From Family Findings
Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, pp. 12-17
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975
Appears on this web site by permission

(May 1925-March 3, 1931)

Copied by Wm. B. Elam, Medina, Tenn.
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Harris, W. T. died May 1925
interred Hopewell Cem.

Harris, Mrs. Ella died June 11, 1925
38 yrs old
J. H. Depriest, resp party

Watt, B. B. died June 24, 1925
age 64 yrs, Hopewell Cem.
Edd Spencer, resp party

Spencer, Mrs. Larua died July 10,1925
age 60 yrs.
Mr. & Mrs. Edd Spencer, resp party

Graves, W. A. died July 27, 1925
J. M. Graves, resp party

Barnes, J. D. died Aug 4, 1925
Lavinia Cem.
Gunshot wound
Mrs. J. D. Barnes, resp party

Barnes, Baby died May 1925
Lavinia Cem.
Bass Barnes, resp party

Allen, Mrs. L. A. died Aug 22, 1925
Hopewell Cem.
Bill Wailer, resp party

Joyner, Miss Ruth died Aug 24, 1925
Hopewell Cem.
Rev John Joyner, resp party

McFarland, Mrs. Garnett died Aug 30, 1925
Hopewell Cem.

Rochelle, Arther died Sept 6, 1925
Krebs Campground
E. J. Rochell, resp party

Smith, Miss Opal died Sept 7, 1925
Lavenia Cem.
J. S. Smith, resp party

Shackarford, John died _______ 1925
Christian Chapel Cem.
wife resp party

Cummings, Columbus Hill died Oct 23, 1925
Hopewell Cem.
Johnis Cummings, resp party

Jordon, Harriet died Oct 28, 1925
Herron Graveyard
81 yrs old

McMinn, Helen died Oct 29, 1925
Independence Cem.
Other McMinn, resp party

Jones, Robert Lewis died Nov 20, 1925
Hopewell Cem.
76 yrs 28 d
Tom Jones, resp patty

Joyner, J. W. died Dec 4, 1925
Hopewell Cem. Carroll Co. Tenn.
Mrs. J. W. Joyner, resp party

Baker, Mrs. Vitula died Dec 8, 1925
Hopewell Cem. Medina, Tn
AA Baker, resp party

Somell, Billie Manuel died Dec 8, 1925
Oakfield Cem.
age 5 yrs 4 mo 4 ds

Cook, Jim died Dec 8, 1925
Hopehill Cem. Medina, Tn.
Albert Barnett resp party

Zoellin, Mrs. S. M. died Jan 15, 1926
Shipped to Terra Haute, Ind.
E. C. McCartly resp party

Cash, Richard Oliver died Jan 16, 1926
Hopewell Cem. East of Medina
H. F. Cash resp party

Adams, Samuel G. died Jan 29, 1926
Lavinia Cem.
Age 38 yrs 27 days
Mrs. Samuel G. Adams resp party

House, J. W. died Mar 2, 1926
Chapel Hill Cem. North of Medina
N. A. House resp party

Spencer, Mrs. Jessie Cloy died Mar 4, 1926
Hopewell Cem.
E. H. Spencer, resp party

Raines, Orline died Mar 5, 1926
Hopewell Cem.
Bilton Raines, resp party

Boone, Miss Jennie died Mar 24, 1926
Mt Moriah Cem.
73 yrs 11 mo 28 das
Tennie Fly mother, Rufus H. Boone, fath~

Replogle, Infant dau died Mar 26, 1926
cause of death Born dead

Thomas, James Julin died Apr 6, 1926
Browns Church Cem.
age 58 yrs.

