By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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January 2, 1908

S. M. POWELL, in 70th year of age, died Huntersville, December 31; left three daughters and three sons. Charter member of Ararat Baptist Church.


January 8, 1908

Mrs. BELLE BEARD, age 61 years, died January 7, Jackson; left husband, one daughter and two sons.


January 16, 1908

Mrs. F. M. DUGGAR, wife of Captain Duggar of the N. C. & St. L. Railroad, died January 15, Jackson; "accomplished vocalist" and member of the choir, First Methodist Church, Jackson; left husband and a 7 month old baby. Age not given.


January 19, 1908

JOHN R. ANDERSON, aged about 40 years, ex-register of Madison County, died January 17 at home two miles west of Jackson; left widow and two daughters.


January 28, 1908

Mrs. F. M. THORNTON, aged 44 years, died January 26, Jackson; daughter of Col. John F. Newsom. She was former proprietor of the Armour House. Left a husband and a son, Frank; daughters: Mrs. Sam Clark, Nashville and Miss Ludie Thornton. Funeral at First Baptist Church.

ARCH NOEL, aged 22 years, died January 27, Jackson, of pneumonia; son of B. F. Noel.


February 11, 1908

Miss REBECCA HURT, daughter of Capt. M. B. Hurt, died February 10, Jackson.


February 19, 1908

J. A. SWEENEY, aged 55 years, died in Civil District 8, February 14.


March 18, 1908

FRANK W. CAMPBELL, Confederate veteran and ex-county surveyor died March 16, Jackson.


March 29, 1908

Mrs. MARTHA NORTON, aged 65 years, died March 28 at home of her son, C. W. Norton in Civil District 17.

E. S. BROAD died March 28, Jackson. Burial March 29.


April 30, 1908

Mrs. MOLLIE NICHOLS, "esteemed lady, "died April 28, Jackson; left four sons and three daughters. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery.


May 12, 1908

Captain W. H. LANCASTER, aged about 70 years, died May 11, Jackson; Confd. vet.


May 28, 1908

EDWARD POOLE, aged 69 years, died May 27, Jackson. Born Grafton, West Virginia; lived in Jackson since 1871.


June 5, 1908

HERMAN VANDENBROOK, aged 34 years, died June 4, Jackson; left widow and a daughter. Draughtsman and popular vocalist.


June 19, 1908

Mrs. HENRIETTA LANCASTER, aged 68 years, died June 17, Jackson. Daughter, Mrs. J. E. Ryley, Jackson. Sons: S. C., Memphis; John and Caruthers of Memphis. Two sisters, Mrs. J. R. Graves, Memphis and Mrs. Rebecca Tucker, Jackson. Two bros.: J. F. and Owen Snider of Jackson. Baptist.


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July 4, 1908

"Miss"ANNA BARNES, aged 49 years, died July 2, Jackson, at the home of her son-in-law, J. T. Williams.


July 8, 1908

Mrs. VIRGINIA WILKINSON ODUM died in Jackson, July 7; wife of W. W. Odum of Birmingham and daughter of Capt. and Mrs. P. B. Wilkinson of Jackson; left her husband and a daughter about a year old.

ROBERT HENRY DUNAVENT, aged 19 years, died July 7, Jackson; came from Miss. to Jackson several months before.


July 12, 1908

CARL OADING, aged 30 years, died July 10, Jackson; home was in Bremer, Wisc. where his mother and sister lived. He had been working for Miracle Const. Co., laying concrete pavement in Jackson.


July 17, 1908

JAMES JONES, aged about 25 years, son of Dr. A. B. Jones, who was president of MCF Institute in Jackson, died in Dallas, July 16, while attending the Elks Grand Lodge meeting.


July 18, 1908

J. N. LAWS died two miles east of Jackson, July 17; left a widow and son. Burial in Toone, Tennessee.


July 19, 1908

Mrs. J. A. ALBRECHT died July 17, Jackson; left husband and one child.


July 22, 1908

Mrs. CAROLYN HUBBS, aged 85 years, died in Civil District 14, July 19; left no immediate relatives having outlived hers.


July 26, 1908

Mrs. SUE LACEY, aged 84 years, died at home of Sheriff Mayo, Jackson, July 25. Baptist. Burial in Medon, Tennessee.


July 29, 1908

ROBERT SANDLING died Trenton; burial July 28 in Jackson in Hollywood Cem.


August 1, 1908

Miss WILLIE STODDERT, formerly of Jackson, died in San Diego, Calif. (no date); burial in Jackson August 3.

Mrs. LIZZIE MONTGOMERY, aged 78 years, died at home of her daughter, Mrs. S. L. Shelton, Oakfield, July 30.


