 years; victim of auto accident in Bear Creek canyon.


June 28, 1923

WILLIAM H. HILL died in Jackson, June 28, at home of sister, Mrs. A. T. Garrett; moved here from Mobile, Ala. 8 years ago. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

MARVIN LUTER, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Luter, had died ~nd his body was brought to Jackson, Tenn. from Jackson, Miss. and carried to home of his aunt, Mrs. J. J. Hicks. No death date given. Burial to be in Hollywood Cemetery.

Mrs. ALICE ARNOLD BRADFORD of Jackson died in Tuckerman, Ark. while on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. R. H. Leeper; date not given. Born Hardeman Co, Tenn. July 30, 1856; married R. H. Bradford and had lived in Jackson 30 years. Surviving also were sons R. A. Bradford, Jackson; W. E. Bradford, Gunter, Ala. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

SAM CARNAHAN died Marion, June 27; well-known to Jacksonians as auctioneer.


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July 1, 1923

R. B. S'POVALL, black, killed June 29, Jackson, when section of the sewers caved-in; he "had no immediate relatives."

SPURGEON HAYMES died in Jackson, June 31, aged 37 years; surviving were sisters Mrs. J. P. Woods, Miss Mabel Haymes, Jackson; an uncle, J. A. Haymes, Rowden, Tenn.


July 5, 1923

E. M. PIKE, died Bemis, July 5, aged 80, at home of daughter, Mrs. Ed Patterson; served in Co. K, 10th Ala. Brigade, A. P. Hill's Corps in Army of Northern Va. Born near Atlanta, Ga. Married in 1858 to Martha Williams; 8 children. Member of Methodist Church. Surviving were daughters Mrs. M. E. Hand, Cedartown, Ga., Mrs. Edpatterson, Bemis; a son, J. W. Pike, Birmingham, Ala. Burial in Bemis Cemetery.

Mrs. ALICE P. CHEEK died July 5, aged 48 years, 11 miles east of Jackson; wife of J. E. Cheek; surviving were husband, four children, five brothers and two sisters. (More information given in July 6 issue. Her children given as Joseph H. Cheek, Steel, Mo.; Roy J. Cheek, Madison Co.; Mrs. Addie O. Bailey, Medina; Pauline Cheek, Medina. Two sisters, Mrs. Ida Pepper, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Paralee Bunch, Memphis. Two brothers, Joseph A. Forshee, Edward Forshee, Mt. Carmel, Illinois.)

HENRY TURNER, black track walker for Illinois Central RR killed near Medina, July 5.


July 6, 1923

W. H. SUMLER died July 5, aged 60 years, 12 miles east of Jackson; surviving were his wife and children Will, Ausie, R. P. of Luray; G. C. of Lawrenceburg; Elmer, Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs . F. N. Adcock, Luray; Mrs . A. A. Matthews , Madison Co. Burial in Union Grove Cemetery.


July 9, 1923

J. A. ROE, late of Humboldt, Tenn, aged 24, had shot and killed his wife, aged 22 and infant daughter, Virginia, who died later the same day, July 9, at home of sister-in-law, Mrs. Mason Harrison in Memphis.

H. A. WARREN, oldest citizen of Selmer, Tenn. died July 9, aged 84 years. Surviving children were Mrs. J. W. Gooch and John T. Warren of Selmer.


July 11, 1923

Mrs. ELIZABETH SIPES died July 9, aged 63, Columbus, Miss. Born in Germany; settled in Madison Co. when young. Methodist. Most of her life spent near Denmark, Tenn. Surviving were her husband, a daughter, Mrs. C. G. Edwards. Burial Shady Grove Cem.


July 12, 1923

J. B. JOHNSON, brother of W. J. Johnson of Jackson, died Oklahoma City, July 11; married Janie Dyer, 1872 and had a daughter, Lora B. Johnson, Joplin, Mo. Married Clementine Griffin of Trezevant, 1893 and had daughters, Clara and Anna Johnson. Had lived many years in Madison Co, Tenn.

