By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996

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January 3, 1874

ABNER MOSS, old man, deranged, died Coffee Co., Tenn. Dec. 11.

CHARLES STETSON, attorney, died Bradley Co., Tenn. by suicide Dec. 27.

The wife of Sam H. JONES, late representative from Shelby Co., Tenn. died in White Station, Tenn. Dec. 28.

ROBERT C. FOSTER, Sr., Franklin, Tenn. died Florence, Ala. Dec. 22 in 78th year.

Mrs. NANCY COLLINS died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 16, aged 67.

FREDONIA REID, aged 3, died by burn injuries from walking in sleep in last wk.

--- HOOLIAN, brakeman, M & O RR killed near Union City Dec. 31, when crushed by train cars.

MARIAH DEBERRY, old black lady, 80 years old, died 14 miles north of Jackson "on edge of Gibson County"; was shot by masked men, Dec. 25, who were looking for her son, Jim and she closed door on them and they shot through the door 3 times, hitting and killing her.


January 10, 1874

Capt. JOHN Y. ROPER, SR. died Trousdale Co., Tenn. Jan. 2.

Judge ELIJAH WALKER died Savannah, Tenn. Dec. 31, 1873, aged about 70; left wife but no children.

Mrs. MILLY w/o Hinton WALKER died Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 28, aged 63 year, 9 months. Methodist.

SARAH F. VALENTINE died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 2, aged 21.

J. H. COLLINS died Decatur Co., Tenn. Dec. 29, in 24th year.

Obit for Mrs. ADA N. w/o John H. FREEMAN died June 2 in 24th year. Methodist.


January 17, 1874

ANNIE MILLS died Evansville, Ind., once a pretty girl, succumbed to alcoholism.

GREEN WILLIAMS died Jan. 9, 5 miles east of Humboldt, aged 61.

JOHN H. O'NEAL died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 8.

ROBERT CUNNINGHAM shot and killed by William Oman Dec. 31.

ALEXANDER D. NEILSON, merchant, died Bolivar, Tenn. last week, aged 55.

JOE WYMAN, age 14, killed recently in Memphis, Tenn.; head struck with billet of wood, inflicted by Henry Benders.

/DANNIE/s/o W. L. and M. A. UTLEY died Denmark, Tenn. Jan. 5.

RICHARD E. DEBERRY died Oakfield, Tenn. Jan. 12 in 34th year.

Wife of Dr. B. H. BROWN died Mifflin, Tenn. Jan. 13.

Miss MAY PHILLIPS d/o J. L. Phillips died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Dec. 26, aged about 18.


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MAULDON REEVES died Nov. 8, 1873 in 93rd year. Born N.C. March 5, 1781; when young moved to Pendleton Dist., S.C.; married Nancy Stevenson Sept. 3, 1800; moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1811 and in 1812 moved across the Elk River to Franklin Co., Tenn. and in 1824 moved to Madison Co., first at Cotton Grove but in 1825 moved "near /to/what was then called Frozen Oak, but now Medon," where he lived until outbreak of the Civil War, when as a widower, he broke up housekeeping and lived among his children; died in Medon at home of son-in-law, Dr. D. H. Parker.


January 24, 1874

Mrs. MARY MURRY died Huntingdon, Tenn. Jan. 6, aged 82

Mrs. LUCY CARVER died near Mifflin, Tenn. Dec. 26, aged 86.

JAMES YANCY died Bedford Co. Tenn. Jan. 15.

THOMAS F. BERRY died near Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 21 in 40th year; left wife but no children.

C. H. WRIGHT, president of Purdy College, died a few days ago; formerly of Ill.

JACOB REESE died Moore Co., Tenn., aged 87.

Tribute of Respect for W. A. MORGAN, died Dec. 20, 1873. By Denmark Masonic Lodge 154, January 7, 1874


January 31, 1874

EDWIN GWIN died near McKenzie, Tenn. Jan. 15, aged 75. Native of Sumner Co.; citizen of Carroll Co. since 1820.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. MARTHA COCHRANE, died from burn injuries Jan. 19. By Presbyterian Sunday School, Jan. 19, 1874.

Rev. and Mrs. ALLEN ETHERIDGE died Dec. 12 in Hardin Co., old couple.

CORA FRANCES d/of N. C. and F. PERKINS died Feb 14, aged 1 month, 23 days.

LOUIS SOLOMONS, SR. died Jackson, Feb. 16.

ROBERT McCLEARY died near Humboldt, Tenn. Feb. 17, aged 22.

LULA, youngest dau. of James L. BLAKEMORE died Gibson Co., Tenn. Feb. 11.

FRANK, s/o J. C. ROBINSON died Feb. 17, aged 1 year, 9 months.

Tribute of Respect for L. R. COWDEN, died recently; by Council 308 of Tenn.


March 21, 1874

ALBERT C. FRANKLIN died Sumner Co., Tenn., farmer.


March 28, 1874

WILLIAM HUGHES died Hardin Co., Tenn. March 21.

ROBERT A. CATHEY died near Jackson, March 21 in 46th year.

FELIX H. s/o W. H. and Julia PARKER, nephew of Sion W. Boon, died Harrison Co., Texas March 10.

Capt. WILLIAM S. MOORE died Clarksville, Tenn. March 9.

JOHN W. BAILEY died near Gadsden, Tenn. a week ago.


April 4, 1874

Tribute of Respect for ROBERT A. CATHEY, died March 21 at home 4 miles north of Jackson. By Jackson Masonic Lodge 45, no date.

Mr. D. WALLACE died Lexington, Tenn. March 22 in 79th year.

Miss ALICE d/o R. C. FULLER died in her 16th year.

J. R. "Uncle Josh" MILLEN died Huntsville, Ala. March 13; native of N.Y.; lived in South many years; leader of Huntsville Brass Band.

Mrs. --- WITHERSPOON died from burn injuries March 31; buried in Gibson Co.

ISAAC HUTCHISON died in Civil District 19, Knox Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM GATES inf/s Albert and Belle ESTES died April 16, buried in Jackson.


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JOSHUA EWELL died Madison Co., Tenn. April 14 in 78th year.

Mrs. MARY E. w/o M. A. LATHAM died near Mifflin, Tenn. April 9.

Major R. D. CROSS, old citizen, died near Whiteville, Tenn. March 26, aged abt. 70.

AARON LEWIS died Hardin Co., Tenn. April 3, aged 60.

Mrs. ELLENDER GARRETT died March 16 in 79th year.

Miss LUCY SMITH died McKenzie, Tenn. April 10, aged 20.

E. G. BRAY died Henderson Co., Tenn. March 30, aged 23.

BULA d/o Capt. William CRAWFORD died April 9.

W. C. JOHNSON, telegraph operator, killed in brothel, Brownsville by Samuel Oldham.


April 23, 1874

Miss ANNA M. ROSS died Henderson Co., Tenn. in 23rd year.

ALONZO WALKER died in Henry Co., Tenn.


May 2, 1874

Miss NANCY LATHAM died near Mifflin, Tenn. April 20, aged about 30.

NAT PATE died near McKenzie, Tenn. April 19.

Capt. JOHN WILKINSON died Raleigh, Tenn. April 25.

Mrs. SARAH E. PALMORE died Somerville, Tenn. April 24.

SUDA d/o George W. and Jennie BULLENDER died Montezuma, April 25; child.

Mrs. MARY STEWARD died near Spring Creek, Tenn. April 29.


May 16, 1874

BILL KELLY, black, was legally hanged, May 8, in Nashville, Tenn.

Mrs. LUCY H. RHODES, widow, died Jackson, May 9, aged about 54; she cut her own throat.

JOHN D. STEPHENSON, nephew of Gov. John C. Brown, shot and killed about 11 miles from Athens, Ala. May 2.


May 23, 1874

Gen. A. B. DYER, U.S. Army, died Washington, D.C. May 20.

FRANKLIN BUCHANAN, late of Confederate Navy, died Baltimore, Md., about 74 years

Mrs. NANCY STANFIELD died Jackson May 10, age 40.

Mrs. SALLIE BATES died Jackson May 20, age 38.

DANIEL L. PATY died Henry Co., Tenn. aged about 30.

Mrs. J. L. CASE died Henry Co., Tenn.

Mrs. HATTIE WILLIAMS died Henry Co., Tenn.

JOSEPH MORRIS died Henderson Co., Tenn. May 9.

Mrs. NANCY w/o Dr. William A. McCALL died Clarksburg, Tenn.

MARY CHILDRESS died Benton Co., Tenn. May 11, aged 73.

