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March 12, 1910

Dr. F. B. HAMILTON died March 11, age 66, Jackson; had lived in Jackson since the age of six. Graduate, University of Nashville Medical College. Confederate veteran; wounded at Shiloh and Franklin. 4 children surviving:Mrs. O. B. Smith, Memphis; Dr. F. B. Hamilton, Misses Bessie and Kathleen Hamilton, Jackson. A bro., R. T. Hamilton, Jackson.


May 7, 1910

Miss NANNIE ALBRECHT died May 6, age 26, Jackson at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Albrecht.

S. P. LYNN died May 5, age 45, Jackson, at home of sister, Mrs. I. H. Foster. Surviving were daughters, Nell, age 16; Florence, age 13. Burial in Union City, Tenn.


May 8, 1910

KEITH STEWART MOFFITT died May 6, age 17, Jackson, at home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Moffitt, Sr. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.


May 26, 1910

F. S. WOODSON died May 23, Malesus, age 71. Confederate veteran.

Mrs. METTIE C., wife of T. A. McDOUGAL died May 24, Jackson.


June 2, 1910

Capt. W. E. BUTLER died May 30, Jackson. Surviving children were Thomas Henderson Butler, Jackson; Miss Mary Ormond Butler, Jackson; Mrs. Kirby S. Anderson.


June 9, 1910

Mrs. A. J. MAINORD died June 5, age 84 years, Civil District 17; her husband died 16 years previously. Surviving were nine children.


June 12, 1910

J. J. SHOE died at home of son, J. T. Shoe, Civil District 17, June 10.


June 15, 1910

A. ALDRICH died June 12, age 64, 3 miles from Jackson. Surviving were wife and 3 children.


June 19, 1910

Mrs. SUSAN UTLEY TAYLOR, widow of ANDREW TAYLOR, died June 18, Jackson. Born in Madison County, March 31, 1849 and lived in Denmark until 5 or 6 years ago. Dau. of late Paris T. and Susan Utley. Surviving were bro., W. L. Utley; sister, Mrs. Laura A. Williamson. Sons, Abner U., Andrew, Ernest P., Will A. Daughters, Mrs. J. J. Hicks, Mrs. W. M. Luter.


June 22, 1910

J. W. REPLOGLE died June 21, age 43, Jackson. Burial Liberty Methodist Cemetery. Surviving were a wife, 4 brothers and 2 sisters.


June 25, 1910

Mrs. RICHARD L. BALCH died June 23, Jackson. Surviving were a dau., Mary Eliza and one brother, David Wilbon, Richmond, Virginia.


July 1, 1910

Dr. J. H. JONES died June 29, Jackson. Born in the Ebenezer "neighborhood." To be buried there. Surviving was a dau., Miss Effie Jones.

Mrs. ANNA McGLOHN died at home of dau., Mrs. W. H. Harrison, Medon, June 28, age 90; member of Maple Springs Baptist Church for 70 years.


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July 9, 1910

N. R. BRANCH died July 7, at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Branch. Also surviving was a wife. Had been foreman of the Humboldt Cotton Mills.

J. H. EDWARDS of Luray died July 7; father of Hubert Edwards of Jackson.


July 15, 1910

Mrs. ANNA TAYLOR died at age 43, Portland, Oregon; no death date, but dated July 14 from Jackson. Surviving were a son, Burtis Taylor, 3 daughters, Misses Ruby, Lena and Linnie.


July 20, 1910

P. P. BENNETT died July 18, Jackson. Confederate veteran. Surviving was "a large family of children."

J. P. MAPLES died July 17, age 59, Jackson.

ROBERT RUTHERFORD died July 17, age 70, Civil District 10. Confederate veteran.


August 1, 1910

F. W. WATLINGTON died July 30, age 74, Jackson. Burial at Big Spring near Pinson. Surviving were a wife and 1 son. (Also appeared in Aug. 2 issue)


August 3, 1910

ROBERT McMURRAY died August 2, at home in the Chestnut Grove "neighborhood." Mrs. MILTON J. DOYLE died August 2, age 72, Jackson. Surviving was a son, Theophilus Doyle.