JUNE PAULINE HUNT died in Jackson, July 12, aged 1 year, 28 days, at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hunt. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

Picture of tombstone reading: GEORGE M. BAKER, born Dec. 19, 1899. Unjustly executed in Walker County, Ga, Apr. 27, 1923 with caption explaining it marked this man's grave in Ryall Springs, Tenn, placed by his father. The younger man had been charged with the murder of Sheriff J. W. Morton.


July 16, 1923

GEORGE W. COURTNEY, well-known building contractor, died in Jackson, July 15, aged 65 years. Burial in Shiloh Cemetery near Milan, Tenn.


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KATHLEEN RECKER, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Recker died in Jackson, July 5. Burial in Oakwood Cemetery near Milan.

WILLIAM A. DAILEY, Secretary to Carroll A. Worthington, deputy governor of federal reserve bank in Kansas City, MO. shot and killed himself July 16.


July 17, 1923

W. P. CHANDLER, former resident of Jackson, died in Memphis, July 16. Burial in Forrest Hill Cemetery, Memphis.


July 18, 1923

Mrs. FRANK W. HENNING died in Jackson, July 18, aged 63 years; surviving were her husband and children Mrs. E. C. Morris, Huntersville; Mrs. Ed Spivey, Water Valley, Miss.; Mrs. W. P. Meriwether, Huntersville; Mrs. Dan Brown, Huntersville; Dr. J. B. Henning, Deering, MO.; a sister, Mrs. John Chilton, Monterey, Tenn. Burial in Andrew's Chapel Cemetery.

W. M. PUCKETT of Waverly shot and killed his wife and mother-in-law, Mrs. Tubbs and sister-in-law, Janie Tubbs, Waverly, MO. July 18. /In the July 19 issue he is called WILLIAM PLUNKETT, aged 36 years./


July 19, 1923

Mrs. MARY HARGROVE died in Jackson, July 18, aged 73 years at home of her daughter, Mrs . W. V. Shepherd.


July 20, 1923

Funeral held at Ararat Cemetery for HUGH HARRIS SHELTON who had served in the 11th Field Artillery in the World War; died very recently.


July 22, 1923

MELVIN PERCER, farmer, Atoka, Tenn, died in Memphis hospital, July 22, aged 27 years, from gunshot wounds inflicted by Jack Patterson, deputy sheriff near Glenn Springs, Tenn. Patterson had been arrested on warrant charging him with "attempted murder. "

HARRY RAINES, former Jackson resident, died Alamo, Tenn. July 18. Burial in Humboldt, Tenn.

ALICE IVORY "esteemed colored woman" and for years faithful servant of the Happel and Dancy families died in Jackson, at the home of Dr. Alex Dancy, July 19. Burial in Trenton, Tenn.


July 23, 1923

Mrs. JAMES MATHIS, sister of J. D. Johnson and sister-in-law of Clint and Luther Mathis, Jackson, died July 22 at Sheffield, Ala. She was Maggie Johnson Mathis. Surviving also were husband and sons Harold Mathis, Amarillo, Texas and James Mathis, Jr., Ala. Burial in Henderson, Tenn.

Mrs. DOCIA BENTHAL died west of Jackson, July 22, aged 65; surviving, a sister, Mrs. Taylor, Paris; Tilton Johnson, Johnson's Grove, Tenn. Burial in Ararat Cem. /In the July 25 issue she was said to have died at the farm operated by the Volunteers of America; called Mrs. Mary Benthal; she and her "moron" son had been cared for by these people.


July 24, 1923

Mrs. OPHELIA WALL died in Bemis, July 25, aged 51 years. Burial in Ebenezer Cem. near Malesus.


July 26, 1923

Mrs. BEN P. GATES died in Jackson, July 24, aged about 55 years; surviving were her husband and children Willie, Sam and Douglas of Whiteville; Perry Gates, Memphis.


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July 27, 1923

J. I. WILSON, farmer of Westport, Tenn, died July 27, aged 77 years in a Jackson hospital. He was never married; surviving were 2 nephews C. G. Wilson, Texas and W. O. Wilson, Westport area; nieces, Mrs. Ella Campbell and Mrs. Madge Ballard, Pinson, Tenn. Burial in Westport Cemetery.