GEORGE THOMPSON and JAMES GRIFFIN died near Hickory Wythe, Tenn. April 30.

Mrs. MATILDA GARVIN KERR, widow of late Judge B. L. Kerr died Memphis, Tenn. May 18 on anniversary of her 74th birthday, of cancer.


June 6, 1874

PARK BARLOW died by ambush Hardin Co., Tenn. May 23.

Mrs. CATHARINE FRIEBERGER, aged 70, committed suicide June 2 in St. Louis.

JAMES F. GWINN died near Jackson May 24, aged 32. Left 4 children.

Mrs. SERENA w/o Ramsey McADOO died McKenzie, Tenn. last week.

Mrs. LUCY PATE died Dyersburg, Tenn. last week.

RICHARD H. WARD died Crockett Co., Tenn. May 20, aged 41.


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June 13, 1874

JEFFERSON EASTER committed suicide in Roane Co., Tenn. a few days ago.

LAWSON FULBRIGHT died Harrisburg /Malesus/ Madison Co., Tenn. June 6, aged about 20.


June 20, 1874

Mrs. BETTIE w/o H. H. WITHERSPOON died Madison Co., Tenn. June 11, aged 18.

Maj. MATHEY M. HOUSTON died Jackson June 14, aged 76. Buried Trenton, Tenn.

ALEX CATHEY died Madison Co., Tenn. June 7.

Miss MOLLIE PRICE died June 4

GILLAM MOORE died Madison Co., Tenn. June 14.

Capt. ARCHIBALD A. HALL died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., aged 79.

Mrs. LAWSON ALEXANDER died Carroll Co., Tenn., aged 73.


G. W. TALBOT died near Little Rock, Ark. May 23. Younger bro. of late James L. Talbot of Jackson. Born Davidson Co., Tenn.


June 27, 1874

PAYLON CROOK, black, was jailed in Lexington for sexual assault of young white girl and was hanged by a mob on the court square June 19.

Mrs. ANNIE TERRASS died Nashville, Tenn. where she had been since 1814, on June 29 in her 87th year.

CHARLES SABRESKI inf/s John and Virginia E. FENNER died Jackson. July 2, aged 2 years, 5 months.

SYLVANUS GIFFORD died Hardin Co., Tenn., aged 79.

JOSEPH BINGHAM died Carroll Co., Tenn., aged 81.

Mrs. BETTIE w/o Henry ROBINSON died, aged 25.

HENRY L. ROBERSON died Benton Co., Tenn., aged 36.

NATHANIEL GOODIN died near Pinson, Tenn. June 25, aged 67.

WILLIE inf/s Samuel M. and Annie OZIER died June 29, aged 4.

WILLIE DICKERSON inf/s George and Margarette STEEL died Beech Bluff, June 20.

JOHN W. CAMPBELL died Jackson suburb, June 30. Born Lexington, Ky. May 1, 1799; moved with parents to Greenville, Ky.; graduate Dickinson College, Pa.; married Jane E. Porter, 1827, d/o late Alex. Porter. 10 children, 4 surviving. Arrived in Jackson July 4, 1833 as cashier of Union Bank; his family followed him in November. Joined Presbyterian Church, 1843, became a ruling elder in same. Much of his property was destroyed in the war.


July 11, 1874

Elder BRADLEY KIMBROUGH, influential minister, died Lincoln Co., Tenn. June 30.

ALEXANDER BIGGETT, young man about 23, found dead on railroad track in Humboldt July 5; body mangled.


July 18, 1874

FRED LOVERIDGE died Jackson July 12, aged about 60.

ANNIE LONG inf/d W. D. and Kate CLARK died at Mrs. Ann Scurlock's, Jackson,

July 14, aged 12 months.

Miss JESSIE BENTON died Dyer Co., Tenn., aged 18.

Mrs. ADDIE JONES died Carroll Co., Tenn., aged 19.

Mrs. EB WILSON had died.

Miss ALICE BRUMLEY had died, aged 20.

Mrs. DARNELL had died at an "advanced age."


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Mrs. MARY A. BROWN had died.

HUGH LACY died Madison Co., Tenn. July 1 in 75th year.

Mrs. HENRIETTA w/o J. E. O'HARA died Brownsville, Tenn. July 1.

DAVID ILLINGWORTH died Jackson July 14 and his son, HENRY, had died July 13.

Presbyterian Session Tribute to JOHN W. CAMPBELL, born May 1, 1799; died June 30, 1874.


July 25, 1874

J. W. MOORE died 5 miles east of Brownsville June 27, aged 90 years; moved there from Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1832; served in War of 1812.

Rev. A. L. P. GREENE died Nashville, Tenn. July 15. Born Sevier Co., Tenn. June 1807; early life spent in Ala.; licensed to preach in Tennessee Methodist Conference, 1824.

MILTON FENNER Inf/s Sion W. and Mary L. BOON died Jackson July 23.

A. T. GASTON died near Spring Creek, Tenn., July 17 in 18th year.

Miss ELIZA J. PACE d/o W. F. PACE died Carroll Co., Tenn., aged 18.

JAMES C. BOWDEN died Henry Co., Tenn.


August 1, 1874

NATH MILLER died Rutherford Co., Tenn. last week, aged 90 years, 6 months and 20 days.

W. A. McKAY, Sr. died Madison Co., Tenn., aged 72.

Mrs. CORNELIA w/o Joseph L. PARHAM died near Lagrange, Tenn.

Mrs. LESLIE MERRITT died Carroll Co., Tenn.

ANDY HAYNES had died.

EMMA d/o Henry WINSTON died Madison Co., Tenn. July 24, aged 16 years, 20 days.

EDMOND F. DUKE died McNairy Co., Tenn. July 29, aged 48. Brother of John H. Duke of Jackson.


August 8, 1874

JOSHUA DAVIS, old citizen, died near Alamo, Tenn.

Tribute of Respect for EDDIE HIRSCH, who died recently. Presbyterian Sunday School, June 28, 1874.

STROTHER inf/s Col. J. J. and Eliza WILLIAMS died Aug. 5.

S. S. PARHAM died Henry Co., Tenn., aged 47.

Prof. A. V. CLARK had died.

FRANK CONYERS had died, aged 14.

J. C. WORD died Fayette County, Tenn.

THOMAS H. EARLE died Dyersburg, Tenn., July 28, aged 46; left five children.


August 22, 1874

Mrs. PARILEE WEST died Civil District 6, Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 13, aged 35.

WILLIAM s/o David GILL died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 18, aged 23.

Miss FLORENCE d/o Dr. J. W. PHILLIPS died Brownsville, Tenn. Aug. 10, aged 24.

WILEY MASON, Jr. died Brownsville, Tenn. Aug. 9, aged 22.

EGBERT RAWORTH, old citizen, died near Brownsville, Tenn. Aug. 11.

Mrs. G. W. YORK died Dyersburg, Tenn. Aug. 10.

W. H. PAUL died Mountain Home, Ark. July 21, aged 50.

Miss INEZ A. d/o J. J. and R. D. CARTER died nr. Bolivar, Tenn. Aug 1, aged 18.

Rev. Z. B. RHODES died Carroll Co., Tenn. Aug. 10, aged 70.


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FRANK WHITE died near Decaturville, Tenn. Aug 9, aged 35.

JIMMIE T. s/o E. L. and C. L. REED died July 21, aged 12 months.


August 29, 1874

Mrs. M. M. HILLIARD died in Cheatham Co., Tenn.

PHILIP LIPSTATE died Jackson Aug. 25, aged 30; native of Germany.

Dr. W. H. CHILDRESS died Salem, Va. a few days ago.

Miss NANNIE E. d/o Rev. J. N. and Martha A. BELL died Aug. 27, aged about 24.

W. C. WILSON died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 25.

SAMUEL CATBRAN died Paris, Tenn. Aug. 15.

JOHN CARVER died Carroll Co., Tenn. Aug. 6.

WILLIAM CLAY died near McLemoresville, Tenn. Aug. 24, "advanced age."

R. C. BLAIR died Humboldt, Tenn. Aug. 12, aged 72.

GARNER LILLARD died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Aug. 9, aged 26.

PRESTON C. WYNNE died Dyersburg, Tenn. Aug. 18.

Mrs. A. W. FOARD died Dyersburg, Tenn. Aug. 18, aged 74.

CLAUDIE BLANCHE, third dau. of Henry D. and Anna B. FRANKLIN died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Aug. 18, aged 1 year, 8 days.