Stewart, Wm. Harrison died Apr 16, 1926
Lavinia Tn. Cem.
C. T. & Will Steaart resp party

Cocks, Lynn C. died Apr 24, 1926
Browns Ch. Cem.
67 yrs 5 no 13 das

Arnold, Fred died Apr 26, 1926
Funeral in Martin, Tn.
Ran over by a truck
Mrs. Carter, resp party

McCaslin, A. Sherman died Apr 29, 1926
Hopewell Cem.
age 62 yrs
Willis McCaslin, father

Cates, L. W. died May 2, 1926
Hopewell Cem.
Born in N. C. 78 yrs 17 das old
Ordered by J. C. Cates

Burrough, Lonnie died May 23, 1926
interred Pleasant Hill Cem. Carroll Co.
charged to A. G. Burrough

Jackson, J. C. infant died June 1926

Replogle, Minton Jr. died June 4, 1926
Centerville Cem. Medina, Tn
Age 2 days

Fussell, S. S. died June 12, 1926
Hopehill Cem.
son of Sarah & Jason Fussell

Rodgers, John died June 17, 1926
Lavinia Tn. Heart attack
P. B. Rodgers resp party

Clanton, Marchey (Colcired) died June 26, 1926
colored Zion Cem.
charged to H. L. Fly

Palmer, Mildred Maxine died July 5, 1926
age 3 yrs 9 no 5 days
Elbert Palmer-father

Moore, Mrs. M. J. died July 11, 1926
charged to Rufe Moore

Graves, C. A. died Aug 3, 1926

Cates, Mrs. J. C. died Aug 6, 1926
Hopewell Cem.
charged to J. C. Cates 41 yrs

Cole, W. P. died Aug 13, 1926
Zion Cem. west of Medina
Ordered by Wm. Cole & Sam. Cole

Newman, Mrs. Sept 20, 1926

Cash, Mrs Pearl May died Not 13, 1926

Cole, Mrs. Mary F. died Nov 29, 1926
Friendship, Tenn Cem.
ordered by Robert Scott

Parrish, Mrs. Caroline died Nov 20,1926
Hopehill Cem.
Ordered by J. A. Parrish

Powell Funeral Oct 10, 1926
Interred in Trenton, Tn Cem.

Cunningham, B. L. died Jan 5, 1927
Hopehill Cem.
Ordered by Mrs. Maude Cunningham

Boswell, Mrs. Ollie May died Jan 21, 1927
Hopewell Cem. near Medina

Rollins, J. H. died Jan 23, 1927
Funeral at Lebanon Church
75 yrs 10 no 24 da

Arnold, Ananda died Jan 26, 1927
Charged to A. D. Presley, Jackson, Tn

Raines, Mrs. Annie died Feb 7, 1927
Hopehill Cem.
Charged to J. N. Brinkley, Greenfield, Tn

Oakley, J. N. died Feb 14, 1927
Hopehill Cem.
Ordered by Robert Oakley age 64 yrs

Land, Alma Katherine died Feb 14, 1927
Mt. Zion Cem.
cause of death-typhoid fever

Allens, John H. died Feb 15, 1927
Oakfield Cem.
Ordered by Luther Allen

Fly, Infant son of Ed died Feb 16, 1927
Pleasant Hill Cem.

Runions, Edd. died Feb 17, 1927
Chapel Hill Cem.
Ordered by Grover Runions

McLemore, Jessie J. died Mar 2, 1927
Lavinia, Tn Cem.
Ordered by A. L. McLemore

Butler, Ben T. died Mar 3, 1927
Chapel Hill Cem.
Ordered by E. L. & Ben Butler

Terry, George died 1927

Warren, Mrs. G. W. died 1927

Hargrove, John H. died 1927

Miller, Infant son of A. J. Miller died 1927

Walker, Sam died Apr 27, 1927
Hopewell Cem.

Brewer, Mrs. Mary Allen died Apr 25, 1927
Browns Church Cem.
Ordered by J. L. Brewer

Shelton, Mrs. died Apr 24, 1927
Oakfield Cem.

McNeal, Infant son of June McNeal died 1927
Hopewell Cem.

Browning, Mary
buried Hopewell Cem.

