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Vol. V, No. 1, January 1973, pp. 7-8
Vol. VI, No. 2, April 1974, pp. 57-59; Vol. VI, No. 3, July 1974, pp. 99-101
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Transcribed from microfilm and submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mary Ann (Mrs. L. R.) Mitchell, 72 Woodhaven Drive, Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The Southern Statesman began publication Feb. 5, 1831, in Jackson, Madison County, Tenn., John Read, Editor.


Vol. 1, No. 1, Feb. 5, 1831

Died at his residence, near Brownsville, on the 25th ult. Col. RICHARD NIXON, in 62d year of his age.

Died in Brownsville on Sat, the 22d ult. Doctor STEPHEN S. CHILDRESS.


Vol. 1, No. 2, Feb. 12, 1831

Taken up by GABRIEL DAVEY, living 6 miles north of Jackson, one sorrell colt; Also by D. I. JACKSON, 13 miles north of Jackson, a dark bay horse; Also by HUGH W. M'KEAN, 6 miles south-east of Jackson, one dark iron-grey mare; Also by GILBREATH NEAR, living 11 miles east of Jackson, on the middle fork of Forked-Deer River,

one bay horse; Also by JAMES BASFORD, 7 miles south of Jackson, one bay horse. JAMES EBOWN, Ranger.

Gibson County. Taken up by MARK PEPKINS, living on the south fork of Obion River, a bay mare. W. D. BLAKEMORE, R.G.C.

McNairy County. Taken up by DAVIDSON FARRIS, living 10 miles south of Purdy, one bay mare. B. WRIGHT, Ranger.

Notice: Mr. THOMAS H. BENTON & JOHN BRANCH, guardians for heirs of NATHANIEL BENTON, dec'd. ANN BOLT, formerly ANN BOYLES, you are hereby notified that I will present a petition to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, in and for the County of Gibson, at the Sept. Term 1831, for purpose of causing partition to be made of certain tracts of land, being and situated in said county, containing 1500 acres, entered in name of JOHN BOYLES; also a certain other tract, containing 1881 acres, entered in name of MEMUCAN HUNT, in which tracts or parcels of land, you and each of you claim an undivided interest. SAMUEL BENTON.


Vol. 1, No. 3, Feb. 19, 1831

Notice: All persons indebted to Estate of JOSEPH HUDSON, formerly of Henderson County are requested to make immediate payment. JOHN THOMPSON, Adm's.

Madison County. Taken up by ALLEN W. HICKS, living about 8 miles north-west of Jackson, a bright bay mare.


Vol. 1, No. 4, Feb. 26th, 1831

Died in Henderson County, on the 24th Dec. last, Capt. WM. NEILL, a soldier of the Revolution, aged 90 years. He was a native of Iredell County, North Carolina.

Doctor WM. ESTES, late of Middle Tam, settled permanently in the town of Randolph, and will practice Medicine in that place and its vicinity.

Haywood County. Taken up by RICHARD TAYLOR, 6 miles north-east of Brownsville, one sorrel filly; Also, by A. F. McLAIN, living 6 miles and a half north-east of Brownsville, one bay horse. J. P. JACOCKS, Ranger, by W. H. BRADFORD, D.R.


Vol. 1, No. 5, March 5, 1831

Married on Thursday the 28th ult. by B. COLEMAN, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH J. HAWKINS to Mrs. SARAH MINOR, daughter of Mr. THOMAS BOND, all of Haywood County.

Look Here: The heirs of AARON HARGROVE, who emigrated some years ago from Hyde County in this State, (North Carolina) or from some county adjoining or adjacent to it, to the State of Tennessee, will hear of something greatly to their advantage, by applying to ISAAC POWELL, Esq. on Waccamaw Lake in Columbus County, N.C.


Vol. 1, No. 6, March 12, 1831

Madison County. Taken up by MATHIAS BOOK, living ____ miles south-west of Jackson, one black mare.

Died in Brownsville on Sat. night last Mr. PLEASANT C. FROST, aged about 21 years, formerly of White County; On the evening of 23d of February, at his residence in Lincoln County, JOSEPH GREER, Esq., in the 75th year of his age; In Dyer County, MARK MITCHELL, aged about 65 years, for many years a citizen of Rutherford County, from whence he migrated about 12 months since.


