From Family Findings
Vol. IV, No. 1, January 1972, p. 7
Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, p. 27
Copyright, Mid West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1971, 1972
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(The Pioneer)

Transcribed by Mary Ann (Mrs. L. R.) Mitchell, from microfilm "Jackson Journal" - Misc. Papers, Jan. 28, 1823-Jan. 16, 1958, State Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.


THE PIONEER, Jackson, Tenn., July 28th, 1823, #9, by A. C. & D. A. C. Hays.

Jackson Male Academy will be opened on 1st Monday in Feb. next under superintendance of subscriber. Jackson Female Acadeny will also be opened. R. G. GREEN, Principal.

ROBERT S. DAVIS, Saddle, Harness & Trunk Maker.

STRAYED OR SIOLEN from Subscriber living near Ash Corner, Madison Co., Tenn. on 16th of Sept. - dark iron grey horse, about 3 years old. HENRY H. HORN

Post Office Notice: After 1st day of January, mail will arrive at Jackson from the Eastward on every Friday 6 o'clock P.M. and leave here for Eastward on Saturday at 6 o'clock A.M. SAM'L. TAYLOR, Post Master.

MURRAY & RUTHERFORD, removed their store to house on north side of Public Square on door west of HARTON & HICKS.

Partnership Dissolved: Partnership existing under firm of HAYS & THEOBALD dissolved. Business carried on in future by JAMES F. THEOBALD. Signed S. D. HAYS, J. F. THEOBALD.

DOCTOR BEDFORD'S Shop, north-west corner of Public Square.

Notice Given, I have purchased from heirs at law, the claim of DAWSEY PENTECOST, deceased, for his service in Revolutionary War. Said warrant drawn by Col. THOMAS HENDERSON, Trustee for University of N. C. Tract of land, 356 acres, on Walnut Fork of the N. fork of Obion River. RICHARD A. McREE. Dec. 23, 1822.

Estray, Madison Co., Taken up by WILLIAM M'CASSLIN living on Spring Creek, small grey mare. JAMES BROWN, Ranger. Nov. 18th, 1822.


THE PIONEER, Jackson, Tenn., Tuesday. Sept. 9, 1823, #40

"Paris Hotel", Subscriber has just removed and opened a house of entertainment on nw corner of Public Square in Paris, Henry Co., Tenn. H. H. LEAGUE.

STRAY, Taken up by THOMAS M'NEAL on Big Hatchie in County South of Madison, 1 bay mare. J. BROWN, Ranger.

CAUTION: All persons forewarned cutting timber off land of Subscriber near Town of Jackson. CHRIS'IOPHER STRONG.

LOOK AT THIS! Warning persons not to cut timber without permission off lands of Subscriber. W. E. BUTLER.

MARRIED: On Tuesday evening last, Mr. DANIEL MADING to Miss MARIA DYER, daughter of Maj. JOEL DYER, all of this County.

Doctor ROBERT H. WYNNE just received from Nashville a fresh supply of Medicines.

$50 Reward for Clara, Negro girl, & Louisa, black girl 12 yrs. of age, purchased from THOMAS HARGRAVE & J. W. CROCKETT by Mrs. HENRIETTA JACOBS, helpless widow with three little children, living in neighborhood of Chickasaw Bluff. WINCHESTER & CARR, Memphis, Tenn.

To Land Buyers: Selling several tracts of land, Obion Forked Deer, Big Hatchie or Wolf River lands applications made to Maj. DOUGHERTY in 12th Dist. or to me at Mt. Pinson, 9 miles south of Jackson. THO. HENDERSON. Aug. 14, 1823.

Notice, Will sell at Court House, Jackson, Madison Co., 22nd Sept. next, all rights & title of heirs of STOKELY DONALSON, dec'd., in 5000 acres land located in name of THOMAS KING & STOKLY DONALSON. Taken at instance of representatives of WM. T. LEWIS, dec'd., Aug. 12. THOMAS SHANNON.

ALFRED MURRAY & JOS. H. TALBOT, partners in Practice of Law.

ADAM HUNTSMAN, Attorney-at-law, settled near Jackson, will attend Courts in Madison County.

Stray, Madison Co., taken up by JOHN GIFFIN, living in 2nd range, 9th section, a Sorrell Filley, Aug. 30, 1823, RODERICK M'IVER, D.R.M.C.