Browning, Johnnie
buried Hopewell Cem.
Charged to Wilburn A. Browning

Cate, Mrs. Mary died 1927

Eubanks, Dau of Don Eubanks
Hopewell Cem.

Osborn, Son of J. J. Osborn 1927

Irby, Jim L. 1927

Jones, Lillian 1927
Cades, Tenn.

Barnwell, Mrs. J. H. 1927
buried Chapel Hill

Price, Mrs. J. J. died July 16, 1927
Dyer, Tenn. Cem.
71 yrs

Shackerford, Mrs. died Sept 20, 1927
Christian Chapel Cem.
Age 81 y 7m 8d

Sowell, Mrs. M. W. died Nov 17, 1927
age 34 yrs

Climer, Jack died Nov 19, 1927
died at Medina, Tn.

Bradbury, Horace B. died Oct 13, 1928
Hopehill Cem.
age 55 yrs

Barrett, T. G. died Oct 30, 1928
Hopewell Cem.
age 71 yrs

Senter, H. V. died Nov. 2, 1928
Mr. Zion Cem.
Age 56 yrs

Smith, Mrs. Frances died Nov. 15, 1928
Chapel Hill Cem.
Charged to Mrs. Jennie Boyd
Husbands name Charlie Smith

Black, Mr. Mert died Dec 6, 1928
Mt. Zion Cem.
Charged to Mrs. Mert Black Age 58 yrs

Irby, Mrs. James died Dec 6, 1928
Hopewell Cem.
Charged to James Irby

Adams, Mrs. Nannie died Dec 18, 1928
Hopehill Cem.
Charged to Guy Adams

Depriest, Mrs. John died Dec 27, 1928
Funeral-View Point Ch.
John Depriest

Pace, Mrs. Tom died Dec 29, 1928
Browns Ch. Cem.
Charged to McGaslin Estate

Piercey, Sam died Jan 19, 1929
Bakers Chapel Cem.
Charged to Mrs. Sam Piercey

Lessenberry, Joe died Jan 17, 1929
Lessenberry Chapel Cem.
Joe Lessenberiry Estate

Pillow, Mrs. Ed died Jan 24, 1929
Mt Zion Cem.
Charged to Ed Pillow

Mays, Arthur died Jan 29, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
Charged to Mrs. Arthur Mays

McAlexander, Mrs. Mattie died Feb 7, 1929
Lebanon Ch. Cem.
age 65 yrs

Brinkley, Mrs. Jeff died Feb 14, 1929
Lavinia Tenn. Cem.
age 78 yrs

McFarland, Ollis died Feb 22, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
Cause of death: Heart failure

Lashley, Oliver died Feb 24, 1929
Lavinia Cem.
age l6yrs

Kizer, Jim died Mar 9, 1929
Lavinia Cem.
Cause of death:Carbuncle

McAlexander, Mrs. Mary died Mar 23, 1929
Pleasant Hill Cem.
age 72 y widow

McLemore, Mr. Knox died Mar 23, 1929
Centervill Cem.
age 55y

Piercy, Little Hazie died Mar 26, 1929
Bakers Chapel Cem.
age 2 y
A. C. Piercy-resp

Toombs, Mrs. Lucy died Apr 5, 1929
Dyer Tenn. Cem.
age 76
Charged to Bob Toombs

Elam, T. E. died Apr 17, 1929
Bradford Cem.
65 yrs
Charged to Elam Estate

Foster, Mrs. Bob died Apr 24, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
age 51 y
Charged to Bob Foster

Grace, Mrs. Arthur died May 5, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
age 26
Cause of death: TB

Richardson, Mrs. Bell died May 21, 1929
Humboldt Cem.
84 y
Ordered by N. A. Senter

Edwards, Mrs. Alice died May 26, 1929
Hopehill Cem.
Ordered by Mr. & Mrs. Archie Dunvan

Rowlett, Mrs. D. B died June 23, 1929
Mt Zion Cem.
Heart failure 68 yrs

Runions, Jake died July 4, 1929
Chapel Hill Cem.
age 61 y

Utley, Little Christine died July 11,1929
Lavinia Cem.