Vol. 1, No. 7, March 19, 1831

Fire in Sommerville. We are informed that on the 17th instant, a fire broke out in Sommerville, which entirely consumed three valuable buildings, on the eastern side of the public square - the house of the widow NESBITT, that of Mr. CROZIER, and a new brick house where it originated, from shavings which accidentally caught on fire.


Vol. 1, No. 8, March 26, 1831

Died on Tuesday the 8th ult. Col. JOHN McCLURE, merchant of Lexington, Henderson County, a native of Ireland, but for some years a resident of this State.

Madison County. Taken up by WILLIAM B. HUDSON, living on Meredian Creek about 7 or 8 miles south of Jackson, one bay mare.


Vol. 1, No. 9, April 2, 1831

Died at his residence near Poplar Corner, on the night of 26th ult. Mr. WILLIAM LACY, formerly of Pitt County, North Carolina, leaving a wife and 4 small children; At his residence near this place, Mr. RICHARD H. HIGHT, aged about 45; At Covington on the 1th inst. in the 32d yearof age, SAMUEL THOMPSON, deputy sheriff of Tipton County, formerly of Orange County, N.C.

A LIST OP LETTERS Remaining in the Post Office at Denmark, Tenn. on the 1st day of April, 1831. JOAH WILSON. A.P.M.

Anderson, James
Alston, John
Alexander, A. James
Borrow, Field Peggy
Blackbourn, Samuel
Bone, Rev. Thomas
Casady, Jessee
Cherry, Joseph
Drake, David
Eddins, Washington
Evins, Oneisomus Capt.
Fort, Jacob H.

Glenn, Uriah
Hickman, Jesse 2
Jackson, John
Johnson, John
Jarrett, David
Lane, William Esq.
Hoskin, John
Jones, E. John 2
Lane, David
Nightbors, Permelia
Pace, Benjamin

Polk, Wm.
Roe, James
Smithwick, Bates 2
Shaw, C. Richard
Show, T. Robert
Simpson, Dinmore
Simpson, Alfred
Simons, Weston
Taylor, John P.
Wallis, Richard
Yandal, Thomas


Vol. 1, No. 35, Oct. 1, 1831

Married on the 15th Sept. by the Rev. DAVID O. SHATTUCK, PACA WILSON, M.D. of Randolph to Miss VIRGINIA T., daughter of JOEL ESTES, Esq. of Haywood County.


Vol. 1, No. 46, Dec. 17, 1831

Married in this County on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. JOHN B. BROWN, Mr. JOHN WRIGHT of Henry County to Miss RODY WYNNE.


Vol. 1. No. 49, January 7, 1832

MADISON COUNTY Taken up by Ed. H. CHILDRESS, living on the North Fork of Forked-deer river, one brown Bay Mare. Jas. BROWN, Ranger.|

John ROBB, Cabinet Maker, wishes to employ a journyman.

DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The Partnership existing between John READ and John D. MARTIN, in the practice of law is this day dissolved by mutual and friendly consent. Nov. 28, 1831.

MARRIED In Tipton County on Wednesday the 28th December by the Rev. S. M. WILLIAMSON, Dr. N. B. ATWOOD, merchant of Lagrange, to Miss ELIZABETH F., daughter of Maj. B. Le GRAND.
In Covington on Thursday the 29th December, by Dr. Alexander CAMPBELL, the Rev. S. M. WILLIAMSON to Miss MARY R., daughter of Robert H. CHAPMAN, D.D.
In this County on Thursday evening last, by John M. JONNSON, Esq., Philip MYNEILL of this town to Miss Sarah TODD, daughter of Geo. TODD, Esq.

NOTICE. All persons are forwarned from trading for a Note executed by me to C. B. HARRIS, for twenty dollars, payable the 25th December, 1832. Said note fraudulently obtained. J. D. RUSSELL

NOTICE. I forewarn all persons from trading for a Note executed by me to Ransom H. BYRN for $43. R. A. M'INTOSH.

EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. All those indebted to estate of Isham BOYCE, dec'd., late of Henderson County, Tenn., are called upon to make immediate payment. Robert BOYD, Executor. December 24, 1831.


