From the collection of Wanda Lee


Bemis Cotton Mill, Bemis, Tennessee


Printed on back of card:
Jackson, Tennessee was named for General Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. It is the county seat of Madison County and is literally the hub of West Tennessee. The city is proud of its well equipped schools and colleges, also the public library with its close to 20,000 books and reference publications, and the well known radio station WTJS.

Radio Station WTJS

Wanda Lee writes:
"My two favorites are the Bemis Mill and WTJS building. Can you tell I am from South Side? I can barely remember the neon ray that was in front of the WYJS building and I can remember when the mill was going full time. One of my best childhood memories is hearing the 10:00 o'clock whistle every night at shift change. I knew I better be in bed when that thing sounded. I didn't live in Bemis, but across the highway, but we could still hear it really well."


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