Cash, Mrs. Lizzie Beck died 1929

Watt, Mrs. Matt died Aug 16, 1929
Hopehill Cem.
Heart failure
Mrs. T. R. Spain

Manning, Miss Amelia died Aug 20, 1929
Lavinia Cem.
age 61
Cause of death: Cancer

McDougal, John Moss died Aug 24, 1929
Pleasant Hill Cem.

Horton, Mrs. Annie died Aug 27, 1929
Horton Cem.
died Memphis, Tenn

Thompson, Mrs. Vivian died Aug 29, 1929
Antioch Cem.
Killed by auto
Ed Thompson

Walker, John Harvey died July 20, 1929
Centerville Cem.

James, Mrs. Peter died Sept 3, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
Charged to Peter James

Poe, Mr. John died 1929
Lebanon Ch.

Daniels, E. W. 1929

King, Mr. Monroe died Oct 16, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
Ordered by Mrs. Monroe King

Cash, L. Ranson died Nov 8, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
T. B.
Charge to Mrs. L. R. Cash

McLernore, Lillian died Nov 15, 1929
Lavinia Cem.
Ordered by Earl & Ben McLernore

Mills, Miss Ruby Mildred died Nov 28, 1929
Hopewell Cem.
Auto Accident age 17

Allen, Miss Ollie died Dec 3, 1929
Oakfield Cem.
age 25
Lost of mind & epilipsy

Wadley, Mrs. Floyd A. died Dec 10, 1929
Hopewell Cem.

Matthews, G. T. died Dec 11, 1929
Lebanon Ch. Cem.
Heart failure

McAlexander, Miss Mildred died 1929
Pleasant Hill Cem.
School Bus turned over on her-death instant, near McLemoresville

Seavers, Warren D. died Dec 25, 1929
Pleasant Hill Cem.
Membrane croup

Black, Jim died Dec 30, 1929
Centerville Cem.
Cancer of stomach

Osborne, Mrs. Liza Jane died Dec 31, 1929
Oakfield Cem. Pneumonia

Todd, Lee died Jan 5 1930
Hopewell Cem.
Heart trouble

Sowell, M. M. died Jan 6, 1930
Oakfield Cem.
Heart failure
O. D. Sowell resp party

Schwaford, James died Jan 18, 1930
Lavinia Cem.
Pneumonia age 9
Father-resp party

Chamberlain, Baby died Jan 20, 1930
Bakers Chapel Cem.
Flu age 18 days

Pickens, W. F. died Jan 23, 1930
Rose Hill Cem. Humboldt, Tn
Willie Pickens, resp party

Fly, Mrs. Will died Jan 24, 1930
Independence Cem.
Irvin Fly-resp party

Utley, Will died Feb 7, 1930
Mt. Zion Cem.
Kidney trouble
Harris Utley resp party

Barker, Mrs. Brandon D. died Feb 10, 1930
Hollywood Cem. Jackson, Tn
Brandon Barker, resp party

Cotton, Mrs. R. H. died Feb 20, 1930
Clarkburg Cem. Carroll Co. Tn
age 66yrs
R. H. Cotton resp party

Browning, Floyd died Feb 27, 1930
Milan Cem.
age 32 yrs Murdered
Levi Browning

Rains, Dr. Frank died Mar 1, 1930
Browns Ch. Cem. Heart trouble

Lewis, Clarence died Mar 3, 1930
Zion Cem.
Ordered by Lynn Lewis

McBroom, Mrs. W. F. died Mar 8, 1930
Bakers Ch. Cem.
T. B caus of death

Jackson, Mrs. S. L. died Mar 15, 1930
Zion Cem.
Old age cause of death age 88

Cole, Jim died Mar 15, 1930

Smith, Mrs. Rebecca died Mar 18, 1930
Bakers Chapel Cem.