Mrs. WINNIE HOWELL CROW died July 26, aged 64 years at home of her sister, Mrs. Lee Settle near Law, Tenn. Husband, Walter H. Crow, died several years before. Member of Spring Creek Baptist Church for 40 years. Surviving also was a sister, Mrs. Julia Sewell, near Law. Burial Hope Hill Cemetery.


February 3, 1924

WOODROW WILSON, former President of the United States, died February 3 in washington, D. C. Besides a picture of him, there are several long articles about Wilson, much biographical detail, including a laudatory editorial.


February 4, 1924

CHARLES M. HARDIN died Feb. 3, aged 46, 4 miles east of Jackson. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Elder STANLY HENDERSON died Feb. 1, Memphis; husband of Mrs. Lucy Henderson. Burial Mt. Zion Cemetery.

AMOS SHARK died Feb 3, Memphis; husband of Mrs. Emma Shark

B. T. GIBSON died Feb. 3, Collins Chapel Hospital, Memphis; son of Rev. P. R. Gibson; husband of Mrs. Odessa Gibson.

NANNIE JONES died Feb. 3, Memphis; daughter of Amanda Jones.

CHARLOTTE, wife of Will MUNSON, died Feb. 3, Mullins, Tenn, aged 60 years.

SAMMIE WASHINGTON died Feb 3, Memphis, aged 22 years; brother of Mrs. Mary Scalhan.

LUCY J. SOMMER died Feb. 3, Memphis, aged 64 years. Burial Aberdeen, Miss.

LESTER I. GOLDSMITH died Feb. 3, Memphis. (Fuller obituary states that he was drowned)

EMIL WITZMAN ANDERSON died Feb. 3, Memphis. Burial Calvary Cemetery.

JUDITH QUIGLEY died Feb. 2, Memphis. Burial Elmwood Cemetery.

ROBERT G. JAMIESON died Feb. 3, Memphis, aged 78 years. Burial Brighton, Tenn.

CHARLES HOLSTON died Feb. 1, St. Louis, Mo, aged 56 years. Burial Elmwood Cem.

CHARLES H. DAYTON died Jan. 30, Memphis; husband of Lillian Irene Dayton.

FRANK J. HENNINGS died Feb. 2, aged 47 years, Memphis. Burial Winston-Salem, N.C.

GEORGE BENTON FAXON died Feb. 2, Fresno, Cahifornia.

Mrs. LILLE BROWN died Feb. 2, Oakville, Tenn.

ORA LEE DEAN died Feb. 3, Memphis. Burial Union Forever Cem.

ROBERT HENRY SMITH died Feb 3, Memphis.

JIMMIE LEE HOPKINS died Feb. 3, Memphis, aged 6 year. Burial Clarksdale, Miss.

Mrs. SARAH ELKINS died Feb. 1, Memphis. Burial Clarksdale, Miss.

Mrs. CHERRY MARTIN died Feb. 2, Memphis. Burial Moorland, Miss.


February 6, 1924

Mrs. J. FRANK WOOD, widow, died in Jackson, Feb. 5; moved to Jackson from Clarksville, Tenn. about 19 years ago; surviving children were Frank Wood, Miss Marie Wood and Mrs. Arthur Rauscher of Memphis. Burial Clarksville, Tenn. (Notice of funeral given in Feb. 7 issue)


(Page 12)

February 7, 1924

Mrs. J. R. McCLEARY died Feb. 6, aged 63 years, about 8 miles north of Jackson. surviving were husband, J. R. McCleary; sons R. E. and W. H. McCleary, Jackson; daughter, Miss Brenda McCleary, Jackson; Sister, Mrs. Maggie Anosn, Hunter, Texas. Burial Brown's Church Cemetery.


February 19, 1924

Mrs. IRENE WILCOX, wife of Robert W. Wilcox, died in Jackson, Feb. 19, aged 43 years.

She was Irene Fair of Nashville before her marriage. Burial Hollywood Cem. "In Memory" of her dear brother (unnamed), who died February 18, 1923, by Mrs. W. D. Givens.


September 19, 1926

Large coverage on horrific tropical hurricane that swept over much of Florida on September 18, wreaking destruction and causing many deaths.

NADINE HOOTEN died Sept. 18, eight months old; child of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hooten of Civil District 10. Burial Pleasant Plains Cemetery.