Maj. JAMES CURRIE, old citizen, died Haywood Co., Tenn. few weeks ago.

B. F. BUSH committed suicide McMinnville, Tenn. Aug. 23.


September 5, 1874

Mrs. ELLEN N. w/o D. W. BROWN, d/o W. B. Skinner died McNairy Station, Tenn. Aug. 27 in 21st year.

WILLIAM H. CLAY died near McLemoresville, Tenn. Aug. 24. Born Halifax Co., Va. Feb. 14, 1799; moved to Tennessee when young.

Col. JOHN B. TERRY died Carroll Co., Tenn. Aug. 2, aged 60.

R. A. DELANY died near Paris, Tenn. Aug. 25.

Obit for Mrs. HELEN THOMPSON d/o Stephen L. Ross, Henderson Co., Tenn. died near Denver, Colorado recently.


September 12, 1874

HENRY PEYTON inf/s Dr. H. P. and Ella M. COTTON died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 3, aged 8 weeks.

Mrs. MARY w/o Robert C. MULLINS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Aug. 29, aged abt. 35.

THOMAS PRIDDY died Henderson Co., Tenn. Aug. 29, aged about 45.

Maj. L. B. COCHRAN died Huntingdon, Tenn. Aug. 31, aged 36.

MAGGIE S. DRENAN died Brownsville, Tenn. Aug. 29, in 32nd year.

J. R. McADOO died Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 2.

R. A. DELANEY died near McKenzie, Tenn. Aug. 25.

FREDDY inf/s W. O. Kelly died Trenton, Tenn. Aug. 28.

NIMROD COLLINS died Henry Co., Tenn. Aug. 30, aged 80. Veteran of the battle of New Orleans, War of 1812.

MOSES TODD died Cottage Grove, Tenn. Aug. 26.

Mrs. THOMAS DIGGS d/o John Haynes died Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 2.

Mrs. E. I. w/o Dr. A. P. WATERFIELD died Cottage Grove, Tenn. Sept. 2.

Tribute of Respect for HENRY BARRIER, died Aug. 12. By Denmark Masonic Lodge 154. Sept. 2, 1874.

Tribute of Respect for PHILIP LIPSTATE who died recently. By Prescott Lodge 16, I.O.O.F., Humboldt, Sept. 9, 1874.


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September 19, 1874

J. J. JORDAN shot and killed by Richard Fitzgerald in Henry Co., Tenn.

Dr. ROBERT FENNER died Jackson, Sept. 13 at home of his son, Dr. John S. Fenner. Born in North Carolina, 1803; entered medical practice 1824 in Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn.

Miss MAHALA d/o A. G. PICKINS died Mifflin. Tenn. Sept. 10, aged 17 years.

Miss M. E. d/o Gibson NORTON died Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 8 in 30th year.

JOHN HORACE inf/ J. T. and Eliza BOTTS of Jackson, died Hodgensville, Ky. Sept. 11.


October 17, 1874

HARTWELL TEMPLE died near Henderson, Tenn. Sept. 25 in 75th year.

Resolutions of Respect for HENRY BARRIER, a former J. P., died Aug. 1874.

Tribute of Respect for S. P. JONES, died Sept. 7, 1874, Denmark, Tenn. By Denmark Masonic Lodge 154, Oct. 7, 1874.


October 24, 1874

C. W. WILLIS died Nelson's Landing.

Rev. R. G. RAINY delivered funeral sermon for MAULDIN REEVES Oct. 16.


October 31, 1874

NANCY REBECCA d/o T. E. and M. J. WHITTENTON died Oct. 21, aged 2 years, 6 months, 19 days.

A. G. ALTMAN died Weakley Co., Tenn. Oct. 19, aged 74.

JOHN PUGH died Carroll Co., Tenn. Oct. 16, aged about 78.

BRADFORD DICKENS, old citizen, died near Bolivar, Tenn. Oct. 17.

VIOLA NEAL d/o J. H. and Sarah USERY died Sept. 22, aged 2 years, 9 months.

Tribute of Respect for JOSEPH M. JOHNSON who died recently. By Eureka Lodge 266, I. O. O. F., Oct. 24, 1874.

/In the November 6, 1874 issue of the Memphis DAILY APPEAL a notice of the death of 6-year-old JOHN THOMAS GRISWELL appears, he having died from gunshot wound, when he was caught in cross-fire of a fight, Oct. 31 near Carroll Station; taken from the Jackson DISPATCH./


November 14, 1874

Mrs. REBECCA SIMMONS died Fayette Co., Tenn. Oct. 29 in 71st year.

BESSIE inf/d Charles WOOD died Fayette Co., Tenn. Nov. 2.

T. N. WINN died Newbern, Tennessee.

Mrs. LOUISA LUCARINA died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 8 in 34th year.

GILBERT McLEAN died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 9, aged 58.

Mrs. M. J. JOHNSON died Jackson Nov. 10, aged about 38.


November 28, 1874

JOHN McRAE inf/s Chancellor C. P. WALKER died Shelby Co., Tenn. Nov. 26, aged 1 year, 11 months.

PETER B. WILLS, Sr. died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 21, aged 59.

ANNIE B. WILLIAMS died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 21, aged 3.

Mrs. LAURA E. MATEER d/o O. C. Jones of Memphis died St. Louis Nov. 16.

Mrs. ELIZA J. w/o D. C. McDOUGAL died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 17.

WILLIAM LOCKE died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 15 in 31st year.

J. A. RAY died near Pinson, Tenn.

WILLIAM WHITTENTON died Madison Co., Tenn.

Inf/s of William and Ann MAY died Madison County.

Inf/d of N. and Sarah JOHNSON died in Madison County.


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"Death of Our Sister, " MARIETT J. JOHNSON d/o John and Susan GOLDSMITH, died Jackson, Nov. 10, 1874, born New Haven, Conn. Dec. 9, 1834. Signed A. B. S.


December 5, 1874

LETTIE w/o J. Y. KEITH died Camden, Ark. Nov. 27 in 24th year.


March 20, 1875

Capt. WILLIAM FORREST, bro. of Gen. N. B. Forrest and Col. Jesse Forrest died in Memphis, Tenn.

Mrs. ELIZABETH W. CASBURN died near Moscow, Tenn. March 10, aged about 50.

JAMES G. CROSSETT died near Huntingdon, Tenn., aged 45.


April 17, 1875

HENRY CLAY JONES died at home of Adam W. Harmon in Lexington, Tenn. April 11, in 29th year.


May 8, 1875

ROBERT FRAZIER, policeman, killed in line of duty, Nashville, April 30.

REILLY s/o late Gen. Robert HATTON died May 3, 1875, Lebanon, Tenn.; law student.


October 23, 1875

Tribute of Respect for Hon. ROBERT J. McKINNEY, by Attorney-General Heiskell, Oct. 16, 1875. McKinney died recently in Knoxville, Tenn. born Feb. 1, 1803, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland; at age 11 came to U.S. with parents, to Philadelphia; moved to Hawkins Co., Tenn., near Rogersville. Studied law and licensed to practice law, 1824; had distinguished legal career.


December 25, 1875

R. H. GIVENS died Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 21, aged 73.

Mrs. M. D. LEE died Jackson, Dec. 16.

Mrs. ADDIE V. w/o James H. LONG, d/o Rev. John Brooks died Dec. 3, 1875. Born

May 19, 1844; had married in Jan. 1867.


Jan. 29, 1876

F. L. VELLINES died Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 23, at home of bro-in-law, W. W. Lyon.

GEORGE WILLIAMSON died near Denmark, Tenn. Jan. 27. Born N.C., 1818.

Capt. JOHN CALVIN HANEGAR died Tiptonville, Tenn. Jan. 16, aged about 48. Born Green Co., Tenn; for 12 years before the war had been clerk in shoe store in N.Y.; fought under John H. Morgan in war; returned to N.Y. after the war but came back to Tennessee.

Obit for G. R. HILLARD died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Dec. 30, born Oct. 18, 1884; married Caroline V. Brown in 1857; professed religion 1854 and joined Presbyterian Church.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM STRIBLING, died Jan. 11. By Medon Masonic Lodge 166, Jan. 13.

Tribute of Respect for JESSE CURRIE, died Jan. 20. By Medon Masonic Lodge 166, Jan. 21.


February 5, 1876

EDWARD TATE inf/s N. T. and Delesline PERKINS died Jackson at home of F. D. Theus, aged 3 months, 22 days.

JOSEPH H. HAMPSON died Jackson Feb. 2 at residence of Capt. T. H. Frances.