Webb, Mrs. William died Apr 1 1930
Friendship Cem.

Walters, Mrs. Bud died Apr 5, 1930
Hopewell Cem.
TB cause of death

Duffey, J. E. died Apr 13, 1930

Gliggett, Baby of A. B. Cliggett died Apr 29, 1930

Keen, J. H. died May 19, 1930

Brinkley, George L. died May 22, 1930

Walters, Mrs. Leona died May 24, 1930

Fussell, Mrs. Sarah died May 30, 1930

Chandler, Baby died May 17, 1930
Centerville Cem.

Walls, J. T. died May 30, 1930

Finley, Baby died May 26, 1930

Grayson, Mrs. Avy died May 26, 1930
Oak Grove Cem.
Heart failure age 85

Gardner, Ed died June 19, 1930
Hopewell Cem.
Heart trouble
Buster Gardner-resp party

Lessenberry, Robert died July 4, 1930
Lavinia Cem.
Gunshot wound age 20yrs

Dearmore, Mrs. Annie Died July 8, 1930
Fly Cem.
Old age
Rufus Gaskin resp party

Foutch, Baby Died July 9, 1930
Hopewell Cem. 2yrs
John Foutch resp party

Watt, Mrs. Julia Died 1930

Holmes, Mrs. Helen Died July 30, 1930
Pleasant Hill Cem.
W. W. Holmes-resp party

Johnson, Hilton died July 30, 1930
Milan Cem.
Heart failure
Mrs. Johnson & Son (resp)

Atchison, Little Mary Joan Died July 31, 1930
Cecil Atchison-resp party

Watt, Murry Died Aug 6, 1930
Hopewell Cem.

McAdoo, Mrs. Wallace Died Aug 14, 1930
Browns Ch. Cem.
T. B. age 56 yrs

Williams, John Died Aug 18, 1930
Wards Grove Cem.

Butler, Miss Lyda Died Aug 21, 1930

Gray, Baby Died Sept 21, 1930
Hopewell Cem.
Bob Gray-resp party

McAlexander, Mrs. Bettie Died Sept 23, 1930
Pleasant Hill Cem.
Gall Bladder Age 86

Pirtle, John Died Sept 24, 1930
Hopwell Cem.
Chg to Mrs. Pirtle

Spencer, Mrs. Earl Died Oct 9, 1930
Hopewell Cem.
T. B.
Chg to Earl Spencer

Carter, Sipper L. Died Oct 20, 1930
Hopewell Cem.
Gunshot wound
Mrs. Carter resp party

Jacobs, Mrs. Leonard Died Oct 25,1930
Hopehill Cem.
Uric Acid Poison Age 68

McLemore, Mrs. Martha Died Nov 6, 1930
Hopehill Cem.
Old age 86 Yrs

McClain, Jack Died Nov 10, 1930
Wards Grove Cem.
Heart Failure age 60 yrs

Oliver, Mrs. G. W. Died Nov 16, 1930
Zion Cem.
Dr. G. W. Oliver-resp party

Jacobs, Wade Died Dec 6, 1930

Matthews, Mrs. J. T Died Dec 11, 1930
Lebanon Cem.
Cancer of Stomach

Webb, Mrs. Elmer Died Dec 17, 1930
Browns Ch. Cem.
Age 76 Yrs 9 mo 3 da

Brinkley, Jeff Died Jan 5, 1931
Lavenia Cem.
Cancer of Bladder
Miss Lillian Feutcher

Settles, Tom Died Feb 14, 1931
age 76 yrs.

Foster, Mrs. Sallie Died Feb 20, 1931
Centerville Cem.
Heart trouble
Ordered by Mrs. McKelvy

Gately, John Died Mar 3, 1931


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