August 11, 1910

Miss KARRY K. BARRY died Aug. 10, age 23, Jackson; dau. of W. F. Barry. Surviving besides parents was a sister, Bernice Barry.


August 25, 1910

Mrs. CLARENCE M. COLEMAN died Aug. 24, age 32, Jackson. Surviving were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sykes; her husband and 4 children, Paul, Elizabeth, Earl and Robert; and 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Mrs. CATHERINE GAFFNEY died Aug. 23, Jackson; widow of Martin Gaffney. Surviving were dau. Miss Mary Gaffney and sons, James, Joe, Will Gaffney, the sons all being employees of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad.


August 27, 1910

Mrs. URSULA ENSIGN had died (no date given), age 71, 3 miles south of Jackson; buried August 25.


August 29, 1910

THOMAS SMITH died Aug. 26, at home of son, James Smith, Jackson. Surviving were 5 sons, Herbert, J. D., J. M., Eugene and Thomas H. Smith.

CLYDE ELAM died Aug. 26, age 17; son of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Elam. Mrs. S. K. HUDGINGS died Aug. 26, age 65, Jackson. Surviving were husband and several children.


September 2, 1910

WILL EDWARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. PEARSON, died August 31, Jackson. Brothers were Herron and John L. Pearson, Jr.

HAM ROBINSON died Aug. 31, age 41, Jackson. Surviving were a wife and 5 children, Louise, Martha, Martha, Ham and Aaron. Son of George Robinson. Burial Riverside Cemetery.


September 8, 1910

Mrs. EMMA FEATHERSTON died in Malesus; funeral services were held; dated from Jackson, Sept. 7. Surviving were husband, T. J. and daus. Ino, Imo, Lelia, Lizzie Lou.


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September 17, 1910

Mrs. CAROLINE BAKER died Sept. 15, age 70. Surviving were sons Chris and Louis and two daughters. One brother, Louis Kunz, Jackson.


September 20, 1910

CHARLES D. NEFF died Sept. 18, Jackson. Born Jan. 8, 1860. Surviving were brother, Sam H. Neff and sister, Ella Neff.


October 12, 1910

Miss LULA WILLIAMSON died Oct. 10, about 45 years old, Denmark; dau. of late Lewis Williamson. Surviving was a bro., James of Cairo, Ill. and 2 sisters. Burial in Denmark Cemetery.


October 13, 1910

B. FRANK BOND died Oct. 12, age 49, Jackson; son of late B. F. Bond.

Mrs. ELEANOR D. McCLAREN died Oct. 12, Bemis; wife of Elma McClaren. Surviving also was her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Dameron; also two small children.


October 15, 1910

Mrs. ______ ROOKS died Oct. 12, Jackson.


October 18, 1910

ZARIACCKUS HAAS died Oct. 15, age 67, Jackson. Born in Baden-Baden, Germany; came to U.S. when young. Surviving were a wife and 7 children.


October 20, 1910

Mrs. G. N. MALLOCK died (no date given, dated Aug. 19, Jackson). Burial Hollywood Cemetery.


October 23, 1910

Mrs. NANCY H. STRONG died Oct. 20, in 70th year, Jackson. Burial Trenton, Tenn. Surviving were 3 daus., 2 sons.


October 27, 1910

Mrs. ALEX R. BROGAN died Oct. 25. Burial Calvary Cemetery.

Mrs. HANNAH MIHALOVITZ died Oct. 26, age 37, Jackson. Surviving were 2 sons, 2 daughters.

Miss VERONICA N. TILGHMAN died Oct. 26, age 26. Burial in Rutherford, Tenn.


November 2, 1910

Mrs. ELIZABETH CARUTHERS died Oct. 31, age 84, Jackson, at home of son-in-law, Joseph T. Hart. Surviving were son, Thad A. Caruthers and dau., Sallie Hart.


December 10, 1910

JAMES M. BROWN died "last night", notice dated Dec. 8, Jackson, age 82. Born in 1829. Confederate veteran. Surviving were 3 children.


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