Vol. 1. No. 50, January 14, 1831

CAUTION. I forewarn every and all persons from trading for a note of hand executed by myself to Daniel SMITH, for one thousand dollars and payable on the 25th December next. MATTHEW PICKETT.

MARRIED In Tipton county, on the 27th Dec'r. 1831, by the Rev. Mr. HODGE, Dr. TYREE RODES to Miss ELIZA TIPTON, daughter of Gen. Jacob TIPTON.
On the 13th ult. by the Rev. Thos. P. DAVIDSON, Mr. John A. M'KENDREE to Miss ISABELLA LOVING, both of Haywood County.
On the 22nd ult. (by the same) Mr. Wm. B. GROVE of Haywood to Miss EMELINE C. RIVERS of Hardeman County.
On the 4th inst. by the same, Mr. Thos. M. RIVERS of Hardeman to Miss SARAH S. GROVE of Haywood.
On the 5th inst. by the same, Mr. Joseph BLOODWORTH to Miss -BRIDGES both of Haywood county.

DIED In Nashville on the 7th inst. Mr. JAMES M. PIKE, a useful citizen and extensively known as a broker and lottery agent.

FOR SALE OR RENT, The House and Lot now occupied by Mrs. Maria C. BIGELOW; for terms apply to GEO. BIGELOW.


Vol, 1, No. 51, January 21, 1832

MARRIED - In this town on Thursday evening last by the Rev. Samuel HODGE, Doctor GEO~ SNIDER to Miss EXANORA N. OWINGS, late of Ba1t~re.

DIED In this town on Sunday morning the 15th inst. after a short illness, Mr. JOSEPH DIXON, late of North Carolina.

LOST, Between the 17th and 25th inst. on the causeway near Jackson, a red morocco pocket book, containing a note on GABRIEL CETGO, for $50, payable to myself, which note is now due. ARCHIBALD DOBBINS, Pleasant Exchange, Henderson c'ty., Jan. 21.

TAKER UP by JOHN TIDWELL, five miles North of Jackson, one sorrel Mare Mule. EDWIN C. ESTES, D.R.



DOCTOR WM. ESTES, Late of Middle Tenn. has settled permanently in the town of Randolph and will practice Medicine in that place. Tipton Ct'y. Feb. 26


M. AUTRY, Attorney at Law, will practice in all the Courts held in Madison.


Vol. 1, No. 52, January 28, 1832

DIED On yesterday morning, at the residence of MATHIAS DEBERRY, Esq. in this county WILLIAM P. HALEY, in the 23d year of his age.

A LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in the Post Office at Brownsville, Haywood County, Tenn. on the 1st January

Alexander, Mary
Altkinson, Roger
Bridgman, Abraham
Boon, J
Bradberry, Joshua
Curlin, John
Edwards, Griffith
Farrington, John F.
Howry, James W
Haldeman, John
Jones, Joseph
Moore, John
Meaux, John O.
Marberry, Jno or A D Gorden
Parker, Edward
Rhodes, Frederick L
Smith, James N
Sloan, David
White, Thompson
White, Martha

Alexander, John
Blackburn, Samuel
Blair, James
Booth, Stephen jr
Cochren, A D
David, James
Ferguson, Wm.
Glagle, Martin
Howard, A W
Herring, John
Jordan, John P
Moore, James Y
M'Gehee, James F
Piokett, Matthew
Pickens, Robert
Pullum, Wm P
Reagan, J V
Steele, Ferdinand
Stokely, Thomas
Winn, Richard B
West, John

Alexander, Alfred
Bradford, M A W
Baugh, William
Byren, William
Conyers, Samuel
Estes, Joel
Furguson, Mr.
Hamilton, Audley
Howard, Stephen
Haralson, Vincen
Kenneday, Alfred
Maroney, Elisabeth
Martin, A L
Parker, Wm.
Porter, Charles
Reeves, Nathan E
Salisbury, James
Sludder, Wm.
White, T D
White, Thomas
Wilson, David

FRANCIS S. COXE, P. M.                   