Capt. A. B. CROOK died near Henderson, Tenn. Feb 2 in 49th year.

Capt. JOHN A. MILLER shot and killed at Wildersville, Tenn. by Bishop Fronabarger last Tuesday. He commanded a company in 7 Tenn. Inf. USA during the Civil War.

Dr. G. ADAMSON died Paris, Tenn. Jan. 31 at residence of Mrs. O. F. Brown. Born Md. June 22, 1807; came to Jackson in 1835; there he was buried.


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February 19, 1876

AB MERCER, black, was killed by George Northcutt, mulatto in Warren Co., Tenn. April 4. Mercer, aged 17; Northcutt. aged 12. Mercer was stabbed.

BENJAMIN H. McADAMS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Feb. 3, son of Ervin McAdams.

Mrs. R. S. BRADFORD died Lake Co., Tenn. Feb. 8, aged 54. Lived years in Henderson Co. and in 1858 moved with husband to Lake County.


February 26, 1876

JOEL R. CHAPPELL died Jackson Feb. 20, aged about 57. Born Halifax Co., Va. 1819. To Madison Co., 1836; married oldest dau. of J. B. Conger, Sept. 24, 1839. Joined Masonic order, 1840; became a Baptist, 1846. Register of Madison Co., 1866; chairman of the county court, 1871, J. P. a number of years. Left six children.


March 11, 1876

Tribute of Respect for JOEL R. CHAPPELL who died recently; by St. John's Masonic Lodge 332, Jackson, Feb. 21, 1876.

Just before the Civil War, TOM JUNELL had disappeared and it was supposed that he had been murdered but his remains had not been found. A black man, Munroe Brooks recently revealed that years before, Thomas Green went to his house to get him, to help him. "I have a bag of bones which I want you to bury." He told Brooks he had been accused of killing Junell (his father in-law) and threatened to kill Brooks if he told anyone about the situation. Brooks showed officers where bones were buried and remains were identified by a leather belt that was with the bones, that Junell was known to have worn. Green was apprehended near Hollow Rock, Tenn. and now held for trial for murder in Lexington, Tenn.


March 25, 1876

JOSEPH NEWTON inf/s Capt. A. B. and M. G. JONES died Jackson March 19.

W. C. HIGHT died Jackson March 21.

Mrs. ---SMITH, sister of J. C. Goff died Jackson March 20.

P. D. WILLIAMS died Jackson March 22.

JAMES A. COLLINS died Jackson March 19.

Encomium by fellow students for ANNA MONTGOMERY d/o Rev A. H. Montgomery who died March 18; graduate of Whitworth College, Miss.


April 1, 1876

Rev. C. CALDWELL was buried in Jackson cemetery March 30.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. MARY E. HARRIS, died C.D. 8, Madison Co., Tenn. March 13. By Madison Grange 207, March 14, 1876.

Hon. A. O. P. /Alfred Osborne Pope/NICHOLSON died March 30. Born in Williamson Co., Tenn Aug. 31, 1808; graduate University of N.C., 1837; studied medicine, changed to law; began law practice, 1831; in 1832 was editor of the WESTERN MERCURY, a Democratic newspaper and did so for 3 years; served in state legislature 1833-1839. In 1843 served in state Senate. Pres., Bank of Tenn., 1846-1848. Chief Justice of Tenn. Supreme Court at death.


April 8, 1876

Tribute of Respect for Hon. A. O. P. NICHOLSON who died recently; by Jackson Bar.


April 22, 1876

JOHN THOMPSON died Davidson Co., Tenn., aged 83; died on farm on which he had been born.

WILLIAM A. HASTINGS killed by stabbing near Gadsden, Tenn; found dead last wk.


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J. R. BRIM died Jackson April 15, aged about 35. Served in 6 Tenn. Inf. C.S.A.; prisoner of war; lost his eyesight from attack of smallpox while in prison; left two children. Buried by survivors of the Southern Guards, the company in which he had served.


April 29, 1876

Col. L. D. MYERS, lawyer, died Columbia, Tenn. last week.


May 6, 1876

Judge S. H. ROLAND died Jackson May 4.

Mrs. NANCY BEVERIDGE died Jackson May 3. Born in Virginia.

JAMES J. O'SULLIVAN, newsman, died Nashville, Tenn. May 3.


May 13, 1876

Mrs. SARAH F., w/o Hon. Milton BROWN died Jackson May 10 in 59th year; married Jan. 21, 1835, Paris. Tenn. and came at once to live in Jackson; had 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. One, William Stoddert Brown died at age 2. Another, Col. Alex. J. Brown, died about the close of the war.

Mrs. THOMAS BEVERIDGE died Jackson May 3 and 2 days later her husband died,

THOMAS BEVERIDGE. She was born Ann Radcliffe, born York Co., Va. Nov. 12, 1791; professed religion 1807; joined Methodist Church, 1811; married Beveridge in Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 27, 1829. In 1830 they moved to Jackson. He was born in Gloucester Co., Va. Nov. 2, 1801 s/o John and Susan Beveridge. In 1823 he married Ann Newstep and had a dau., Mrs. S. R. Yancy with her. The only child of his second marriage was Thomas B. Beveridge, Jr., living in Jackson.


May 20, 1876

Tribute of Respect for O. S. GOODWIN, died May 12, 1876. By Caliopian Society, Southwestern Baptist University.


June 3, 1876

NEWT WARREN died May 22, Dyersburg, Tenn., had dropped dead in front yard.


June 10, 1876

WILLIAM REED, Jr. died near Lexington, Tenn. May 26, aged about 42.

Elder ELI WASHBURN died near Jack's Creek, Henderson Co., Tenn. Oct. 13 in 78th year.

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL C. DAVIDSON died June 2. By Sunday School, First Methodist Church, Jackson.

FLORENCE d/o F. B. and D. HAMILTON died Jackson, June 6, aged about 2˝ years; had diptheria.

Mrs. ELIZABETH GRIFFIN died Jackson June 4.

Mrs. ANN MIZELL died Jackson June 5.


September 23, 1876

JESSE NELSON, black, killed in accidental explosion at Latham's flooring mill in Jackson Monday and he died the next day Sept. 19.



July 28, 1876

ROBERT ELLIS, young man, working in harvest field in Lewis Co., Ky. shot and killed by Washington Lee July 24 in argument "over a woman."

GEORGE s/o William and Adaline TILLENGTON died C.D. 17, Madison Co. July 21, aged 9 years.



May 14, 1875

Col. CHARLES K. MALLORY died Hampton, Va. May 7 in 54th year; father of E. S. Mallory, Jackson.


(Page 61)

May 21, 1875

JOHN L. LANCASTER died Jackson May 18, aged about 50.

W. B. MANLY died Madison Co., Tenn. May 20, aged about 50.

Mrs. M. A. SENTER died near Picketville, Gibson Co., Tenn. May 15, about 50 yrs.

JOSEPH RIFFLE died Milan, Tenn. May 14; a citizen of Texas; bridge contractor. Aged 30.

A. PATTON died Milan, Tenn. May 18, old citizen, to be buried in Oakwood Cem.


June 11, 1875

J. H. WILLIAMSON drowned in Obion River, Dyer Co., Tenn. last week.

MINGO BERNARD, black, killed by D. C. Slaughter, Tipton Co., Tenn. last week when he resisted arrest for stealing.

Mrs. ELIZABETH FULKS died Murfreesboro, Tenn. May 18. Born Jan. 15, 1775, fifty miles from Philadelphia, in Pa.; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. with husband John Fulks in fall of 1804.

Miss JENNIE LEE BOOTHE d/o Jerry Boothe, dec. died 9 miles NW of Shelbyville, Tenn. from burn injuries.

Mrs. W. R. HAMBY died Nashville, Tenn. last week; buried in Paris, Tenn.

Mrs. GUS EVERHART, black, shot and killed "in the door of her cabin" near Denmark, Tenn. June 4.


June 18, 1876

Mrs. MOLLIE w/of J. M. RANDOLPH died Jackson June 14, aged 28.

ANTHONY CAMPBELL, black, died June 12, aged about 75. Belonged to Alexander Patton but in 1842 became and remained property of John W. Campbell until he was freed. Funeral attended by large crowd of black and white citizenry.


July 2, 1875

R. B. DOWELL, former attorney-general of Judicial Dist. 17 committed suicide in Knoxville, Tenn. a few nights ago. Note he left read, "R. D. Dowell has suicided. The grave is a welcome home. God will take care of my little boy. I have thirty dollars to bury me with. Men will say crazy. Nary time.

