By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996

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January 1872-October 1874

This book is in the Tennessee Room Collection, Jackson-Madison County Library. Selective gleanings from it follow here, with genealogical data only; full case history in each instance should be read in this book.

Bill filed March 9, 1872. HARRISON HOGSETT died in 1870, JOHN HOGSETT was his administrator. WYNNE SHELTON died on or about July 15, 1871.

On or about July 26, 1867, A. W. O. TOTTEN died in Madison, leaving a will in which he left an estate to his daughters, ALICE and CAROLINE. Baker C. Springfield had married Caroline Totten and a child, TOTTEN SPRINGFIELD, was born to them Sept. 5, 1871 and died Sept. 14, 1871. CAROLINE TOTTEN SPRINGFIELD then died Sept. 18, 1871. A. W. O. TOTTEN left a plantation in Coahoma Co., Miss.; residence in Jackson and several other properties. B. C. Springfield, as heir of his late wife, was claiming what he thought he was due from A. W. O. Totten's estate.

R. B. HURT v R. R. CORBITT and others.
Bill filed Oct. 23, 1872. R. R. CORBITT and wife, MARY C., MARTHA HUDDLESTON, and LULU HUDDLESTON, all of Madison Co., Tenn.; MARTHA was P. M. HUDDLESTON's widow; MARY C. and LULU were his daughters. He died in 1872.

LEROY C. GILLESPIE, adm. of J. R. ALSTON v ELIZA B. ALSTON and others.
Bill filed November 27, 1872. JOHN R. ALSTON had died in Madison Co. in January 1870, leaving widow, ELIZA B. and an only child, GERTRUDE. He died largely in debt.


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J. B. PITMAN and wife HELEN and others v JARRETT J. McLEMORE.
Bill filed April 28, 1872. GILBERT COZART died in Madison Co. in July 1860 and his will was probated later that year. Left widow MARY and four children ANN ELIZABETH, born Sept. 20, 1845, married in 1866 to JARRETT J. McLEMORE and now lived in Crockett Co., Tenn.; HUBBARD, who had moved to Missouri; MARY FRANCES who had married J. N. JETTON; HELEN M. COZART who married J. B. PITMAN, March 4, 1870. MARY, the widow, died in August or September 1860.

Bill filed March 27, 1873. W. F. STILL died December 4, 1872, leaving a will which was probated in Jan. 1873. ALMIRA E. STILL was his widow; they had no children. Other heirs were children of his deceased brother, JAMES S. STILL (SARAH A. ELLIS, MARTHA F. MOOREHEAD, WILLIAM A. STILL, JAMES G. STILL, JOSEPH A. STILL, CHARLES A. STILL, ALFRED T. STILL, ABRAHAM A. STILL, RALEIGH M. STILL, JOHN J. STILL, ALMIRA A. STILL, the later under age 21). Another daughter of JAMES STILL was MARY E. RENALD, also deceased, leaving a child, JAMES M. RENALD, of Warren Co., Ky. Other heirs were children of a deceased brother, WYATT F. STILL (ROSELLA, wife of JOHN W. LUTER; JOHN W. STILL, JAMES F. STILL, SARAH E. STILL). Other heirs were children of a deceased sister, MARTHA ELLEN STILL PETERS (MIRANDA PETERS, MALISSA E. PETERS, HENRY F. PETERS, ROSELLA PETERS, WILLIAM THOMAS PETERS, all living in Calloway Co., Ky). Other heirs were children of deceased sister, MARY ANN STILL GOTT (MARY W., MARCHELLE E. FRYER, CYRUS GOTT, W. L. GOTT, VIRGINIA C. GOTT, CARSON A. GOTT and VIRGIL M. GOTT, all of Missouri). CHARLES A. STILL and WOODFORD A. STILL were brothers of W. F. STILL, deceased.

J. R. NEELY, adm. v Heirs and Creditors of W. A. MORGAN.
Bill filed March 20, 1874. W. A. MORGAN died near Denmark, Tenn. December 1873 leaving an only heir, a daughter, IDA MORGAN.

C. C. SHARP and wife and others v J. W. TOMLIN and others.
Bill filed November 25, 1872. JOHN B. ESTES had died in Madison Co. in 1853, leaving a widow, PENELOPE who later married J. W. TOMLIN and children VIRGINIA H. ESTES, LOUISA S. ESTES, EULALIA ESTES, RACHEL A. ESTES, SUSAN ESTES, ROBERT ESTES and ROXANA ESTES, wife of PETER McCOLLUM, and SOPHRONIA ESTES who married JOSEPH POPE.

R. H. CARTMELL and others v J. H. SHARP.
Bill filed October 20, 1874. JOSEPH C. SHARP died in 1873 leaving two children JOSEPH HENRY SHARP and ANN CORNELIA SHARP BRADY. His will was probated Mar. 6, 1873.

J. T. ANDERSON and wife v W. W. LYON and others.
Bill filed Aug. 18, 1874. JAMES BROWN died in Madison Co. in May 1868, intestate. His children were JULIA A. ANDERSON, SARAH MITCHELL, MARY ROLLINS, JOHN L. BROWN, ANTHONY BROWN, CAROLINE D. BROWN and JANE BROWN (now deceased, leaving daughter, MARY L. DUNCAN) and ELIZABETH BROWN (now deceased, leaving sons).

JOHN M. BOYD and others v LOCK BROWN.
Bill filed October 16, 1874. MILTON B. BOYD died December 14, 1855, a resident of Jackson, leaving six children: JOHN M., then age 11; W. C., then age 9; L. B., then age 8; B. B., then age 5; MILTON, a daughter, then age 2 months; WILLIE, then age 1, who had died sometime in 1872 or 1873, unmarried.


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JOSEPH D. ASKEW and wife, A. G. HAUGHTON and wife v JOHN L. MOORE.
Bill filed April 21, 1874. J. P. HAUGHTON died July 1859, leaving GEORGE W. HAUGHTON (now deceased), MARTHA B., wife of ROBERT B. LOVE; SARAH H., wife of J. S. BETHSHARES; AMANDA and L. BURKETT HAUGHTON, ANDREW J. (who had children OSCAR, W. J., MARTHA, who lived in Miss.). GEORGE W. HAUGHTON died September 2, 1870, leaving children MARY J., wife of JOSEPH D. ASKEW; ALGERNON G. HAUGHTON, EMMA H., wife of A. F. LOVE, JOHN BARNETT HAUGHTON, RICHARD HAUGHTON.

J. F. JONES, adm. v W. H. BRUTON and others.
Bill filed Oct. 27, 1874. WILLIE GILL died August 1874, intestate, leaving sister, MARY F. BRUTON and MATTIE JONES (a daughter of a deceased sister).

264-268; 302-307.
Bill filed March 20, 1874. SUSAN stated that she had married PRESIDENT PRESLEY in 1838 or 1839 and had lived with him faithfully for many years, until "she could bear with him no longer." She claimed that he had been a man of "sober habits" when they married and for long afterwards, but that he began to drink heavily and physically abused her and their children (of which they had thirteen). He claimed that she was not understanding of him; that he was not obligated to support her in any way as she had left him in 1873.


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