Vol. 2, No. 1, February 1, 1832

MARRIED In Haywood County, on the 20th ult. Mr. DAVID WHITAXER of Denmark, to Miss MARY ANN C. KAVAMAUGH.
On Thursday evening last, at the residence of Mr. DAVID MERIWEALTHER by the Rev. John HENNING, Dr. ERASMUS D. FENNER of this town to Miss ANN A. CALLIER, of Georgia.

DIED In Memphis, on the 21st of January, HENRY W. MOSELY, Esq.

TAKEN UP by GRAY B. KING, living ten miles North West of Jackson, a bright bay horse. E. C. ESTES, D.R.

N. A. CLARK, Merchant Tailor.

STOLEN Out of the stable of JOHN H. HYDE in the town of Jackson on the night of the 22d inst. a bay horse. Reward. GEORGE S. HYDE.


Vol. 2. No. 2, February 11, 1832

FOR SALE. tract of land on which subscriber now lives, in Madison County, ten miles west of Jackson, on the South side of Forked Deer river, containing 300 acres. THOMAS DOAK.

W. B. DYER, Tailor.

MARRIED In Tipton county on the first inst. by the Rev. Samuel HODGE, GRANVILLE D. SEARCY, Esq., to Miss M. A. BOOKER, all of Tipton County.

GIBSON COUNTY TAKEN UP by JOHN MURPHEY, living on the south fork of Obion, fourteen miles north-east of Trenton, one red-roan mare. WM. D. BLAKEMORE, R.


Vol. 2, No. 3, February 17, 1832

MARRIED In Tipton County, on the first instant, by the Rev. Samuel HODGE, GRANVILLE D. SEARCY, Esq. to Miss ELIZABETH N. A. BOOKER, daughter of Mr. EDWARD BOOKER. (repeated by request.)

HAYWOOD COUNT! TAKEN UP by JOHN WILLIAMS, living 7 miles north of Brownsville, one bay Horse. Taken up by JEDEDIAH CUSICK, 9 miles east of Brownsville, one bay mare. M. H. BRADFORD, D.R.


Vol. 2, No. 4, February 25, 1832

GIBSON COUNTY TAKEN UP by DANIEL W. POUND, living at Winter, 18 miles northwest of Trenton, one Iron Gray Filly. W. D. BLAKMORE, Ranger.

M'NAIRY COUNTY TAKEN UP by ALLEN H. KEMP, living on Snake Creek, 5 miles north of Purdy, one Sorrel Horse. B. WRIGHT, Ranger.


Vol. 2, No. 5, March 3, 1832



Vol. 2, No. 7, March 17, 1832

MARRIED On Tuesday last, by the Rev. JOHN SOMMERS, Mr. Wm. L. WILLIAMSON, of Hazelwood to Miss SARAH T. JEFFEYS, of Carroll County.

LOST A Calf Skin Picket Bock, $50 Reward. DUKE A. BEADLES.


Vol. 2, No. 8, March 21, 1832

MARRIED In this county, on Wednesday evening 14th inst. by BENJAMIN PERRY, Esq., AUGUSTUS EDWARDS to Miss MARY, daughter of VOLENTINE S. VAN, Esq.
In Nashville, on the 15th inst. by the Rev. Mr. HUME, JAMES YOUNG, M.D. of this place to Miss REBECCA R. HOGG, daughter of Dr. SAM. HOGG.

HARDEMAN CO. Taken up by SAMUEL S. OWENS, living four miles east of Bolivar, one bay horse. R. NEELY, D.R.


Vol. 2, No. 9, March 31, 1832

MADISON CO. Taken up by JAS. BROWN, living three miles N.W. of Jackson, one large sorrel horse. By MATTHIAS BOON, living three miles South-west of Jackson, near the Brownsville road, one black mare. E. C. ESTES, D.R.

TIM MANUFACTORY Subscribed has commenced the above business in the town of Jackson. J. L. SMITH.

SHERIFF'S SALE. By Virtue of a venditinni from the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for county of Henderson, February term 1832, I shall expose to sale, in the town of Lexington, 5th of May next, all the right, title, claim and interest that AMANDA, HARTY, CALVIN, JORDAIN, ALICE, FRANCIS, ELIZABETH, HENRY, WARREN and LEONIDAS FULLER, heirs of WARREN FULLER, deceased, have in and to the lands which descended to them from their ancestor WARREN FULLER, dec'd., to satisfy judgment which A. M. BROWN obtained against them. H. BRADBERRY, D.S.