April 1, 1928

Mrs. W. A. LAMBERT died in Jackson, March 29. Surviving were husband and children Lacy and Clyde Lambert, Jackson; Mrs. Dewey Lloyd, Mrs. C. F. Roach, Jackson; Mrs. C. N. Crenshaw, Chattanooga; Several brothers and sisters.


June 15, 1928

Mrs. ELIZABETH THOMPSON MERRITT, widow of Ephraim Smith Merritt, died in Jackson, June 15. Born in New York City, 1842, daughter of John and Mary Duffey. Been a widow some 30 years; had 13 children.


August 13, 1928

C. L. UMSTED died in Jackson, Aug. 13. Born and raised in Medina; traveling salesman; surviving were wife, Nora Nowell Umsted, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


August 19, 1928

J. ROBERT ALLISON died Aug. 17, aged 38 years. Burial Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Surviving were his mother, Mrs. W. S. Allison, brothers Will and Ed and Paul. Sister, Mrs. G. E. Haskins, Jackson.


August 20, 1928

C. T. HIGBEE died Houston, Texas, Aug. 17, aged 70 years. Burial Hollywood Cem. Surviving were children J. L., Houston; Mrs. William Koenig, Mrs. George Miller, Miss Inez Higbee, Mobile, Ala; Mrs. W. Alex Stegall, Jackson; three sisters.


January 21, 1929

SAM S. PIERCY died Jan. 19, aged 34 years; veteran of World War. Methodist. Surviving were wife and 2 sons, Earl and Cecil; his mothers, 3 bros. and 2 sisters. Burial in Baker's Chapel Cemetery.


January 22, 1929

JAMES ROGERS, aged 30 years, employee of state highway department, and the Rev. W. H. HAST, pastor of Baptist Church, Brunswick, Tenn, died in cave-in at gravel pit near Brunswick, January 22. Minister worked part-time for highway dept.

H. E. McILWAIN found dead in his car, Jan. 21, Memphis; died from cerebral hemorrhage; native of Jackson who moved to Memphis.


(Page 13)

January 25, 1929

OSCAR W. UNDERWOOD, former U.S. senator from Alabama, died Jan. 25, Woodland, Va.

Dr. J. A. ANDREWS died Jan. 25, Memphis, age 67 years.

LOUISE BURKHEAD, 4 year old child of W. S. Burkhead died Jan. 25, Jackson; surviving were grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Burkhead and Mrs. J. M. Cooksey. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

Mrs. ED PILLOW died January 24, aged 30, near Medina. Surviving were husband and 5 children: Liman, J. D., Aileene, James, Ernestine; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kirk of Carroll County; 3 bros. and 2 sisters. Burial Mt. Zion Cemetery.


January 27, 1929

J. T. RUSHING died Jan. 25, age 36 years, 3 miles from Jackson; married Mary Belle Lacy, 1917. Surviving were daughter, Miss Charlotte Rushing; 3 sons, Lacy, Stanley, Earl; parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Rushing. Burial Poplar Corner Heights Baptist Church Cemetery.


January 28, 1929

Mrs. ELOISE MacPHERSON MURRAY, widow of Peter James Murray, died Jan. 25, Jackson; member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Surviving were sisters, Mrs. W. O. Woodson, Mrs. John J. Ottor, Miss Cornelia MacPherson, of Louisville, Ky. Children: Harry, Jackson; Cornelius, Peter James, Hattiesburg, Miss.; Ernest, John, Miss.; Victor, Memphis; Reginald, Duluth, Minn.; Mrs. Thomas Hughes, Jackson; Mrs. William Hughes, Rochester, N.Y.; Miss Maria Murray, Mrs. Horace Tomlin, Jackson. Burial in Riverside Cemetery. /January 27 issue gave her birthdate as Oct. 9, 1853 in Lexington, Mo.; daughter of Cornelius Gregory and Maria G. Macpherson; married Peter James Murray, May 28, 1873./

Mrs. JESSIE BUFORD McKISSACK died Jan. 27, aged 52, Denmark. Born in Fayette Co. Member of Denmark Presbyterian Church. Surviving were sons W. F. and J. P. McKissack; two bros, J. P. and P. F. Lineberger, Whiteville; two sisters, Mrs. Jessie Blalock, Miss Maggie Lineberger, Whiteville. Burial in Denmark /Presbyterian/ Cemetery.