August 2, 1908

W. W. McDOUGAL, aged 68 years, died Larema. Confd. vet. Date-lined Jackson, August 1. Survived by two daughters and three sons.


August 6, 1908

W. A. GRAVETT, well-known railroad man, died in Houston, Texas. Date-lined Jackson, August 5.


August 16, 1908

GEORGE HEATHCOCK, formerly of Jackson, died in Haleyville, Ala. August 14 and his remains were sent to Jackson for burial there.

E. B. McNEIL, JR., formerly of Jackson, son of late Rev. E. B. McNeil, died in El Paso, Texas, August 14; his brothers, Harry and Percy were with him.


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August 20, 1908

Miss RUTH CRITTENDEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crittenden of Huntersville, died August 18, typhoid fever.


August 29, 1908

JOHN F. ROARK, aged about 45 years, died in the Medon community, August 27; left widow and a son.


August 30, 1908

LOVELACE FORREST, aged 21 years, son of H. C. Forrest, died August 28, Jackson. Burial in Paris, Tennessee.


September 2, 1908

Mrs. ANNIE C. HECK, wife of Fred C. Heck, Jackson, died at sanitarium in Ohio, August 31. Burial in Connelton, Indiana.

Mrs. MATTIE BOWEN THOMPSON, aged 29 years, wife of Thomas O. Thompson, died August 31, Jackson; left husband and two children. Burial at Brown's Church.

Mrs. NEIL JOHNSON of Jackson died August 31 in San Antonio, Texas of "lung trouble."


September 5, 1908

J. W. WALLACE, aged 72 years, died September 4, Jackson. Confd. vet; left widow a son and two daughters. Ex-register of Madison County.


September 10, 1908

Mrs. ELIZABETH GILMORE, aged 68 years, died at home of her sister, Mrs. Sarah Dancy, Jackson, September 8. Mother of late Senator M. B. Gilmore and eldest daughter of Judge Milton Brown.


September 16, 1908

Mrs. R. R. FOSTER, aged 34 years, died September 15, Jackson. Baptist.


September 19, 1908

Miss ANNIE SYMONS, aged 18 years, daughter of Mrs. C. R. Symons had died. Burial September 18 in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.

Mrs. JENNIE PERRY, wife of E. W. Perry, died September 18, 3 miles from Jackson.


September 27, 1908

Mrs. JOHN F. McGRATH of Waterbury, Conn. died Sept. 25, Jackson at the home of her relative Mrs. E. S. Merritt while on a visit.


September 29, 1908

Dr. ROBERT VANDEUSEN died September 28, Jackson. Burial in Albany, Ill., his "old home."


October 2, 1908

Rev. A. J. HALL, Baptist minister, aged 77 years, died October l, Jackson; educated at Bethel College, Russellville, Ky.; chaplain of Col. H. Clay King's company in Confederate army; left a widow and two sons.

Miss IDA WOOD, aged about 25 years, died in Mercer, Tennessee, October 1.


October 7, 1908

ROBERT PAINE HARPER, aged 40 years, died October 5, Jackson; son of late Judge J. H. Harper; unmarried.

JOHN DEARMORE, aged 34 years, died at home of father, J. W. Dearmore, near Spring Creek, October 6; left 2 small children.

Mrs. GEORGE H. LEONARD died October 5 near Carroll; left husband and one child.

Mrs. CHARLES FLY died October 5, Jackson.

Mrs. M. J. HOPPER, aged 67 years, died at home of son, L. D. Hopper near Rollins, October 6.


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October 11, 1908

GEORGE R. WHITE, aged 56 years, died Oklahoma City, October 9, where he was working; left a widow and six children.


October 18, 1908

RICHARD M. TEAGUE, aged 70 years, died Jackson, October 14 at home of daughter, Mrs. W. C. McKinley; also survived by daughter, Mrs. Walter Bumpus and three sons: Ed, Richard and Ben Teague.


October 21, 1908

Mrs. J. N. YARBROUGH, aged 58 years, buried Oct. 20 in Hollywood Cem., Jackson; her given names: Sarah Frances. Left husband, three daughters, two sons.


October 29, 1908

JOHN W. HOPPER, aged 34 years, died at home of his brother, D. S. Hopper in Madison County, October 27.

Mrs. T. A. WILLIAMSON, aged 65 years, died October 26 near Old Providence Church.


November 6, 1908

Mrs. MATTIE TALLEY, aged 71 years, died November 5, near Jackson. Burial in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


November 7, 1908

Mrs. THOMAS CORRIN, aged 41 years, died November 6, Jackson.


December 29, 1908

Dr. FRANK HUGHES died December 28, Jackson.


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