By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


(not published in the APPEAL & AVALANCHE)


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January 3, 1876

MARY E. OATES wife of William J. Oates died in Memphis, January 2, 1876 in her 47th year of age; burial near Somerville, Tennessee.


January 4, 1876

JESSE RUSSELL son of W. C. and E. W. Russell died in Memphis, Jan. 3, 1876 aged 23 years.


January 6, 1876

OLIVER H. MOORE committed suicide at his residence in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1876.


January 15, 1876

WILLIAM E. DILL died in Memphis, Jan. 14, 1876; passenger agent of the Memphis & St. Louis Anchor Line; died of liver congestion; survived by his widow.


January 17, 1876

WILLIAM MERZ son of Charles O. and Mary Elizabeth Merz died of diptheria, ostensibly Jan. 16, 1876 aged 4 years and 11 months old; funeral today.


January 25, 1876

ARCHIE McNEAL was accidentally' drowned at Scanlan's Landing about fifteen miles south of Memphis, January 27, 1876.


February 8, 1876

SAM BOYD, U.S. Deputy Marshal, was killed by H. M. CLARK, an editor of the Brownsville DEMOCRAT on February 5, 1876.


February 10, 1876

Senator ISAAC P. CHRISTIANCY of Michigan was born March 12, 1812; he married a 19 year old woman on February 9; he had grown children. [BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1971, Washington, 1971, page 735:

          CHRISTIANCY, Isaac Peckham, a Senator from Michigan; born near Johnstown, Fulton County, N.Y., March 12, 1812; attended the common schools and Johnstown and Ovid Academlee; taught school; studied law; moved to Monroe, Mich., in 1836; was admitted to the bar and practiced in Monroe 1838-1858; prosecuting attorney for Monroe County 1841-1846; delegate to the National Free Soil Convention at Buffalo in 1848; Free Soil candidate for Governor in 1852; served in the State senate 1850-1852; was a prime mover in the organization of the Republican Party in 1854; delegate to the first Republican National Convention at Philadelphia in 1856; editor and proprietor of the Monroe Commercial in 1857; elected associate judge of the Michigan Supreme Court, with residence in Lansing, in 1857; reelected in 1865 and 1873, and served from January 1, 1858, until his resignation on February 27, 1875, having been elected to the United States Senate; served as chief justice from January 1872 to January 1, 1874; was elected to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1875, to February 10, 1879, when he resigned owing to ill health; appointed United States Minister to Peru February 11, 1879, and served until August 2, 1881; returned to Lansing and resumed the practice of law; died in Lansing, Mich., September 8, 1890; interment in Woodlawn Cemetery, Monroe, Monroe County, Mich.


Mrs. FLORA L. BALDWIN committed suicide Feb. 9, 1876 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


February 11, 1876

J. F. SOHM, Memphis, married EMMA FOESE, Covington, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1876.


February 17, 1876

BLANCHE MALLOY wife of John C. Malloy, Memphis, died near Louisville, Ky., Feb. 17, 1876.


February 19, 1876

CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN, queen of tragedy in the American theatre died in her native Boston, Mass., Feb. 18, 1876 aged 59 years, 7 months old; had once lived in England and Rome but spent her latter years in Boston.

C. W. CUNNINGHAM "from" New York City, had been picking cotton "down the river" but becoming ill he came to a Memphis hospital where he died Feb. 18, 1876; burial in potter's field.


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February 21, 1876

Mrs. LIZZIE CARR died of a stroke she suffered while at a dance in Memphis, Feb. 20, 1876; a young woman.


February 24, 1876

WILLIAM J. BAGGETT, Memphis lawyer, married NELLIE ROSE in Calvary Episcopal Church, Feb. 25, 1876; granddaughter of James Rose, a founder of that congregation.


March 1, 1876

Miss HARRIETT A. CARTER died in residence of Mrs. Kate COSTER, Memphis, March 1, 1876; funeral tomorrow.


March 13, 1876

MARY CROSBY wife of Edward Crosby died in Memphis, March 11, 1876 in the 60th year of her age; funeral today.

EDWIN GREGORY son of Joseph M. and LBettie Gregory died March 12, 1876 aged 51/2 years old; funeral today.


March 14, 1876

CHARLES E. COLEMAN, stranger in Memphis, who had been hunting and trapping, aged about 30 years, died in a local boardinghouse sometime last night; burial today in Elmwood Cemetery. He was from Owensboro, Ky. where his mother, Mrs. Julia Coleman, lived.


March 27, 1876

W. F. MASON died in Holly Springs, Miss., March 26, 1876 aged 76 years.

CHRISTIAN REHKOPF born in Edesheim, Hanover, Germany, September 1803; his wife, CAROLINE, was also born there in March 1804; they were married March 26, 1826; had five sons and one daughter, Mrs. William MILLER. The Rehkopfs arrived in Memphis from the old country on July 4, 1854 where he continued work as a cabinet-maker. They had just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.