Maj. JAMES B. NEELY died near Denmark, Tenn. June 27. Born near Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Oct. 17, 1803; to Madison Co., 1833; J. P. for years; Ruling Elder, Presbyterian Church, Denmark.

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o William S. CALLOWAY died Jackson June 29, aged 63. Born in Virginia.

TERRESSA inf/d J. M. RANDOLPH died Jackson June 30. "Her mother had gone just before…"


July 9, 1875

In a fight between two black boys on J. S. Smith's farm, 10 miles north of Jackson, July 3, one struck the other with a hoe, killing him almost instantly. Names not given.


July 30, 1875

JACK HUNT shot and killed his wife a Tillico Plains near Sweetwater.

JIM NICHOLS, black, living in south Jackson, beat his wife and then choked her to death July 29.

MARY ALICE d/o J. Q. A. /John Quincy Adams/McClellan died near Jackson July 28 aged 22.

JOHN SWAN died Jackson, July 24, aged about 18, only surviving child of Samuel Swan who died several years ago in Memphis, Tenn.

ELISAH /ELISHA/ P. LOWRANCE died near Brown's Church, Madison Co., Tenn. July 27 aged about 85.


(Page 62)

August 27, 1875

Obit Resolutions for ALICE McCLELLAN who died July 30. By Sunday School, Bascom Methodist Chapel, Aug. 8, 1875.

WILLIAM HILTON died near Denmark, Tenn. Aug. 19.

THOMAS HILTON died near Denmark, Tenn. Aug. 19.

Inf/s of B. H. and Hannah G. BLUME died Madison Co., Tenn. July 22, aged 6 mos.


September 3, 1875

POLLY COE, black, died Fayette Co., Tenn. July 6, aged 115; "among first settlers of this county." She helped to make brick to build the courthouse in Somerville and helped to build the first mill ever erected in Fayette Co. /1870 U.S. Census, Fayette Co., C.D. 4, Aug. 27, shows Polly Coe, aged 77, born in Virginia/


October 29, 1875

ALEX MERIWETHER, black, died Denmark, Tenn. Oct. 24.


November 5, 1875

WESLEY MAYNARD hanged himself in Overton Co., Tenn. Oct. 29, aged about 45.

TOM CLARK inf/s J. C. PYBAS died Jackson, Nov. 1.

ANN OPHELIA inf/d J. H. and Julia FREELING died C.D. 8, Madison Co. Oct. 23, aged 7 months.


November 12, 1875

Mrs. --- BLAND died Marshall Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, 102 years.

G. W. TURNER died Sequins, Texas Oct. 23, conductor on N O St. L & C RR.


November 19, 1875

CALVIN H. COURTS died from a fall, Clarksville, Tenn. Nov. 16.

Mrs. SARAH S. RUSHING died Jackson Nov. 14, aged about 58 years.

Capt. GREEN REGEAN died Jackson Nov. 17, aged about 70. Watchman on the lower depot for about 9 years; never lost a day or night of work until final illness.

Mrs. MARTHA DOGHERTY died near Medon, Tenn. Nov. 12, aged about 75.


November 26, 1875

HENRY WILSON. V. P. of U.S., died Washington, D.C. Nov. 23 of paralysis; prominent Republican.

WILLIAM C. HUTCHERSON died Jackson, home of son-in-law, Harvy Milligan, Nov. 21. Born in Va., 1805 and moved to Madison Co. in 1820; married May 1830 to Elizabeth May; large family.

KATIE d/o Thomas M. and Mary GREER died Jackson Nov. 23, in 13th year.


December 3, 1875

OSCAR SMITH died near Beech Bluff, Nov. 19, aged 7; only son of Mrs. Mary J.

Smith; his little sister had died "short time before."

BENJAMIN C. BROWN died Paris, Tenn. Nov. 30 aged 69.

Mrs. ADDIE V., wife of James H. Long, died Jackson Dec. 3.

MILTON McLEAN shot and killed Thaddeus Pope, April 25, 1874; he was scheduled to be hanged for his crime, Jan. 7, 1876.


December 17, 1875

LORENZO GOODELL died Jackson Dec. 14 in 56th year. Born Homer (N.Y.) Aug. 30, 1817; to Jackson, 1845; married Laura C. Clark, Aug. 24, 1847; 3 children.

E. F. FOGLE died Jackson Dec. 10, aged about 56. Came to Jackson from Aberdeen, Miss. about two years before.

Miss VESTER WOOD died Jackson, at the Memphis Conference Female Institute, Dec. 15. Columbus, Miss.


(Page 63)

December 31, 1875

JACKSON FRAILEY killed by catamount on Welsh Mt. in Pa. Dec. 20.

RAY POPPEE died Jackson Dec. 28, aged about 10.

GRIFFIN L. ROSS died Henderson Co., Tenn. last week, aged about 60.

GEORGE R. MILLIARD died Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 30, aged about 40.

Obit for Mrs. ADDIE V. w/o James H. LONG, d/o Rev. John Brooks. Born May 19, 1844; married Jan. 1867; joined Methodist Church, Jackson, 1866.


January 7, 1876

ROBERT REEVES died Medon, Tenn. Dec. 29, aged 14.

MILTON McLEAN hanged legally for murder of Thaddeus Pope, April 25, 1874; on gallows ˝ mile south of courthouse, Jackson, at foot of Liberty St.; Jan. 7. Long article describing event.


January 21, 1876

JESSEY CURRY died near Medon, Tenn. Jan. 19, aged 70.


February 4, 1876

BEN ROGERS, aged about 19, son of Judge Rogers of Dresden, was shot and killed by J. A. Lumpkin February 1.

F. L. VELLINES died Jackson Feb. l aged 38; bro-in-law of W. W. Lyon.

JOSEPH H. HAMPSON died Jackson Feb. 1, aged 78. Moved to Jackson from Alexandria, Va. Oct. 1874. Uncle of Mrs. T. H. Francis, Jackson.

Dr. GREENBERRY ADAMSON died Paris, Tenn. Jan. 21. Born Maryland June 22, 1808; came to Jackson, 1834; at time of death extending medical attention to a niece Mrs. B. C. Brown.


February 11, 1876

Dr. JOHN INGRAM died Nashville, insane asylum, Feb. 8.

TATE PERKINS inf/s N. T. and Mary DeLesline Perkins died Jackson Feb. 2, aged 4 months.


February 18, 1876

WILLIAM COVINGTON accidentally shot himself 3 miles north of McKenzie, Tenn. and he died.

J. MONROE BLEDSOE died Feb. 13 of pneumonia several days after marrying Addie Brogden, Humboldt, Tenn.


February 25, 1876

J. R. CHAPPELL died Jackson Feb. 21 in 57th year. Born Halifax Co., Va. Feb. 28, 1819; to Madison Co., 1836; md. oldest sister of P. D. W. Conger in 1838, etc.

B. H. s/o Ervin McADAMS died near Middle Fork, Tenn. Feb 3, aged 21 years, 1 month, 10 days.

Rev. DANIEL LILES killed near Trezevant, Tenn. on L N & G S RR by train one day last week.


March 3, 1876

NATHAN FERGUSON s/o Samuel Ferguson killed by John Curren Feb. 29.

S. H. ROLAND died March 4 aged about 60.

ANN BEVERIDGE died Jackson March 3. Born York Co., Va. Nov. 12, 1791;moved to Jackson with husband, 1830. Buried from Payne Methodist Church.


March 10, 1876

Mrs. KATE EDDLEMON died near Medina, Tenn. March 7, aged 22.

Tribute of Respect for J. R. CHAPPELL who died recently; by St. John Masonic Lodge 332, Jackson, Feb. 21, 1876.


(Page 64)

March 24, 1876

Mrs. MARY A. SMITH d/o J. C. Goff died March 20, aged 28.

WILLIAM HITE died Jackson, March 20, aged about 33.

J. A. COLLINS died Jackson March 19, aged 46. Born Henderson Co., Tenn. but in Jackson since boyhood. Methodist.

Miss ANNA MONTGOMERY died at the Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson March 19, aged 19.

JOSEPH inf/s A. B. and Mary JONES died March 19, aged 3 weeks.

P. D. WILLIAMS died Jackson March 23, aged 39.


March 31, 1876

In Memory of Baby Brother: JEFFERSON B. FULBRIGHT, died March 12, 1876, at close of 17th year. Signed R & T, March 21, 1876.

Tribute of Respect for Miss MARY E. HARRIS, died C.D. 8. Madison Co., Tenn. by Madison Grange 207, March 14, 1876.