Miss GUENIA PARHAM died Jan. 27, aged 72, Mayfield, Ky.; former city clerk, teacher and writer; taught in Lexington, Ky. and Marion, Ala.

Mrs. EDDIE EWELL, wife of T. A. Ewell buried Jan. 6 in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Paducah; daughter of the late Rev. Peter J. Kelsey. Methodist. Surviving were 5 children.


January 30, 1929

JOHN AIKEN died Jan. 30, aged 65, Pinson; surviving were widow and 4 children and several grandchildren. Son, Ed Aiken of Pinson; daus. Mrs. Clay Allison, Dyer; Mrs. Lester Mann, Dyer; Mrs. John Allison, Trenton. Burial from Mt. Olive Church.

Rev. W. H. HASTE's funeral held at Salem Church near Trenton.


February 14, 1929

FRED HESLER died Feb. 4, by a gunshot, reportedly accidental, Greeley, Neb.


February 19, 1929

JOHN D. KING died Feb. 18, age 67 years, Houston, Texas at home of son, Hamner King. Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. King. Surviving were sons Hamner, Houston; John D, China; a brother, Charles H. King, Jackson.

WILLIAM CRAWFORD ANDERSON, Utah pioneer and art collector died Feb. 18, Salt Lake City.

HUGH M. WAGGONER committed suicide, Feb. 18, age 33, Memphis; was to be married the next day to Miss Louise White.


(Page 14)

I. N. JOYNES died about Jan. 30-31, age 70 years, a former Carroll Countian, in Miss.; well-known in the Buena Vista, Yuma and Westport areas. Baptist; married niece of Rev. T. M. Boyd of Bruceton.

WILLIAM PRINCE died on or about Jan. 30-31, age 24, near Carroll-Benton counties line. Surviving were his mother, Mrs. Mattie Prince, 4 bros, 3 sisters. Burial in Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

WILMER HERBERT died Jan. 29, age about 50 year, Ruston, La.; raised in Trenton, Tenn. Surviving were wife; two bros. Tom Herbert, El Dorado, Ark.; Webb Herbert, Trenton. Youngest of 7 brothers. Burial in Monroe, La.


August 5, 1930

ALEX STEGALL died August 3, age 54 years, Laural, Miss; many years a resident of Jackson. Surviving were wife, Mrs. Hallie Higbee Stegall and a sister, Mrs. Garner Jester of Los Angeles; several nieces and nephews. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

T. A. WEBB died August 3, aged 56 years, at home on Medina Road. Surviving were wife, Mrs. Alice Webb; two bros. Will Webb, Miss.; Jake Webb, Hardeman County; two sisters, Miss Mary Lou Webb, Hardeman County, Mrs. Callie Boyles, Jackson. Burial in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Hardeman County.

Dr. T. H. WILLIAMS died August 5, Birmingham, Ala. while delivering a baby in an operating room in a local hospital.


October 5, 1930

R. H. HANEY died Oct. 4, Jackson, age 72 years; retired farmer of Henderson County; resident of Jackson since 1919. Surviving were widow; sons, E. E. Haney, Bemis; Sol Haney and Roy Haney, Scotts Hill, Tenn.; L. E. and Raymond Haney, Jaclcson; W. W. Haney, Medina . Daughters Mrs . T. A. Ervin, Mrs. R. L. Newman, Mrs . T. L. Mullis, Mrs. E. D. Robertson, Bemis; Mrs. W. B. Martin, Mrs. E. L. Burrough and Miss Ruth Haney, Jackson. 2 bros, Riddle Haney, Henderson County; Dave B. Haney. 1 sister, Mrs. Rosie Pierce, Jackson. Baptist. Burial in Barnes Springs Cemetery, Henderson County.