March 30, 1876

J. P. HUFFAKER, Monticello, Ky., died in Lancaster, Ky., Mar. 30, 1876; suffering from Malaria.


April 1, 1876

EDWIN P. GROOM, aged about 60 years, a painter by trade, resident in Memphis for several months, having come there from Michigan, committed suicide last night by taking morphine; letter on his person revealed that he "had been sick in body and mind, was out of work, was dressed in rags and had no money wherewith to purchase food."


April 7, 1876

CAROLINE VAN DORN wife of General Earl Van Dorn of Miss. died near Mt. Vernon Arsenal, Alabama, January 19, 1876; survived by a son and daughter; buried beside her husband in a private cemetery near her "native place."


April 11, 1876

An old man named WASH HOWARD was on his way to join relatives in Texas when he was beaten to death by FRANK TAYLOR near Memphis on April 8, 1876.


April 14, 1876

MARY JEFFERSON RANDOLPH, sixth daughter of Thomas Mann Randolph and Martha Jefferson Randolph, granddaughter of President Thomas Jefferson, was born in Albemarle Co., Va., Nov. 2, 1803 and died in Alexandria, Va., April 8, 1876.


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April 24, 1876

Mrs. M. A. ENDRXS died in Memphis, April 23, 1876 of consumption; funeral today.


May 1, 1876

CHASE HALE and wife, CLARISSA, each about 85 years old, died near Jonesboro, Tenn., April 22, 1876.


May 8, 1876

ELIZABETH P. GRAHAM wife of W. L. Graham and daughter of the late Mrs. Mary E. BAXTER died in Memphis, May 7, 1876 aged 26 years.


May 22, 1876

Mrs. ANN OVERTON DANDRIDGE, nee GOODWIN, long a resident of Shelby Co., Tenn., was born near Richmond, Va., May 22, 1816; married Robert Ambler Dandridge, an officer in War of 1812, in Hanover Co., Va., May 22, 1816; her husband died in Hardeman Co., Tenn. in 1840; she had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


May 26, 1876

SAMUEL FROST was hanged in Worcester, Mass., May 26, 1876, for the murder of his brother-in-law, T. P. TOUNE, July 4, 1875 at Petersham, Mass.


June 1, 1876

Mrs. MARY MATHEWS died in residence of her son, G. W. Mathews, Memphis, June 1, 1876 aged 84 years; funeral tomorrow.


June 5, 1876

Mrs. F. P. LONG "sister of the Tradwell brothers" died in Lamar, Miss., June 3, 1876.


June 13, 1876

Mrs. MARGARET DONALDSON BOGGS, born Jan. 10, 1776; died in Philadelphia, Pa., June 12, 1876; "last surviving descendant" of Mrs. Betsy Ross.


June 27, 1876

LAURA EZELLE infant daughter of William and Anna Ezelle died Terrene, Miss., June 25, 1876 aged 5 years; buried in Elmwood Cemetery today.


July 7, 1876

EDWARD WARBURG, native of Hamburg, Germany, for years a cotton factor, died from suicidal injuries, in Memphis, July 6, 1876; aged 40 years and twelve days old. [Buried in unmarked grave in Confederate section, Elmwood Cemetery]


July 10, 1876

WILLIAM C. JONES, brother of Colonel Sam B. Jones and John H. Jones, dec., died in Fredonia, New York, June 27, 1876 aged 31 years.


July 12, 1876

LUCY CORBETI daughter of Allen Corbett was residing with the family of Con Nelson on Blue Creek near Waverly, Tenn., and was hoeing peas with two other children when lightning struck and killed her, July 5, 1876.


July 29, 1876

BETTIE ADA HESSEN daughter of George A. and Emma Hessen died in Memphis, July 28, 1876 aged 1 year, 10 months and 29 days old; funeral today.


July 31, 1876

THOMAS JAMES, in his 28th year of age, died at "Sextona" plantation, residence of Capt. Thos. P. Sexton, Crittenden Co., Ark., July 28, 1876 of consumption.


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August 4, 1876

DORCAS JONES, black, died in Memphis, August 4, 1876; funeral tomorrow.


August 15, 1876

J. H. TYRRELL, old planter of Forest Hill near Memphis died of injuries received when his wagon overturned, August 9, 1876.


September 11, 1876

ANNA SOOSA MURRELL daughter of James S. Soosa; wife of R. E. Murrell, died in Memphis, Sept. 10, 1876 aged 17 years and 5 months old.


September 15, 1876

Ex-Governor HENRY ALEXANDER WISE, born Accomac Co., Va., [Dec. 3] 1806; entered politics; served as minister to Brazil; elected governor of Va. [1856-1860]; died in Richmond, Va., September 12, 1876.