MARRIED In this county, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Doctor WALKER, Mr. LEWIS T. EDDINS to Miss ELIZABETH LACY, daughter of Col. THOMAS LACY, deceased.

DIED Near Brownsville Haywood county, on Saturday the 24th ult, Maj. HENRY L. GRAY.
Departed this life in Tipton Co. on the 22d inst. WM. A. MILLER, formerly of Va. In October last, it was the pleasure of God to remove his much esteemed companion, Mrs. MARTHA A. MILLER. He has left three infant children.
In Tipton County, on Sunday last WILLIAM RHODES, formerly of N.C.
In Tipton County, on the 27th inst., Mr. HENRY SMALL, formerly of Montgomery Ct'y Tenn.


Vol. 2, No. 10, April 7, 1832

MADISON COUNTY Taken up by STEPHEN N. BARNETT, living 4 miles north of Jackson, a snail gray mare. JAMES BROWN, R.

HARDEMAN COUNTY Taken up by JOHN BOX, living near the State Line, one bay horse. By HARRIS WIGGINS, 6 miles north of Bolivar, one poney. R. NEELY, D.R.


Vol. 2, No. 11, April 14, 1832

NOTICE Pursuant to order of the County Court of Henderson, February term 1832, I will offer for sale one lot in the town of Lexington belonging to the estate of WM. S. CONNER, dec'd. JOHN A. WILSON, Clerk


Vol. 2, No. 12, April 21, 1832

DIED In Trenton, on the 6th inst. Mrs. SARAH CULP, consort of the Rev. DANIEL CULP, late of Paris, Tenn.
In Dyer County on the 11th inst. JAMES C. H. FOSTER, Esqr. a respectable and well known Citizen of that County.
In Hardeman County of the 4th inst. Mrs. ELIZA ANN FITZHUGH, wife of Dr. E. FITZHUGH, aged about 32 years.


Vol. 2, No. 14, May 5, 1832

MARRIED In this County on Sunday evening last Mr. HUGH R. LACY to Miss SMITH, daughter of DANIEL SMITH.


Vol. 2, No. 15, May 12, 1832

CASUALTY A man by the name of WILLIAMS was killed a few days since in the neighborhood of Mount Pinson, as he was riding along the road, by the fall of a tree.

ANOTHER A young lady, daughter of SAMUEL CASEY of this county, was killed not long since, in walking through a field by the fall of a limb.

ANOTHER STILL ROBERT M'MASTER, a young man who lived and cropped by himself in this county, a few weeks since, whilst a tree which he had cut down was falling, had the misfortune to be struck on the head by a limb which brought him senseless to the ground, where he lay undiscovered for about 36 hours. We are glad to learn, however, that he is recovering from the injury received.

ESTRAYS MADISON CO'TY. Taken up by CHRISTOPHER T. JOHNSON, living 9 miles north of Jackson, one mare. By JOHN ARNOLD, 2 miles south of Jackson, one bay mare. E. C. ESTES, D.R.


Vol. 2, No. 16, May 19, 1832

MANSION HOUSE!! The Subscriber takes this method of informing the public that he has taken the MANSION HOUSE IN BOLIVAR, formerly occupied by THOS. N. GILES, as a house of Entertainment. WM. G. STEELE.

ESTRAYS MADISON COUNTY. Taken up by MARY JELKS, living 12 miles north-west of Jackson one bay horse. JAS. BROWN, R.

ESTRAYS HAYWOOD COUNTY. Taken up by JOHN NUNN, living on the north side of Forked Deer river, on the waters of Black creek, one bay Mare. By DANIEL MOORE, living on the Key Corner road leading to Brownsville, one sorrell horse. By SAMUEL N. WOODS, living 5 miles west of Estanalla, on the Covington road, south of Hatchee river, one bay horse. JONATHAN T. JACOCKS, Ranger.

MARRIED In this town on Sunday evening the 13th inst. by the Rev. D. O. SHATTUCK, JAMES D. M'CLELIAN, Esq., attorney, to Miss ISABELLA M'LEAN.
In Bolivar, Hardeman County on the 1st inst. by the Rev. Dr. ELGIN, ROGER BARTON, Attorney, to Miss EUDORA BARRY.

