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January 5, 1907

G. E. RAUCHER died Jan. 4, Jackson; formerly of Erin, Tennessee.


January 30, 1907

JOE HARBERT McCLISH, son of W. N. McClish, died January 28 in Jackson.


February 10, 1907

MONROE THOMAS VOLNER, aged 28, died Bemis, February 9; left widow and a son.


February 11, 1907

NATHAN JANES, a M & O Railroad conductor, died February 10, Jackson.


February 19, 1907

Dr. H. M. PRICE, aged 86 years, died at home of daughter, Mrs. A. R. Wilson, in Jackson, February 18. Born near Charlottesville, Va.; educated at Randolph-Macon College and taught there; had served as captain in Co. K, 44 /Va./ Regiment.


February 21, 1907

Mrs. WILL SMEDLEY HARRIS, formerly KATE CHESTER, died February 20, Jackson; left an infant daughter about a week old.

ALEX CAMPBELL, youngest son of late A. W. Campbell, died February 19, Jackson; left a brother, two sisters: Mrs. G. H. Robertson, Jackson; Mrs. W. R. Mclntosh, Chicago; John W. Campbell, Louisiana.


February 24, 1907

Mrs. CARMELA NOVANTA ARMINIO, aged 29 years, wife of F. A. Arminio, died Feb. 23, Jackson. Born in Ermo, Italy; her parents still lived there.

ALEX ROGERS, aged 8 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. ROGERS, died Feb. 19. Burial in Henderson, Tennessee.


March 3, 1907

CHARLIE KIRBY died March 1, Jackson

The remains of Mrs. D. J. PERRY arrived in Jackson from Mobile, Ala. Friday night; funeral held yesterday. Interment, Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.

Mrs. MARTHA ELLER FIELDS, age 26 years, died March 1; wife of J. C. Fields. Burial Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.

HAROLD BARLOW McGEE, aged 4 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. McGee, died March 2, Jackson. Burial in Henderson, Tennessee.

Miss MINNIE NICHOLSON, aged 32 years, died March l; left 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Burial at Gibson Station.


March 8, 1907

INFANT SON of Prof. N. D. NOFSINGER died March 7, Jackson. Burial in Virginia. Father taught at Southwestern Baptist University.


March 10, 1907

A. F. McBROOM, aged 16 years, died March 8, Jackson.


March 17, 1907

Mrs. J. L. CRAIG died March 14, Jackson; remains sent for burial to Puryear, Tennessee; left husband and 2 children.

B. F. BODEN, aged 52 years, died March 16, Jackson; born in Keesburg, Illinois and moved to Jackson about 25 years ago; left wife, 2 daughters, 5 sisters.


March 19, 1907

Rev. W. D. SILER died March 18, Jackson.


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March 22, 1907

Mrs. THOMAS POLK died March 20, Jackson; formerly Miss Willie Rogers; born in Thibadaux, La. March 1, 1855; married July 15, 1874 and lived in Newcastle, Tennessee until she and husband moved to Jackson in Sept. 1889. Left five children, one of whom, Jack, died August 1894. Others: Mrs. J. C. Potts, Mrs. Bond Anderson, Miss Iola Polk and Miss Wilma Polk.


March 27, 1907

Rev. B. F. BLACKMON, aged 61 years, died March 25 at home of his brother, Dr. J. A. Blackmon, Jackson; left widow and 6 children. Born Oct. 24, 1845; devoted Methodist minister for 39 years. Served in General Forrest's forces the last two years of Civil War. Had currently been minister at Bells, Tenn.


March 31, 1907

Mrs. FANNIE BAIRD, wife of late Robert L. Baird of Hardin Co., Tenn. died March 30 at home of her daughter, Mrs. J. T. Claiborne, 3 miles south of Jackson. Left 4 daughters and 2 sons. Burial in Vildo, Tennessee.

JAMES E. CURLIN, aged 32 years, died March 30, Leighton, Madison County; left widow, mother, a brother and 2 sisters. Burial in Brown's Cemetery, 7 miles east of Jackson.


April 3, 1907

Mrs. JANE CAIN, aged 80 years, died April l, Bemis. Burial in McNairy County.

Capt. JAMES E. BRIGHT died April 1 at home of his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Hunt, Nashville. Burial in Jackson.


April 7, 1907

G. H. RAMSEY, "more than 70 years of age" died April 6, Jackson; left a daughter, Mrs. Julia Berkeley, Atlanta, Georgia. Burial would be Sunday; formerly a merchant in Jackson.