October 2, 1876

Child of G. B. and and Franciscan MOFFI died in Memphis, Oct. 2, 1876; funeral tomorrow.

FELIX H. TORBETT, resident of Memphis, a U.S. deputy was shot and killed 6 miles southeast of Paris, Tenn. by V. C. Giles on October 1, 1876, whom he had gone to arrest, the latter of whom made his escape.


October 5, 1876

JOHN JAMES AINSWORTH son of Henry and Mary Jane Ainsworth died in Memphis, Oct. 5, 1876. SUSIE MAINGAULT wife of Capt. William Maingault died Oct. 5, 1876 aged 17 years, 10 months and 12 days old; funeral tomorrow.


October 9, 1876

AL KIRTLAND was stabbed to death in a Nashville, Tenn. gambling house by A. WADDELL, Oct. 7, 1876; he was about 35 years old, a bartender; surviving were his widow and five children. Waddell was a native of Tuscumbia, Ala.; a successful faro-banker in Louisville, Ky. and owned a "splendid farm" near Waverly, Tenn. He had a history of violent behavior.


October 19, 1876

The Orphans' court, a court of probate, Alleghany Co., Maryland filed notice that the personal estate of ELIZABETH and MARIA VROOMAN, both deceased, would be distributed on February 20, 1877; any of their heirs should contact this office to establish their claim. Whereabouts of heirs, LEONORA and WELLINGTON VROOMAN, SILAS VROOMAN, Mrs. JOHN BARBELL, JACOB NEER was unknown. So declared Oct. 3, 1876 by A. H. Blackiston, administrator.


October 30, 1876

ANNA ELIZA GATES wife of Richard L. COCHRAN died in Memphis, Oct. 29, 1876; funeral tomorrow.


November 6, 1876

ROBERT W. COX married EMMA C. DREISIGACKER, Memphis, Nov. 5, 1876.

THOMAS R. ROGERS died in Memphis, Nov. 6, 1876 aged 57 years; funeral tomorrow.


November 8, 1876

FLORENCE DEPAOLI daughter of Mary and the late Antonio Depaoli died in Memphis, Nov. 7, 1876 aged 4 years, 3 months and 21 days; funeral tomorrow.


November 17, 1876

PAUL JORDAN, ten year old son of Julius S. Jordan accidentally shot and killed himself, Nov. 16, 1876.


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November 29, 1876

ANNA BOEHIER daughter of Adolf and Amalie Boehier died in Memphis, Nov. 29, 1876 aged 3 years, l month and 3 days old.

EMILY FELTS widow of James E. Felts, Memphis, died Nov. 28, 1876 aged 63 years; funeral tomorrow.

Lt. JOHN A. McKINNEY, 4 U.S. Cavalry, was killed in fighting Cheyenne Indians at Powder River [Wyoming], Nov. 25, 1876. [The December 3, 1876 issue noted that he was of Irish parentage; "the beau ideal of the soldier, standing full six feet in stature, broad of shoulder, deep of chest with a fine, manly handsome face . . . of the type ever loved by women and ever admired by men." The DAILY APPEAL, Dec. 26, 1876 noted McKinney's funeral which ended with "the military companies firing three volleys above the grave." He was buried Dec. 24, 1876 in lot 187, Fowler section, Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis. His name is inscribed on a tombstone bearing several names whereon his death year is mistakenly given as 1896.]


December 1, 1876

WILLIAM WHITE COLEMAN, member of the next general assembly, Tennessee House of Representatives, from Shelby County; born in Burke Co., N.C., 1807; moved to Tenn. in 1812; served in several political roles, including justice of the peace and deputy U.S. marshall. [He served in the House, 1865-1867; 1877-1879. See his sketch, BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, edited by R. M. McBride, Nashville, 1979, volume 2, pages 177-178.]


December 6, 1876

GEORGE BODDIE PETERS, JR., member-elect from Shelby Co., Tenn. to the Tennessee House of Representatives, was born in Bolivar, Tenn., January 11, 1850; a relative, of James K. Polk; graduate of law school, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn., 1871; married Kate Greenlaw of Memphis in which city he practiced law; elected to the House in 1875 he was recently re-elected to the same. [Served in the House, 1875-1879. He died Dec. 8, 1906. See his sketch, BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, edited by Robert M. McBride, Nashville, 1979, volume 2, pages 720-721]


December 15, 1876

KATIE MOYSTON daughter of John H. and Annie Moyston died in Metnphis, Dec. 15, 1876 aged 15 months; funeral tomorrow.


December 29, 1876

SAMUEL CHEW, aged 70 years, married Mrs. HARRIET WILSON, aged 65 y-ears, Dec. 21, 1876 in Pass Christian, Mississippi.


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