DIED At his residence in Hardeman County on the 8th inst. Dr. EDMUND FITZHUGH, formerly of Virginia, leaving an interesting family.

ESTRAYS HARDEMAN COUNTY. Taken up by JOSEPH BROTHERTON, living 17 miles south-east of Bolivar on Big Muddy, one bay filly. By W. H. STOKE, 5 miles west of Bolivar on waters of Short creek, one gray horse. By NICHOLAS NAIL, 1 miles from Bolivar on Hatchee river, one horse. By ADEN LANGHORN, 6 miles south east of Bolivar, one white Poney. By JOSEPH M. WELLS, living on or near the State line, one large gray horse. R. NEELY, D.R.

ESTRAYS HUMPHREYS CO'TY. Taken up by JULIUS COLE 15 miles west of Reynoldsburg, one filly. By JEREMIAH PERRY, on Birdsong creek 15 miles South of Reynoldsburg, one black mare. M. H. MILLER, R.

GIBSON COUNTY Taken up by THOMAS S. ELAM on Wolf creek, south-east corner of the county, one brown mare. W. D. BLAKEMORE.


Vol. 2, No. 18, June 2, 1832

ESTRAYS MADISON COUNTY. Taken up by FRANCIS B. McCOY, 10 miles north of Jackson, one bay horse. By EGHERT HAYWOOD, 3 miles south of Jackson, a brown mule. By WM. B. LOFTIN, 7 miles south of Jackson, one filly. By ALLEN GOODWYN, 10 miles east of Jackson, a brown horse.


Vol. 2, No. 19, June 9, 1832

MARRIED On Thorsday the 24th of May, by the Rev. DAVID WEIR, Mr. AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS of Brasoria, Texas to Miss HELLEN L. JEFFREYS, of Carroll County.


Vol. 2, No. 20, June 16, 1832

DIED At his residence in Dyer County, on the 12th inst. Col. GRIFFITH RUTHERFORD.


Vol. 2, No. 222, June 30, 1832

MARRIED In this county on Thursday evening last by the Rev. Mr. BURROW, Mr. JESSE LACY to Miss ______ POWELL, daughter of John Powell.

DIED On Sunday morning the 24th inst. Miss ELIZA PUTNEY, daughter of DAVID PUTNEY, dec'd formerly a merchant of Va.


Vol. 2, No. 23, July 7, 1832

MARRIED In this town on Thursday evening last, by WM. C. DEW, Esq., Mr. HICKMAN SLAYTON to Miss CAROLINE CLARK.
On the 28th, by the Rev. JOHN BROWN, Mr. THOMAS R. HERRON to Miss MARY WYNNE.
On the same day by JOHN HOWELL, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH H. DICKSON to Miss ELIZA VANNOY.


Vol. 2, No. 25, July 21, 1832

CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY, at Brownsville, Haywood County. Those individuals taking part in program: GEN. BRADFORD, presided as President; COL. WM. H. HENDERSON, Vice-President; JUDGE TURLEY; JOHN READ, Esq.; COL. JAMES H. MURRAY; M. WARE, Esq.; JOSEPH JONES; JOHN L. ATKINSON; COL. JOSEPH H. TALBOT; W. STODDERT, Esq.;W. HOWELL; J. S. DYER: J. FARRINGTON; SAMUEL A. HOLMES; F. C. COXE.

MARRIED In Sommerville on the 4th inst. by the Rev. JAMES HAMILTON, Capt. E. S. TAPPAN, Merchant of Brownsville, Ten. to Miss SARAH JANE WILLIAMSON.


Vol. 2, No. 26, July 28, 1832

DIED In thos place on Tuesday evening, 24th inst. MARY ELIZA, daughter of BENJAMIN P. and LUCY H. SEAWELL, aged 3 years and 11 months.


Vol. 2, No. 27, August 4, 1832

LAST NOTICE. All those indebted to the Estate of THOMAS and STEPHEN LACY, are requested to come forward and make payment immediately, as longer indulgence cannot be given. HUGH R. LACY, Administrator.