From Family Findings
Vol. X, No. 2, April 1978, pp. 47-48
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1978
Appears on this web site by permission


(Abstracted by Jill Ganrett, 610 Terrace Dr., Columbia, Tennessee)

FIELDS, Mrs. Matilda, youngest child of Davy Crockett and the only one living, died at Trenton, Tenn., last week; married three times and was a widow at her death. (Maury Democrat, 17 July 1890.) (Maury Democrat was, a newspaper published at Columbia, Tenn.)

GREEN, Levi, 40, a ginner at Dyersburg, has disappeared; had about $450 on him; his hat and coat found on river bank; it is feared that he was robbed and drugged. (Maury Democrat 1 Jan. 1891)

PENN, Capt. W. C., died at Humboldt last week; one of the most gallant soldiers in Southern Army; was postmaster at Humboldt under Cleveland. (Maury Democrat 8 Jan. 1891)

SAIN, Andrew, 98, died last week in Hardeman County; oldest man in the county. (Maury Democrat 5 Feb. 1891)

WILLIAMS, Robert B., died on the 13th in Jackson, Tenn., one of the largest funerals ever held there; buried in Riverside Cemetery; one of the youngest soldiers in Forrest's command; married Lula Grant of Maury County. (Maury Democrat 12 March 1891)

RICHARDSON, Mrs. Evelina, 90, died in Dyersburg; widow of Dr. Stitch Richardson. (Maury Democrat 26 March 1891)

BRANCH, Howell, 73, one of the oldest citizens in Crockett County, died last week, came to West Tennessee in 1831. (Maury Democrat 2 April 1891)

PRATHER, William, of McNairy County, one of the oldest settlers, died last week; kicked by cow and his leg was broken near hip. (Maury Democrat 14 May 1891)

PICKARD - notice in paper signed by lawyer in Oaks, N.C., to the effect that Julia Pickard of Oaks, N.C., married John Pickard and they moved to Double Bridges, Tennessee; they died leaving one daughter, who married, and her whereabouts were unknown; if the child could contact friends in Oaks, she has a legacy coming to her. (Maury Democrat 23 July 1891)

HARDIN, Lafayette, Mexican War veteran, died last week in Humboldt and buried in Zion Cemetery. (Maury Democrat 30 July 1891)

WEIR, Liberty, one of Jackson’s oldest citizens, died last week at the age of 86 years; served in Mexican and Indian wars and was also Confederate veteran. (Maury Democrat 10 Dec. 1891)

COOPER, The Rev. A. E., known as Uncle Abner, age 80, died at McKenzie last week; noted Presbyterian minister, (Maury Democrat 17 Dec. 1891)

CARTWELL, Mrs. Jemima, 89, died at Jackson last week; had lived in the county since 1827. (Maury Democrat 7 Jan. 1891)

NESBITT, Robert N., 42, Esquire, died at Somerville, Tenn., on the 15th, one of the oldest born citizens of the town; his father Nathan Nesbit was one of first settlers and kept first hotel; was born 26 Sept. 1826 and his father died when he was an infant and his mother died a few years later; wife and two children survive. (Memphis Daily Appeal, 25 Oct. 1867)

STEPHENSON, Col. J. H., died 21 Sept. 1869 at LaGrange, Tenn., after a long and painful illness. (Memphis Daily Appeal 22 Sept. 1869)

GAMBLE, R. R., old and esteemed resident of McNairy County, died recently near Jackson. (Memphis Daily Appeal 10 Jan. 1870)

GIBBS, General, died in Obion County recently; born in N.C., settled in Nashville 1810, and lived there until 1836; was first president of the Union Bank of Tenn. and member of General Assembly; in 1836 moved to Obion County; was a presidential elector in 1840. (Memphis Daily Appeal 27 May 1870)

WOODS, Mary B., died in Bolivar, Tenn., one the 27th, amiable consort or Robert H. Woods, Esq., age 39 years, 6 months, 2 days, daughter of Major H. J. Bills. (Memphis Daily Appeal 30 April 1869)

GIBBONS, Michael J., ex member of the Jackson Guards, 15th Regiment, died on the 19th of effects from wounds received in Confederate service; members of his old regiment followed him to grave. (Memphis Daily Appeal 10 Aug. 1869)

BASS - notice in paper to Nancy Jane Bass, Mary Duke and Gilford Bass and children of John D. Bass in West Tennessee, heir of John Y. Smith, deceased of Wilson County, they will receive portion by Smith's will. (Nashville Daily Union 16 March 1865)