April 7, 1876

FRED HAYDEN "cooked alive" aboard a steamer 40 miles north of Memphis; pipe burst below his cabin.

NORMA inf/d G. W. and Annie R. SWINK died April 4, aged 1 year, 24 days.


April 21, 1876

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. COLLINS who died recently; by St. John's Masonic Lodge 332, Jackson, March 20, 1876.

JAMES H. BRIM died Jackson, April 15, aged about 35. Soldier in the 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg., C.S.A.; wounded at Shiloh; captured Shelbyville, Tenn. June 1863; lost eyesight from smallpox while in prison camp. Left 2 children.

WILLIAM A. HASTINGS killed near Mason's Grove, Tenn. by a Swede Joe Hobey, who killed him with an axe April 14.


April 28, 1876

Mr. ---WARD died Jackson April 27; merchant at Spring Creek, Tenn.

Mrs. MARTHA BAKER died C.D. 16, Madison Co. April 25, aged 47.


May 12, 1876

THOMAS BEVERIDGE died Jackson May 5 in 76th year. "Uncle Tommy." Born Gloucester Co., Va. Nov. 2, 1801; married Ann Newstep in 1823. In 1829 he married Ann Ratcliff; to Jackson, 1830.

Mrs. SARAH F., w/o Hon. Milton BROWN died Jackson May 10 in 59th year. Born Halifax Co., Va.; educated Salem Academy, N.C.; married Jan. 21, 1835 in Paris, Tenn. Methodist. Mother of several children, two of whom predeceased her.


May 19, 1876

J. Z. JACKSON died 7 miles NE of Jackson May 6 in 40th year.

O. S. GOODWIN died Jackson; he was student at Southwestern Baptist University.


June 2, 1876

SAMUEL H. ELLIS shot and killed in Germantown, Tenn. June 1, on way to Masonic meeting.

SAMMY C. DAVIDSON died May 26, aged 23.

Mrs. E. G. w/of John L. FRY died Jackson May 29, aged 57.


June 9, 1876

JOHN RUSHING, McKenzie, Tenn. shot and killed himself accidentally a few days ago; left five small children.

FLORENCE d/o Dr. F. B. and D. H. HAMILTON died Jackson June 6, aged 2 years, 6 mos.

CALLIE SHELTON, black, gave birth to a child June 4, two miles from Medina, Tenn.


(Page 65)

Callie Shelton reportedly killed the child by striking its head against the chimney 3 times and then throwing it on the floor and stuffed its mouth with a cloth. "Callie is a very likely woman, about 20 years of age."


June 16, 1876

J. A. WHITE died Jackson June 14, aged about 55. An Englishman, worked for RR.


June 30, 1876

Mrs. S. KENT died Jackson June 27, aged 62 years, 5 days. Born N.C., 1814; member of old-side Baptist Church for 32 years.


July 28, 1876

HARBERT PERRY died C.D. 9, Madison Co., Tenn. July 21, aged 50.

MARY T. WOODSON d/of H. H. and F. W. WOODSON died July 21, aged about 32 years; afflicted all her life with scrofula.

Obit for NEWTON C. PERKINS who died Jackson July 13 while on duty as a law officer, aged 40 years. Born Giles Co., Tenn. March 3, 1836; served as soldier in Confederacy; city policeman, Jackson.


August 4, 1876

EDWARD RICHARDSON, young man, killed by accidental fall in a well near Franklin, Tenn. July 31.

GUY LEEPER died Jackson Aug. 4 in 36th year. Born Hawkins Co., Tenn. Feb. 6, 1841; he was raised by Mrs. John S. Miller in Jackson; joined Presbyterian Church, 1859; married Jan. 6, 1869 Elizabeth Hurt d/o Maj. R. B. Hurt; left 3 children. Served in 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg C.S.A.

Tribute of Respect for NEWTON C. PERKINS who was killed in line of duty; by city council. August 1, 1876.


August 11, 1876

Mrs. S. J. w/o W. A. COBB died near Medon, Tenn. Aug. 9, aged 34.

SUSIE inf/d of W. A. and S. J. COBB died July 13.

Mrs. MARY A. BELL died in home of Geo. M. Robinson, Jackson, Aug. 6, aged 82. Born Franklin Co., N.C., maiden name, Bowers.


August 11, 1876

Memorial to GUY LEEPER by Jackson Bar, Aug. 7, 1876.


August 25, 1876

Mrs. ELIZABETH G. w/o C. D. SHEPHERD, d/o David G. and Adaline W. Hadaway, died Aug 20. Born June 21, 1847 in Warren Co., Miss.; married April 7, 1863. Professed religion 1874 and joined Methodist Church.


September 8, 1876

JOHN BROWN killed accidentally at marble yard in Nashville Sept. 4.

ALLEN GOODWIN died near Pinson, Tenn. Sept. 1, aged 76.

Rev. THOMAS TAYLOR died Sept. 2, aged about 65. Methodist minister.

Rev. EDWARD C. SLATER, Jr. died Whiteville, Tenn. Sept. 4, youngest son of Dr. E. C. Slater, pastor of First Methodist Church in Jackson.

GOFF SMITH grandchild of J. C. GOFF died Jackson Sept. 7, aged 6 months.

TIMOTHY McNAVIN died Jackson Sept. 7, aged about 25.

JEMMIE s/o H. K. WITHERSPOON died Jackson Sept. 7, aged 8.


September 15, 1876

Miss MATTIE DISMUKES died near Pinson, Tenn. aged 41. Sister of Thomas E. Dismukes.


(Page 66)

September 22, 1876

JESSE NELSON, black, assistant, killed in explosion at Latham's Mill in Jackson Sept. 18.


September 29, 1876

Tribute of Respect for W. W. WEATHERLY, died Aug. 6; by Masonic Lodge 154, Sept. 6.


October 6, 1876

ROBERT HUNT died Trenton, Tenn. Oct. 29, aged about 30. S/o Wm. H. Hunt.

FELIX H. TARBETT, deputy marshal, Memphis, was killed by V. C. Giles, Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 30.


October 20, 1876

THOMAS HUDGINGS died Gadsden, Tenn. Oct. 17, aged about 80.

Col. V. M. NEILL died near Beech Bluff Oct. 15 in 72nd year.

JOHN J. McALEXANDER died Jackson Oct. 13. Born Patrick Co., Va. Jan. 21, 1824; came to Tenn., 1842; mayor Jackson, 1869 and policeman 4 years.


October 27, 1876

Mrs. CATHERINE VALENTINE died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 10, aged 25.

PATTIE d/o S. E. and J. H. BUNTIN died Oct. 11, aged 5 months. Madison County.


November 3, 1876

ANN ELIZA GATES w/o Richard L. COCHRANE died Memphis, Oct. 29, yellow fever; d/o B. F. Gates. Born in Jackson Jan. 16, 1856; she lost 2 sisters to yellow fever.


November 10, 1876

JAMES E. LANEY died near Clover Park /Hardeman Co. /, Nov. 4; s/o J. A. and J. Laney, aged 14 years, 5 months, 7 days.


December 22, 1876

LYDE NEWTON died Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 21, aged about 60.

Mrs. SALLIE C. SANDERS died Gadsden, Tenn. Dec. 19; w/o Robert Sanders, aged 20.

JOHN L. BLUE died Madison Co., Tenn.

JOHN A. HARDING died Jackson, December 17, aged 35. Brother of Mrs. Henry A. Welch of Mason's Grove, Tenn.

Mrs. ANN ELIZA w/o George W. SWINK died Medon, Tenn. Dec. 16, aged 27; d/o Col.

Buchanan of Texas.

Mrs. ANNIE RAY w/o THOMAS F. BAILEY, d/o Dr. Thomas W. and Mary T. Harris, died Memphis Dec.19.


January 5, 1877

Obit for Mrs. WILLIE FLETCHER w/of S. J. Fletcher, McKenzie, Tenn. died in Weakley Co., Tenn. at home of parents, G. W. and Elizabeth Wharton. Dec. 26. Born Sept. 6, 1852. Professed religion while attending Bethel College, 1873.

PAULDING O. ANDERSON drowned accidentally in Forked Deer River Dec. 25 while out hunting; aged over 70.


January 12, 1877

Mrs. MARTHA A. ASKEW died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Jan. 9 in 62nd year. D/o David Watford and mother of J. D. Askew.

Mrs. NANCY A. SPENCER died Jackson, aged 68, at home of son, Dr. W. B. Spencer.