W. B. DUPREE died Oct. 3, age 61, Memphis; president of George T. Brodnax, jewelers. Native of Jackson; son of Dr. T. J. Dupree, a Confederate veteran and for 30 years professor of science at Southwestern Baptist University, now Union University. W. B. Dupree moved to Memphis in 1907. Presbyterian. Surviving were widow, Mrs. Annie Nevins Dupree; dau. Miss Lucille Dupree, teacher, Hollin's College, Roanoke, Va.; 5 sisters, Mrs. E. F. Friedel and Miss Sarah Dupree, Texarkana; Mrs. Frank Pickel, Keatchie, La.; Mrs. D. E. Wilson, Paducah; Mrs. James Mullins, Belton, Texas. Burial in Elmwood Cemetery.

H. H. BRISENDINE died Oct. 4, Jackson, at advanced age; retired merchant at Cottage Grove, Henry Co, Tenn. Surviving were son, Ernest Brisendine, Grand Junction and granddaughters Mrs. Lucille Holcomb and Miss Marie Brisendine, Jackson. Burial in Cottage Grove Cemetery.


October 6, 1930

Mrs. BESSIE L. KELLY died Oct. 4, age 40 years, Crockett Co. Surviving were husband, B. L. Kelly; seven children. Burial in Ararat Cemetery.

Lt. WILLIAM ALLISON WATSON killed Oct. 2 in a plane crash near Cape Charles, Va, age 27 years; entered naval service, 1922; son of Judge and Mrs. A. A. Watson. Burial in national cemetery, Shiloh National Park near Selmer, Oct. 5.

Mrs. A. J. NICHOLS died Oct. 5, age 68 years, Jackson; moved to Jackson from Obion 12 years ago. Surviving were husband and sons, T. E. Nichols, Jackson; L. L. Nichols, Obion; 2 daughters, Mrs. Henry' B. Birchett, Jackson; Mrs. A. E. Reed, Petersburg; one sister, Mrs. Sarah McDonnell, Jackson. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


(Page 15)

RICHARD H. EDMONDS, noted Southern editor, died Oct. 4, age 73 years, Baltimore, Md. Native of Norfolk, Va.; born in 1857; son of Richard H. and Mary E. Ashby

Edmonds. Editor of the MANUFACTURERS' RECORD. Surviving were widow, Mrs. Addie L. Field Edmonds and a sister, Miss Mary E. Edmonds.


November 11, 1930

JOSEPH H. RYALS died Nov. 10, age 85 years, 11 miles south of Lexington, Tenn.; farmer and Confederate veteran of Henderson County. Wife died years ago. Surviving were 3 sons, 2 daus.

N. E. SEALES took his own life, gunshot wound, Nov. 11, age 52, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Left note stating, "I can't stand it any longer."

PETER J. GAFFNEY died Nov. 9, age 70, Jackson. Surviving were widow and 3 sons, W. O. of St. Louis; P. C, Paducah; J. J, Memphis. Bro, John R. Gaffney. Burial in Calvary Cemetery.

J. L. DIFFEE died Nov. 9, age 73 years, Jackson. Surviving were widow; sons, Joseph W. of New York; James L, Jackson; daus. Mrs. J. G. Stone, Memphis; Mrs. J. C. Armstrong, Jackson; 5 bros. and 2 sisters. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

ARCH YAREROUGH died Nov. 10 near Oakfield, age 67 years; farmer. Surviving were widow, 2 sons, Bee, Jackson; Robert, Oakfield. Bros., Henry Yarbrough, Detroit and Jim Yarbrough, Jackson; 5 sisters. Burial in Oakfield Cemetery.


March 1, 1931

CHARLES M. REEVES died Feb. 27, age 72 years, Columbus, Miss. Surviving were his widow and 3 sons and a dau.; brother-in-law, T. W. Pope. Burial in Columbus Cem.

Mrs. HATTIE E. THOMAS died Feb. 27, age 81; widow of Dr. John H. Thomas of Humboldt, Tenn.; died at home of dau, Mrs. Hugh Thompson, Millington, Tenn. Native of Crockett County. Surviving were a daughter and 3 sons. Burial in Brownsville Cem. beside her husband.

J. M. CAMPBELL, former machinist of Jackson, died Feb. 28, Pensacola, Fla. Burial near Birmingham, Ala.

Dr. A. B. BISHOP, brother-in-law of Mrs. Polk Bishop, Jackson, died Feb. 26 in Iowa City, Texas "in his seventies." Surviving were widow, sons, William and Claude, Ashdown, Ark.; dau. Mrs. O. F. Hurley, Ft. Worth, Texas. Burial in Ashdown Cemetery.