April 13, 1907

J. G. GRAY, aged 35 years, died at home of his brother, W. T. Gray, 8 miles east of Jackson, April 11.


April 19, 1907

T. D. RUFFIN, aged 44 years, died Jackson, April 17; an I. C. Railroad conductor; left widow, no children.


April 23, 1907

Miss SARAH C. STURDIVANT, aged about 70 years, died April 22, at. the home of her brother, Thomas Sturdivant, 2 miles west of Mercer.


April 25, 1907

J. D. McDANIEL, aged 24 years, died at home of his father, M. C. McDaniel, April 24, Jackson.


May 9, 1907

SAMUEL L. NORWOOD, aged 66 years, died at home of son, A. G. Norwood, May 7, Jackson. Confederate veteran; served in 6th Tenn. Inf. CSA.


May 11, 1907

Miss LOUL_ ADCOCK, aged 15 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adcock, died at home of her uncle, John Holland, Jackson, May 9.

FRANK MALONE, 7 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Malone, died Jackson, May 7.


May 14, 1907

Dr. J. R. WATLINGTON, aged 79 years, died in Civil District 17, May 13.

Mrs. ATWELL THOMPSON, wife of acting city engineer, died May 12, Chattanooga.


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May 24, 1907

Mrs. JOSEPHINE REBECCA SMITH, aged 19, formerly Miss Worrell, daughter of the late J. J. Worrell, died Lockhart, Texas; been married less than a year.

Mrs. LUCY REAMS, formerly Lucy Haughton, died Jackson, May 22. Burial in Spring Creek; left a husband.


May 29, 1907

Miss LAVINIA GARRISON died Jackson, May 28.

J. J. FISHER, JR., of Beaumont, Texas, died in Colorado and remains brought to Jackson for burial.


June 6, 1907

ERB WILSON, aged 27 years, died at home of his mother, Mrs. Alice Wilson, Jackson, June 4.


June 15, 1907

F. A. WATSON, aged 57 years, died June 13, Jackson; left widow, 2 daughters, 2 sons.


June 26, 1907

Mrs. MOLLIE E. PENN of Mercer died in Nashville and her remains were sent to Jackson for burial. Date lined June 25.

Mrs. JOHN R. EDWARDS of Mifflin, aged about 60 years, died June 24, Jackson.


June 28, 1907

THOMAS H. SMITH, aged 62 years, died July 13 near Medon; Confd. veteran.


July 21, 1907

Mrs. CATHERINE JORDON of Medon, aged 80 years, died July 19; left daughter,

Mrs. G. D. Siler of Uptonville and 2 sons, M. W. and J. F. of Jackson.


July 30, 1907

PETER WEISS, aged 55 years, died July 29, Jackson; vice-president of the Weiss and Lesh Manufacturing Company.


August 23, 1907

A. J. GILLEY, aged 70 years, died near Oakfield, August 22; left widow and 4 children.

S. W. PUCKETT, aged 63 years, died August 29 near Claybrook; left widow and 6 children.


August 30, 1907

V. B. UTLEY, aged 24 years, died August 29, Civil District 12; left widow and 2 children.


September 3, 1907

Mrs. FRANK PARKES, aged 35 years, died Jackson, Sept. 2; left husband and 2 children.


September 8, 1907

WILLIAM ROBERT WILLIAMSON, aged 80 years, died at home of nephew, G. S. Williamson at Grover, Madison Co., September 7; one of ten children and the last to die. Never married.


September 20, 1907

ARCHIE PRICE, aged 18 years, died at home of Mr. Capps, Jackson, Sept. 19. Burial in Martin, Tennessee.


October 4, 1907

Mrs. KATHLEEN HUGHES ROGERS was buried Oct. 3 from St. Mary's Catholic Ch., her husband, Herman H. Rogers, dec.; left ten children.


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October 17, 1907

Funeral of Mrs. ALICE ROCHELLE, wife of Dr. W. F. Rochelle, took place Oct. 15; she had died in Louisville, Kentucky.

J. O. K. WILLIAMSON, aged 51 years, died October 15, Jackson; left widow and 3 children.


October 30, 1907

Mrs. J. R. YOUNG, aged 83 years, died in Civil District 16. Burial in Riverside Cemetery.


November 7, 1907

MARY ANDERSON, 8 year old daughter of mayor, Hu C. Anderson, died November 6, Jackson.


December 6, 1907

Mrs. MARGARET HICKEY, aged 68 years, died December 5, Jackson; 3 children survived her: Thomas of Memphis; Mrs. C. F. Wilroy, Jackson; John of Jackson.


December 12, 1907

HERBERT FOSTER, aged 28 years, son of late C. C. Foster, died in Jackson, December 11.


December 19, 1907

H. L. PENN died December 17, Mercer; buried in Jackson December 18. Confd. veteran. Brother-in-law of Hon. B. A. Enloe; left a daughter; his wife died a few months before.


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