January 19, 1877

Mrs. Lula w/o Samuel B. CARY, d/o Gen. Alex W. and Annie D. Campbell, died in

Union City, Tenn. from burn injuries, Jan. 15, aged 20.

CHARLES G. TARRANT died Jackson Jan. 10, aged 21.


(Page 67)

January 26, 1877

Capt. WILLIAM ALEXANDER died Jackson Jan. 26, aged 63.


February 2, 1877

EBENEZER F. McKNIGHT died Jackson, Jan. 28, aged 71; never married.

W. B. DICKINSON, Esq. died Milan, Tenn. Feb l; run over by train.

ANGE McCORRY, black, gave birth to a child, Jan. 25; she broke its neck, reportedly threw its body in fireplace.


February 9, 1877

BEVILEY WILLIAMSON died near Andrew Chapel. Madison Co., Tenn. last week.

LEVRINNE d/o Albert M. and Mittie STEPHENS died San Gabriel, Cali. Jan. 26, aged 3 years, 4 months.

JOHN LEISTER, old citizen, died near Jackson, Feb. 5.


April 13, 1877

JESSE HOPPER, black, shot and killed by T. C. Grady, Jackson, April 12.


April 20, 1877

Miss MARY P. HILL died Spring Creek, Tenn.; niece of S. D. Barnett, in 17th year.


April 27, 1877

E. F. PARISH died Clarksburg, Tenn. April 20.


May 4, 1877

JAMES E. s/o James Bright died Jackson May 2, aged 11.


May 11, 1877

ANGIE McCORRY, black, tried for murder of her grandchild, illegitimate child of her daughter, Sallie, about 21 years old. In presence of its mother, she smothered it to death and buried it under a fence. Sallie told of it. Story varies from account given in Feb. 2, 1877 issue.

Dr. A. W. BURTON died Jackson May 9, aged 3l; practiced medicine at Pinson, Tenn.


May 18, 1877

WILLIAM WEATHERLY killed May 15, Jackson in train accident; body returned to Water Valley, Miss. for burial. His wife had died but a few weeks ago

Tribute of Respect for Capt. JASON W. FUSSELL, died March 3, 1877; had been in the 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg., C.S.A. during the war. By Veterans of the 6th Reg., May 15, 1877.


May 25, 1877

Capt. THOMAS HENDERSON died Jackson May 19 in 57th year. Born Raleigh, N.C.; came to Tenn. with parents at age 4 and settled at Mt. Pinson, Tenn. Lived in Jackson a while and 30 yrs. did business in New Orleans. In late war commanded a company of Confederate scouts; connected with some of the oldest and best families of Jackson; wife was Miss Orman Butler; she survived him.


June 1, 1877

MIN WILSON who shot and killed Newton C. Perkins, city policeman, last fall, to be hanged July 14. Long article as to court's decision and how fatal event occurred.

Mrs. E. A. O'BRYAN died Jackson May 31, aged 50. Widow of Dr. C. O'Bryan, Holly Springs, Miss.; 3 sons employed by Miss. Central RR.


June 8, 1877

NEWTON GIBSON killed by O. W. Williams on Sawmill Creek near Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tenn. June 2.

In Memoriam: Dr. JOHN CHESTER. Born on the hill where John S. Miller's house now stands, May 18, 1827; s/o Robert I. Chester and Elizabeth Hayes


(Page 68)

Chester, sister of Gen. Samuel J. Hayes. Graduated West Tenn. College, 1846; lieutenant in Mexican War; graduate of Medical College, Philadelphia, 1850; married Apphia Taylor, granddaughter of Col. Philip Alston. Died June 4 after attending child with smallpox, contracted the dread disease and from it died.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. JOHN CHESTER by Lodge 199, Knights of Honor.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. JOHN CHESTER by St. John's Masonic Lodge 322.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. JOHN CHESTER by Royal Arch Masons.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. JOHN CHESTER by Jackson Masonic Lodge 45.

Tribute of Respect to Dr. JOHN CHESTER by Jackson Lodge 10, Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Memoirs of JOHN THOMAS HICKS, died June 5. S/o Robert Hicks. Born in Northampton Co., N.C. Dec. 28, 1834; lived in Madison Co. from age 7. Became one of the proprietors of the WEST TENNESSEE WHIG and then became foreman of the WHIG and TRIBUNE. Married Mary E. Robertson, Dec. 28, 1859 in Bolivar. Served in the Confederate Army.

Tribute of Respect to JOHN T. HICKS who died June 5, by Jackson Masonic Lodge 45, June 7, 1877.

Tribute of Respect to JOHN T. HICKS by Stonewall Lodge 99, Knights of Honor.


June 15, 1877

ANNIE LAURIE inf/d D. G. RUSSELL died Jackson June 7.

LUTIE d/o J. F. LATHAM died Jackson, June 4.

In Memoriam: LUTTIE LATHAM by C. P. Sunday School.

FRANK O'HARA, engineer; JOE DANIELS, fireman; WILLIAM HODGES, brakeman, all killed in train wreck, Miss. Central RR at Hickory Valley, Hardeman Co. Tenn. June 9.


June 22, 1877

Mrs. ELIZA w/of Sam L. NORWOOD died Jackson June 21.

Mrs. JULIA w/o J. W. COLE died Jackson June 20. Sister of J. H. Long, Jackson.

Mrs. JENNIE w/o A. C. ROLAND died 10 miles east of Jackson, June 19. Baptist.

Obit for Mrs. SARAH A. DAVIE, died 6 miles north of Jackson, June 10 in 67th year. Methodist for 47 years.

HARRY ADAMS was hanged at Dayton (Tenn.?) for murder of Henry Mulharren, Feb. 16, 1876 at Dayton.



June 29, 1877

Obit for JENNIE STEWART inf/d W. S. and Mattie McMAHON died Jackson June 16, aged 2 years, 1 month.

Mrs. BETTIE MATTHEWS died Davidson Co., Tenn. June 21 in 28th year. Sister of P. B. Robinson of Jackson and d/o Henry Robinson; married John Matthews in December 1863.

Mrs. L. L. w/o J. F. LATHAM died Jackson June 25 aged 35. Born in Weakley Co.

JOHN WELCH died Milan, Tenn. from gunshot wounds June 24.


July 6, 1877

MACK VAN, black, accidentally drowned near Jackson July 2.

Obit for Mrs. SALLY w/o G. I. CHRISTIAN, d/o late William and Catharine Snodgrass, died Jackson July 1, aged 38. Born White Co., Tenn. July 20, 1838; married April 11, 1866.

BARNETT s/o F. B. SNIPES died Jackson July 5.

HOMER inf/s F. W. and Emma L. WADLEY died Jackson July 5, aged 8 mos., 2 weeks.


July 13, 1877

This issue is dated July 13 but was published a day or so later in order to cover the execution of Min Wilson.


(Page 69)

ALLEN DEBERRY died Jackson, July 14.

Under July 13, account of the hanging of MIN WILSON, July 14, for murder of Newton C. Perkins. MILLARD FILLMORE WILSON, black, was born in Jackson in 1856, slave of Mrs. Weakly Wilson, who is now wife of Capt. John W. May. His mother died a few days after his birth and he was raised by his mistress; associated with whites until about age 17. On night of July 13, 1876 in an altercation with officer Perkins, Wilson shot and killed him at the intersection of Liberty and Lafayette streets in Jackson. Wilson was baptized several days before his death. He was visited by black pastors. Near the gallows he thanked Gen. Alex W. Campbell for his efforts in trying to save him from hanging. He was hanged about noon before a large crowd. Many blacks angry with his fate

Capt. THOMAS HUTCHERSON, railroad conductor, died Paris, Tenn. July 10.

ELIZABETH inf/d William W. and Sarah A. WELLENS died July 6.

F. M. REARDON died Jackson June 29; son-in-law of James F. Hadaway, abt. 40 yrs.

Mrs. MARGARET DONOVAN died Jackson July 8, aged 81.


July 20, 1877

Dr. JENNINGS died Jackson July 13, aged 81.

Obit for ALLEN DEBERRY, died Jackson, July 14, aged 46 years, 4 days. S/o Matthias and Elizabeth Deberry. Born 4 miles east of Jackson.

Tribute of Respect for JOSEPH E. MATTHEWS, died C.D. 8, Madison Co., July 2; by Madison Grange 207, July 14.

Lodge of Sorrow to be held in Jackson by Masons in King's Opera House for Dr. JOHN CHESTER who died June 4, 1877.