May 10, 1931

Mrs. W. T. PENTECOST died May 9, Trenton, Tenn. Born as Lilla Hurt, May 5, 1904. Baptist.; married Pentecost, Aug. 1924. Surviving were husband; mother, Mrs. J. A. Hurt; 4 sisters and 2 bros and her children Elizabeth Ann, a few weeks old; W. T, Jr, age 4; Carolyn, age 2. Burial Mt. Olivet Cemetery near Dyer, Tenn.


June 3, 1931

FRANK W. DONALDSON, internal revenue collector for Tenn, died June 3, age 53 years, Nashville; in this office since Dec. 1929. Born in Hamblen Co., Tenn.; on his mother's side, a descendant of Rev. Tidence Lane, founder of Baptist Church at Buffalo Spring. Surviving were his widow, Mrs. Nita Rice Donaldson; dau, Virginia and mother, 2 bros. and 2 sisters. Burial in Morristown Cemetery.

Resolutions of Respect for Mrs. MARTHA N. WEST, mother of Rev. W. A. West. Offered by Antioch Baptist Church Sunday School, Madison Co.


July 6, 1931

JAKE WALDERS killed July 5, age 45 years, by Willie Stevens, Trenton.

EUGENE SCOTT killed by a train when he slept between rails, 2 miles west of Jackson, July 5, age 23 years. Son of W. A. Scott. Surviving also were his mother, 4 bros. and 3 sisters. Burial in Roby Cemetery, Henderson County.


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July 7, 1931

GREEN CARY died from gunshot wound, Jackson, July 7, age 48 years. Henderson Co. farmer. Surviving were his widow and 5 children who lived 3 miles west of Lexington.

Mrs. ELLA BROWN CARUTHERS, widow of Stoddert Caruthers, died July 7, Jackson. Born in Jackson. Daughter of Judge and Mrs. Milton Brown in old Brown home on Baltimore Street. Educated Memphis Conference Female Institute. Surviving were children Misses Medora and Sara Caruthers; Mrs. Thornley Jobe, all of Jackson; sister, Mrs. A. T. Dancy, Jackson. Methodist, member of D.A.R. burial in Riverside Cemetery.


July 22, 1931

Col. ROBERT SAMUEL FLETCHER died July 21, age 82 years, Jackson. Born May 18, 1849 near Denmark; son of John Thomas and Caroline Compton Fletcher. Educated Clayton College, Murray, Ky. and Andrews College, Trenton, Tenn.; grocer and also for several years a co-owner of the JACKSON DISPATCH. Mason, Elk. Surviving were widow, Pattie Walker Fletcher; 2 sons R. S., Jr., Jackson; Thomas, Dallas, Texas; 4 daus., Misses Lellie, Mattie, Martha Fletcher, Jackson; Mrs. H. H. Hinton, Corinth, Miss. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


August 2, 1931

Miss BOBBIE WOLDEN killed August 1 in car accident, age 18; daughter of Mrs. John Campbell of Poplar Corner Road. Surviving were her mother, 2 bros, 2 stepbrothers, 2 stepsisters. Burial in Cairo Baptist Church Cemetery near Alamo.


September 22, 1931

GEORGE T. JACKSON died Sept. 21, age 81 years, Jackson. Father of 13 children. Burial in Zion Cemetery.

Mrs. DANNIE BURRESS died Sept. 21, age 59 years, Madison Co. Surviving were 5 sons and 5 daughters. Burial Center Cemetery near Gadsden, Tenn.


October 5, 1931

Mrs. LEIL ROGERS ROSSER, wife of Thomas B. Rosser, died Oct. 3, Jackson. Surviving were husband, 2 sons, 2 daus.; father, W. T. Rogers. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

BILLIE DOVE, a month-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank MOORE, died Oct. 4, Pinson. Burial in Big Springs Cemetery.


November 29, 1931

Miss IZORA BROWN died Nov. 25, Jackson, from injuries in car accident. Surviving were sister Miss Lula Brown and 2 nieces. Burial Riverside Cemetery.