MIN WILSON who was hanged July 4 for murder of Newton C. Perkins had funeral preached at Baptist Church in south Jackson and amid a large crowd and a brass band his body was buried in the Jackson cemetery.


July 27, 1877

S. D. BRANDON shot and killed by uncle, James D. Brandon at Tobacco Port, Cumberland River last July 20 in dispute over money.

Mrs. MARY ANN w/o AUSTIN GOODEL died Jackson July 24, aged about 40.

Mrs. ELIZABETH T. w/o A. A. BUMPASS died in 56th year, 4 miles east of town.

Mrs. MARY EMERSON died near Medon, Tenn. July 22 in 77th year.

Tribute of Respect for ALLEN DEBERRY who died recently; by Jackson Lodge 10, Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Rev. B. A. STUBBS of Ripley Circuit, Methodist, killed by falling tree July 22, "his head crushed to jelly."

R. J. SMITH killed near Jack's Creek July 23 by Turner Massengill, a neighbor, brother-in-law of O. Butler, aged about 34.


August 3, 1877

Little son of Col. C. N. GIBBS, Tenn. Secretary of State, died when fell from a runaway horse near Union City recently.

ALEXANDER s/o B. A. and Elenora PERSON died Madison Co., Tenn. July 29, 5 miles east of Jackson, aged about 5.

MIKE TARVER died Jackson July 29, aged 34.

JOSEPH L. LEE died Jackson July 27, aged 29.

Mrs. ELLEN. w/o Peter KELLY died Jackson July 29.

Mrs. E. E. w/o Wyatt A. TAYLOR died Jackson July 27, aged 36.

Tribute of Respect for ALLEN DEBERRY who died July 14; by Stonewall Lodge 199, Knights of Honor.


August 10, 1877

Mrs. --- CLAY died Jackson Aug. 6.


(Page 70)

J. J. COOK died Jackson Aug. 5, aged 33.

HENRY KIRBY died Aug. 3, 6 miles east of Jackson; "prominent citizen. "

ROBERT FRENCH lost two children, one Aug. 3 and one Aug. 4, by death from flux, near Denmark, Tenn.

JAMES K. STEPHENS died Jackson Aug. 3; member of Jackson Bar; one-time private secretary to Pres. James K. Polk.

Dr. B. J. MALONE died near Medon, Tenn. in Hardeman Co. Aug. 7. Born near Petersburg, Va.; removed to Holly Springs, Miss. when young, then came to Jackson in 1856 and remained until 1875. Druggist prior to war; since then had farmed. Left 6 children.


August 17, 1877

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o William G. COCKRILL, Esq. died Jackson Aug. 12.

MARTHA JANE w/o Joseph D. EWELL died 5 miles no. of Jackson Aug. 6.

B. T. HUDSON died 12 miles east of Jackson July 19, aged 63. Born Mecklenburg Co., N.C.; moved to Madison County in 1827.

Mrs. E. A. w/o T. T. MASON had died.

Mrs. ELIZA w/o Maj. ROBERT EXUM died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 17.

BILL HAMILTON, black, killed by lightning west of Medina, Tenn. Aug. 12.

HARRY REIDY, brakeman on L & N & G. S. RR shot and killed by Moses Howard, barber from Fulton, Ky. at Paris, Tenn. July 14.


August 24, 1877

Obit for B. T. HUDSON, who July 19 aged 63.

In Memoriam for JAMES K. STEPHENS. Born Staunton, Va. in 1828; with parents move to Bolivar, Tenn.; educated West Tennessee College; at age 18 or 19 he served as private secretary for Pres. James K. Polk; returned to Jackson and studied law with a brother, Col. William H. Stephens. In 1851 married Mary Louisa d/o W. B. and Eliza A. Miller, Jackson. Practiced law since the year 1851.


September 26, 1877

W. L. NOONER died near Pinson, Tenn. Sept. 2 in 48th year.


October 5, 1877

Dr. J. D. TUCKER died Harrisburg /Malesus/, Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 21.

Mrs. ISABELLA w/o James F. HADAWAY died Jackson Sept. 30.

Mrs. MARGARET FREER BROWN died Jackson, Oct. 1 at home of son, John L. Brown. Dau. of Benjamin and Susan M. Seawell. Born April 1, 1794, Lewisburg, Franklin Co., N.C.; soon moved to Davidson Co., Tenn.; married Dr. John F. Brown in Wilson Co., Tenn., 1817, and located in Jackson in 1822. He died in 1830 leaving her with 2 small children, Susan who married Micajah Bullock and she died in 1859 leaving children Annie, wife of Richard A. Snead and F. L. Bullock of Jackson. Son was John L. Brown /who never married/. "She was the patroness of flowers in Jackson."


October 12, 1877

CARRIE BLANCHE d/o Rev. A. B. and M. G. JONES died Jackson Oct. 9, aged 8 years, 10 months.

ALLEN DEBERRY inf/s Alfred H. and Fanie TARVER died near Carrollton, Oct. 9, aged 5 months, 5 days.


October 19, 1877

Mrs. FANNIE w/o Robert W. BOND died 12 miles west of Jackson, Oct. 14.

In Memoriam: CARRIE BLANCHE JONES who died recently, by schoolmates.


October 26, 1877

EZEKIAL INMAN died Carroll Station, Tenn. Oct. 18, aged 71.

NOAH NELSON died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 14.


(Page 71)

GRANVILLE SAVAGE, bro. of Prof. G. M. Savage, died Henderson, Tenn., student at Southwestern Baptist University.

ALBERT M. ESTES died 12 miles west of Brownsville, Tenn. Oct. 14 in 39th year. Son-in-law of B. F. Gates, Jackson; married to Belle Gates, Oct. 15, 1869.


November 2, 1877

Gen. NATHAN B. FORREST died Memphis, Tenn. Oct. 29; rendered conspicuous service as Confederate officer in Civil War. Buried Elmwood Cem., Memphis. /Body later exhumed and reburied in Forrest Park, Memphis/

GEORGE RANDLE shot and killed by John W. Powell near Trenton, Tenn. recently.

T. B. KERSHAW died of a stroke at his forge in M & O RR shop, Jackson, Oct. 30.

Mrs. SALLIE H. w/o JAMES A. BETHSHARES died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Oct. 29; d/o Hon. A. R. Reid of Denmark, Tenn.


November 9, 1877

Miss BETTIE ANDERSON died Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 1, aged 25.

MIKE McLEAN died Jackson Nov. 7.

LENORE d/o A. W. and M. A. STOVALL died Bethel, McNairy Co., Tenn. Nov. 2, aged 2 years, 7 months, 8 days.

A. H. INMAN died Nov. 4, Henderson, Tenn., aged about 23.

NOCH NELSON died near Carroll Station, Tenn. Oct. 24 in 52nd year. Born Northampton Co., N.C. Baptist.

THOMAS WILKINS died Nov. 2, shot and killed by ambush.


November 16, 1877

TABITHA d/o E. H. and W. E. TRICE died Nov. 5, aged 4 years, 1 month, 15 days.

JAMES P. BUTLER died Jackson Nov. 11, aged 63.

Obit for JENNIE TAYLOR d/o H. K. and J. D. WITHERSPOON died Nov. 20. aged 3 months, 9 days.


November 23, 1877

Mrs. NANCY DAVIS died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 20, aged 68.

Mrs. SUSAN JANE w/o J. L. LESTER died Nov. 15; d/o W. L. Gregory.

WALTER KEY died 12 miles east of Jackson Nov. 18. aged 62; "model farmer."

JOHN L. FRY died Jackson Nov. 16.


December 14, 1877

Mrs. NANCY w/o David BULLINER died Dec. 1, aged 59. Methodist.

W. A. GLASS died near Medon, Tenn. Dec. 18 in 56th year.

FRANK GUY, black, run over by train near Jackson Dec. 15.


December 28, 1877

W. H. WATKINS died Jackson Dec. 11, aged 51.

Mrs. ---FLOWERS died near Mifflin, Tenn. Dec. 15, aged 45.

CLARANCE SCURLOCK inf/s W. D. and Kate L. CLARK died Jackson Dec. 11.

C. C. BURROW died Henderson Co., Tenn. Dec. 22; body buried in Jackson.

Mrs. MARGARET GLASS died near Medon, Tenn. Dec. 23, aged 50; widow of W. A. Glass who died 5 days before her; left 4 daughters, 1 son.

Tribute of Respect for W. A. GLASS, died Dec. 18, pneumonia, Medon, Tenn.; by Medon Masonic Lodge, Dec. 29, 1877.


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