A. L. SMITH died Nov. 28, age 73 years, Selmer, Tenn.; well-known planter and businessman; a director of the 1st National Bank since 1907. Methodist. Surviving were widow and 4 children. Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, Selmer.

LOUIS KUNZ, age 77 years, was buried November 28. Surviving were widow; son, Louis, Jr. and sister, Mrs. Julia Blackert, Jackson. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


December 11, 1931

FRANK HENDERSON MAY died Dec. 11, age 22 years, Jackson, at home of grandfather, W. T. Rogers. Born Dec. 19, 1910. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.

HUNTER FULLERTON killed Nov. 28 near Oakfield; 3 men charged with his murder.

Dr. BRUCE GALBRAITH died Dec. 11, age 50, Henderson, Tenn.; son of late I. J. Galbraith. Surviving were widow, Mrs. M. Galbraith, 2 daus. and a son.


November 27, 1931

JOHN L. PEARSON died Nov. 25, age 73 years, Jackson. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.

Miss MARY HARRISON, daughter of W. H. Harrison, died Nov. 25 in Medon. Burial in Lacey Cemetery.


(Page 17)

November 7, 1931

WILLIS J. BYNUM killed in railroad accident, Nov. 25, age 58 years.

G. W. ANDERSON, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. V. N. Anderson died Nov. 26. Born in Henderson County. Burial in Independence Cemetery.

Mrs. ORA LEE BRATCHER died Nov. 25 in Gibson Co. Surviving were husband, W. T. Bratcher, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Palmer; a bro. and sister. Burial in Olive Branch Baptist Church Cemetery.


June 19, 1933

WILL ELDER ROBERTS died June 18, age 40 years, N.Y. City; youth spent in Jackson, where his father, Rev. J. H. Roberts was presiding elder of Methodist Memphis Conference. Surviving were his mother, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.


July 12, 1933

Dr. J. B. COX died July 9, age 71 years, Huntingdon.

JAMES REED died a few days ago, age 78 years, near Trenton.

Mrs. QUINTON D. EDMONDS died July 11, Jackson; teacher. Surviving were husband; her mother, Mrs. G. R. Spurlock.


August 1, 1933

Rev. J. H. CASON died Aug. 19, age 72, near Beech Bluff; son of W. C. and Jennie Cason. Surviving were widow, Mrs. Betty Diffee Cason and a brother, Will of Texas; 2 sisters. Burial in Lexington Cemetery.


August 29, 1935

J. ELMORE HOLMES died Aug. 28, age 68 years, Memphis. Burial Forest Hill Cemetery.

JESSE S. LAWSON died Aug. 28, Ramer, Tenn, age 77 years. Born "near where he died." Mail carrier. Daughters Mrs. G. A. Blasingame and Mrs. C. L. Majors, Ramer; sons, John T, Ramer; A. B, Ala.; W. D. of Detroit. Burial in Vernon Cemetery.



April 2, 1900

Mrs. ROSA PARR died April 2, age 50 years, Jackson. Surviving were husband, 2 sons. Burial in McClintock Cemetery.

MARY KEY HARTMUS, wife of Thomas H. Hartmus, died April 2 age 51 years, 3 mos. Burial in family graveyard near Claybrook.

ROBERT O. HICKS' funeral held April 1, 3 miles north of Jackson.


July 25, 1902

Miss MARY PARKS died July 20, age 26 years, Jackson. Sister of William Parks, Fred Parks and Miss Dolly Parks, all of Jackson. Came to Jackson from Miss. 5 years ago.



September 13, 1901

GEORGE T. SMITH died "last Tuesday", age 55 years, 6 miles east of Jackson. Burial in McCoy Cemetery.

W. H. McCONNELL died "last Saturday"; came from Concord, N.C. about 2 months ago to take charge of picking dept, Bemis Cotton Mill; about 22 years old; not married; his remains were "shipped to North Carolina for interment."

WILLIAM D. STEPHENS, a native of Tenn, age 58 years, died San Gabriel, Cal, September 3. Brother of Albert M. Stephens, Charles M. Stephens, Harry G. Stephens, Richard B. Stephens, L. P. Stephens, Miss Kate W. Stephens and Mrs. A. B. Chapman.


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